Will Project xCloud / Xbox Game Streaming come to iOS devices? If so, when?

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Will Project xCloud / Xbox Game Streaming come to iOS devices? If so, when?

Best answer: Yes! iOS version of Project XCloud is now in testing. Head here to register for the test.Affordable xCloud tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A ($120 at Amazon)Budget xCloud tablet: Amazon Fire HD 8 ($50 at Amazon)

Will iPhone and iPad get in on the Xbox Project xCloud fun?

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Yes! XCloud is now in testing on iOS devices, you can register for a chance to test right here. Microsoft has long stated that it intends to bring Project xCloud to "other platforms," and of course, iOS is among those. While Android enjoys a far larger global market share, Microsoft's primary markets in the U.S. and UK have a large iOS user base, making it an essential target for xCloud's growth.

Android is a more "open" platform than iOS, owing to that market share, which made it less complicated for Microsoft to place services that effectively compete with Google on Google's own platform. Apple is a different beast, however, and to speculate, Microsoft probably had to work out some of the finer details with Apple before pressing ahead.

Why else might it have taken so long? It may also be a simple case of prioritizing the larger platform. Android enjoys a truly massive userbase at a global level, making it an obvious candidate for initial deployment.

So, WHEN will iPhone and iPad get Xbox Project xCloud publicly?

While the iOS version of XCloud began testing in February 2020, we still don't have a firm date on public access. The Android test has been going on for a few months, and still hasn't become broadly available.

During the same event, Microsoft announced that Project xCloud would expand to several new territories in early 2020, including Western Europe, Canada, India, and Japan. Microsoft may be intent on locking down more partnerships with manufacturers like Samsung, and ISPs for speedier access before shipping it to the public.

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