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Windows 10 build 10108 includes some interesting UI changes

It's been an interesting past few weeks for Windows Insiders as we have seen a lot of changes and improvements coming to Windows 10. We have seen changes from various leak version of the operating system and from official builds, such as the case of Windows 10 build 10074, which included the new blur effect in the Start menu and new UI elements for Cortana. We even got a sneak peek of what is come thanks to Microsoft's Joe Belfiore demo during the Build conference.

Today is a new day and even though Microsoft hasn't released a new version of Windows 10 and technically there is not a new leak floating around the web. Apparently there a few people that managed to get their hands on Windows 10 build 10108 (which is a partner build from winmain_prs channel) but it's unlikely that this build will be available for Windows Insiders.

Windows 10 build 10108 doesn't include major changes, but there are a few new UI tweaks and improvements since the last public preview Microsoft released on April 29.


The first change can be found in the Settings app. In build 10108, Microsoft is centering all content on the main page, and now there is a default gray background color. Before, all the icons were centered, but they were vertically aligned to the top.

In addition, in the Settings app and through the operating system, the software maker is updating how the pill toggle buttons look. In this unreleased build version of Windows 10, users will notice that when switching an option to the On position the pill switch get a full background color using the Windows scheme color. Also, the element inside the switch is now small circle instead of a pill.

Start menu

The Start menu is not getting many improvements with this build, but users will notice an updated 3D animation for the Live Tiles. Some users already have this on clean installs of 10074, and it may be in A/B testing.

3D Builder app

In build 10108, Microsoft seems to have included the 3D Builder app, which is a Windows 8.1 app. However, it's not clear if this is going to be a permanent inclusion or indeed Windows 10 will be bundled with the app considering that not everyone will have a 3D printer when the operating system launches.

Another change that is worth pointing out is Microsoft is finally updating the right-click contextual menus. Previously, we have seen a white contextual in Windows 10, but up until now the new menu was limited to the taskbar. Starting in build 10108, the new white contextual menu also appears when right-clicking on the desktop, on File Explorer, and pretty much throughout the operating system.

It's worth noting that the new white menus are adaptable menus too. This feature means that when using touch and you press and hold to bring the contextual menu, items will appear more spaced out for better "touchability". Then when using a keyboard and mouse all the elements in the menu will look normal. (The image below is from Windows 10 build 10074)

It seems that the Network menu UI will start taking the dark theme in the same way as the Action Center, like we have seen in previous builds.

Wrapping things up

As we get closer to the end of the development cycle, we're going to start seeing less major changes appearing in the operating system and more fixes, refinements, and tweaks.

Microsoft plans to launch Windows 10 for desktop computer later this summer, and there is still a lot of things that need to get fixed to make the operating system stable. Also, the company has previously confirmed that many features won't make it at launch, so users can expect new features are coming to Windows 10 after the official release.

Source WinBeta (YouTube)

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • Fewer major changes is good. They already have enough bugs to work out, they don't need more.
  • Well its good to see W10 for desktop move on a brighter side .! Since m even gonna update my W8.1 laptop ! Soon would love to see more leaks and leaks for windowsphone too !! :)
  • They are actually starting to move to the dark side ;)
  • Microsoft can have a Dark Side too. :P :P (Tim Minchin- Dark Side)
  • Are you refering to the Windows 10 icons? Remember seeing those in DOS 3.1 which was a wonerful 16-bit operating system. Maybe Microsoft is feeling a little nostalgic.
  • File Explorer + Desktop is still in need of a major visual overhaul.  But that's just visual so it's not hard to update.  The bugs are obviously more important and will obviously be fixed.
  • not really sure what else they can do to the desktop really? lol I mean the taskbar is completely overhauled all that's left is the big space taken by your wallpaper? File explorer is the last major facelift the OS needs. The design concepts flying around the web are amazing. I wonder if Microsoft is scared to change too much cause of their strength in the business market.
  • THIS ^ !!!! File explorer is becoming now even more out of place. It needs be modernized(?) LOL
  • I really don't get why MS is copying Chrome with those context menus
  • huh? the context menus that have been there since before Google even existed lol all they literally did was change the background color, replace the arrows, and remove the graphical images.
  • That's exactly what I mean. They look very much like the ones in the Chrome browser.
  • Oh yeah i get you but i mean what else could they have possibly done? Lol context menus are universal. Maybe kept the divider lines?
  • You mean googles browser? The company implementing the material design into everything? The design based off of microsofts metro design? I wonder why they'd look similar....
  • This has nothing to do with material design. Those white context menus started in Chrome before Windows 8, if I'm not mistaken.
  • are you referring to the white context menus that have basically been the same thing since windows 3.1? or maybe even before? these context menus you are referring to originated with another OS entirely. they actually originated in either the Original mac os or Apple's Lisa. one thing for certain though is they did not start in Chrome.
  • Ohhh thank god!!! The pill looks sooo much better!!!!!
  • It really does. I even prefer this to the old square switches. Definitely the best looking option of the three we've had thus far!
  • Yes, definitely! This new design is fantastic!
  • Square was way much better ..or how can I say...Professional?
  • If you remember a while back, Apple also had square toggles and switched to round. Apparently there is data that rounded elements are easier for the eye to process. I don't know why round versus square would imply professional or unprofessional though.    
  • Huh, that page was an interesting read! I still don't like the circular portraits on Win10 though. I think I'm open to rounded corners though, now!
  • Agree, the new round switches remind me of '70s audio equipment for some reason. I rather like the boxy ones from win8, but maybe it is just me. Either way it is not a big deal.
  • @CaedenV: Yes, it is just you.
    Just kidding. Some people found the old rectangular switches better, but it's a question of taste. For me personally they were the single most ugly thing in Windows. So I'm happy with the round ones, although the new variant with the filled background looks a little iOS-y. ^.^
  • Square tiles with oval/round pill? I like the square switches on WP. It's all common design.
  • Same here. I'm glad they gave those ovals an update. They were hideous before. I still prefer the rectangular toggles but I'll still use the OS if they go with the pill + circle.
  • +10 for the new pill, it is much better now, although I still prefer the Windows 8 controls.
  • Actually these new toggles were present in Windows 7 as well. Not in the main UI but when a program forcefully changes the theme to Aero Basic, the WiFi switch changes to look like these new toggles. I couldn't get to reproduce this situation again though but was pleasantly surprised to see it.
  • So much better? It's the same wannabe iOS crap. A lot of Koolaid being passed around here.
  • That's neat. The whole OS should look a lot better with the UI tweaks.
  • noooo!! i liked the old pill in the toggle. the circle looks like they got inspiration from iOS.
    colour the background in ON position, no problem.
    but bring the pill back. looked so good!
  • +1
  • Welcome to the club. I like the current look to.
  • Microsoft seems to be going with a "round" theme design in Windows 10.  Notice the login screen your profile pictures in in a circle.  Also in installing updates, the percentage complete indicator is now a circle.  Makes sense that other aspects of Windows 10 will be circular as well.  Think of it as going from a square window [anchored building] to a circular portal [mobile ship]; a "portal" to a whole new Microsoft that is "mobile".
  • So deep
  • Thanks! I thought it clever. lol
  • Pc looking great.... Phone still in limbo.... Cmon Gabe where is the TP for 930? Lier
  • +930
  • Phone looks awesome. Here:
  • App switcher/Task View :o
  • I spoke to a MS employee last week. He's under the impression there may not be another phone build till June after the missed April deadline.  Probably to focus more resources on the desktop version as it nears release.
  • Sadly, those toggle switches are still rounded and ugly :(
  • The ovals were the ugliest, though.
  • +930
  • So hungry for more regular W10 phone builds....
  • Should be coming very soon today unless they yet again missed a deadline!
  • There was never a promise for a build this week or even this month yet!
  • Except they promised new office apps...which require a new store which requires a new build for phone
  • Exactly.
  • Actually, they did say there may be a new build this coming week. Meaning this week.
  • "early next week" to quote the Microsoft person from Build that said so last week. So Today is the most optimum time to unleash the floodgates
  • I suspect that we will see more phone focus towards the end of next month as more win10 desktop features are completed and team members can move to the phone side. We may get one between now and then, but you may have a bit of a wait before getting regular and larger updates.
  • If you're hungry, the new Windows has plenty of hamburgers for you to eat :D
  • @TheFerrango:
    Dat statement, man. Very humor, much bad taste.
  • New tile animations ;) are these coming to WP?
  • I really want those bricks on my phone
  • That would be horrible.
  • They should make 3D optional. Vote for it in the feedback app.
  • I have the 3D tiles. And I don't like it at all! The OS is looking really good now, but those 3D animations needs to go!
  • Agreed, my build has the 3d animation and it really does not blend with the whole 'flat UI' thing that win10 brings to the table.
  • I really like the UI as it's coming together now, but agree the 3D rotation is horrible. These are live tiles, not blocks
  • I assume Builder is the same Universal app shown in the initial Hololens demo?
  • Just like the direction Windows 10 is going.
  • Not sure I like settings being centered in the middle of the screen, but whatever. What Microsoft really needs to do, and what I want them to do, is to make the desktop and file explorer much more friendly with touch, without actually destroying mouse and keyboard use. The touch points are still too small in many places. The system info icons are too small and too close together. Space them out just a bit and make them a touch bigger.
  • I'd still prefer a modern version of it. It's the only part of OS which looks so old and outdated.
  • The UI is really starting to come together.
  • Good improvement. Since build 10074, I have been using Winows 10 as my daily OS than my Windows 8.1 (I have dual boot) Since build 10074, I have less crash and most importantly I can now watch videos on a browser.
  • Bhaha. They're talking about this now. Nice one, genius.
  • The new animations in 10074 looks good.
  • I don't like the 3D tile flip though. They're live tiles, not live bricks. :(
  • Tablet mode is still crippled... :(
  • Those heels. LOL at the name as well. Comically awesome.
  • The video isn't available in France, why ? :)
  • I really like the new toggle. The circle looks much better than the pill. 
  • Yup smooth much better than the square toggles from wp8.
  • Yay, better toggles finally!! Even if they are just copycats from the iOS, doesnt matter. I like it much better than the previous ones.
  • I like the old pill
  • This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the old pill: the story ends, you wake up at your computer and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the new pill: you stay in Windowsland and I show you how deep the Insider code goes. Microsoft - Windows 10
  • So much yes
  • +1520
  • Not bad, but it looks like I'll have to wait until the final release.   When I updated my laptop my Synaptic touchpad stopped working intermittently for as long as a minute and the keyboard was unresponsive randomly after reboot.   It's coming along nicely but those issues will have to be fixed before I'm back.   I also like how they will be concentrating on bug fixes now and do a rolling release for features. It's 2015. We don't need "feature freeze" anymore. Everyone will just download the latest features anyway.
  • I had to uninstall Synaptic drivers (using a bt mouse) to get my laptop working. Windows just crashed everytime I touched the pad and gave blue screen. But it started out with freezes.
    Just a heads up.
  • I had so many issues with my touch-pad moving from 8 to 8.1, and from 8.1 to my first build of 10 (Jan preview I think). Basically had to keep uninstalling and reinstalling it until it took. Still has had occasional wake from sleep initialization at times though. Be sure to mention this in the feedback app so they know to look for it.
  • I put both keyboard and touchpad issues in the feedback app that pops up asking why you are rolling back to the previous version of Windows. I found feedbacks mentioning the touchpad problems with over 700 upvotes so I'm sure they know about it.
  • I hate those on off button :(
  • more dark theme its really need
  • Mmm. I've grown acustomed to having it on the phone that I'd like the option of it on PC...
  • I wish they would add color to the app headers. Makes it easier focus on what windows are open. As it is now with the drab lifeless grey, everything just sort of melds together when you have multiple apps open.
  • Not a bad idea actually. The accent colour could stand to be featured a bit more.
  • The 3D flipping tiles look so cheap compared to the ones on phone.  I think the ones on the phone look more fluid and have a nice little bounce to it to make it look like those train signs that flip (hence metro).   I have a feeling though the 3D tiles are related to future interactive tile functionality, but I still think they can make it look more polished than that.
  • I completely agree with you
  • The sliding card look of the tiles on the phone are nicer, I agree.
  • Also, 'SETTINGS' is in capital letters.
  • You will drive yourself nuts if you pay so much attention to detail and expect consistency in Microsoft Products. Believe me, it was hard for me to get used to it too. Now, I am impervious.
  • I really prefer the settings menu in windows 8.1 much more n this seems like shit to me :/
  • What's shit about it?
    It's trying to make all that empty white space seem sensible (i.e. intentional rather than making it look like a compromise).
    It's quite good (for me) and even if I wanted to scale it bad, I wouldn't call it "shit"
  • Those toggles are beyond ugly. They aren't smooth. The transition from the straight middle part to where it starts going into a half circle on both ends has a sharp turn. Really not smooth and done by a baby in PhotoShop.
  • T4RDIS
  • Love the new toggles.
  • The control panel looks ugly and empty. Fill up all the white space with 'most used settings'.
  • Hehe. I am always excited seeing all this and then I suddenly remember that I'm stuck on W8 as it wouldn't update to W8.1 due to a Windows Update! :'(
  • Why is the Store Tile sooo big compared to the other tiles/icons ?! 
  • It's a beta app. It WILL get smaller. Patience.
  • I noticed that too and it "may" get smaller.
  • They need to bring back theme colors to the cortana bar.  I liked the way that it looked.
  • Settings menu at the top looks an awful lot like OSX.  I;m not saying I like it or not.  I'm just saying that was the first thing I thought of when I saw it.  
  • Aside from the search being in the top right, I'm not seeing it. I even pulled up System Preferences to check, and still not seeing it.
  • Freaked me out... I've been using that desktop image for years.
  • Let's just hope that the phone version will be equally good, cause this looks LOVELY!
  • I'm using this 3D effect in tiles in my 10074 build. And I kind off like it.
  • Those are some sexy changes. Sexy, I tell ya!
  • Greys are sexy?
  • Grey's the new sexy.  
  • Hey, You can't use SKY in name of your network. Sky News via EU. TARDIS is good though. Hope BBC wont sue you.
  • Those who say they like the new toggle, I mean, like S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y ?? :(
  • The old toggles did look better. I don't know why they are mixing squares and circles everywhere in Windows 10.   Aw.. you're the same 16 year old dude. Chill!
  • And you're the one who can cause billions of dollars loss to MSFT. :D
  • Once became a kind of fan of Microsoft, so I bought Windows 8 (upgraded to 8.1), Office 2010 (upgraded to 2013), Nokia Lumia 920. Now, after three years I am so disappointed that I do not even care to install Windows 10 on either PC or Phone. I say this because years ago I used to try all the Developer and Consumer Previews of the Windows OS. Only a loss for Microsoft.
  • Eh?
  • Now, being the immature 16 year old that you are, next time try to type in something that makes some sense. You can do it! Trust me.
  • Come on, man. I rofl-ed on the 'Only a loss for Microsoft' :D Go whine somewhere else. :P
  • So what are you moving to then.
  • I never said I am leaving the platform. Just not excited about any more changes. But then, Windows has always been the same old crap since the beginning. Actually, I have been using it since 1998 release.
  • Medal of stupidness... Seriously after seeing all this great stuff in Windowscentral... Well it's actually your loss.
  • And this website is full of morons now. It won't be my loss - consumer is NEVER AT LOSS. Learn it.
  • Happy OSX or Ubuntu or wait lemme guess, android? :D not your loss. I can see that. ;)
  • This looks modern & clean. Good thing they're finally make Windows work with Touch and mouse/keyboard. This is reminds me about Vista and Windows 7. Its quite same situation with 8 & 10. They had vision and good idea in W8 but now in W10 they made it work like they visualized it when they were making W8.
  • Rectangle toggles now! It is our human right -join me , comrades, in demanding what is the obvious truth!
  • I'm with you bro, vote for it here :)
  • Yes brother. We will demolish the empire. :D     /s
  • Oh what happened to all the new windows sounds?? I thought that was supposed to be quite a few, and I checked, and for some reason only see 2 or so sounds, and no log-on or log-off sounds?
  • Whoa! A lot of people do not like the rounded toggle switch. The older one looked better IMO. But this does not look that bad either.
  • Settings looks better. New "pill toggle" (haha fnny name) is even better. 3D tiles, interesting change. GO MICROSOFT, GO! :D
  • Win 10 running on a TARDIS !
  • They're going to fix the Windows 10 store app icon right...... Why is it so big?
  • Do I see a Start Screen without a start menu, oh bliss :)
  • I think Microsoft it's patching the tablet side of things and polishing desktops. As I experience windows 10 insiders preview now, it's still far from finished. I agree we will only see minor improvements to launch. But on Microsoft community there is a big discussion going on that tablet mode is not adequately ready and a good experience. I think we're still going to see a major change in a windows 10.1 update. Windows 10.9 wil be a marketing strategy to get most users over. Following that then there will me more people getting used to the new windows 10 features and increase the development of optimizing windows 10 for consumers and improve tablet mode. My experience is that the navigation compromises are quite different from windows 8 on a tablet de vice. Windows 10 is not good for tablets and x surface tablet experiences
  • Hope The desktop menus get linked in design with the start menu one's. It would be nice see a dark theme on those too!
  • Praise the heavens! Those "pill" switches were an eyesore; these new circular switches and the dynamic appearance when in ON mode are far more balanced and aesthetically appealing. Looks like designers are being let into the Windows 10 development process...very nice to see these small improvements shape up Windows 10. Keep articles like this coming!
  • I like it a lot, except (once again) for the windows explorer and the icons. I see many people here complain about the same thing, isn't any way we can vote for a change in these things?
  • Finally they're updating the WIndows 8 context menus, I've always thought they were ugly flattened versions of the nice WIndows Vista/7 context menus, so it's nbice to see they're updating them with a more modern look to match the rest of the OS. Also Microsoft, please bring back a startup sound. Call me old school but I've always lkiked the WIndows startup sounds in older versions.
  • The new pills are UGLY. Bring back the old pills. I mean, the older new pills. You get it, right?
  • Not being able to save the One Drive cache to an SD card stinks and needs to be corrected right away.  Those of us with 8-inch tablets don't have a butt load of storage to spare on the C: drive.
  • Tablet Mode still not good enough for Surfaces (Build 10074 and 10108). Vote HERE if you want to improve it too.