A closer look at the updated color option in Windows 10 build 10525

Build 10525, the first new build since the the release of Windows 10, updates how it displays color for Start, Acton Center, Taskbar, and Title bars. The change is not very obvious, so we'll point it out in a hands-on video. Take a look.

  1. Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors
  2. Toggle on Show color on Start, taskbar, and action center

In addition to showing color in Start, taskbar, and action center, you'll also notice the addition of color in title bars. You can see it on top of the app windows when you open the Store, File Explorer, and more.

Windows 10 Build 10525 also brings improvements to the Memory Manager, includes the Windows Feedback app, and more. For more details, check what's new in the Windows 10 preview build 10525.

Will you be turning on this option for Windows 10? Sound off in the comments!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • No
  • I'll shamelessly ride on the first comment: Can somebody check if these override the custom color titlebars in apps like the mail app for example? Hopefully not.
  • Oh, they definitely don't do that. The color only replaces where it is 'undefined' in the app. If a dev defines the color, it stays that way.
  • Good to hear.
  • Also shamelessly riding on the first comment: With this latest update, whenever I play a game and quit the game, computer crashes with the error VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL. I have an AMD GPU and is wondering if anyone else is experiencing this torment. It makes gaming with Windows 10 impossible...
  • Ha ha, only joking.
  • Lol
  • See-- everyone complained that they wanted this. They finally put it in for you and it looks terrible. Trust that sometimes they know what they're doing ;)
  • It's called an option for a reason.
  • But it's not an option if you want colors on the start/taskbar/action center and not title bars or if you want colors on title bars but not start/taskbar/action center. You have to have all or none.
  • Perhaps it should be:
    Show color on
    Start (toggle)
    Taskbar (toggle)
    Action Center (toggle)
    Title bar (toggle) I don't use color on any of the above, personally.
  • Probably the best way, tbh.
  • and probably it will take a few builds more to accomplish
  • If Microsoft takes this road, the options will go endless for a full blown PC. Just imagine all the values that can be set in a registry is given a toggle in settings!!!
  • I like this method best, most configurable. I don't like the colors on the title bars, but I like it everywhere else.
  • Could someone confirm if you can finally change the title bar font colours?
    I want white font on dark themes...but can't seem to figure it.. It's been a mystery ever since Windows 8 days....
  • Design by committee sucks. MS took it a step further and is running all over the place chasing the ball based on the whims of 5 million clueless regular joes. There's no plan, no roadmap and zero reason or thinking. It's already a mess and it'll only get worse from here. Design is meticulous work almost like engineering, this is an insult to the profession. I'm finally thinking of jumping ship, I think I've had it.
  • It's actually not designed by committee and they do have a roadmap. Most of Windows 10 was pre-ordained by Microsoft e.g. Cortana, action center, snapping, etc. Smaller details they let user feedback inform on choice. Just saying, you folks cannot have it both ways. Some of you complain Microsoft never listens to UserVoice and feedback, and now you're saying they always listen with no direction of their own. Fact is, both groups are wrong on this issue.
  • I agree, Daniel. Design by committee would be if they implemented every piece of feedback without evaluating it. I really think the only major issue with the OS's design at this point is consistency (context menus, popup windows, hamburger placement and design--it's a bit mixed right now, understandably.) but overall I think it's a good base product.
    I do believe that *some* feedback is arbitrary, like the odd requests for "aero" era transparency, but luckily it's merely optional.
    I do feel that in some ways, the majority of user feedback consists of demands to re-create Windows 7, and it's frustrating... But luckily Microsoft is selectively listening where it aligns with their vision for Windows 10.
  • Agree. It's the back arrows that annoy me at the moment, one moment it's at the top of the app, next there is none and you have to go to the back arrow on the taskbar!
  • ROFL @ the basic premise. Saying that something is the case without any supporting evidence is as silly as me calling you silly. All they did was reintroduce an option that people enjoyed. As with all options, their usefulness or design aesthetic is subjective. This isn't design by consensus it's being reminded of their roots. Frankly, and I'm being serious, if people wanted to be told how things should look they probably wouldn't fall in the PC camp. PC camp has always desired and enjoyed the luxury of options on nearly every aspect of personal computing from bare metal to the software.
  • I disagree. MS has a plan. It's just not very well thought out.
  • More customization the better. Im glad they brought it back.
  • Hopefully in the future it's not all or none.  Personally, I'd like to keep the start menu, taskbar and action center black but I do want the title bars to take on the accent color.  Kind of odd I know
  • Yeah, I would like to have everything transparent but the taskbar (and title bar).
  • Not that odd. I am totally with you on this one. I want stuff in the background to be dark, and I want the active app to have color to help make it easier to know what is going on.
  • What is the download size???
    If I get any problem with the preview version, what to do? Will I have to do a clean install or just turning off the insider preview will help returning back to previous windows 10??
  • If you have concerns in this area then the preview builds are not for you. Not to worry though, you will get these features in a few months after they have been tested out a bit.
  • You can uninstall any preview builds by just going to
    Settings - Update & Recovery
    - Advanced Options - Uninstall preview builds..
  • I like it
  • Off topic : My brother has been playing with my PC , he made the primary account (which is administrator ) to local user , and then somehow deleted his user , so the only user available is mine but with no admin access , so there is one user with no admin access now , does anyone know how to get the local account back as administrator again ? Please don't say the only way is reset :(
  • You might be able to change your user to an admin. It might still find his user and ask for his password. If not, it might bring up a generic admin account. You might have to call MS...
  • Is there really a way ? I searched the internet but didn't find anything useful :/
  • Choose a program and use the "Run as administrator" option. It will show you the admin accounts available and will ask you its password. If his account shows up, then it wasn't deleted (or at least not entirely if that's possible).
  • They got this all wrong. What we really wanted is that the title bar would tale the same color like the app for example Steam, Spotify, Outlook Mail & Calendar, etc. I would like to leave my taskbar, startmenu and notification center black, the windows explorer title bar white BUT the other apps have the same colour like the app itself. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, they got it partially right. Developers can set the color. When undefined, it is white. They merely let you override that with the accent color. Still, apps like Mail are Blue by design. That can be the case for any app, but devs need to step up.
  • Indeed, Developers should step up, but they need new Design guidelines by Microsoft and those should be taken seriously. Problem here is, is there any specific Design Language to follow anymore..? For now it's very inconsistent.. We'll see in time.
  • It might be just me but its behavior is kinda erratic now... my Settings window sometimes shows colors then immediately goes white, and moving between windows back and forth causes it to keep changing... Off to the feedback app I go! :)
  • Would rather they gave us an actual color chooser instead... So tired of needless limitations.
  • I'll give it a go. Personally I like the bars as they are, but I'll try it and see what I prefer
  • Does windows 10 mobile have the same color palettes as windows 10 has?
  • Yeah
  • Sweet!
  • Yep. No yellow, no crimson, etc. Awesome selection of dull muted colors.
  • Those title bars look terrible. I will not really use the option, I don't use it today since I like it black. and title bars can stay while or let developers put colors on it so the app will fit like VLC on store. I hope they fix the notifications so you can delete and remove explorer ones that you don't veen use, only becuase an app shows a notification even if it's only an installer that you will not lauch ever again, it's now in the long list of notifications. not good, I wish I could delete the ones I don't need. ​or perfect tube
  • It took a two-and-half-minute video to say that title bars now get the accent color?
  • FYI, are videos are viewed by many people who don't have Windows 10 or know what we are talking about. It's all about context. I mean, you can fast forward the video.
  • How to see if my os already updated to the latest build?
  • Check if there is the watermark on the desktop....
  • I think the taskbar in tablet mode should have the option to show colour, be transparent and have the search box.
  • I like mind the way it is, just dark and neutral, doesn't scream for attention.
  • Why combine it with action centre and start? I want to keep those neutral colours because it outs focus on the content. However, the taskbar needs a color to better distinguish active windows. So why can't I personally decide which of those three things to apply color to? Why make such a stupid limitation? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • so i can assume because i never touched those settings and if i have them all turned on that since i have bing background on it will change the accent color daily, sounds good to me.
  • Should the default title bar of an application not continue the theme (dark/light) as set within the OS, unless overridden by the app developer? I'd like to see more stuff converted to tie in with the dark theme (dark title bar anyone?) than over use of accent colour. Another issue is use of white text on light/bright coloured backgrounds such as yellow...
  • Dark title bar would be better but as long as options are available i don't mind this. Just too much color for me
  • Because I use a lot of older applications, I get the damn white bars for pretty much everything.  Its fine if I run them maximizes, but makes it difficult to correctly click/drag when the titlebar is the same color as the background of an app thats behind it. So for me, this is a welcome change/addition, and as I gradually transition to more modern apps the devs will hopefully stop not defining their titlebars.
  • Don't like the colors and I, would liked rather the AERO glass effects, of Windows 7 but on Windows 10 I liked the translucent aspect of the start menu, the titles bars, etc not the flat aspect
  • Flat is where it's at; Aero is old hat.
  • The color of the titlebars don't match the color I selected. They look like pastels. They should match the color I choose. And a color mixer would be welcome.
  • Took a bit of fiddling around to get it to show the right colour but it's working as intended now.
  • I want aero transparency already dammit!!!
  • It isn't available in Spanish yet?
  • Not sure I like the inconsistency between colored and default-colored apps and windows :/
    Example: http://i.imgur.com/u4A5VC5.gif
  • Won't I be able to customize it on unlicensed windows 10..
  • Nice. Windows 10 will be ready for primetime in year.
  • Titlebar color: Ok
    Titlebar font color (white/black): Pending
    Titlebar aero transparent: Pending You're almost there, Microsoft!
  • If you configure your devices for full-on tablet mode, as I do with all my test machines, you ONLY see the color affecting the Action Center and the expanded left panel.  It doesn't change the title bars or the Task Bar.