Windows 10: The 'Next Chapter' live and all you need to know

Tomorrow at 9 am PT, Microsoft is set to unveil the next evolution of Windows 10. The event will be live streamed, which you can watch here (we'll embed it) along with our simulcast live blog.

I landed here in Washington this morning, and I'll be at the event all day tomorrow. Our crack team back home will be taking care of the backend, press-releases and breaking other stories. Here is all you need to know!

Where to watch?

You will want to bookmark this page: To follow our live blog.

Additionally, or as a backup, you can bookmark Microsoft's web page where the live stream will originate: (opens in new tab)


9 am PT or 12 pm ET

For international users, you can click this handy link, which will then show you what time the event takes place in your local time zone.

How long?

Microsoft's event should be at least 60 minutes but some reports are putting it upwards of a full two-hours. Either way, budget your time! If you miss anything, Windows Central will continually post the major news bits throughout the day.

What to expect?

Well, besides more details about Windows 10, everything is fair game. Rumors are at an all-time high right now, with Windows Phone, Xbox, PC gaming, Consume Previews, and maybe even some hardware all possibly on the table.

Honestly, this is one of the best kept secrets of recent months so you'll just have to wait and see!

What happens after?

After the live stream wraps, the media here will be checking out a showcase. Later in the afternoon, we'll be attending private sessions with Microsoft – no cameras allowed – to presumably deep-dive into whatever was announced. As such, besides recapitulating the day's earlier news, more information should come out during these sessions.

Where to talk about it?

Use our comments here, comments on the main Live Blog, or of course, our forums where we even have a Windows 10 waiting room! Lots of people are chatting, so join in!

Who's ready for tomorrow! Sound off on what you expect and hope to hear!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Seems faster. J/k. Good luck over their chief
  • The only announcement I'm interested in is "We were wrong. OneDrive pointers have been restored until we finalize the app. If you liked the Syncing, we have a Beta version for you to try."
  • I think that's not technically possible; they aren't working from the Win 8.1 sync code, so placeholders were never removed (this version never had them). They'll have them as soon as they can add them, but they can't put back what was never there. I got the impression from their last communication a week or two ago that they are going to add placeholders but the working version of OneDrive sync does not have that feature yet since that part is being redone more or less from scratch.
  • They had them in the first build. The second update to Windows 10 removed them. So to say they were never there is false. I only uninstalled Windows 10 after they made the change. As my Surface doesn't have 1TB of storage to sync the files, the placeholder option was better for me. But they decided they wanted to scrap it and go with the Syncing option rather than tossing the Syncing option as a beta to see how people like it. At least that way we would have the option of sticking with what has worked for us until Microsoft finishes building it out like they promised. This isn't a case of them never allowing the option in Windows 10. This is about them allowing it ans then taking it away while they finish out the app. It'd be like them giving us Office 11 with Word and then removing it to provide us Office 13 without Word while promising us Word for Office 13 would be coming soon.
  • not sure if you noticed, but the first build was essentially Win8 with a shiny new skin slapped on top of it. What we see tomorrow is the first 'real' win10 revision that we will have seen with any changes that are more than skin deep.
    If you follow Windows Weekly (you should) then you would know that One Drive, One Drive for Business, and One Drive for WP, Android, iOS, and OSX are all being overhauled and standardized. This means fewer features even through the release of win10, but they are comitted to adding the feature back some time after the release but hopefully still in calendar 2015... So no, you have not been forgotten. Yes, you will get your feature back. And please stop whining and think of it as a Christmas present towards the end of the year. Besides, Win8 still has it, and with win10 not officially coming out until the Aug-Sep you have some time to continue enjoying the feature if it means that much to you. With any luck it means that when this is all fixed the feature will come to all platforms instead of just win8.
  • You expected finalized code in a preview build?
  • No. I expected an app update to add features, not remove them.
  • MS used to embrace and extend.  Now they like to replace and upend.
  • After what happened to Xbox music? That's a little naive wouldn't you say?
  • I'm hoping (uselessly) that someone announces "NO MORE BETA APPS", and actually start releasing complete and tested features/apps
  • Today, its the day
  • Who's chief ?
  • Our editor in chief! Daniel Rubino :D
  • * there. It's not difficult.
  • Thanks. Was gonna post this
  • Although it was said that Joe Belfiore contradicted, I'm not sure yet of the veracity of his comment about Windows 10 supporting Android apps.
    The website "The Information" which is a "reliable" source, said today: "(...) and the company continues to discuss whether it should support Android apps on Windows Devices". That means, they are actually discussing this internally! Does anybody think that they will announce it tomorrow?
  • They won't announce it tomorrow. Tied up in legal for now.
  • Got it! I was confused with this information :) Thanks for replying, and please forgive me for not posting this on forums instead.
  • But, they are disgusting ( I meant discussing), as Rafael noted.
  • Daniel, so are you saying Android apps are imminent?
  • i truly hope not. If that comes to pass, windows phone will lose a lot. If i wanted to run Android apps with their design and their shortcomings then why wouldn't i just get an Android phone? It would kill the point of having a different OS completely
  • I am not aware of any apps that are better on WP than on Android. WP is the platform with the shortcomings.  Support for Android apps, which would really just mean supporting Java in WinRT, would be a godsend.
  • Besides Java not being native to Windows phone which would cause a larger compute overhead and therefore more battery drain, the apps would not follow the same design. They will also not integrate with Cortana, Maps or any of the OS apps. It would give us more apps, yes but it would also mean quantity over quality and end wp app development right there and then. And all for what, an official snapchat client and some banking apps? It's not worth it... i respectfully disagree with you.
  • First, Java isn't "native" to anything.  It's an interpreted language.  BTW, so is .NET.  This means programs written in it can be compiled to language-independent bytecode and run on any hardware/OS combo with an interpreter (e.g., on Linux the .NET interpreter is Mono...did you know you can run many Windows Apps on Android!!!).  MS would simply need a Java/Dalvik to WinRT bytecode compiler and presto, the apps are exactly as native as any app you are using on your phone now.  Battery life has nothing to do with it. Second, not for an official Snapchat client...any Snapchat client.  Also, banks.  Also local merchants.  Also mTicketing apps for major transportation departments around the country.  Also alternative Web browsers.  Usable email.  Usable Office suite.  Etc. Etc. Etc. And for what tradeoff?  Sure, some Android developers might release their apps "as is" with no modifications.  But many might reuse 99% of their code and only switch the voice API to Cortana or the map call to Here.  They might even tweak the aesthetics to "fit" better with WP -- not that there's much of a difference between Android and WP app interfaces at the end of the day.  And lastly, an app that doesn't exist doesn't integrate with Corotana or maps, either.  I wouldn't call that a tradeoff.  There's nothing lost! I will always take choice over no choice.  If you don't like an app because it's too "androidy" then don't install it!!! Android compatibility is really nothing short of a must-do, at this point.  MS better be a lot further along than "in discussions."
  • True, but when apple allowed to intstall Windows in Macs was also criticized and in the long term ended up being a good move. That way people didn't have the excuse "I'm not buying a Mac because this specific sowtware is missing... and I need it for my work". So somehow goes in the direction of breaking boundaries.
  • "I'm not buying a Mac because they cost 3x more than a PC I could build on my own which would be upgradable and more powerful anyway."
  • Are going to get the win 10 preview for phone today
  • No. Not until sometime in February.
  • I'm sure there's not much they don't at least discuss. Android apps have to be plan B, I'd imagine they give plan A a shot first - a unified store.
  • Why do some people get upset that Android apps will come to Windows?
  • Why? Why buy a windows device then? Better plan is what Rudy "insert last name" said. Make universal apps that also work on Android. Better plan.
  • That. I really hope they use this idea. VS 2015 it was the first step, lets see if MS can do that along of the year.
  • Seems that's what MS is doing...all I know is my office app is shit. My android, a different office name, kicks ball sacks. As in good.
  • Rudy Hung.
  • that's what she said!
  • Why buy a windows phone?  Because the OS is vastly superior to Android in implementation and speed.  Having Android apps available would be good as I could then get siriusXM, and a few others that I cannot get on windows right now.  Its not about windows apps working on android its about getting the Apps available on windows phones easier,  which is a big gripe for some users.  Not me,  I love my phone and I would like to see this.
  • I am all on to universal apps. I do enjoy design elements from Windows, but one of the things when I first fell in love with PC was the argument that PC had any app (beautiful or not) that I could choose to use.  Since the introduction of iOS and the uprising of Mac I've come to be a bit more discouraged as some apps that I'd like to try are only available for Mac or iOS. Furthermore the fact that MAC is able to run WINDOWS via parallells or something of the sort makes a MAC even more valuable. Especially now that parallells makes Windows apps seem like they are native to Mac so that you don't really have to worry about a cluncky Virtual Machine. I wouldn't be one bit opposed with having the same capability of running w/e apps I want on my windows.
    A lot of people are hung up on design. I find myself more vested in functionality and flexibility, althought I do like the idea of applications using common language in order to make it more intuitive when learning new applications. As someone who uses Office, Adobe and 3rd party independent apps, it's easy to see that many times all of these break conventions within the same operating system. Introducing Android apps, or iOS things to Windows wouldn't bother me at all. I welcome volume of QUALITY that can be used in ONE MACHINE, not just random quantity that replicates similar functionality. /end rant
  • Because it would mean the end of windows phone apps and windows phone morphoing into the same spyware cesspool that Android is now.
  • Android apps are much more secure than WP apps. How do you stopp an app from accessing your address book on WP?  You can't.  You can on Android.
  • I think you can run Android apps already in Windows via Bluestacks. In Windows phone, well that's a different discussion.
  • It's a poor emulation.
  • Very very very poor not even run some basic apps. And we dont need android stuff here we already have solid apps market have not we.. only missing two or three mainstream apps and i guess rudy will take care of them.. after all we r not blackberry... Secure with app world and bes and unsecured with onemobile store lol. Posted via the Windows Central
  • Blackberry tried this, and look how it worked for them ? 
  •  Because they are ugly and when I purchased my Windows Phone in 2010, I was promised that I wouldn't even notice if I am in an app or in system OS when browsing through the phone because everything was just designed the same. With Android apps, its clusterfcuk on Android phones itself, imagine them on beautiful Windows Phone OS.
  • Because development on metro apps will cease.
  • Can't figure it out.  Makes no sense.  Choice is always better than no choice.
  • Yes, it actually is the Plan B.
  • Android apps have to be plan B, I'd imagine they give plan A a shot first - a unified store.
    I absolutely agree.   It strikes me as a contradiction to put all the effort into attempting to make one big MS ecosystem across multiple platforms only to undercut it by supporting Android apps. 
  • Is porting over major official apps we don't have really THAT bad?! We need to work on closing the app gap. Think of it as hopefully a placeholder until we get an official native Windows app. A temporary patch over the app problem. And if that native Walmart Scan Windows app never comes in the future, at least we'll have more tomorrow than we had yesterday. PS: As I scroll thru the iOS top 100 paid/free apps, we have most of them!
  • It wouldn't be a temporary patch, it would be a permanent replacement. Why develop at all for Windows if you can reach its devices with Android apps? Do you think Android apps will have live tiles? Modern UI? Cortana integration? etc., etc?
    The answer is NO.
  • Android apps haven't worked out so well for BlackBerry either, I wouldn't have a problem with ported apps as long as they are done properly via VS2015 and Xamarin.
  • Hoping those stupid concept UI's were wrong...
  • I'm certain they are, I honestly don't think we'll see much visual change at all.
  • Yeah that's true.
  • Was it said that windows phone 10 was meant to be a new UI overhaul?
  • God I hope not. I like it the way it is.
  • Same.
  • Same
  • I can vouch for this but I believe there will be few alterations. I'm wishing for landscape support. I do want a new interface but then again the current interface is fine for me.
  • I would love landscape mode too.
  • And I think the only UI change seen will be background image will not be limited to the tiles, it will stretch up to the screen. Landscape mode will b welcomed.
  • 16 hrs 18 mins to go :D
  • So excited.
  • Your team is on crack?
  • That made me lol
  • Hahaha me too
  • Haha that's how they never sleep and are enthralled with techno-gadgets :D
  • No, but they do have a 'crack team' dedicated to the drug.
  • Locating it in new, different cities, I suppose.
  • lumia 1030   
  • I'm with you. If they have a sweet 1030 with micro sd card support and available on AT&T I'm sold.
  • I'm nervous about this announcement, whenever it comes. I really want an updated 1020, but Lumia has a bad history of halfheartedly attempting to upgrade flagships. Apple and Samsung fans only have to wonder "will the new version be worth it?" We have to wonder "which of my favorite features from last gen will the new one forget to include?"
  • Same here, but it's to the point the first high end Lumia device, smaller than the 1520, AT&T offers I am buying.
  • To be fair, if they did announce a 1030, it would be the first flagship Lumia completely under the MS name. We know how Nokia did things, we have yet to see how MS will.
  • So true, I hope that MS has learned that particular lesson.   Nokia had a very strong tendency to gimp their phones; for example no SD card slot on a phone that takes massive photos or not having a signature feature like Glance on your "flagship" device. We're probably not going to see mobile hardware unveiled but my god, how long will it be before WP gets a new flagship, and not a warmed over Android?    Budget models and midrange can only take one so far.
  • There won't be hardware announcements, at least not anything high end.  Not sure how many times Rubino has to keep repeating that. You won't see any flagship device until Holidays 2015.
  • Then I shall leave Windows Phone. 2015 holidays is ridiculous. Makes sense to me to change to iPhone and us MS services. 1020 is going in the garbage.
  • Could you donate your 1020 to me instead of throwing it away? :P
  • Wouldn't want to do that to someone.
  • But really I would be glad :)
  • seriously? you do know that even the cheap lumia's are still better than an iphone?
  • Dude...what drugs are you taking?! Budget Lumia's are not better than the iPhone. Remember, iOS has better Microsoft app support... And the camera is pretty good too. Oh, and they have far more apps than we do! Claiming a budget Lumia is better is just ridiculous!!
  • The 6+ is a really nice device, fragile, but really nice. I haven't bought it because as usual I'm waiting for that high end Lumia. I've bee using WP since 2011 & I'm tired of this game. The high end Lumia is not coming so I have to start looking elsewhere. Why would I want a device that can't use "all" the features the OS has to offer? So all the devices from the 520 to 830 are garbage to me. 930, no 4GLTE and I don't like the 1520. WP isn't for me, that's all.
  • Ok bai!
  • I think they will reveal 1330 :) 
  • We are not even sure if will there be any news for Windows Phone 10. Who knows everything will be related to desktops and tablets only?
  • Considering the preview for Phone and ARM Tablets is due in February I would say there will be a good chance of hearing about their plans for those devices today. 
  • I am ready for many articles that Windows Central will post just after the event ends. Daniel probably already tested Windows 10 on their phone...
  • Probably true. ;-)
  • And maybe some articles' pre-texts have already been written :P /s
  • I wish the next chapter for Windows Central is to fix the comment section.  That would be a great start.
  • I'm not sure why they don't use Disqus. We have exclusive app for it and single login to all the other sites using Disqus in one place.
  • Especially when Disqus is such a superior WP app.
  • True. Disqus is great. The wp app needs a little fixing up, but I love the concept of viewing all my comments in one place.
  • Landscape mode. Damn, landscape mode for the whole OS. Tired of flipping the phone around like a retard.
  • Agreed! My fingers are not portrait compatible. At the very least any screen that requires typing needs a landscape keyboard option.
  • E-mails already have both the modes .. Check it out
  • We know that.
  • Yup very excited to hear
    Btw when is it releasing for phones
  • I say April
  • Or June or Soon™
  • Don't say so
  • So
  • Haha
  • 2016? Till now, I still have yet to receive Denim. MS is known to be taking their own sweet time and miss the hype.
  • The official word is February for phones and ARM Tablets.
  • Wait 6 hours ;)
  • Nice to hear that
  • Dang,I can't wait!!! To bad its at 11 am my time.
  • I really hope they don't drop the charm bar for the tablet view. I love that thing. I don't get why people complain about when they say it's not use friendly.
  • +surface 2
  • Mainly people not using a touch device.
  • I use it on my laptop that doesn't have touch, and love it.
  • 10-4, me too.
  • because people are incredibly stupid, and what they have to learn to use, they hate.
  • EXACTLY! Everyone always gives me the look of disapproval because they are to stupid and stubborn to learn something new.
  • Agreed. The Charms are a nice interface.
  • +Surface Pro 2
  • People complain about stuff they don't understand and/or don't want to try to understand. They are of course foolish and wrong.
  • People complain about that probably because 'hot-corner' thing and annoying touchpad gesture Charm bar is similar to OS X universal menu bar, and the annoying touchpad gesture also similar in OS X
  • Excited and hoping to be optimistic, but really hoping it's not an announce something great and then wait another 6-12 months for it or until your slow ass anti Windows Phone carrier gets around to releasing it.
  • Same here. Probably 12 months then carriers get it, then another 6 months to get it to us users.
  • Don't worry. What you mentioned will bound to happen. Look at how slow Denim release is.
  • Anxious.
  • I bet valium and xanax are in short supply for WP users.
  • Hahaa. Good one.
  • So, I was registered to receive updates for this event & sure enough I got an Email from MS with the invitation to view the event & add the invitation to my calendar.  So what happens when I follow this link on my Lumia 1020?  I have to install a third party app to do this, as MS in their wisdom doesn't offer this to their WP users. Whilst I understand why MS have released Office on iOS & Android, they really need to bring their own OS apps up to date first.  Really interested to see what tomorrow has in store & whether anything concrete will be mentioned relating to their Windows Phone OS. Have to admit though; I am excited enough to get up at 3am to watch it live!
  • Weird. The calendar app opened immediately when I clicked the link in the email with my 830.
  • He's not talking about the calendar, he's talking about being able to view the live stream.
  • Hey Ed, I am talking about automatically adding the invite in the calendar; I've just had to do it manually ... I ended up using Cortana; it's much quicker
  • Ed, I thought he was talking about the live stream, so you are not the only one.
  • It must only work with Lumia Denim as my 1520 with Cyan and the latest Preview For Developers took me to the Store and asked for an app to be downloaded. It would not open the default calendar app. Are you using the Preview For Developers 8.1.1? ​ ​
  • That's just odd if true, but like I said it works perfect on my 830.
  • Tangled, has your 830 got Lumia Denim yet?  Still waiting on that for 1020
  • No, just the "fake, LOL you thought you bought a phone with Denim" Denim.
    AT&T Lumia 830
  • Well at least being in the US you do get new stuff; MS & other US Companies sometimes forget the world is made of countries other than the US :( sob sob!     Here in Australia. still waiting for MS Band, Cortana (other than Alpha release) MS Music App deals et al! Getting fed up of all these offers; then only to read avaiable for US & Canadian citizens only!   errrrrr!
  • Do you have any third party calendar apps installed? Our did the .ic file just open automatically?
  • Yes Deaconclgi, I have Lumia Cyan with Preview For Developers 8.1.1
  • I had the same trouble. Definitely does not bode well for the platform. When I saw the link, I thought, oh that's cool and convenient, then I tapped it and got redirected to the app store. Total letdown. Running a Lumia 925 with previews for developers. No Denim
  • I managed to add it via the .ics file in the email but I had to use the website version of the calendar.
  • I agree with you about office on other platforms. Office on my iPad is quite good, even though not all the features work on the free version. I have never liked the version of office on my windows phone and wish they would give us the same features as on the iPad. Maybe this will come with windows 10 today. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iPad is no phone. Then I'd say Office on my Surface 2 is the real deal. ;)
  • It also works on the iPhone. I agree with you on the surface version which is almost full office but needs a keyboard and trackpad though. The iPad version works really well on a touch screen. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is there any other days after? I know there was just an Xbox event over the weekend(?) that you covered (SoD, Ori, Screamride)... is this one large event or just two separate events?
  • On a Windows Phone UI update, we may see less there than expected. However, ARM tablets and even the desktop are seeing many features from WP. From notifications to Cortana, I expect to see more that direction still. I am hoping Continuum will get more than a casual showing.
  • ARM and Phones will share the same OS.
  • But not the same interface, Windows 10 for Phones is likely to stay largely the same interface wise.
  • Yeap.
  • Nope. The UI will, for want of a better word, "sync" across devices.
  • The UI itself won't sync across devices, the settings will just like they do now. Granted there may be some additional settings that sync now that didn't before but the whole UI won't. ​
  • Good thing I'm off tomorrow and live here in the west coast.
  • I have doctoral comps, so I'm off, fuck the comps, 10 is more important.
  • Haha I bet
  • True, very true. Three lovely questions, no more than 50 pages excluding references and cover.
  • I'm off today (21st) too, my exams got finished yesterday :D
  • I'm so ready!
  • Looking forward to it!
    Btw, thanks Daniel!
    I hate doing time conversions, I always come up an hour short
  • A well written article Daniel..Nice one..!!
  • X2!
  • Hey Dan......once all this is over.....i just want you to know one thing:.......... I've loved every minute of this journey..... And you're a great guy....*puts helmet visor down*
  • lol
  • So what time in CT
  • Whats the live time in gmt ?
  • 5PM
  • 5pm GMT
  • Surely you mean UTC.
  • Daniel....will you be tweeting much during the event? I'll be at work, and won't be able to follow the event via the links posted in the article. No worries if you aren't. Just wondering.
  • Where I work, Windows Central also can't be accessed anymore. The web filter blocks, categorizing the page as "Shopping". Neither Twitter can be accessed. So I'll try to get my lunch time 30 minutes before in order to follow the event thro my phone or in the decompression room.
  • I may try, but hard juggling a dslr, laptop and phone all at the same time
  • You can dooo eeet!! :)
  • Multitasking ftw!
  • Update your twitter client.. It's now Cortana supported..
  • Kill'em all Microsoft! Kill'EM ALLLLL :D
  • Yea destroy Android. Destroying Apple will be an appetizer
  • My body is ready
  • LOL
  • Your 'lower' body? Kinda funny/creepy. Lol
  • So how many press releases with embargoes have you guys already received?
  • Just give me Lumia Denim and go and take and shower Microsoft
  • I hear 2hrs
  • F....k
  • Let the letters flow my friend..F U C K...
  • Friends
  • Hmmm, an enigma..
  • Wish I was there but duty calls... Good luck and have fun Rubino.. Appreciate all you guys do for us
  • Yes
  • Your job seems like fun.
  • It can be. It's also very exhausting at times ;)
  • I want to believe they will correct the complete lack of high end devices. I want to believe they will give us a timeframe for when AT&T and Verizon will roll out Denim. I want to believe that they will announce Chase is building a universal app to replace the one we lost today. Unfortunately, I don't believe any of those things. At this point, I'm just hoping they don't screw Windows Phone up worse than they have already. Who knows... maybe they will surprise me with something nice.
  • don't get your hope up about a denim announcement, this is a windows 10 event, not a WP8.1 carrier FW update event..
  • I think that's exactly what I said... no hope... ;-)
  • You know it's a Windows 10 event and nothing to do with phones, yes?
  • So excited about Windows 10 for phones, I just know its gonna be a game changer and gonna be a wake up call for alot of non wp users
  • It HAS to be. I hope they don't just come out with something"me too-ish" like Apple and Android are stuck doing nowadays. I'm counting on Cortana to make a big splash on Windows and the integration she provides will draw more users in. Cortana of course must get better, but as we know(for those of us using it so far) those updates can come quickly and we provide usage data every day.
  • Go ahead drop those hopes down a notch.
    I just don't think we're going to see many changes.
  • God man, I keep saying, 10 ain't gonna do dick, people are entrenched.
  • I think you're expecting too much out of tomorrow.  It'll mainly consist of the Windows roadmap for the rest of the year, and a few screenshots and maybe a live demo of whatever they have ready so far. Don't expect to hear anything about new phones.  You won't.
  • Me personally, I feel that they have a chance to make true smartphones. Right now there are mobile devices that require their own ecosystem. W10 has the potential to allow smartphones to be true mobile computers. I'm not saying they will run anything and everything under the sun, buy they will be closer to what they were when Win Mobile first came out. "Apps" do not equal "applications" and that is where W10 can shine. Of course out won't be that simple but that is the line of thinking I want to see from a mobile OS. More powerful apps. I think W10 can enable this.
  • This would actually be pretty cool and really only MS can do this...
  • What happened to the biweekly update of the Xbox Music app?
  • They said a few months ago that they were stopping those to focus on the music app in Windows 10.
  • ...which to me, means, they're going with yet another Xbox Music do-over. Again.
  • That is not a bad thing.
  • I guess they decided it was sufficiently nonterrible? It still needs work to be fast on a 1020, maybe it runs okay on the new phones?
  • As said by Jas00555, they're working on the Windows 10 music app.
  • LOL at "sufficiently non-terrible" I'm going to adopt that term for anything I feel lukewarmly about or that someone else appears to be half-assing" Thank you.
  • Yes me too I love it. Sufficiently non-terrible xd
  • I'm curious to see what's is going to be announced. I don't have any expectations as everything has been rumors.
  • Cannot wait!!! :-D
  • Glad no major leaks so far to spoil the surprises. MS have to deliver big tomorrow. No vague stuff but concrete and please don't talk about anything that you are going to launch after 4-6 months. You can always have an event later for that. Deliver!! Deliver!! Deliver
  • Probably cause they don't got shit to say.
  • +1020 leaks are good and all that, but the anticipation gets ruined! I have to watch it with a delay though as I wont be back till half hour in...
  • I will cry if they enable Windows wallet for credit and debit cards
  • is that cry good tears or bad tears?
  • That would require cooperation with credit card companies... i.e., not gonna happen.
  • You mean he would require the cooperation of credit card companies to cry?
  • Love the whole stupid thing about the app gap. Did you know that Windows 8.1 PC has way more apps than the iMac store? They only have about 10,000..... What app gap? So hopefully with Windows 10 and a unified store we will hear the end of it.
  • Such logic lol. You know what they mean. Stores are not on par. Local apps or games are missing and or sufficiently non-terrible. ^_^
  • "consume previews" lol... Typo. Unless they have some Windows 10 chocolate bars they're going to announce.
  • It means they will consume android's candy bars
  • Yes finally the intro of Win X. And the revelation of Belfoire dayly driver, a S 5660 running on Android 2.3. I don't want to be the bringer of bad news, bud i know someone who knows the cleaning lady who works at MS and she said that MS is pulling the plug of the oncoming show because Joe forgot to do the dishes at home and now is his wife very pissed and she grounded him for a couple of sorry folk's no show tomorrow.
  • Maybe he really got his hair stuck in the garbage disposal. You folks in third world countries won't know what that is. But you all make great maids!
  • Eh....third world hahaha
    I am living in the land of milk and honey.
    You probably missed a few classes during school. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I don't mean you.
  • Okay, your forgiven ;)
  • *_*. Guess that's why my username is what it is?
  • I hope they can at least mention a REAL flagship Lumia Phone during the event.
  • I know right!
  • That's all I care about at the moment
  • Most indications are showing: that ain't happening.
  • Phones announced at next month event.
  • Micrsoft has been good at keeping secrets lately.
  • They took the same security measures as Apple
  • Even tho all the details do leak before the Event. Surprised to see windows 10 didn't leak. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • may be there is nothing to be leaked :P
  • +Dell Venue 8 Pro   Waiting for WP features in my Tablet
  • Ok, post a picture of your drink tonight in celebration for tomorrow's announcement
  • I bet dan has already tested w10 as was the case with wp8.1
  • I only want to know what's the future for Windows Mobile. It needs some revamp for the xbox music, internet explorer and office, especially office! Please let me know what is in store for our beloved mobile platform.
  • I was hoping to watch it, although I may not be able too, will it be recorded ?
  • Yeap.
  • Damn, right at midnight here (UTC+7)
  • AT&T Lumia 520 got Denim! WooHoo!
  • I will be able to see the live stream in my Lumia? I don't have good experiences whit live streams in my Lumia :/
  • Nothing ,
  • I'm so excited! I hope I can watch it tomorrow!
  • Yes!!! Play store support for WP perfect!!!!!
  • It wouldn't be Perfect instead a nightmare.Anyways wish even it happens it would do good.
  • It'll be 10:30pm in India
  • Two days ago right?
  • I'm getting crazy now
  • Here's the countdown link
  • can't wait for that !!
  • Then relax
    Trust me
    No one can help you with that but your inner force
    Yeah keep breathing
    That will give you a +5 sec on arcade waiting mode :P
  • Nadella is going to walk onto the stage with a Windows Phone, physically transforms it to a surface, then an Xbox, then phone again. Says nothing and walks off the stage.
  • That would take care of business.
  • Nadella is going to walk onto the stage with a Windows Phone, physically transforms it to a Surface, then an Xbox, then phone again. Says nothing and walks off the stage.
        Yes. That would be perfect.
  • @Swflyingpotato:
    Nadella is going to walk onto the stage with an iPhone, starts a new Office document on it and shows how he continues it on an Android device via OneDrive. Says nothing and walks off the stage.
    This is by far closer to reality given his past track-record...
  • This made me laugh a little :-)
  • I was on a android fan site and they were talking about how Android apps might be supported on windows phone and In the comments a lot of people said they would get windows phone... I dont think its to bad of an idea
  • Where were ye?
  • Dude that's like the best idea ever. I would like Android if they let us do that and it would help Android with some of the disputes with Microsoft
  • Hey Daniel, for events like this, it would be handy to have a link to an ics/calendar entry that we can click and have it added to our calendars along with a link back to the site where the live blogging will occur.  Just a suggestion.
  • +920 Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Cant wait
  • Yup.. I'm excited for the event too but its 12a.m. in my country but the time it goes live -_-
  • I am hungry for wp10 update in my Lumia 520...can u confirm me in which time it will publish in India ...
  • hope they will present some demo of pc and mobile win10 maybe lumia 532 .. just a wish
  • Well, it will be at 5 o'clock in the afternoon so I think I'll just grab my cup of tea and sit comfortably watching what'll happen.   Let us see if Microsoft will be able to make me spit out my tea or just bore me to that. I'd really really like it to be the first option.
  • Confuesd. It says 1:00 Thursday PHT. Is it 1am or 1pm. Sorry for the noob question.
  • If it were 1pm on Thursday, you would be having a 28 hour difference with the local event time. You need to come back to time zones within the confines of earth, human.
  • By chance you are back in your real time zone by tomorrow, the event is at 1am for you.
  • Who cares about windows 10 phone when there is no hardware to support it
  • Only about a billion pc's mac's tablets phones etc......
  • Sorry, windows 10 PHONE
  • All WP8 phones will work with Windows 10 PHONE. So there's lots of supported hardware.
  • I mean no hardware worthwhile, no new hardware. Who cares about a new OS with no NEW hardware..
  • ¿Qué? ¿WTF?
  • Si
  • Lol I bet someone will sneak a camera into the private session, most like Daniel, then he will post the content claiming some anonymous tip leaked it to him! Your secret is safe with us Daniel!!
  • Lol shhhh.. Time to sleep Sir. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Oh please... PLEASE!!!!... No goddamn Android support for Windows 10/Windows Phone 10 because it will fucked up the whole OS kernel.
  • No goddamn Android Crap!!!
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • U w8 m8 i give u 8/8 I'll give u b8 better w8.
  • I love "Consume Previews"
  • Me too. How about a Lollipop or an Apple Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • We should all get paid for crowd sourcing the spelling and grammar!
  • 60 minutes? Seriously?!
    Even two hours sounds like they'll be touching all things only disappointingly short regarding all the topics they promised to have lined-up.
    Windows 10, desktop and mobile, should be a given and even Office was expected.
    But if they add Gaming on Windows to the show I have no idea how they want to squeeze all of this into two hours while maintaining an adequate amount of time for each topic.
  • Do me a favour. Go into an empty, quiet room. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Then stand in the middle room and wait for the entire 5 minutes doing nothing. You'll get a better perspective on how much can be said in 60 minutes let alone 2 hours
  • Still 13 hours left
  • I have been trying very hard to convince myself to stay on WP for over a year now. I'm so close to jumping ship and about to give in & just do it. I've always been a loyal person and I'm SCREAMING for MS to keep me as a customer but it's VERY hard when it doesn't seem like they care. I mean when there Android Office app is better than on their own platform...and little things like no search option w/ outlook calendar (even on the desktop PC and Google has this basic yet important feature!!), I'm starting to feel STUPID staying with and defending MS! Sorry, I really needed to vent
  • Oh no
    No no no no
    Don't you dare jum..
    He jumped, didn't he?
    I just wanted to tell him
    His wallet is on the table with his passport!
    Ok, where were we :D
  • You have the right to vent my friend. This old man here is also very pissed at Microsoft for the crippled OS Windows Phone OS has remained. Watching video, and mistakenly touch one of the damned touch buttons? Then you can start afresh. Relaunch the video player, then try to scroll to where you last were. This is an example of how stupidly crippled multitasking is on WP. I hate Google, but I have a SGS3 as my third phone, and the multitasking capacity is a dream. Microsoft is trying to use Apple tactics of incrementally opening up functionalities, but it's not working. I have stayed majorly with WP because of the smoothness of the OS, the disdain for the lack of choice, and my hate for Google. I want to be able to send attachment of any art, and from anywhere. I want to be able to use atleast 2 Apps at the same time without the first app closing when I opened the second one. Why do Adobe reader, and every other pdf reader have to duplicate files in their own memory? There are many things Microsoft needs to address on their mobile OS to make it a veritable challenger of the Duopoly.
  • Hey daniel will we get the win 10 preview for phone today or not ????
  • Ok, Daniel is Microsoft
  • lol
  • No, we won't. Please see WC's previous coverage on this.
  • X - Windows 10
    O - Cortana
    Lots of XOXOXO tomorrow. +920
  • LOL
  • 1 AM at my place. Gonna sleep then and just see news when I wake up
  • 1 AM at my place too! I won't sleep!
  • At what time will it be in india?
  • 10.30pm
  • I like the line -"honestly this is the one of the best kept secret of recent months". :)
  • I just want to see if they announce the Surface Pro 4.
  • What all I want to see is a Windows 10 mobile
  • 4am thats so early for me -..-'
  • I actually have it on advisement from a VERY reliable source (of communicable diseases), the exact outline for tomorrow’s presentation:   09:00 – Johnny Flowchart from accounting talks about units-shipped and other exciting things no one cares about.   09:16 – Joe Belfiore’s hair still looks weird.   09:20 – “Gates Squad” is announced by Microsoft. To compete with Apple’s Genius Bar and Geek Squad, MS has replicated an army of anatomically correct Bill Gates’ using consumer 3D scanners and crowd-sourced Maker-Bots. Now included with your subscription to Office 365, your own personal “Gates clone” will come to troubleshoot any issues with Word, Excel, Outlook, and other apps (inside tip, this time even Bill doesn’t know which menu they moved that one tool under). Enjoy the convenience, from your own home, of that awkward silence after Bill asks why you are still on Windows 7. Plus, Bill Gates will even press your delicates—so long as you forward this email to at least 10 people. (If you don’t, he’ll BSOD your toaster…we’re not joking. Hit “send” already.)   10:00 – Sweatin’-to-Steve-Balmer Intermission   10:20 – Microsoft previews the next, NEXT operating system: Windows 11 for everything, including your phone (shhhh, we’re not supposed to say that last part, it’s really just “Windows 11”…on your phone—damn it! We did it again!) It will shoot 12K video, but only for 3 seconds due to limited on-board storage. (You could get a microSD card, but come on, where are you gonna put that thing? The SIM card tray? Ha!) It will be released worldwide mid-2016, coming to US carriers sometime between 2017 and when the sun goes supernova. It will run on all existing Windows Phones (we mean “not phones,” um, “Windows thingies…” give us a break, we’re working on it…), but the full feature set will only work on this one phone belonging to some guy in Mumbai. Rest assured though, your phone will be able to display, “Resuming…” in new landscape format, with new animated backgrounds and 3D motion parallax while you die of old age waiting for Lumia Camera to launch.   10:40 – “This is Sparta!!!” We mean Spartan…which is actually IE 12. Only it’s different this time. We swear. (Please stop using Chrome and Firefox, you’re making us nervous. BSOD toaster. We’re just saying…) Newest browser crashes half as often when checking Facebook now, and (AND!) we moved all the buttons around! Tired of killing RAM-creep and unresponsive programs in Task Manager? Well trade those old bugs in for new ones! This browser is the latest in prompting you to uninstall plugins to improve your internet viewing experience. Like way better than Chrome. Chrome sucks. On a completely unrelated note (we swear), user interface is now cleaned up with less distractions and visual noise—just like Chrome (don’t tell Google). As for Firefox, what the heck is that anyway? A “fire fox,” like you just rub two foxes together to start a fire? It’s not that easy. Trust us, we’ve tried. And Safari? Good luck installing that on your PC! Like we said, IE 12 is way, WAY better, faster, cleaner, and more intuitive than Netscape.   10:55 – Joe Belfiore has on a cooler shirt than you.
  • That was hilarious... Who knows it might actually go down this way ...hehe
  • That's a big ass comment.
  • Soo correct. They are just too late.
  • OMG
    This is really making me laugh so loud
    Although I love MS and waiting
    But come on, this is creative ^_^
  • You must have a lof of free time, right ...
  • This HAS to be the LONGEST comment EVER, right!
  • Hey I have limited amount of data like 1Gb for this month, as i am away from home,will that be sufficient for live streaming the event? Please help?
  • Sorry, your data couldn't make it
    It was brave enough to make it here
    It's over
    Trust me
    It is hard for all of us
  • Pls improve the Office for mobile.
  • Who, Daniel?
  • Rojer
  • Thank you Daniel! You're like a Windows/Windows Phone godfather! :)
  • Waiting for news about windows phone 10!
  • Daniel you're lucky. I wish I was there too!!!!
  • Sydney *Thu 4:00 AM  
  • Where can I watch the video after it's over?
  • You did read the whole then :/
  • Which is what frustrates, people talk about reading the whole thing when the answer is not actually there.
  • So WC embedding the stream is not enough?
  • But I wasn't asking for the stream. Looks like you didn't read my whole question!
  • The link for the "live stream" becomes a link to the live stream recorded in full. So, you can watch the "live stream" anytime. Just watched it all and wow! Enjoy.
  • Waiting
  • Excited!
  • Is this conference is going to boardcast on TV?
  • If Nadella farted? ofcourse it will!!
  • No of course not.
  • I feel the same as I did before the US played Portugal in the world cup. Idk how Microsoft became such an underdog (at least perceived) but im excited. "I believe that we will win".
  • It's really sad how much I'm looking forward to this and how much I think about it
  • It's 00:00 am in my country
  • Thank you Daniel :D  
  • If I was any more excited, I'll explode! Lol
  • I think for many its the last chance for WindowsPhone. Unless some key developers are convinced the game is over..fed up with apps only being ios or droid. Microsoft need some high end phones...rhat make wp shine. IOS is good because the phone hardware is sexy and high spec...their apps never "resume" and you never miss a shot waiting for camera to load... Don't get ne wrong...massive wp8 fan but it gets hard to support an os with poor press, small no. of apps and aging hardware.. Lumia1020.
  • This is really the last for WindowsPhone, because soon we're updating to Windows....for Phones!
  • Couldn't agree more dude
  • Go Microsoft!!!!
  • Gonna watch this with popcorn in one hand and the other hand down my pants.
  • I just hope there is no more "US only" crap coming.
  • Yeah that's getting pretty lame
  • I will be glued to my laptop screen at 17:00 today!
  • All charged up and most probably would postpone my client meets today at 12 Noon EST!! I just hope they take care of the UI sizing issue. Everything on my 1520 looks like it was just scaled up (that is the truth, actually). I hope they can get the UI scaling right so that all the 1520s out there don't look like phones for visually impaired (no offense to anyone!)
  • Dammit 6am for me, 8 hours away, ill be getting ready for work!
  • Hope something awesome is on the way.. No rumors or leaks are making me think there is nothing there... Hope its a BIG BANG!!
  • I want MS to concentrate on basics first being a microsoft product if it cant sync mails properly for enterprise clients I don't think they can do anything good. Every now and then a sync error with new error code just fed up of the same. The company who can make "outlook" not able to sync mail on mobile device is something really shameful.  
  • Say me hi to your former colleague turned Microsoft employee
  • Can someone tell me when I can watch this? Hate living in Australia always have to wait so long for these announcements.
  • You can watch this when youre on Perth, Bunbury @1AM
  • It is for sure that Windows 10 event has things to offer for Windows Phone platform. See the below link of lumai conversation and also the highlighted line:   In the coming days, weeks and months, we look forward to sharing more about what Windows 10 means for Lumia, so stay tuned!
  • What time we can update WP10??
    And what apps 4 update??
  • Your questions should be answered by Microsoft in 4 hours.
  • Seven more hours
  • 6.5 hours now lol
  • Can't wait for the event to start.....
    It will be interesting to see what changes Microsoft brings on board.
  • Firstly, thank you for included international times, as I've requested this it's a great addition. And thanks in advance for the coming coverage and reports. Keep up the awesome job you guys do ❤
  • Microsoft Lumia Spartan phone. The flagship windows phone available to all carriers. One phone to rule them all. Its a dream but its kinda what they need.
  • Microsoft Lumia Spartan 300 phone with Lumia Hercules firmware
  • Still 6 hrssss to gooo.....ugrrrrrr
  • Please share on youtube or everywhere how to be update WP10 ...
  • predicting right now that there aren't going to be any new phones
  • "recapitulating" - You're working to hard Daniel. Get some sleep before the event starts :)
  • 4 more hours..............!!!!  just show how the phone version looks like MS... :)
  • No offence but I don't need a damned link to tell me how to convert time zones. I am not one to tell people how to do their jobs but it's pissing me off how you people keep ignoring this issue.
    GMT - GREENWHICH MEAN TIME, almost everyone knows their GMT difference but no one over here gives a rat's ass about their PT, ET differences.. Not doing such a simple thing makes me think you're lazy although I know it's not the deal.. Just some fair treatment and understanding would be nice.
  • Please MS do/show anything that will slow the crying on this website.
  • Please UP....... we cant stay longer
  • I hope I can stay awake because it will be 1:00 AM in my country when the event starts at Redmond, WA.
  • Is there anywhere I can find a released video of the event when it is released without seeing any spoilers? I am not able to see the livestream but would like to see the event and getting as suprised as you watching it live.
  • As long as whatever gets announced/hinted at gets a dedicated "Is it available in India?" sub-forum, I'm sure we'll be fine. On a different note, some imminent non-US exclusive offering (hardware or software) wouldn't go amiss.
  • I've just heard the big news is that Win10 will officially drop support for: - non-US devices - Devices with cellular connections - screen sizes less than 7 inch/1080p Let's see what happens!