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Windows 10 build 14393.82 Release Preview now available for PC and Mobile

A new cumulative update build for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile has started rolling out for Insiders on the Release Preview ring. It's currently unknown what's new in this release, as Microsoft is yet to publish an official changelog. We assume there are some new fixes and under the hood improvements included, however, as that appears to be the case with all cumulative updates.

For PC the KB update is KB3176932 although the changelog page is not yet live.

Windows 10 Mobile users on the Fast Ring are reportedly not receiving this update, likely due to this being a cumulative update for the current branch instead of an entirely new build.

If you'd like to get this update, make sure you switch to the Release Preview ring now. For mobile, the update will come right away, but for PC it could take a few hours.

Microsoft began rolling out the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update officially earlier today with build 14393.67, so it's good to see Microsoft already testing the next patch that will go out to more users. The update is propagating throughout Windows Update now, so if you can't see the update yet on PC or phone, don't worry. Just give it a few hours to reach everyone.

We'll update this article with new information as it becomes available.

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Windows 10 build 14393.82 Release Preview now available for PC and Mobile



after the Windows 10 build 14393.82 (Lumia 535), some apps did not work. Cortana doesnt work, Microsoft Edge doesnt work. and the worst, Settings doesnt work. I cant update. I cant soft-reset. I cant back up. Although it worked pretty well in 1520, but not the same result in 535.

Hey! I'm on Slow Ring Insider from India ..just received the 14393.82 Cumulative update in my Lumia 730.
The update was 38.50 MB.

finally found the solution re: keyboard error...speech-select download Chinese, once downloaded, select Chinese also works for Australian keyboard download too.

So if we want stability are we better off with the Windows 10 Anniversary Official release or this update (Insider release preview)?

I am with this build already...chinese and Aussie keyboard got issue not an insider at the moment....which version will fix keyboard issue please suggest annoying.

Does this version fix the scaling issues on Lumia 635/636/638?

The issues are for other apps, (calendar, movies and TV, people, phone, messaging+skype) when you hold the phone upright in a portrait position the option below is half or full hidden on messaging+skype by the nav bar, making it hard to press the options.

I have updated the phone to 14393.10 but the issues were still there,, so I revert it back to 10586.107 -  keeping it atm, currently on insider preview program and deferred the installation of the downloaded OS versoin 14393.82.

No chinese keyboard still..
And OZ keyboard has no predictive text....!!!!bluetooth is working now.

Cumulative Update KB3176934 for Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.82

This update is for Insiders on the Release Preview ring.

We have released Cumulative Update (KB3176934) to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14393 on PCs which will bring the build number to 14393.82. This Cumulative Update includes the same fixes as KB3176932 but with an additional fix.

  • Improved download size optimization of updates.

For more information on the latest updates for Windows 10, click here.

Source: Cumulative Update Build 14393.82 for PC now available - Feedback Hub

keyboard too for Oz and Chinese handwriting....attention required still.....restart phone etc...doesnt help.

I reset my phone on 930...battery life is back to normal now...but still experiencing Bluetooth connection issue with my band....i tried to install this new update and anniversary update only to see my phone has battery drain suffering.

This happens when u were in release preview earlier and had a hard reset. try rejoining to Insider and update the keyboard / language. Once installed, disjoin

Was having problems with windows hello. The screen wudnt light up from standby. Was hard to receive calls. .82 seems to have taken care of that

Anybody facing the issue in Extra under settings. I am facing issues in touch & display under Extra. My build no is .67

My phone is completely unstable after this update. It crash/rebooted over 8 times today, so far. Each time I was doing something different in a different app. So there is absolutely no particular app issue, and it only happened about once or twice a week before this update. This .82 is absolutely TERRIBLE for me. Using an unlocked 950 XL on AT&T since Nov 2015.

I suggest just don't download to revert back to my AU stock Os build now just wondering...

I wonder what's up with the 930. Left the house 8am this morning at 100% and when I got home 15 minutes ago the battery was at 76%. I didn't have to charge all day, L950 AT&T on .82.

I just got on to the release preview ring today, and I still haven't gotten the firmware update that allows for double tap to wake. Do I still need to wait for AT&T to release that update even though I am on an insider build now?

Yeah I guess next Tuesday new patch will far enjoying windows anniversary update on lumia on 950 ds

Posted via Limited Edition Lumia 950 with Mozo Case or Beautiful Gold S7 Edge or Surface pro 4 or Lumia 1020 or motoe or iphone 5s

After upgrading to W10 Mobile 14393.67 on BLU Win HD LTE, Microsoft Health App crashes upon launch. I've installed and reinstalled on both device and SD card several times, rebooted phone, & performed soft reset to no avail. Any ideas?

It usually happens for me....whenever a new build is installed....wait for min 12 hrs and then would have improved....

i need help... after the installing update on my lumia 540 DS... phone is keep rebooting again again continously.... recovery tool is also is not downloading its firmware -_- help me

I noticed in the previous update that I was no longer receiving my notifications or at least they weren't showing on my lock screen or in my notifications bar until I opened the associated app. The strange thing was they were getting pushed to my Band, they just weren't showing on the phone. So far the notifications seem to be showing on the phone again. I don't know if that was a problem with the previous update or just a glitch on my phone specifically. I was a bit surprised to see this update on my phone before reading about it, but I'm happy if it's fixed my issue.

downloading this now...hope my battery life will be back to normal again (930)....and Bluetooth with Microsoft band will be solved too.

I do have still build 10586.107 on my Lumia 920 and I do get no update info. Is there a way to force the update process?

After the update WhatsApp not working, automatically app closing when try to open... I uninstalled the app then reinstalled its working fine now..

hi can anyone help please. I was on insiders programme , today I decided to use the recovery tool to reinstall the software .
however the software install stopped at almost quarter the way through and is stuck with red screen and 2 arrows in a square shape..
I have tried uninstalling the recovery tool and reinstalling but the same thing is happening.
the recovery tool version is 3.9.20701
my model of Lumia say bootmgr.
I'm using the 950
any suggestions ?

After installing 14393.82 Bluetooth bug seems to be solved on my 950DS, works fine now. Hope it lasts. Panorama mode still here :)


My L730 battery drain issue is resolved. As of now the battery backup is amazing. Loving Windows once again.
I was waiting for AU just for battery improvement.

Doesnt really give me the full explanation though. And doing hard reset is a bit hassle. Anyways, I just love the new shutter sound of the camera. Pretty impressive.

Well, actually after having the anniversary update my Gadgets app stopped working at all. I'm not seeing any update yet though.

Anyone else having this issue?

yesterday i got the anniversary update on my lumia 640 XL. i didn't like performance at all. i expected more from build 14393.67 . i saw only a few visual changes. where is the panorama feature?

How is it running its not for me, But I think my sisterinlaw if she has problems she will come and get me to fix her phone again.

Read the news threads. ITS the anniversary update!! All eligible phones on it now, except carrier controlled ones, ie. ATT

Im on preview ring with 10586.545 but i got 14393.67 this morning... I guess i'll get this above built after the 14393.67... o.O

@Daniel The Anniversary update has wrecked the BLU Win JR LTE X130e. The screen calibration has a problem as the device information in settings shows a resolution of 540X960 instead of the actual 480X854. Hence the keyboard and lock screen input does not work due to incorrect resolution. I have written to BLU, tweeted Dona Sarkar, BLU, Windows Insider and also left multiple feedbacks on the feedback hub to no avail. Can you please help here and write to them so that they atleast read and comment. If they don't want to fix it, I can toss it into the garbage bin or use it as a paper weight.

I am surprised how this company continues to ignore this issue that has plagued this device ever since it was eligible for the insider program.

does anyone have it on L830? Any problems with it? What about VPN, is it solved in AU or this fix? The version 1511 was horrible in VPN (DNS and split tunneling problems). I am an IT specialist, and VPN is essential for me ...

When will windows 10 mobile update get release officially in EE fir my Lumia 640 in the UK ?

I installed this update this morning and my phone got bricked by bitlocker after the install. And apparently i don't have any keys so i had to make a hard reset....

I want the screen to be dimmed before it turns off completely in mobiles. It was there in TH2 builds, but not in RS builds. Already submitted in FB hub. Upvote please!

Are you saying you had panorama before getting .82 build or got it after you upgraded to .82 and switch back to fast ring?

Anyone else have constant problems with the comments jumping back to the top while typing or reading or not allowing you to submit comments on mobile?

Received my new Surface Book and updated and I now have build 14901.rs_prerelease. My Lumia 950 is not seeing the latest update

Downloaded and installed pretty quick on my 950. No issues. Still anxiously awaiting the damn AT&T firmware!!

Join the club. The difference being mine is carrier free in UK. 950 got it weeks ago and my 950xl is still, like you, waiting.

You're phone isn't officially getting Windows 10 Mobile builds. The last set of updates it'll receive is from Threshold, which is the last set of updates.

Thank god. I had a feeling there'd b one today. Prayed It'd be on release preview. So I can move to stable builds. I'm happy :D 950XL

Only for preview, that's good. Excited for Redstone 2 now. Hopefully it's not buggy. If it isn't, jumping straight to fast from preview.

Downloaded and installed. Aside from the direct changes to UI, the anniversary release has cleaned up some of the previously sloppy interface. No more partialy hidden labels etc...nice update. I give it 9/10

Na, because Release Preview is the "fast ring" of it while everyone who isn't in the program is the "slow ring."

Why?? If something is testing for release, why would you need to confuse the issue? Fast ring reports bugs, slow ring checks they have been fixed and slow double checks. Simple system really.

I can't believe Microsoft would release an Anniversary Update and even yet another update with such BASIC functions not correct. Alarm is useless and volume is barely noticeable. Maps audio doesn't work over Bluetooth in cars (which is the whole point of navigation). My frustrations over the last 5 years continues...

Lol. Seriously though, how can MS release an official build to the public without something as basic as using an alarm to wake up in the morning not even working? Crazy.

Have you tried refreshing your phone? I do not have those issues with either app and I have never read of anyone else mentioning. (Not saying that it isn't an issue, but it doesn't seem to be common). My alarm volume is fine and maps over BT in my car works great.

Yes, I just wiped my phone last night and reset it. Same issues. I'm using Lumia 950 Unlocked. If you go to the Clock and Alarm app in the store and read the reviews, you will see a few complain about it as well, but I don't think it's an app issue...I believe it's a system issue because I also have the same problem with Realarm as well. I also have a 2014 Lexus GS which is basically Toyota technology so that is another head scratcher.

That sucks, man. I have an AT&T 950 and neither are an issue. Hope an update helps soon.

Actually i used windows alarm this morning and it just worked fine. I got anniversary update last night.

Not had any of these issues on 950xl on either fast, slow, preview or release. Odd. Could it be a bad download? Daft I know, but it happens! I can pair my phone to our minibuses and get the nav voice, including the annoying "here we go". Thankfully my alarm has never let me down, and I need it at all times of day from stupid o'clock in the morning to should be off to bed now but I'm off to an airport.

Quite an unusual one that.

Wow that's strange. I did wipe and restore many times. For Alarm, I am using a custom notification sound from my SD card. I will try built in sounds to see if that's the problem. But Nav definitely doesn't work. What's even more strange is Bluetooth does connect and phone calls and music DO work just fine. Only Maps voice doesn't.

Just got this update and it looks like it completely wrecks my phone.  All the apps can't be launched and all app icons and tiles are empty squares.  I can't even open built in apps like Phone.  Even settings aren't right.  This is crazy... did not expect this level of bugs/issues being in the Release Preview ring!!  Now the hassle of reflashing...

Yeah, I hope so too.  I've got a couple of 1520s on the preview program, both factory unlocked (the other one is out of the program now).  Been in the program for a while without issues and then this.  At least after WDRT, I get a newer firmware update.

Thanks for that but you bet.  First try was the standard soft reset, and then next would be the "battery pull" volume down and power reset.  After that reset, I even got the "!" icon on boot up.  Thank MS the restore process is so awesome... I'm just about all back up and running now.

Did you come from 10586 TH?? Did you do a restore from 10582?? The insider team commented a while ago that restoration from TH to RS1 caused issues with start screen, or was it the other way round. Can't remember now, but there were issues with restores. I would suggest the dreaded hard reset :'(

Nono, I've only been on release preview on that phone, so I came from the recent update after anniversary update (.64 I think?). Like I said, I had to go beyond any reset and do wdrt to reflash it back to wp8.1 update (most recent on their servers apparently) and then start the insider updates again. Not preferred for sure, but at least grabbed a fw update on the way (that probably didn't do much).

Successfully switched from Fast Ring to Release Preview Ring to grab the update and switched back to Fast Ring again. There was also quite a few MS apps updated today for me, including bit not limited to Skype Preview and Office Suite

Got this .82 update and I'm not part of insider program in settings (I was in RP ring in Insider app before anniversary update)

Makes it more mobiler.

Actually, I see that force-closing an app now completely removes it from the Back button list. (I'm hoping force-closed apps truly are closed, and not merely tombstoned as system behavior sometimes indicated.)

Agreed. I'll force-close Pandora and groove but music still plays. I feel as though they should close completely. That's my opinion.


Yes indeed, I noticed this 'more polished, smooth' behavior when now force-closing an app...good observation, description...proir to 14393.82 (even 14393.67 AU build) trying to force close an app--->pressing x would cause all kind of app glitches, some would close jerky, and others would not...


I switched from fast ring to release preview to get the update. Now at xxx.82 and panorama is still there. Did not do a reset after the update.

I was till today evening in the fast ring. Then I made a hard reset. Builds are the same... other people with 950 still has the Panorama. So it's very curious for me. After switching to the Preview I got the xxx.82 and now I'm switched back to Insider fast. Hm...?

The way the original article is written it makes it sound as though the phones that came with Windows 10 Mobile pre-installed (550, 950, 950xl) would receive the upgraded app whether they were on fast ring or not. I haven't seen a clarification anywhere on the matter.

That's my worry.  If ever I decide to switch from FAST ring down to SLOW or Release Ring, won't that make me lose out some of the apps that were FAST Ring exclusive (i.e Microsoft Wallet, Panorama in Camera)?

Slow and Fast ring are now only for Redstone 2. Relase preview is gonna receive only cumulative updates for Redstone 1.

No. Fast is migrating to RS2. That is why .67 is on release preview. Fast will be held on 14393 for time being until RS 2 is a go. RS2 currently on PC, and will go mobile in a while.

My mistake. I am on Release Preview, thought it was still Fast. Sorry. I am sure I deserve the downvotes - terrible.