Will Death Stranding release for Windows PC or Xbox One?

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Will Death Stranding release for Windows PC or Xbox One?

Best answer: Yes, Death Stranding has now been confirmed by Kojima Productions for an early Summer 2020 launch. However, an Xbox One launch looks unlikely.Preorder now: Death Stranding - PlayStation 4 ($60 at Amazon)

Is Death Stranding coming to PC?

Kojima Productions' twisted action-adventure, Death Stranding, is shaping up among this year's flagship hits on PlayStation 4. Headed by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame, the cryptic title is shrouded by mystique, slated to venture into new territory for storytelling. And while on track for a PlayStation 4 debut on November 8, 2019, it's now PC-bound too.

An upshot of a Sony Computer Entertainment and Kojima Productions partnership, Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima's first project after his Konami departure. The deal injected much-welcomed resources of a major corporation, including collaboration on the "Decima" game engine previously used for Horizon Zero Dawn.

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While Sony has heavily invested in Death Stranding development, it's not a formal PlayStation 4 exclusive. In a 2015 Q&A press release hosted by former PlayStation EU Community Manager, Lucas Liaskos, Sony reportedly confirmed the signed deal solely granted an early PlayStation debut. However, responses left flexibility for further platforms, specifically outlining that the project is "planned to become available on PC."

With Death Stranding slated for a November debut, Sony remains quiet on the prospect of a PC version. It's now a centerpiece of the PlayStation 4's coming lineup, and it's reasonable to assume full exclusivity at first glance. The official PlayStation Medium post has since been removed, with traces of its PC version now relatively scarce. Plans can always change, but the latest formal mention of Death Stranding PC indicates a launch could be on the roadmap. Games backed by Sony have been known to hit PC, Detroit and Beyond Two Souls, for example, are slated for the Epic Games Store on PC in the future.

Since writing this article, Kojima Productions confirmed on Twitter that Death Stranding will hit PC in the near future. While a formal release date is yet to be set, the studio is targeting early summer 2020.

Will Death Stranding come to Xbox One?

With Sony funding Death Stranding directly and providing the game engine, it seems unlikely that the game will hit Xbox One. As demonstrated by past PlayStation 4 launch exclusives, the move to PC isn't uncommon for many third-party titles. However, the expansion to Xbox One is much more unlikely, given the current console landscape.

When will Death Stranding PC release?

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Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Death Stranding is slated to hit PC in "Early Summer 2020," which puts the game somewhere in the region of June 2020 and July 2020.

Prepare for Death Stranding

While Death Stranding is likely Windows-bound, Kojima Productions silence isn't ideal for budding PC buyers. You'll wait some time beyond the November 8 release, making the PlayStation 4 increasingly attractive. For those eager to play at launch, Death Stranding preorders are live for PlayStation 4.

Death Stranding alternatively offers a brimming Collector's Edition, featuring a life-sized BB Pod, among other exclusive items. With these limited-run sets only confirmed for PlayStation 4, it's unclear whether a PC alternative will drop. Preorders are now live exclusively at GameStop in the U.S. to secure the bundle.

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