Windows 10 build 10123 screenshots unveils new improvements on Edge, Cortana, and backup

While we have recently seen new changes from Windows 10 via an unreleased preview meant for partners, today the Chinese website ITHome has posted several screenshots of Windows 10 build 10123. The new build, which is not a public release, brings a number of changes that we haven't seen before, such as new feature in Microsoft Edge, improvements on Cortana's UI, and the return of the "Backup and Restore" feature – something that many users coming from Windows 7 will really appreciate.

ITHome has been reliable on uncovering information about Windows 10 in the past, and according to them the new screenshots have been taken from Chinese version Windows 10 build 10123.


In Windows 10 build 10123, Cortana shows new changes in its user-interface. Now, the digital assistant appears to include a new dark theme. You can see the new theme expands to the main UI and when accessing the Settings page, though search results continue to appear with a white background. Also, Microsoft seems to be adding a new feedback button, right below the settings button, in the main menu.

It's worth pointing out that we have seen similar changes in Windows 10 build 10110. Also note that the face of Cortana you see in the above screenshot is only for the Chinese version of the operating system.

Microsoft Edge

Even though Microsoft has already unveiled the real name of its web browser, in build 10123 the company continues to refer the browser as "Project Spartan". However, the software gets a big version number jump to 13.10123.0.0. (To compare, the version number of Microsoft Edge in build 10074 is 0.11.10074.0.)

One new feature found in this build is the addition of InPrivate browsing mode, which as many of you know is a feature that allows users to browse the internet without leaving any trace of activity on your computer.

Windows 10 build 10123 adds new options to configure Microsoft Edge's "New Tab". In future updates users will be able to choose what content to appear when the start a new tab, currently there are three options: "Top sites and suggested content", "Top sites", or "A blank page".

Another addition to the Internet Explorer replacement from Microsoft is the ability to enable and disable auto fill forms and passwords.


While it is known that Microsoft will eventually replace Control Panel in favor of the new Settings app, in build 10123, we can now see that the software giant is working to bring back the familiar "Backup and Restore" functionality found in Windows 7. However, it's unclear what's the future of this backup tool.

Wrapping things up

Although, these are not significant changes, they are welcome improvements that continue giving us a glimpse of what we might be seeing in future public builds.

As we get closer to Windows 10 RTM, we will start seeing Microsoft focusing more on fixing bugs and making sure that the operating system becomes stable enough for the summer launch, rather than seeing new features.

Don't forget to let us know what you think about the new changes in the comments below.

Source ITHome; via Neowin

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