Is it a good idea for Microsoft to launch Surface Pro and Surface Laptop on the same day?

That's the point of a discussion going down in the Windows Central forums right now.

Both the surface laptop and the new surface pro will be available on June 15. Do you think is a good idea? I mean , windows 10 S need many people that use it to help him grow and became really better and it's currently available only on the surface laptop. Relasing the surface pro along with the laptop will definitely takes many people away from the laptop and the world of windows 10 s. This will...


The Surface Pro an established product, but it's also very different in its appeal than the Surface Laptop. For example, many of us prefer a "regular" clamshell PC to a 2-in-1 device with a kickstand.

Whether the simultaneous launches will dilute Windows 10 S is an interesting question. The Surface Laptop is very much the poster child for the new offshoot of Windows 10, but is it really going to be the device that pushes the OS forward? The success of Windows 10 S may well be more related to the affordable devices Microsoft talked about during its launch.

You can also take a step back and look at the strong lineup Microsoft is launching all at once. Instead of dripping its products out over time and keeping people waiting, in some parts of the world the Laptop, Pro and Studio will all arrive at the same time. And that seems like a good thing

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Should Microsoft launch the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro on June 15?

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