Windows 10 build 16226 now rolling out for Insiders in the Fast ring

Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 10 build 16226 for PC Insiders in the Fast ring, with some notable new changes and features included. Last weeks Insider Preview build included several new user interface changes and a bunch of new settings and features. Today's build continues that trend.

What's new?

Microsoft Edge

  • Giving you more control over closing tabs: Building on our work in Build 16199, we've updated Microsoft Edge to ensure the X in the tab band is always available to close a tab, even when a JavaScript (i.e. alert, prompt, etc.) dialog is showing within Microsoft Edge. Additionally, closing the Edge window always remains an available option. You can also access many browser capabilities (i.e. favorites bar, settings, etc.) while a dialog is showing.
  • Making it easier to move from another browser: Users can now migrate Cookies and Settings from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, which will make it easier for users to make the move to Microsoft Edge as their primary browser.
  • Copy and Ask Cortana: Now, when you select your text, you can Copy and Ask Cortana in addition to adding notes, highlighting and underlining. Cortana can help you do a little research while you're reading an EPUB book!
  • Ink Notes: Got ink? Add a note and write or draw on it with your pen in Edge
  • Books roamed across devices: Your books from the Windows Store are available on your Windows 10 devices, and your reading progress, bookmarks, and notes are kept in sync.
  • New experience when saving new favorites: You can now view your favorites as a directory tree when you save new favorites, and collapse or expand folders from within the "Add to favorites" dialog. Just click the "Save in" folder list to get started!
  • Edit URL for Favorites: You can now edit the URL of any favorite in the Favorites menu or the Favorites Bar. You can use this to update the location of a site that has moved, or to create Bookmarklets in the favorites bar.
  • Favorite manageability for Enterprise: IT admins can now configure favorites via group policy and mobile device management, including the ability to define and lock pre-configured favorites in addition to the user's favorites.

Emoji Updates

  • Emoji 5.0! We have added support for the latest Unicode updates – including new snacks, actions, dinosaurs, and even fantasy characters like genies, fairies and zombies!
  • They're all accessible via both the touch keyboard and the Emoji Panel. Bonus: Along the way, we also updated our emoji pickers to now make it possible to access the profession emoji and gender diverse options for some of our people actions (for example, you can now select male or female face palm).
  • Finally, we've tweaked some of our original emoji designs based on your feedback and to improve consistency with how the emoji is displayed on other platforms (while maintaining our Windows style).
  • Search for emoji in Emoji Panel: We've updated the hardware keyboard's new Emoji Panel to now provide a search feature! After opening the panel via the Win + period (.) or semicolon (;) hotkeys, keep typing! The words you type will be used to filter the emoji displayed. If you close the panel by clicking "x" button or pressing Esc, the words will remain. We're still working on enriching our emoji keywords – have any suggestions? Log feedback! Note: The Emoji Panel is currently only available when the en-us keyboard is active.
  • Dark theme for Emoji Panel: Do you love dark theme? Because we do ????. If you have dark theme enabled (via Settings > Personalization > Colors), you'll now see the Emoji Panel background display using dark colors instead of light.


  • Last week, we released OneDrive Files On-Demand to Windows Insiders running Build 16215 and higher. This is essentially like OneDrive placeholders – but better. This was a highly requested feature from Insiders so be sure to check it out!
  • Additionally, we wanted to make sure that our customers are in control of all file downloads from the cloud. When they use OneDrive Files On-Demand (or another cloud provider), and an app (like a photo editor) tries to download files that the customer has stored only in the cloud, we'll show a message displaying: what's being downloaded, which app is requesting the download, and options to dismiss the message, cancel the download, or block the app from downloading. (We also added a way to unblock apps in Settings > Privacy > App-requested downloads, in case you change your mind.)

Touch Keyboard

  • Shape writing for more languages: In addition to English, Shape writing is now available on the new touch keyboard for the following languages: Catalan (Catalan), Croatian (Croatia), Czech (Czech), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), English (India), English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Finnish (Finland), French (Canada), French (France), French (Switzerland), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), Hebrew(Israel), Hungarian (Hungary), Indonesian (Indonesia), Italian (Italy), Norwegian, Persian (Iran), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish (Sweden), Turkish (Turkey), Vietnamese (Vietnam).
  • Text prediction for more languages: We also support text prediction upon your typing on the languages above and more! Please try out your mother tongue with our keyboard!
  • Touch keyboard for East Asian languages: Now the new touch keyboard supports some of East Asian languages such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean!
  • One-handed curve-flick touch keyboard for Japanese: We're excited to announce that curve-flick input is coming to the PC! We've had this for a while on Windows 10 Mobile, and we know how much you like it, so with today's build you'll now be able to use it with the Japanese one-handed keyboard on PC too ^_^. For those who are unfamiliar with it, curve-flick input is an advanced method for quickly inputting Japanese Kana. If you've ever used flick input with your phone, please try it out today on your PC and share feedback! (and, if you've never tried it on your phone, share your feedback too! We love to hear your thoughts).
  • Moving with ease: We've made some adjustments based on your feedback. First: you no longer need to hold the move icon to move the touch keyboard. We've removed that, and now you can just grab anywhere on the candidate pane that doesn't have predictions, and place the keyboard where you want. Second: when using the one-handed keyboard, you'll find that the left-most option is now "undocked". - If you use this option, then whenever you relaunch the touch keyboard it will appear back in the location it'd been in before being dismissed.
  • Paste away: If you have text copied to your clipboard, you'll now see a clipboard icon in the touch keyboard candidate pane. Tapping it will paste the clipboard contents into the text field with focus.
  • Shifting up a gear: We've heard your feedback, and we're very excited to let you know that with this build of Windows, you can now use the shift key to cycle between capitalization states – just like on W10M!
  • You can now erase words in the handwriting panel with the back of your pen.
  • We've updated the processed text in the handwriting panel to now be drawn using Segoe UI.
  • We fixed an issue where the font would sometimes be an unexpected size when selecting text and seeing it appear in the handwriting panel.
  • As a result of your feedback, we've updated the English mode button in the Chinese handwriting panel to now use "中" and "英" as a label, instead of "全部".
  • Pen scrolling now works in Win32 apps: Building on what we lit up with 16215, you can now use your pen to scroll in File Explorer and other win32 apps.

Windows Sonic Spatial Sound

  • Windows Sonic, available in the Windows 10 Creators Update, is now even easier to enable with this update. Plug in a pair of headphones, right-click the sound icon in the notification area, and select Spatial sound to choose your preferred format. You can also configure your 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos for home theater from this menu if it's your currently selected default endpoint. You can learn more about Windows Sonic here.

Gaming Improvements

  • New help options: We have added a new "Xbox Networking" section under Settings > Gaming. Here, we'll help you attempt to identify and resolve issues preventing you from using voice chatting and playing multiplayer games with other Xbox Live users.
  • Track your GPU performance: For the Task Manager fans out there, we're happy to share that we've heard your feedback and we've updated Task Manager to now include GPU info. Our engineering team used the feedback you gave us that is part of this Feedback Collection to prioritize and to design the feature – thank you! The Performance tab shows GPU utilization information for each separate GPU component (such as 3D and Video encode/decode), as well as graphics memory usage stats. The Details tab shows you GPU utilization info for each process. Please note that this feature is still under construction and you will find issues and bugs, as always please send us feedback in Feedback Hub under Desktop Environment > Task manager.

Settings Improvements

  • Storage Sense update: Head to Settings > System > Storage > Storage Sense and you'll find:
  • Delete your previous versions of Windows straight from Storage Sense: With all the work we've been doing to enhance Storage Sense features for freeing up space, we felt it just made sense to bring in windows.old clean up too.
  • A new look: Since we've added a few new features, we've tweaked the design a bit to make everything fit together a bit neater.
  • New Remote Desktop Settings Page: As part of our ongoing effort to converge Settings and Control Panel, you can now enable Remote Desktop and configure related settings from Settings > System > Remote Desktop!  We've improved this page from its counterpart in Control Panel to help you more easily establish a remote connection to your PC from a Remote Desktop client application. On the new Remote Desktop settings page, you can find associated settings like sleep ("Keep my PC awake for connections when it is plugged in") and PC discoverability to help you know if your PC is remotely accessible. We also surface your PC name on this page, which you will need to connect from the RD client applications.
  • Improving your update experience: If an update has failed, when available, to help you better understand what went wrong we will now use a plain text string to describe the error that was encountered. This text, and the error code if visible, will now be selectable so you can easily copy and paste it elsewhere.

Shell Improvements

  • Reveal: The new Reveal Highlight  behavior is an interaction visualization that helps guide users. Reveal is now enabled by default on ListView and other XAML collection controls in experiences that target the Fall Creators Update.
  • Updated File Explorer context menu: You can now Share a file in File Explorer via the right-click context menu! Right-click on a file in File Explorer or on the Desktop to bring up the context menu, then share away. NOTE: "Share with" in the context menu has been changed to "Give access to".
  • We've added text to the overflow area in the People flyout to make it more clear the people listed there are pinned.
  • We've updated the "Switch apps" button in the People flyout to now use the a hamburger icon, to make it more visually distinct from the back button.
  • If you right-click the taskbar, you'll now find an option to easily turn on or off People.
  • We fixed an issue from the last flight where the People flyout would crash if you tapped "Find and pin contacts".
  • Updated settings flyout: We've updated the design of our settings flyout so you can now easily access Language Settings, Keyboard Settings, or help if needed.

Ease of Access

  • Narrator gains auto-captioning: Narrator can now use artificial intelligence to generate descriptions for images that lack alternative text! The service also includes the ability to extract text from images using optical character recognition. Want to try it out? Turn on Narrator, set focus to the image below, then press Capslock + Shift + D to hear its description. You will need to be connected to the internet for it to work.
  • Improved bitmap scaling for Magnifier: Text will now appear smoother when magnified using Magnifier. To enable or disable this, go to Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier > "Enable bitmap smoothing".

Improvements for IT Pros

  • Windows 10 and SMB1: As part of a multi-year security plan, we are removing the SMB1 networking protocol from Windows by default. This build has this change, however the change only affects clean installations of Windows, not upgrades. We are making this change to reduce the attack surface of the OS.
  • Hyper-V Improvements: Share your VMs with ease with the new VM Sharing feature! On today's build you'll find a new icon in Virtual Machine Connection that will compress your VM into a ".vmcz" file. Double click this file on your destination machine to start importing the VM – easy as that!

You can check out the full changelog, including known issues at the Windows Blog!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I thought that was for mobile
  • 15226 for mobile, 16226 for PC.
  • Like anything meaningful would come out for mobile.
  • Pretty big builds coming lately for PC's. While on the other side....yeah XD
  • My heart
  • How can you still not get it, though? Every build coming to PC is effectively coming to mobile as well, because in 6-12 months you will be using PC builds on mobile devices with Windows 10 ARM. The mobile you know today is dead, but a better version of it is coming soon along with all of these updates you're reading about.
  • None of the things listed above will make more than he slightest difference to mobile users, excepting the OneDrive improvements. Mobile remains dead as a doornail because the store remains empty, and there is no sign of that changing. Furthermore, W10M remains buggy and broken across the board.
  • Sorry, you have no clue.
  • About what?
  • Signs of the store improving: Check. W10M working: check. W10 mobile future with ARM&Cshell: Check.
  • @Gustav A; I was about to state the same text almost word for word no sense being repititious. Those new Snapdragon devices should be in development as we speak and available either in the 4th quarter or in the early quarters of next year and then a constant flow entering the market continuing into the future. All Microsoft would need is the bridges for the developers to port their work over to Windows that could span across multiple devices. In my opinion Windows should become a win win for developers.
  • We fixed the issue causing PCs to bugcheck (GSOD) with inaccessible boot device on install, and the Windows Update error 0x80070643 after rollback. Now I can finally test out all the cool stuff from the last build.
  • I am just happy that books are now synced across all devices. I hope mobile at least gets the same.
  • If W10M doesn't get that, or future updates they REALLY need to release a reader app for other platforms. Right now there isn't really any benefit to buying a book from MS instead of elsewhere
  • Exactly right Dan,  I would not subscribe to Any service other than the Office group of apps.  Anything else from microsoft could be pulled at anytime,  or just left to rot.   At least you know Office will be supported because so many companies use it.  
  • This build is awesome
  • Definitely. Ironically, the favorites improvements are the most welcome. Likely because it took them over ten years to implement these things while competitive products have had these things for much longer than that.
  • Not sure how you got "10 years" out of this... IE had editing eons ago. Editing favorites, and in-place treeview layout are welcome improvements. But the new implementation needs some serious attention. The Edit URL window is too small to be useful. The treeview layout is too narrow and crops the right-side of everything. But hey, at least they FINALLY added this to Edge. Next maybe they can fix the Favorites Sync, and stop polluting my favorites with duplicate favorites, and folders of favorites... 
  • Mate, the joke went over your head so fast that it landed in a distant galaxy. The "ten years" bit was an overstatement on purpose. You know, just like we say it takes ages to get from Monday to Friday.
  • Thats not it, it just wasnt a funny joke or even true.
  • Sounds like they are constructing and finalizing CShell on the PC side and then maybe lately open it up for the Mobile side.
  • My thoughts (or hopes) precisely. If true, would be happy for them to stop wasting time on 15xxx branch entirely.
  • Not a waste of time at all. You would prefer to stop getting bug fixes and performance improvements till CShell is released? I would prefer to continue to get bug fixes and performance improvements till then instead of nothing at all!
  • Well to be honest it's pretty useless. There's like 4 people that can get those updates anyways, and 3 of them doesn't because it's hidden inside the insider program (what I'm saying is that those fixes should just be regular "production" updates). If you have nothing for mobile insiders, just bail out.
    And if w10m's destiny really is sealed, then what gives? Better move that one guy who's working on it to do something useful.
  • Stability stability stability. Just make W10M perform well and set it aside until ready to try again.  Get all hands on making W10 actually compelling for developers.  Right now, it clearly isn't.
  • Looks like current "Mobile" will be in maintenance mode and not receive such major feature updates. Current "Mobile" is for phones. We will have full Windows on a pocketable, always connected pc.
  • Captain obvious
  • Yeah, a pleasant surprise.
  • A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
  • Prequels OP.
  • Oh, missed that one! Thanks for pointing out!
  • Since last weeks update on fast ring I've had no on screen keyboard on Pro 4 😀😆 🤓😣 🤐
  • Yes very annoying!
  • Are the DisplayLink drivers working with this build?
  • Apparently. I'll let you know once I've installed.
  • Please do let us know. I don't want to roll back again...
  • Woohoo, it does!
  • I meannnnn wowwwwww, my mouth is completely dropped.
  • I hope they fixed the bug where the keyboard appears really small & by small I mean the width of three fingers, when the computer is connected to an external display! When I click on the keyboard icon it goes down to a micro level size!
  • Is it too much to ask to get some simple flags, like USA, etc?
  • Yep lol...would be cool
  • Yes, especially US
  • Hmm all that changes for Edge again - so they will make it a Store app in R4? I remember that it was a idea for R3, or it wasn't?
  • It's really difficult to be a fan of Edge. I honestly prefer IE over Edge, and I wish they had just kept the Modern IE interface, and just replaced the engine because it was so much better for touch, and Favorites than Edge, but alas, Edge is still better for touch than IE, but for Favorites, IE 3.0 was better than Edge. It's almost as if that part of the browser is written by a bunch of newb developers who have never used browser favorites before, and therefore have no concept of what they are and how to use them. My suggestion to them is try using iOS Safari, Win 8.1 Modern IE, Chrome and see how much easier using Favorites should be. At least Edge doesn't crash constantly anymore... 
  • I really like Edge, but they need to get it updating from the store to truly compete - Google, Opera and Firefox release all throughout the year. MS do 2 releases a year max.
  • Safari. Kappa
  • It I recall correctly, they said that that idea is on the backlog, because there would be no benefits in the near future. And the end user would also get nothing from it. So it may happen, but it's so not important ATM.
  • It was a rumor for RS3. Never officially confirmed. They are still thinking about it
  • Thinking about it. LOL
  • Are we to the point that we can download to our daily pc's? Anyone? I'm on Fast Ring for Mobile but I cannot risk my PC.
  • You'll want to wait until it releases then... because there is no guarantee of smooth sailing.
  • Still too early. This will probably release in October, so usually 1 month before it's good to go
  • Let me get this straight... you are on the riskiest ring of a program that gives you access to betas of the OS and you cannot risk your PC? I'd recommend either going to a less risky ring or getting off the insider program if you are concerned about your PC.
  • Umm, I take it reading is not your strong suit? I am not on ANY Insider Ring on PC, only Fast Ring on Mobile. I even stated that I cannot risk any bad builds on my PC, so I was asking if it is stabile for daily PC's. Reading helps man.
  • My bad I misread your comment.
  • I personally wouldn't. I have a SP3 on fast and it works pretty well, although edge crashes for me after 1-2 minutes of use. My other main pc is on release so I can have at least one on a stable build. Edit: My other desktop was on fast but i had a very bad crash after the wrong builds went out and had to reinstall os. Hence why i always keep one on a release build.
  • I get excited for these because they someday will be mobile.
  • Hopefully!
  • Those changes in UI forced with "Acrylic" are awful :/ They are ditching all minimalistic solutions and moving more and more away from mobile UI :/ This is how it ends with 'developer-driven-design', same problem with Microsoft after long time of 'improvements' after designers were laid off. I'm worried, I stayed with Windows because of design since Win 8 and early WP!
  • I don't understand the photos app design changes. Its so horrible and confusing to use. I prefer the Windows 8.1 version.
  • I have to disagree this new format is not confusing at all, and it is so much better than the Windows Phone 8.1 version.
  • Yes, DisplayLink drivers are working again!
  • Did this build fix the weird Edge scaling issues? It's sort of so annoying right now to use Edge with the last build.
  • Not just me then. I have instinctively started to reach for ... and Zoom whenever I change sites. Could almost make a game about what zoom level it changes to randomly.
  • Bring on all the features because in the end what's on pc will eventually be likewise on whatever smartphone MS releases running cshell and fluent design.
  • CShell may even be able to work on the EX3 and 950XL
  • Link?
  • CShell was working on the X3 at least
  • Not happening.
  • Are you sure? Is its Snappydragon too weak?
  • For internal testing purposes? Absolutely. To be released to everyday users? Nope.
  • MAY
  • About the emoji updates-- they really just need to change the style. They don't look very good, and I'm not a fan of the infamous black borders around them.
  • Lol
  • Was so excited but disappointed. I had to roll back to build 16199 as I couldn't use my laptop anymore. Problems with writing, nothing ran smoothly, I couldn't open programmes easily. It looked like an automatic script is switching opened windows, dialogs, text fields between each other... ufff. :(
  • Same thing happened to me on 16226. Looked in Task Manager and it turned out that ctfmon.exe was constantly crashing and starting. Ended up rolling back to 16215.
  • It's been reported in feedback hub, someone mentioned CTFMON.exe in a comment there as well.
  • I'm seeing a fair few feedback items reporting the same instability and unresponsiveness. Getting the word out in the comments on each one I see that it's being causeed by ctfmon.exe crashing all the time.
  • Really like the GPU addition to Task Manager. If it's implemented well, it will save using a separate app to monitor my GPU on a day-to-day basis
  • Sigh. Strangely, Edge worked first time on the pro 4, but on successive startups, Edge fails to open. Now what?
  • Does this still break Surface Pro WiFi adaptor like the last fast ring build? Really want the new swipe keyboard I've been waiting so long for like my phone
  • Read the blog
  • I have, 3 times and still see nothing that mentions the WiFi adaptor issue or fix?
  • Read it again. Spoiler alert: it is fixed.
  • Thank you, thought I was going crazy looking for it.
    Next problem I have though is I know I wanted the keyboard just like my phone but didn't expect it to be exactly the same shape and size too. Tried all the settings and can't find any way of getting it full size again. (stuck in One Handed Mode?). I've attached a link to the screenshot of it!Aq6MxsEMwbIahocWQ2j-4-snM5n8vQ
  • Is it true that calculator now has currency converter?
  • yes in hamburger menu
  • it's for normal builds as well - I'm not on fast ring, it's app udate seemingly unrelated
  • But still not on mobile?
  • I can't help you with that :)
  • Wow. Lots of changes. GPU monitoring is my best pick
  • Last builds on SP4 made the pen not usable, since it was lagging and not drawing sometimes. Is it solved? Or does anyone uses fast ring on SP4 to confirm that the pen is working correctly? Maybe it is just my issue...
  • Yes, it was so irritating. Its back to normal now.
  • Yep, I gave it a try and now it works flawlessly as before
  • With the Favorites updates to Edge, can someone with the new build report if it finally supports nested folders in the Favorites Bar? It hasn't on any production build so far. In fact it has actually gotten worse with the current Creators Update (from spring) -- it used to be if you clicked on a first-level nested folder in the Favorites Bar, it would jump you to that folder in the Hub. It was irritating and added some time to navigate to the new location on the screen, but at least it was functional. Following the original Creators Update, now it still opens the Hub, but no longer opens or takes you to the folder you had clicked unless you repeat the action. It basically renders nested folders useless from the Favorites Bar. This, its printing limitations, and lack of XMarks plugin (not really on MS and developer says it's coming soon), are the only things that prevent me from fully enjoying Edge. For everything else, I like it a lot and it's tied with Opera as my overall favorite browser (still prefer Firefox's unique Favorites (Bookmarks) for their ability to serve as a auto-updating folders populated with news stories on sites like WindowsCentral). My hope is with the work done to Favorites they've fixed the nested Favorites problem, but lack of seeing it listed as an improvement depletes that hope... Can anyone tell us?
  • Yes "Reveal"! That's what I want for all the apps! I really think Microsoft are heading towards full Windows 10 on smartphones.
  • Now Microsoft Edge Is crashing continuously
  • same here.
  • odd, no problem here - have you installed any extensions?
  • None. I did notice one thing, though. If I logged in with another account it seems to work but did not test it out long term
  • Fingers crossed that this installs as the previous repeatedly failed at 27% done, reboot, can't find boot drive, rolling back to previous. Now if it can roll back doesn't that mean it can find the boot drive? lol, let's hope this rev is fixed.
  • Same here.  Even unplugged my other internal drive and all USB items except keyboard.  Busted build #2 in a row
  • Try temporarily disabling non-Microsoft services in msconfig. I've been having to do that for awhile. A bit annoying, but it allows me to install new builds.
  • Older version will not update to this?
  • Any mention of a fix to have the Wifi adapter in the original Surface Pro not break? The last fast build caused the wifi to not work, so I could not try out its new features.
  • Read the blog
  • This was easier.
  • According to the Windows Blog: We fixed an issue from 16215 due to a driver issue where Wi-Fi wasn’t working on certain devices like the Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2 and some USB devices.  I'll give this a shot tonight and see what happens...
  • Ditto, once I putmyself back in fast ring and delete the old build install files that were downloaded. 
  • Task Manager stopped working after the first reboot after installing this update on my Surface Book. The fan is running a lot so something is using a lot of CPU, but with no Task Manager there is no way to find out what it is.
  • Yeah, screw Mobile.
  • Did anyone else noticed "or another cloud provider" ? is On-Demand then not exclusive for OneDrive and more a shell feature
  • Still can't write words starting with P, like proud, progress, etc. when the one handed keyboard is docked to the right. It opens the Action Center as you start the word. Also you can't move the keyboard when recommended words have filled the location where you would hold the keyboard window from for moving. Last update had a keyboard grabbing move-icon next to the X button. But it's gone now.
  • Anyone else getting the problem where 16226 Is shown as downloaded but not getting installed after restart?
  • Me. i'm trying everything to install this build. So far no luck.
  • Yes, same here, tried different things including the troubleshooter but keep getting same result. Except for latest attempt, which gave me "Last failed install attempt on ‎23-‎6-‎2017 - 0x80240034"
  • me too, seems to fail after the restart at approx 30% point
  • Downloads for me all good. Then fails in the restart process. Restarts but doesn't complete install. I'll just wait for the next ISO file release.
  • I found my laptop became almost unuseable. I had to roll back. It just kept freezing up. No problems with the last insider build:-(
  • The first build I could update after 2 months! All the others were getting roll-backs after the update.
    Up to now, it is stable.
  • Was having the same problem. Hope this one works for me too.