Windows 10 build 10123 screenshots unveils new improvements on Edge, Cortana, and backup

While we have recently seen new changes from Windows 10 via an unreleased preview meant for partners, today the Chinese website ITHome has posted several screenshots of Windows 10 build 10123. The new build, which is not a public release, brings a number of changes that we haven't seen before, such as new feature in Microsoft Edge, improvements on Cortana's UI, and the return of the "Backup and Restore" feature – something that many users coming from Windows 7 will really appreciate.

ITHome has been reliable on uncovering information about Windows 10 in the past, and according to them the new screenshots have been taken from Chinese version Windows 10 build 10123.


In Windows 10 build 10123, Cortana shows new changes in its user-interface. Now, the digital assistant appears to include a new dark theme. You can see the new theme expands to the main UI and when accessing the Settings page, though search results continue to appear with a white background. Also, Microsoft seems to be adding a new feedback button, right below the settings button, in the main menu.

It's worth pointing out that we have seen similar changes in Windows 10 build 10110. Also note that the face of Cortana you see in the above screenshot is only for the Chinese version of the operating system.

Microsoft Edge

Even though Microsoft has already unveiled the real name of its web browser, in build 10123 the company continues to refer the browser as "Project Spartan". However, the software gets a big version number jump to 13.10123.0.0. (To compare, the version number of Microsoft Edge in build 10074 is 0.11.10074.0.)

One new feature found in this build is the addition of InPrivate browsing mode, which as many of you know is a feature that allows users to browse the internet without leaving any trace of activity on your computer.

Windows 10 build 10123 adds new options to configure Microsoft Edge's "New Tab". In future updates users will be able to choose what content to appear when the start a new tab, currently there are three options: "Top sites and suggested content", "Top sites", or "A blank page".

Another addition to the Internet Explorer replacement from Microsoft is the ability to enable and disable auto fill forms and passwords.


While it is known that Microsoft will eventually replace Control Panel in favor of the new Settings app, in build 10123, we can now see that the software giant is working to bring back the familiar "Backup and Restore" functionality found in Windows 7. However, it's unclear what's the future of this backup tool.

Wrapping things up

Although, these are not significant changes, they are welcome improvements that continue giving us a glimpse of what we might be seeing in future public builds.

As we get closer to Windows 10 RTM, we will start seeing Microsoft focusing more on fixing bugs and making sure that the operating system becomes stable enough for the summer launch, rather than seeing new features.

Don't forget to let us know what you think about the new changes in the comments below.

Source ITHome; via Neowin

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • The power button is back at the top, I hope it stays there.
  • What? Where?
  • Where is power button at top :-o
  • Shhh don't wake him, he's drunk
  • It isn't at the top
  • It's still at the bottom. LOL! I sent a feedback for that to put it on the top next to the User who are logged in.
  • Dude, its still at the bottom xD. Hashtag question mark
  • Its all Chinese to me
  • There first image show it at the top....
    Recycled image? :P
  • That's a picture from an old build. Notice it still has the fullscreen start menu option there too.
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
  • Cortana looking beautiful..
  • Why in the world does Cortana look so different for China? Like are animated circles against there culture?
  • There's an article on here somewhere about this exact thing. The ring normally seen is too impersonal for Chinese culture, so they got Xiao Na instead.
  • And I heard homo sapiens are scientifically attracted to circular/curvy shapes. Chinese culture is beyond me, no offence intended.
  • In fact you can choose between the circle and the face-looking Cortana.
  • Still only 3 wide blocks :/ I'm starting to worry.
  • Ya actually I loved how start menu expanded in build 9928...
  • I like the start screen from windows 8 and 8.1.  
  • You're not alone my friend.
  • Yes gonna miss it! Especially charms bar... All this used to look good .... I think black has never been good for MS ... black charm bar, black theme vista n black background on wp.... :-o
  • They should replace the taskbar into charms bar instead in the tablet mode
  • Same here. Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows Phone
  • Some cool changes, especially Edge's auto fill passwords and inPrivate browsing. But does Cortana actually have a face now?  
  • No. It's the Chinese version only.
  • wtf that cortana looks like an a Halo fan this is awful. Fuck
  • It's only for China.
  • You my good sir get dumbest comment of the year award. Back when Cortana was released, Microsoft explicitly pointed out later that the Chinese will get a different looking version of the personal assistant, including that "awful alien face" the few Chinese WP users adore. Now please read before you comment.
  • He has an iSomething as user name. He fits with those sheeps. Reading is overrated
  • Cool changes.
  • Damn, those toggles !!
  • They haven't fixed the black trails in flip animation.... Instead of 3d wp style was good
  • I can't believe I still can't pin things to the far left, only recent goes there. Ugh.
  • Its only available for tablets!
  • What is? The tablet mode will eventually have the left side under a hamburger menu, on a mouse machine, it's always there. Either way, no option to put what I want there, only recent.
  • Yes.. That's what I was saying no means to hide recent menu unless u have tablet
  • Porn modes back!
  • Yeah. I was about to say!
  • You can now see that Microsoft is trying to iron out the UI and make it more uniform and consistent. I like the way the UI is turning out, especially with the dark theme and the new toggles (the pill was better than a circle though)
  • Agree.... Circles everywhere.... :/ nd also new action + notification centre doesn't look good. It needs polishes!
  • This. Pill was better.
  • Dark theme :)
  • What's up with the new store tile? Is the logo inflated because the growing number of apps? I'm not an insider so I just realized it now.
  • The store beta has that large tile. The scaling should be fixed soon.
  • Cool!
  • No scaling issues. MS kept it that way. And yes, it'll be fine once w10 hits rtm.
  • Inflated due to apps... Haha
  • Lol :P hope it doesn't burst out
  • I have same issue(or it looks similar). Just unpinned Store beta and pinned it agan fixed this for me.
  • If this is stable enough, I will resume my Windows 10 sojourn from now. I had earlier used the very first preview. I was ok with it but for some reason, it corrupted my boot loader. Could restore it luckily. I am itching to give feedback and contribute. Phone however is a no go until its fully baked.
  • InPrivate Mode in Edge? Cue Porn music. LOL
  • Would be great at this point to see a build that actually addresses tablet mode usability, they've regressed incredibly in that area from Windows 8.
  • If you select to have a full screen start menu, it will look a lot like windows 8. Only difference is that there will be some shortcuts and the all apps list on the left side. The charms aren't there, but that really wasn't used much by most users. So, what exactly do feel has regressed? As long as the interface is responsive to touch and the elements are large enough for touch, I am fine with the tablet mode.
  • The ease at which you can access what you need from the charms bar and simple app switching as well as horizontal swiping of the start menu make it s better tablet experience on Windows 8. Windows 10 requires more hand movement and isn't as well organized for tablet use regardless of how big they make the touch points. If they addressed the app switching and auto hiding the task bar when in tablet mode it would make the experience much better, I could live with the rest.
  • The tablet mode I believe is now horizontal scrolling (not in the currently released build) I'm sure the gestures will be back. And the start bar is repurposed, it removes all apps from the bar and turns it into a status bar
  • I'd really like some kind of progress bar in Edge. It's very difficult to tell if its hanging or just loading a page very slow.   Also, another mobile build for phones and still no toggle for a bottom address bar in Edge. Why do I get the feeling that MS is going to ignore the will of the users on this request.
  • Why do I get a feeling that people are ignorant idiots? Give it Time, buddy.
  • Rumor has it that Windows 10 will RTM in late JULY 2015 and us Windows 10 Tech Preview users will get it to probably in August. Windows 10 tech preview users will test what most folks will get when they buy a new Windows10 desktop, Laptop,Tablet computers and wil get it's updates before the public does. So rejoice Windows 10 tech preveiw users by August you should be using a Market ready stable damn good operating sytem on your devices for FREE ! if you are willing to stay in the program to test and advise Microsoft about Windows 10's final market version and test the updates first that it will get. 
  • I still wouldn't use it as my daily driver due to the deeply embedded telemetry analytics.
  • >deeply embedded telemetry analytics. Tin foil hat time. Been using 10 as my daily driver this week, since the Office 16 Preview apps actually work. Edge still isn't there yet, but I am using IE. More than good enough for daily now.
  • I'm really not digging the greyness of Edge (or the name Edge, for that matter). I wish the UI was more like IE11.
  • Just for tablet mode
  • Is it still possible that they might update the file explorer with a new look? Since it seems like they're done adding big new features..
  • I guess Windows tech Preview Users will get good and bad builds up until Early August when  they are rewarded to test the RTM market ready stable version of Windows 10 and it's comong updates. does this excite you folks. Hmm if you are not in the program now get in it by June or mid July to be among the first to use a market ready version of Windows 10 for free, you might like it and reman a microsoft insider / testor.
  • +1 :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I was hoping that we would have had a new build to evaluate sometime this week.
  • I know! Me too! Oh well, the news day's not over just yet! :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Just bring back colored (and color shifting) title bars for app and explorer windows and we'll be all set! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • You