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Windows 10 build 10056: Everything you need to know

Microsoft has been keeping its promise on releasing more frequent builds of Windows 10, but this is not stopping private versions to leak onto the web. Windows 10 build 10056 was just spotted outside the walls of Redmond, and it shows significant cosmetic changes and various improvements coming to the operating system.

Below there is a list with all changes found in this new leaked version of Windows 10:

Start menu

The Start menu has received a number of improvements. Now by default, it shows two columns of Live Tiles and users have the ability to completely resize the menu. Do you want to see more Live Tiles, but you don't want to use the full-screen mode? Fine, simply hover with the mouse pointer and stretch the Start menu to the right and/or upwards.

In Windows 10 build 10056, renaming groups has received some refinements and now it's much easier to create a new group of Live Tiles and rename it to anything you want. You can also drag a group and relocate it anywhere inside the Start menu.

Windows Insiders will also notice new visual effects launching the Start menu in its regular mode and when in Tablet Mode or full screen.

One of the most noticeable changes in the Start menu is the power button, which now has been relocated to the bottom-left corner, above the "All Apps" button. This is a minor change, but the new location makes more sense for everyone who has been using Windows 7 or Windows XP for a long time.

Clicking the All Apps button will still list all apps installed in Windows 10 with the difference that you now see a left arrow icon next to the "Back" button to indicate easily how to return to the main menu.

Tablet Mode (Continuum) has been improved when using Snap mode, now we can see a divider very similar to what you see in Windows 8.1 when snapping apps side-by-side. It's worth pointing out that this bar or divider doesn't appear on normal mode.

Also when switching to Tablet Mode, you'll notice that all the app icons in the taskbar will disappear until you go back to the desktop mode.


The latest leak of Windows 10 unveils a few changes on Cortana. In build 10056, Microsoft is adding two new options: Find Song and Help. With Find Song, users now can use Cortana just like the Shazam app. You don't know the name of the song, simply click the menu button on Cortana and she will listen to the song and identify the music.

The Help option is to make it easier to use Cortana. In Help, you'll find the commands you need to use to make a call, send a text message, add a new appointment, create a reminder, create a note, set an alarm, play music, get directions, how to do a search, and much more. (Very useful for beginners.)

Also the taskbar search box, where Cortana lives, is noticeable bigger, now it has the same height as the taskbar (refer to previous images).

File Explorer

Although, we don't see many changes on the desktop, the File Explorer in Windows 10 build 10056 shows thicker lines on the navigation elements and bolder fonts. Another interesting change is that window titles no longer appeared aligned to the center -- now they aligned to the left.

Interesting enough, after many critics the Recycle Bin in Windows 10 has been replaced with a transparent, 3D icon, which looks similar to the Recycle Bin icon from Windows 98.

Task View (virtual desktop)

The new Task View includes a few new improvements. The virtual desktop feature in Windows 10 now has a new icon in the taskbar, and there is a new visual effect when creating a new virtual desktop.


While the new leak of Windows 10 doesn't bundle the new Music and Video Preview apps or even the preview of the touch-friendly version of Office apps. Like in build 10051, build 10056 includes the new Mail and Calendar apps, however Microsoft still hasn't rebranded these apps to Outlook apps, which it may happen in the future.

We also find a new Weather app. The new app has a fresh look and now it includes different tabs, where users will find interesting weather news, maps, historical weather, and a favorite tab, which in future updates will include your favorite places.

Microsoft also bumped the Xbox app version number to 3.3.5006. According to the change log, this version includes: watch popular game clips, activity feed and profile improvements, better window sizing, connect to Xbox One, Xbox one remote control, and browse OneGuide.

There is a new Microsoft Solitaire Collection Preview. This is a new version of the popular game that has been part of Windows since 1990. The app is now universal and comes bundled with build 10056. With the new Solitaire, Microsoft warns that this preview build will not save any user data when the game is closed.

The latest leak of Windows 10 also includes a previously spotted Microsoft Family app, which appears to be an app to help parents configure parental control in the operating system, and there is a Windows Spotlight, but both are appear not to be working at this time.

Settings app

One of the most interesting changes found in Windows 10 build 10056 happens in the Settings app, as Microsoft is now moving the Display and Personalization configurations to this location.

In future releases of Windows 10, when users need to change the screen resolution, right-clicking on the desktop, the "Screen resolution" item on the contextual menu won't be longer available. Microsoft is changing it with "Display settings", which will direct users to the "Display" section in the Settings app. However, the old screen resolution settings still can be found in the Control Panel.

Personalization now includes four new sections:

Background will now be the place where users will use set their desktop wallpaper. Options will include to use a picture, color, or slide show.

Colors is the section that lets users choose a color scheme for Windows 10. Here you can choose to let Windows, pick a color automatically from the background, or you can pick a new color manually. What's interesting about this setting is that it appears that in the future window borders may also change color as well, leaving behind the boring gray color.

In Colors you can also choose if the taskbar and Start menu will change color too and there is a new option that allows user to disable transparency in the Start menu.

Another big change with themes comes in the Action Center, where the color of the slide-in pane will change with color scheme you select to match the theme color.

The Lock screen and Themes settings are now accessible from Personalization.

Finally, the Settings app also includes two additional improvements. In Privacy, now there is a "Radios" section that allows users to control if apps can turn Wi-Fi or Bluetooth automatically to send and receive data.

And there is a new "Account info" that allows users to control whether apps can access your name, picture, and other account info.

Although this is a build that shows many improvements coming to Windows 10, it's very buggy, therefore unstable. The Start menu crashes a lot when moving Live Tiles around and creating new groups, some the apps won't start or they will take several tries to get them working, and a lot other things don't work, as such it's a version you should not be using as your primary operating system.

Windows 10 is scheduled to launch later this summer in 190 countries and Microsoft plans to make the new operating system a free update for the first year for Windows 8.x, Windows 7, and Windows Phone 8.1.

Do you like the changes Microsoft is including in build 10056? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • Nice
  • Another new writer....
  • One that needs a proof reader....
  • Any writer needs a proff reader.
  • Not me. I never make mistokes.
  • Agreed.  Looking very good...for mouse and keyboard users. Not much here to ease the use for touchscreen users.  So far, W10 is terrible with touch-only.  Has MS given up on that category of user?
  • Don't think so. But the focus on non touch right now is clearly visible. But I think they are very well aware of this fact and I'm pretty sure they're also working on the touch side... Wait till build. We also didn't see anything of Windows on small tablets...
  • The small 7" Windows tablet strategy is really dumb. Why would OEMs want to build these 7" tablets? They are going to be functionally the same as a Windows RT tablet (minus the multitasking) or a Windows Phone. And we know how much OEMs liked making those desktop-less devices. There will be no iTunes, no Chrome, nor millions of desktop apps and you are also losing the multitasking functions you had in last years 7" tablets. How are they going to spin these much more limited 7" tablets to OEMs as an improvement over last years models? The whole idea screams obvious failure.
  • I do not think that this is a dumb idea at all. There are many people who do not need the full complexity of a desktop OS and just want to use a comsumption device. I am sure this will be perfectly suitable for that. Personally I own 2 WP devices, one is my daily driver and the other one is something that I use for testing new OS updates and apps. I noticed myself reading or playing on that device very often. The WP app library is not as bad as you make it sound. And now with universal apps, this is just going to grow more. So a 7" WP like device is not a bad idea at all.  
  • - More tablets - More incentive for developing Windows Apps - More Apps for Windows Phones Profit? FWIW you should be shopping for a Mac if you cannot tweak the Windows registry :P
  • inb4 tablet mode, still possible, even in tablet mode haha
  • Seems many follows your advice.  Not good for business, but Apple thanks you.
  • So many Windows x86/x86_64 users do not know what the Windows Registry is?  If basic users only use PC for Internet browsing and media consumption, they should not be shopping for a desktop OS to begin with! They should have bought a WinRT ;)))  More iPads -> less whining on Windows Central
  • gpedit.msc (group policy editor) is everybody's friend. Still requires a bit of learning but far easier than trying to make heads or tails of the registry. Of course, it's just as easy to screw things up. ;-)
  • ^+1
    Was figuring worst cast would need to edit registry via recovery disc, but computer management is much easier to work with
  • Yep, and given the uptick in Mac sales, a lot of people are listening to fanbois like you giv them terrible advice. Which in the end hurts all Microsoft platforms and services becasue only a dumb Mac user would buy a Windows Phone over iPhone, or use Microsoft services over Apple services on those devices.
  • I wish my HP Stream 7 was more like the WP version, and not some cobbled together desktop that you can't even see anyway.
  • if you avoid desktop it works just fine.  Loving my hp 7
  • This is going to sound crazy to some people, but I don't see the point of tablets in general.  Phone processors are more than capable of multitasking, and laptops can be made just as small as a tablet but with a functional keyboard,  I've never bought a tablet because it doesn't fit in your pocket, and it doesn't have a keyboard... It seems like a tablet is just a low end laptop without a keyboard, and with less ports.  I personally have no need for that, so I am curious what the draw is for a tablet vs a laptop/netbook.
  • I think it perfectly develops into a touch and mouse friendly environment.
    Just look at all the settings-App alone. Nearly all Windows settings has been transformed to a touch-friendly interface. Each and every corner of the OS has been reading to fit touch and mouse.
    And then there is "Tablet mode", which had massive improved in this build. Multi tasking in tablet mode may be the best solution on any touch focused OS. The taskbar looks great in tablet mode....... I'm really looking forward for when Windows 10 mobile will become as refined as this build of Windows..... Probably in two month.
  • Why is there a task bar in tablet mode at all? It is wasted screen space. There needs to be an option to disable the task bar in tablet mode.
  • I like it there. Have an option to continuously display it also.
  • The key word is "option".
  • It disappears in tablet mode.
  • Why is there a status bar in android tablets or iPad?
  • There is... You didn't read
  • go to your windows 8 tablet and look at the bottom of the screen in the start screen. is there anything there? how can something be a waste of space if the space was empty to begin with? they are using space, not wasting it. it's just another place to pin shortcuts. if it has jump lists, it will be very useful. are there jump list in the start screen now?
  • I just want manual control of the taskbar - ie. I want to set it to autohide, and be able to swipe up, and see it, and swipe it down to go away.  They should also work on the UI for a vertical taskar - if i locate the taskbar to the left side of my tablet (its really a great place for it), the time and date are all jarbled, they take up too much space.  Also, the current way the taskbar is portrayed in "Tablet Mode" on W10 is useless.  Its still there, but it doesnt do anything except display the toolbars - it hides your open applications / apps, and makes the search box into just a cortana icon.   If your going to show it, show it, if not, then dont. I also, think that the "desktop" toolbar, which for all intents and purposes is the Windows 7 start menu should be better integrated - ie - it should be right next to the start button, maybe a little arrow that gives access to the folder structure that all the crybabies love about WXP/7 - it might at least stop them from crying.
  • I disagree that touch users are left out. True, until now everything has been about M/K, however the black divider and lack of taskbar in tablet mode clearly indicate they are at least trying to listen to us touchscreen users
  • Awesome! Lovin that "dark mode"
  • I liking it too.
  • That one is "inspired" from Ubuntu with it's HUD (heads up display).
  • its nothing compare to actuall dark mode
  • BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thanks for the story Mauro.  This OS is going to be a flat out joy to use everyday.
  • They should just buy here maps. Integrate in cars, cab companies, and if they advertise and market here maps well with windows 10. Integration with all Microsoft products like hololens would be great
  • They should just buy here maps. Integrate in cars, cab companies, and if they advertise and market here maps well with windows 10. Integration with all Microsoft products like hololens would be great
  • They pretty much have to. Google and Apple know that, so the price is going to be high - not to mention Amazon, Blackbetty as a competitors who could actually want to own vs. just drive the price up.
  • Whoa-oh Black Betty, bam-ba-lam.
  • And while they are at it, make a Windows based car stereo. I have been dreaming of this since the failure of CS.
  • ME TOO. I want BING and Cortana with other Microaoft prods on my car navigation system, yesterday.
  • Whoa-oh Black Betty, bam-ba-lam.
  • I 100% agree. They should somehow integrate BING which i LOVE, in to it and rock the world:-)
  • At your desk. On your tablet, not so much...
  • Its getting there Tc. This is the first leak that Tablet Mode actually does something.
  • No problem. Thank you for the comment. I'm also looking forward to the release of Windows 10.
  • "Damn Son, where'd you find this?"
  • Lol kudos for the mixtape reference
  • I have this version on a virtual machine, great changes but so far I have found two problems wish are the start menu it some times doesn't work and when I pin to taskbar the image does not appear.
  • Did it run smooth?
  • Yes.
  • A lot of improvement bit by bit. I like where this is headed
  • I really like the job they do for PCs, and I fucking hate what they've done with the phone version.
  • The phone version is far of being "done".
  • The good news is, you are not required by law to own a Windows Phone. So you don't need to worry about it or talk about it anymore ever.
  • I'm excited for this, but 8.1 is so good, I can wait till is actually released.
  • I'd still like Tablet mode to be a tad more responsive on two-in-ones. Seems like I'm having to fight it on my Surface Pro. I get this is a preview, but it still feels a tad unnaural.
  • I've been using it since very first build and it's only getting better and better. Don't like this new recycle bin icon though :-)
  • Me neither :) but I have all custom icons anyway. Lookup a site called icon archive theres tons of icons on it, just download the ones you like as .ICO files. My favorite are the simplistic black ones, the guy who made them has a black icon for everything.
  • Still the Start button flag icon is too small. Looks like Microsoft made it smaller in recent builds unnecessarily. It was the perfect size before and now it's just a tiny flag that doesn't fit well with the rest of the icons in the taskbar area including Cortana
  • Yeah, too small, and not white, kinda grey color, I liked 8.1's logo
  • I feel like it should be something in between. Just a tad bigger than it is now, but not as big as it was.
  • I think they want to replace it with a wireframe icon like the new taskview icon and all other new ones, but that is just me speculating.
  • Yes offcourse we like.. (:
  • Love the dark mode. I hope it transfers over to all apps. Office 2016 has a dark grey, but for me this still seems too light. Would love to see a theme like visual studio has when you turn it to dark.
  • Totally agree. Would love to see a really dark slate theme for explorer too. Easier on the eyes on long shifts
  • That would be awesome!
  • Yeah, but as you say a "real" dark theme would be awesome. With black background to at least settings, outlook apps, office, Spartan well to pretty much all Microsoft apps including the msn apps and Cortana. And the cream for the mashed potatoes so to say, would be if the dark theme made file explorer and right-click-menus black as well. And last but not least utilizing the accent color throughout the OS and at least for native apps. Then I would be quiet happy.
  • Anywho, The dark theme and new personalization options look amazing!
  • Looks really good actually. I just hope in the end:
    -More Start Menu/Screen Personalization
    -More homogeneous design across everything in between Classic and Modern UI
    -Also, the same options and homogeneous design across Desktop, Tablet and Phone in Windows 10, not just the name. And overall, they are doing a great job!
  • this.
  • Your name is new Mauro ;) Welcome :D
  • Thank you.
  • Continuum already has the bar in-between snapped apps in the current build :)
  • And I have found it just hangs around in the middle of the screen when closing the apps on each side ;) Little amusing bug. I'm sure they'll squash that one. 
  • The new recycle bin is ugly! They need to do a system overhaul on the icons. My coconut ice cream starts foaming when it gets to warm. Thanks Microsoft! *giggles and rolls eyes*
  • Easily solved, first thing I do is remove the recycle bin. Its ugly in any form, just clutter on the screen to me. Live Tiles is enough. Just type recy and the recycle bin will appear, easy!
  • Exactly! I don't know why people really worry about such a small thing. It's not like it's something that anyone stares at all day. And if they do, their manager might need to look for a new employee. Lol.
  • I like it. Retro sleek
  • Me too shaym4n. I was just being sarcastic. :-) I actually like both the old new one and the new new one.
  • I hope the start menu in Win10 for Phones will also include putting tiles in nameable sections. 
  • Do they not have the capability to offer both Groups and Live Folders across both phone and PC? The sales pitch of "one OS" really rings hollow when they can't even get this basic consistency across their tablets and phones. On one you can only group the apps and on the other you can only put the apps in folders. Why can't they do both, is it really that hard to figure this stuff out?
  • They need live folders on the PC version. Windows phone start screen is way better than PC start screen.
  • I am not feeling the start menu. Well I can always expand it to a start screen.
  • Yeah. Thankfully they are giving us lots of options. Slowly but surely.
  • Some peeps don't feel the start screen, so yeah this is the best way to go for MS
  • They need to make it possible to boot into the Start menu. It is really dumb to boot up a tablet and have it take you to an empty desktop. Need to make a lot of improvements to get Windows 10 up to par with Windows 8.1.
  • Well they have a selection box greyed out for that in the taskbar properties.  I'm guessing they will either make that switch by default when you go between modes, or they just want to force you to press the Wndows key every time you boot up so you don't forget who owns you.
  • Looking good. I really want tabbed File Explorer! Never thought of this until I used it in Mac OS. Really helps when you have to work a lot with files and multiple file locations.
  • Yep that would be awesome! A more powerful explorer would be a real time saver. Imagine being able to save file locations as a set, and then being able to save that set. Open into tabs etc, would be brilliant
  • 100% agree. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I believe there are programs that let you have an explorer with tabs. You aren't locked into Windows Explorer.
  • the windows uservoice page! vote away man, that is how they will hear your voice, also look at some of the examples given from other users, looks great.
  • Hmm, I'm  fine with just openning multiple file explorer windows if I need to deal with multiple locations. Not saying tabs are bad or wrong, just saying there are other opinions.
  • Okay, if they make it stable, I'd say we should get a new build soon :)
  • Mauro, can you confirm that the scaling issues are gone in this build?
  • Shaping up pretty good!!  
  • WOW
  • where do i download this latest update?? im stuck on build 9926.  it wont auto update
  • you can get 10049 as a iso file, you will most likely have to do a fresh install, i know i did.
  • @misterff1, I have this build, and there are still some scaling issues. I have the Samsung Ativ 9 Plus, and with the resolution at max, different apps scale differently from one another. Outside of that, though, the build is excellent.
  • One thing I don't get is why the icons disappear from the taskbar when using a touch app in tablet mode. Makes it hard to see what's open, yeah?
  • Try using this dumb cluttered taskbar on an 8" tablet in portrait view and then you'll understand.
  • What I don't get is why the task bar doesn't just disappear in tablet mode instead. What's the use of just dropping the icons.
  • That taskbar is like the Android/iOS status bar
  • Okay, a step into the right direction. A couple of points remaining: no taskbar in tablet mode (make it at least hide), app list should be like 8.1 over the whole start menu estate, tiles to the desktop and forget about start-menu semitransparency under NUI conditions, paper bin to the taskbar, finally: why are the taskbar functions (small view etc) not working under tiles? Hope, at build we learn something about background task restrictions and avoiding the business app deployment mess.
  • Also, add the old "switch apps" gesture back to the Task View gesture.
  • Awww, forgot... I want to have control on the tile backcolor, it was making 8.1 an hodgepodge of colors, a toy from day one ... accent color, please.
  • It will be great to be able to change the gray color! These folder icons still look so ugly, though. 
  • Hopfeully the next build will be the one which finally shows the OS as a whole coming together. Hopefully the tablet side will get smoothed out in the next build and it appears that may be the case. The next build can't come soon enough for hybrid users.
  • Anyone any idea where I can find the wallpapers that we can see in the pictures?
  • Any ideas when this build will become available via Fast Insider
  • Im running build 10051 and my Start menu doesn't work anymore, it doesn't pop up when I click on it so I can't access any of my apps. Also when I click on the Cortana icon the same problem. I don't know what's causing that or how to fix it. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or know how to fix it?
  • The problem may be caused by a store app that is not properly installed. Try this: 1. Press Shift+Alt+Printscreen on the keyboard, this will allow you to enter High Contrast mode 2. Open the start menu in this mode and remove the offending app 3. Press the same keyboard combination to return to normal view 4. The start menu should now work properly This worked for me. Solution was from a Chinese guy on the website Good luck.
  • Additional info: it's the left sided Shift+Alt
  • Ok I will try this as soon as I get home. Thanks for the tip!
  • Welcome.
  • MS going in the right direction. Folders within start menu and more touch friendly features will be nice. can't wait to see the final product in the next few months. Looks a lot more polished than phones preview
  • what do some of you guys mean by folders within start menu? currently if you click on the All Apps button if you scroll down to Windows Accessories that is a folder that drops down to show other apps within that? is it that?
  • No, they are talking about the way tiles work on Windows Phone. You can drag a tile on top of another and it makes a tile with the othr two inside it. It is much like folders on iOS or Android, but in WP they are still live. You can see individual badges or information and it cycles through the tiles within a folder. It really is a very well done implementation of folders on a phone platform. It would be a great feature for Win 10. It would have been a better feature for Win 8 when the Start Screen could be up all the time on a tablet like the Surface, while you worked on a big monitor connected to it. Live Tiles on the Start Menu, which only appears when you need it to launch something is a little wasted.
  • So aero/transparency got the most number of votes in MS suggestion website and it still hasn't Been incorporated?
  • Aero is gone, dead, never coming back, its a resource whore, unfriendly for batteries, and generally outdated in looks.
  • To you perhaps.
  • If being a resource whore, unfriendly for batteries, and outdated were a reason to get rid of something, there would be no Chrome.
  • If everyone thought like you then we'd never of gotten past the stone age.
  • I thought we did pretty well in the stone age. We gave you tools, fire, bows and arrows, spears, some agriculture.
  • That is so of topic or hurts....
  • Amazing
  • I see it all coming together now! It all makes perfect sense :)
  • Pretty pics but we all know Windows 10 has been heavy with bugs.
  • And this is why we terms like Alpha, Technical Preview and Beta.
  • Yes, very buggy but, so far looking good.
  • Absolutely
  • I like what Microsoft Programmers are setting into motion but will Windows 10 be released to market (RTM() in time for Microsoft's OEM partners to have it on devices they want to sell to 2015 back to school shoppers. DEll, HP Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba and other Microsoft OEM partners no doubt have new devices ready load windows 10 on so they can sell it to the back to school buyers.and make some MONEY $$$. Microsoft has just 2 and a half to 3 months to have a Stable Windows 10 ready to RTM so it's OEM partners can have it on devices ready for sale i september 2015. Folks the race is on can Microsoft make it to the finish line TADA !
  • do you recommend downloading this build on my primary pc which is surface pro 3 ?
  • No.
  • Hell No.
  • Not yet, it's nice but, as a primary PC, there is still crashes and some native 8.1 apps dont run right in it...  
  • Make phone calls? How?
  • Through the phone?
  • for tablets/laptops that take sim card(3G/4G enabled)
  • I have a SIM in my Lumia 2520. Wife had one in iPads. That doesn't allow them to make 'phone calls'. It is possible to access a companion phone and use it's voice/text features from a laptop/desktop. iOS and Android can do that given the right circumstances. I'm hoping that is what this implies.
  • Aside from a few neat things it just seems like a clunkier and more complicated version of 8.1. The dated hamburger menus don't help things either.
  • Windows 10 looks very nice. Waiting for it to release in India....
  • I can't even update to build 10049 from10041 and they are already talking about build10056
  • ​Its features are increasingly being perfect​... ​i love that... ​Gud job... ​Let's continue to increase!!! ​ ​
  • Is it me or has Microsoft messed up the UI aesthetically? It's a hotchpotch of Windows 8.1 and aesthetically incompatible design choices and motifs. The whole thing is absolutely incongruous.
  • Ummmm they have released 1 update(several weeks after they would release more faster), that's hardly keeping promises. Now, having said that, the WP10 phone build yesterday should not have been released unless they were trying to impart some kind of lesson by releasing a super buggy build on people that don't understand what they got themselves into.
  • Be careful what you wish for? ;)
  • I love it overall, only thing that's bothering me is the Traditional file explorer. Esp. the expanded menu in the top looks not good, the icons and the UI doesn't match at all. I want this look like the New Settings app with Modern UI. The icons, selection.. everything in the settings menu is awesome and if file explorer follows the same way, it will be another feather in the cap :)
  • I agree with you! Something like that concept would be more consitent with the rest of the OS and be more touch friendly too
  • I wonder if Microsoft will have time to put a Windows stable in the time promised, because installed the trial version on my phone and it's too bad, slow and many applications do not open ...
  • Clearly the phone and desktop builds are different places in developement. You certainly can see commonalities and cross use of concepts. Just look at the settings, and apps lists, mail and calendar apps, etc. I can't see them realeasing at the same time at this point, and I don't think they promised them together.
  • And Microsoft is a very large company, they have different teams working on Phone and PC with a common merge at some parts to keep everything in sync.
  • I don't like where the new power button is, I am going to have issues with that.
  • While all of these are excellent improvements to Windows 10, the most important update is not even mentioned. Has anybody looked at PowerShell in this build? 1. ctrl+r now gives you reverse searching in your history, just like in *nix
    2. Typing a misspelled command does not throw an exception, but rather does not execute it and gives you the option to re-type it (hard to explain).
    3. Command, switches, and parameters are all given different colors (again, need to see it). These are all I found so far but also PowerShell performance seems to be much better too. When I boot to Win8.1, it seems laggy, in Win10 on the same machine, it's much snappier.  
  • The first build in with Microsoft slightly shifts it's focus to tablets as well with some great improvements to the build...I guess Microsoft is finally getting It all right
  • Finally they added the resizable start menu back, which was present in very early build; the shut down button location change it great as well, never made much sense to have it on top. As for the recycle bin, just use the modern design from Windows 7, don't try to fix what's not broken. Now only if they finally added floating desktop tiles to compensate for gadgets in Windows 7, I would be completely satisfied, that is a must have for me, as I have my desktop and open windows set up in a way that on one side I have a row of live tiles always visible that update me with important stuff. As for the settings app that is still an incredible mess and just unworkable if you are used to the Win7 controll panel where you have a much more advanced seletion of options at your finger tips. Just leave us the control panel, and give the PC illiterates their dumbed down settings app.    
  • The recycle bin needs to vanish from the desktop to make tiles possible. Make it an app!
  • Why does the shutdown button make sense where it is now? It never made sense to have to Start to Shut Down. For a function that many people never use, and most do but once a day, why does it need to be so instantly, and accidentaly, accesible.
  • It looks very similar to the newly released Windows Phone 10 TP.
  • Still need improvements regarding the folder icons
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    Reply Muhammad Talha Zaroon Window 10 Build 10056 ( PRO + Enterprise Technical Preview for x64 with Language Pack) in Direct links + Torrent free 32 bit is not yet released
  • Still looks like garbage.  All that stupid crud on the left side of the Start Screen is still there, and so is that idiotic Task bar.
  • In touch mode task bar icons will disappear now and taskbar becomes transparent . I agree with the app list on the left which needs to disappear as well in touch mode. MS is listening so keep giving feedback
  • An improvement for touch users!
  • Everything seems perfect to me, the new bin, we must concentrate more on the usability than the looks, quicker excess to whatever you are looking for. Some people are very good at complaining. For us who use it at work, I would be looking on how the changes would affect me when I am using it to do my daily work at work.
    Most people at work in offices use mouse and keyboard.
  • I can tell you that the start menu app list is plain horrible in desktop and tablet mode.
  • I don’t see the added value of having the left column of the start menu present during tablet mode. It is a similar to what the the calendar box in the taskbar is. It is redundant. There’s already a live tile to navigate to. If in tablet mode the pinned tiles disappear/hide, I think the same thing should happen to the left menu content. It is fine if the the all app buttons stays where it si.And I would prefer there be a third column of live tiles to fill up the empty space. There woul otherwise be too much empty space to the left and right of the two live tile columns, based on the image I see in this article. Then it would be an okay startscreen for tablet mode. I can already see that the location change of the power button is going to be problem. It is too close to the all apps button and to the scrolling apps list. I think there are going to be button pressing errors between the scrolling app list, the power button and the taskbar. They are just too close too each other and the power button, being relatively small is not going to help with that. Yes it will be familiar to the windows XP/7 users because of location and yes the design may look clean, but it does not mean it is functionally sound and good by design. My advice would be to put it in the action center. I consider the power button a toggle (on/off). Would be fitting to make it a toggle (like in windows 8). I like the the new divider. I hope this also means that the user can choose the size of the divider (30-70, 2-80,60-50,50-50). Because currently only a 50-50 division is possible, whilst in windows 8 you could choose a richer array of splitscreen size. Also can someone who has 10056 check if portratit mode is working right? The divider experience on a surface pro in portrait orientation is very funky at best and it has a vertical divicer as well, which makes the apps in portrait mode virually useless when using splitscreen. Perhaps the choice of having a horizontal divider would be helpful (hint!) I like it that the pinned apps disappear in tablet mode. I wish the taskbar would hide completely in tablet mode. It has no added value in tablet mode, and it looks odd, as if a portion of the app is cut off at the bottom of the screen. It looks out of balance, as if the screen was moved upwards and you are looking at a partially full screen operating system, but skewed at the bottom. Very strange. I still can not get used to it. I can’t wait for Cortana? When will be it be available for the region of the Netherlands? When will the Netherlands get the Dutch language pack for text and speech with Cortana? File explorer is too refined and complex for use in tablet mode/toch. There should be a more basic version/app for tablet mode. New recyle bin looks nice Why a bigger search bar. Design. Or does it mean it’s getting big enough is a hidden surprise that we can use the stylus to be able to handwrite search queries? That would be AWESOME! Curious to experience how the new calendar and email app will work. I hope the new weather app adds more international weather data sources. Any new layout is okay, but I already liked the windows 8 version. With weather app the data sources experience will be the most important feature to experience in windows 10.
  • The search box isn't actually any bigger. The taskbar seems to have been reduced by a few pixels so that it's now the same height as the search bar.
  • to bad  via audio chipsets  music, games and videos slowdown and distorted sound still present on this build
  • And what about the technical preview users? Can we upgrade for the final version for free? And will it be considered as a legit version or as a "pirated" version, if you know what I mean?
  • Yes from what I have read
  • Bravo Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!
  • I wish the Live Tiles are transclusent because the solid colors look blunt, the look will be cool with the background and even the right-click Menu. The Icons don't look attractive, the colour of the folders is not very bad, they need to check their pallete.        
  • That's true hey! The tiles look dull
  • It looks user friendly when the entire OS is fully functional
  • On a comment replied to my own comments. I wanted to quickly touch base on the touch feature. The phone and the PC settings panel be so completely similar that anyone used to the touch, environmental a photo find PCs environment quite simple. I've been using the new settings panel on surface for awhile now and then streamlining it in this fashion only makes it more simple. The only thing that I wish they would do is put some headers like the old settings panel in Windows Phone in the control panel in windows use to have to tell you what components are in each of the major categories. I mean personalisation that simple, but this if there's a lot there. And lastly and this is just a guess not a hunch. I don't have any inside info. So let me quantify that just a hunch I would expect that build 10056 for the PC will be alive. Del for us soon ill a reason. I say that is Microsoft seems to be looking to make everything una fide and what better way than complete unification even across build numbers up and you can see in the settings panel, but that's true of what's current in the 10056 existing Windows Phone bild. The question that I would have. Is where is Xbox build 10056?
  • Awesome
  • I love the Windows 95 theme ^_^
  • The changes look great.
  • Horrible hamburger buttons everywhere... grrrrrrrrrr ¬¬ Linux... here we go
  • Maybe just quit calling it the Hamburger button. Looks more like three lines of 1 point text to me, like a table of contents, or menu. It is an indicator of more. Makes as much sense to me as ... which is harder to see. If what icon they used to indicate there is more stuff you can do if you push it were the only issue I had with Win 10, I'd be ecstatic. Same goes for the trash can. I'll bet you can change it, just as you can today, if it really bothers you. I'm just happy they are doing the environmentally responsible thing and recycling the bits you throw in there.
  • Weather app looks like just an app version of the website, which is nice. 
  • This weather app is not new. Called MSN weather and I am currently using it on my windows phone, tablet and laptop. They all run 8.1. Don't notice it anywhere? That is because it's a modern style app (live tile on the start screen) Don't know how to be any cearer then that.
  • So now that it's possible to resize the Start menu again, if you unpin all the tiles will it resize to a small menu like it did in build 9879 & earlier? I hope so since there are quite a few people I know who want Windows 10 without the tiles on the menu, and unpining them on current builds just leaves a large empty space there. Also, I love how the Action Center matches the theme now, I like having dark UI elements and the bright white Action Center really drove me nuts. I hope Cortana will get this as well since it's bright white and it's annoying.
  • Also, bring back Jump Lists in the Start Menu, please! They were great in the early builds of Windows 10 and in Windows 7, so why remove them?
  • Looks a lot better but I guess the ugly toggle buttons are here to stay :( I really don't understand what they are thinking with this, they are just hideous.
  • I like what i see in this build but donot get your hopes up for us Windows 10 tech preview users to get to test it.  Windows tech Preview users should get evaluation copy build 10060 or later because we are the ones who can give Microsoft good feedback before they RTM Windows 10 to their Microsoft OEM partners to test on the devices they have already designed to be on the back to school shoppers models they want make money on selling $$$. 2015 summer begins June 21 and ends September 23rd. Microsoft OEM partners want Windows 10 to RTM as early as possiable probably by July 1st 2015 so they can test it and work out Windows 10 equipment driver issue and ect on their 2015 back to school sale$ devices.  The may and June tech Preview builds  us Windows 10 tech prview users should get should be so close to what Microsoft will RTM (Release to Market) to it's OEM partners that for all intent and purposes we will get to test the REAL MCCOY. Folks the June 2015 new-Tech preview Evauation copy build we get may be the last one us tech Windows 10 Preview users can use and get Microsoft to change things before Windows 10 is on devices put up for sale in the market place. I think things are going to get super serious starting with the release of the MAY Windows 10 Tech preview evaluation test build. I hope that Microsoft use's the input us Windows 10 Tech preview users have given them and will continue to give them up until Windows 10's RTM to it's OEM parntners  ACER,  ASUS, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, HP and ect 
  • Nice, looks like some nice changes, hope they adresseds some stabilty issues (still get an app crashing here and there for No reason). When do we offically get it ? I am GLAD they changed the childs cartoon looking ICON for the Reycle bin, I hope they do something with the ICONs in Explorer. Why not use real images? have some depth to it and update for a modern look. It really does look like a child's toy with these ICONS.
  • and they should make the WIndows 10 update free for XP users, Might as well clear out 1/2 of those left out XP boxes (I only use XP in VM for some apps that dont run in 7 or 8)
  • Would be great if someone found a fix for the Mall Preview app not showing any mail content 'cause that's the only thing not really working stable for me in this build :( Running smoothly other than that.
  • A new Solitaire app? Maybe this one won't try to put my computer on fire.
  • The start menu still sucks. I still haven't seen something that will give me the option to go back to the 8.1 way of working on a tablet. I love the "All Apps" on my tablet. Now, on a 10" or smaller, it's hit and miss with the power button. Who came up with the idea to put those two so close together? %-)
  • What am I missing? Is 10056 out on fast update? 
  • What do u mean by "new weatherr app"? This weather application is called MSN weather (formailly bing weather) and has been available since Windows 8.0 released over 2 years ago. Also everyone, the mail and calendar applications are available in Win 10 build 10051. They're not new in 100056. U can find the information on
  • Please tell me they have fixed the VPN. I can't aet up TAP adaptors with my VPN software OR use windows in-built (not working) version.
  • All this talk of how pretty or not pretty the Recycle Bin is and nobody questions why Microsoft hasn't fixed the Recycle Bin since they broke it with Windows 7?  I don't care if it's a 2D, black and white picture of a dog turd, I want to know how much space is being used by the recycle bin.
  • Windows build 10056:  Is this where I can change the fonts to my liking and the colours?