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Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Win Screens is already a free, ad-supported app and with the help of the myAppFree Deal, you can remove those ads for no cost. The deal is available for the next 24 hours, so if you're interested you should act fast. Win Screens offers an easy way to customize your Windows 10 device, and the myAppFree deal helps you save some money.

Win Screens Win Screens Win Screens

The layout of Win Screens is simple and to the point. A menu button rests in the upper left corner of the display and reveals your navigation options. A second menu is located in the lower right corner, and it allows you to toggle between customizing the lock-screen image or the Start Screen background wallpaper.

Key features of Win Screens include:

  • Wallpaper images can be based on Bing's Image of the Day, a personal image or a range of solid colors.
  • Nine effects filters are available, including Blur, Gamma, Luminance, Grayscale, Saturation, Hue Rotation, Color Transform, Motion, and Emboss.
  • Notification, mood, personal Information, calendar, weather and notes widgets are available to add to your lock-screen image.
  • Four themes are available to customize the appearance of the widgets.

As your custom lock-screen image or background wallpaper is being created, Win Screens has a preview feature to tweak the appearance as needed before setting the layout into place.

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The myAppFree deal removes the ad banner that appears throughout the Win Screens app. The deal saves you a few bucks, but it also gives the app a much cleaner appearance. If you are looking for a handy app to customize the appearance of your Windows 10 device, Win Screens is worth a look.

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