Windows 10 April 2018 Update rollout slows in latest AdDuplex report

If you've been keeping track of AdDuplex's monthly reports, you'll be well aware of just how fast Microsoft managed to distribute the Windows 10 April 2018 Update in recent months. In fact, the update has enjoyed the fastest rollout of any major Windows 10 feature update. But that growth stalled a bit this month, just after crossing the 80 percent threshold last month.

According to AdDuplex's latest report for the month of August, the April 2018 Update is now on 86.7 percent of Windows 10 PCs. That's up only slightly from July, when the firm reported coverage of 84.2 percent. Going back further, growth has been steadily slowing down since June, when the update had reached 78 percent of Windows 10 devices, according to AdDuplex.

AdDuplex August Report

When looking at the current breakdown of Windows 10 devices, the April 2018 Update dwarfs its predecessors, with the Fall Creators Update predictably coming in second with a 7.8 percent share of the market. The Creators Update is sitting at 1.9 percent, while the Anniversary Update is at 2.1 percent. Prior updates are still managing to hold on, but by comparatively negligible shares.

It's worth keeping in mind that AdDuplex's numbers likely differ from real-world values by a notable margin, as became apparent in the disparity between Microsoft's most recent official numbers and AdDuplex's own figures. That likely comes down to the firm's method of sampling data, which relies on a collection of around 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that use its SDK, which could slant results. Still, these monthly reports are handy for tracking general trends following the release of major updates.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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