Windows 10 Insider build 21343 brings new icons to the File Explorer

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What you need to know

  • Windows 10 build 21343 is now available for Insiders in the Dev channel.
  • The build includes new icons for the Windows 10 File Explorer.
  • The update also includes several other improvements and fixes.

Windows 10 build 21343 is rolling out to Insiders in the Dev channel. The build includes several improvements and changes. The one that will catch most people's eyes is that the Windows 10 File Explorer now has new icons, including a new recycle bin icon.

Microsoft describes some of the changes it made with the icons within File Explorer in a blog post:

Several changes, such as the orientation of the folder icons and the default file type icons, have been made for greater consistency across Microsoft products that show files. Notably, the top-level user folders such as Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures have a new design that should make it a little easier to tell them apart at a glance. And yes, the Recycle Bin icon has also been updated!

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

The build also improves Windows Sandbox and Microsoft Defender Application Guard. This update brings a new runtime designed and optimized for container scenarios.

Here are the other changes and improvements within Windows 10 build 21343:

  • We're changing the name of the Windows Administrative Tools folder in Start to Windows Tools. We are working to better organize all the admin and system tools in Windows 10.
  • [News and interests] Update on the rollout: following our last update on languages and markets, this week we're also introducing the experience to China! We continue to roll out news and interests to Windows Insiders, so it isn't available to everyone in the Dev Channel just yet.
  • We are now rolling out the new IME candidate window design to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel using Simplified Chinese IMEs.
  • We're updating the "Get Help" link in the touch keyboard to now say "Learn more".
  • We're updating File Explorer when renaming files to now support using CTRL + Left / Right arrow to move your cursor between words in the file name, as well as CTRL + Delete and CTRL + Backspace to delete words at a time, like other places in Windows.
  • We've made some updates to the network related surfaces in Windows so that the displayed symbols use the updated system icons we recently added in the Dev Channel.
  • Based on feedback, if the Shared Experiences page identifies an issue with your account connection, it will now send the notifications directly into the Action Center rather than repeated notification toasts that need to be dismissed.

You should be able to grab the update now if you're a Windows Insider in the Dev channel.

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  • Here we go! The builds are slowly gearing up. Not sure I'll like these more than the current icons, but they seem fine enough.
  • Interesting that the Windows logo in the drive icon is still the current, square one (though finally in dark blue). So are we not getting a new Windows logo with rounded corners like seen in 10X?
  • "We're updating File Explorer when renaming files to now support using CTRL + Left / Right arrow to move your cursor between words in the file name"
    But this is already in there, I use it all day??
  • Absolutely. Me too. ??
  • You memorise that key combination!!! 😀🤣😅
    don't you have passwords to remember
  • Multiple words? When did we get past 8.3 file names?
  • You know it's a slow news day when this makes the front page.
  • Good, I like the current file explorer on my work laptop but it could use a facelift.
  • Tabs/Sets please 👹
  • Microsoft loves blue Jesus!
  • It's funny how we go from square to rounded to square then rounded, flat to 3D to flat... Oh and translucent to solid... Someone needs to do a compilation of Icon changes over the decades. That would be fun to watch.
  • Yes, I now think it is the change that refreshes, not the actual inherent design (within reasonable limits of course).
  • "There's nothing new under the sun" is an expression for a reason.
  • Well, it's just the way it is. Some designs may tend to be revived again after few years. It's just a trend.
    The most important here is the consistency. No matter how many times they update, if its always inconsistent, it still tends to be messy and ugly. This what I hope they address at least for the most part in Sun Valley, and improve it from there. Windows 10 was never had any consistent design language and UI. Heck its MDL2 were the most half-baked and simply an aftertaught. It was just a recycle Metro, but uninspiring, generic, no cohesion and just plain mess. It was a time clearly Microsoft did not care about design.
  • I hope they don't remove the ability to give a folder a preview image by labeling a jpg or png as "folder"
  • I hope with the new folder change. They won't remove the folder contents where you see some files inside the folder icon. Which is first introduced to Vista and still unique feature to Windows. It provides the user at a glance information what that folder contains or if its even empty. All without having to open or even hover your mouse into it to check its folder size.
  • I think it will be gone looking at the new folder design. Can't see that working with the current content preview. Really a shame. Those previews help a lot, especially when looking through folders with old images.
  • They are working on something. Someone posted on Twitter a pic of the horizontal files showing previews, but it clearly wasn't fully implemented yet.
  • Yeah, I saw that. It was buggy and I noticed that the folder have another state where its half-open and shows file icons inside it, but they haven't changed the perspective of the icons yet, so they look odd. I hope they are just working on it and will bring it back. But its very important to send them feedback about it. Since it is cleary did not communicate at all about the lack of folder content preview, so there is no official word from them if they do intent it to be removed or just a bug and decided not to have it now. This feature isn't purely cosmetic, just like how showing thumbnails of a picture file isn't just comestic. It has utility to show what's inside which improve the File Explorer browsing experience.
  • I just submitted a feedback about this.
    For those who still want the feature showing file icons inside the folder to be returned, please feel free to upvote. We need for Microsoft to let them know.
  • It has been removed (at least in this latest build. No idea if it is coming back).
  • Hopefully it's coming back. This is just a preview. I'll take function over form here.
  • There was a tweet from somebody that shows folder contents, but its very buggy at the moment. Hopefully the real reason why its missing is due to bugs and not because they do intent to ditch it which is shame.
  • OMG! OMG! OMG! New icons are finally here for the Windows 10 File Explorer! Pictures have a new design that should make it a little easier to tell them apart at a glance. Uh-huh. The left one looks like a folder with pictures in it. The right one has something to do with Egypt?
  • The new icons look amazing and the build is quite stable to use daily
  • These icons are ugly, too colourful and unprofessional
  • Yeah but these days everyone seems to like bling.
  • Everyone gets excited about new icons. Has windows finally come down to this rather than stable builds?