Windows 10 has reportedly been installed in over 81 million PCs

About two weeks ago, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 10 had been installed on over 75 million PCs a month after its launch. Now, a new but unconfirmed report says that Windows 10 install number has increased to 81 million PCs worldwide.

The new numbers come from Petri. If they are indeed accurate, they show that while the install pace for Windows 10 has slowed down since its July 29 launch, it's still being installed on over 400,000 PCs a day, on average. Microsoft recently said that 1.5 million Windows 10 installs were of its Enterprise SKUs, which is a solid number considering that those versions of the OS are paid for, rather than the free update that's available for consumer users of Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs.

Source: Petri

John Callaham
  • It's almost caught up to Windows Phone.
  • It's passed Windows Phone by a few tens of millions
  • Windows 10: 81 million Windows Phone (active devices) ~100 million. Come again?
  • compare by percentages. Current Windows 10 devices = 5.21% and increasing Current Windows Phone Users (8 and 8.1) = 5.7% So yes Windows 10 is catching up pretty quickly but still hasn't passed WP users
  • Where are you possibly getting those numbers? Windows Phone has 2.6% market share worldwide. If there were even 80 million Windows Phone users, that would mean the smartphone market is 3 billion devices (n/100 = p/t), and I'm sure its not that. This is basic math. Windows Phone isn't doing nearly as well as you think it is.
    Edit: Even your own facts show you're wrong. Putting your numbers into the equation gives 1.8 billion devices, which still isn't right. 1.2 devices run AOSP/Android, "less than 400 million" run iOS, and even if WP had 100 million users, you'd still be over 100 million off. Sorry, but basic math shows you're wrong.
  • Microsoft's (and Nokia's) own quarterly financials show that they have sold approx. 105 million Windows Phone powered devices in the last three years.  And they aren't the only ones making and selling Windows Phones.
  • "devices sold over the last 3 years" and "active devices" (like you first said in your original comment to me) are two very different things.
  • Of course, but some inference has to be done.  MS hasn't released a flagship in ages, causing people to hold on to their phones longer, making it more likely those sales equate to in use devices.  Microsoft also reports sales in excess of 100 million, and that is just for them.  Samsung, HTC, Blu, etc don't sell much, but they sell more than nothing.  There is an educated guess on attrition rate built in to that ~100 million number.  In the end it's just an estimate, hard numbers aren't available.  But it is a well thought out estimate based on sales history, new model introduction, Amazon sales rankings, Add Duplex data to help determine sales estimates for other OEMs, Market share reports, etc.  You'd have to be pretty hell bent against WP to try and devalue even its meager accomplishments in the face of all that data.
  • It's a model based on half thought out speculation and wrong assumptions. "MS hasn't released a flagship in ages, causing people to hold on to their phones longer" Actually, the opposite is true. Microsoft's lack of flagship has made some leave the platform for other flagships, and I can't say I blame them. It's no coincidence that in the US, between 18 months and 24 months (the typical time contracts expire) Windows Phone market share dropped from 6% to 3.6%. Normal consumers aren't that tied to a platform. All of the OEMs combined only make up 4% of all Windows Phones in use, and that number goes down every every month. I was one of the people hoping for a bigger OEM push, but we never got it.
  • Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!
  • Lol yeah, that's what I thought.
  • 105 million Window Phone devices is small compared to what Microsoft is producing with feature phones (Nokia ones). I read an article telling Nokia feature phone devices + Windows Phone devices make Microsoft still No 4 manufacturer by number in terms of cell phone # activations, just behind Samsung, Apple and Huawei. BTW I have a Nokia feature phone I acquired in 2015 and it rocks.
  • No doubt windows 10 will be a massive success(it is already). Hope this will boost windows 10 mobile's market share momentum as well.
  • Who knows what the outcome Windows 8.X would have been had it been free too. I have 2 computers on 8.1 and have zero plans on updating to Windows 10. But my Windows 7 computer was upgraded ONLY because W10 was free. I personally don't find any of these numbers impressive. But that's just me.
  • Ya its just you;)
  • Microsoft should have given away 81 Million Lumia 640's for free. It probably would have cost less and then people could claim Windows Phone (aka Mobile) is 81 Million strong.
  • Except Windows phone already has more than 81 million. Glad you're not incharge of their business strategy.
  • yeah
  • @Axmantim Yeah, like Microsoft management is doing so great that they had to give away 81million copies of it's software. What is it going to cost when people have to purchase Windows 10 let's just say $100. Let's multiply $100 x 81,000,000 = $8,100,000,000. Yeah, go wrestle with those numbers! Lol!
  • Again, I'm very glad you're not incharge of thier business strategy. A) there's a difference between revenue and profit (a huge difference) and B) not every one of the 81 million would have been paid for, or even paid in full. Anything smaller than 8" is free as it is, and OEM licenses bought in bulk are less than the retail cost. Quit trying to justify your statement, as you're not only wrong, you're showing that you have no business knowledge to back it up.
  • Thanks for playing! But sorry, you failed once again... Lol! "OEM licenses bought in bulk are less than the retail cost:" Who the hell cares about OEMs? What the heck does that have to do with the cost of tea in China?!
    It's talking about installs! You can try to avoid and miss represent but the fact of the matter is MICROSOSFT IS GIVING AWAY WINDOWS 10 FOR FREEEEEEEE for a year. After that you will have to pay for the installs if you choose to upgrade! Revenue vs. Profit! Dude please! Yes, they should give everything away for free and see how that affect there Profit margin! And you're worried if I'm in charge... Thanks for making me laugh.
  • Yeah you're right, I must've missed the day when OEM's stopped installing OS's on machines they sold. You're either the dumbest person on this thread, or a complete troll. You're initial statement was to give phones away to claim numbers on Windows phone, a point that was quicly proven wrong considering there are more than 81 million users on Windows phone already. Then you jumped onto the amount of revenue that you THINK could've been had by not given Windows 10 out for free. You're all over the place, and just wrong. Try coming up with an actual argument that makes sense and is relvant to your initial statement. Otherwise, you're just trolling.
  • WTH does OEMs have to with anything. You brought that up like it was relevant. Who the hell was talking about that. What merit does it have here! The article isn't about OEMs installing anything of noteworthy..
    Proven wrong!!! Of what?!! Who gives a crap about how many phones are currently out there. I said give another 81M away for FREE! Then it can be stated 81M users. It could be new users or people with upgrades. You're the one who made some silly assertion how many users WP already has.
    Furthermore, yes, I absolutely stand by my initial statements. They should have given away 81M mid level phones away rather than giving W10 for free. You don't like that idea that's your choice. Oh by the way, try upgrading an older PC next August to Windows 10. Tell me how free that will be then. Still Lol!
  • except at 100 bucks not nearly as many people would have upgraded.
  • It's *may* have sold more than 81 million in the lifetime of its existence, but the userbase is smaller than that. A lot smaller.
  • @ Whodaboss  that is ridiculous. MS didn't giving away 81million PCs free for this to happen if that is what you think lol.. see if windows 10 becomes successful sure it will have more possitive effect on windows phones market share. People who love windows 10 on thier PC sure will love to have on their mobile as well cos windows 10 and w10m both can run the same apps and very similar user interface etc.
  • @Joshwin
    No one said Microsoft gave away 81Million PC's. See my response to Azamtim!
  • Hey Joshwin, yes it will..loving windows 10 already. Its going to be best window OS soon with few more updates lined up. I am an IT developer and there is positive attitude even in corporates towards win10 which is striking change
  • I am glad to hear that. hope this will soon change the current market share of WP. 
  • 400,000 updates to Windows 10 on average per!
  • That's a lot. But it's only 146M/yr and less than the new PC sales rate which is well over 200M/yr. Doesn't make sense at all. I would completely ignore these "sources have told us..." news on W10 activation. Anyone can write them to draw visitors to their site.
  • Almost 300 million PCs are sold a year. That's 450 million/yr which puts them at 1 billion in a little over 2 years without even counting phone/Xbox/IoT.
  • I think all numbers from MS already include new PC sales in addition to upgrades. I just don't think those 'scoops' by bloggers are useful as comparison to the official MS numbers for many reasons.
  • That's assuming the rate doesn't slow like it always does as products age.
  • Awesome
  • Does anyone know where the "apps" are? During BUILD, we heard how easy it would be to convert Android and iOS apps to Windows but as of yet, we've not see much progress. Perhaps they are waiting for Windows 10 mobile to be finalized? And mind you, PC users don't need "apps" as much as mobile users but it would be nice to see some progress in this universal app area.
  • As a long suffering supporter of Microsoft including Windows Mobile up to 6.5 and Zune, I couldn't help but laugh at the "just keep waiting" true...and I am trying to be positive. :)
  • They are waiting for Windows 10 Mobile to be released because that is where developers will see the most benefit of apps originally designed for Apple OS and Google Android
  • They have to release these tools first
  • Ah...I thought they had? I see a lot of the Android tools on my Visual Studio install but didn't know what they were for.
  • Visual Studio 2015 includes tools to build, test and deploy Android apps. However, the Bridges for porting Android and iOS apps over to Windows have not been fully released. The iOS Bridge is available as an Open Source beta on Github, but isn't quite feature-complete yet. The Android Bridge has not been released yet, but it was leaked last month.
  • Yeah, I mean those 'ports' are dependent on the 'Windows Bridge for...' that still are being finished as well, so it will take as long as it does for devs to get the bridge, code the apps, submit and publish to the store for them to get rolling on the OS, provided of course that this is happening now rather then once Mobile becomes announced/available and THEN waiting still for this to happen. OY! =\
  • Thanks (and to mohammad ghazi) for clearing that up...I thought the tools were already out. So as wpkevin says, we'll "just keep waiting"... :) ​
  • There is however the Android subsystems integrated into Windows 10's kernel so it should be easy to pull the trigger pretty fast once the tools are refined.
  • SoonTM ​ But seriously, the tools haven't been released yet. I suspect they are waiting for the phone release of Windows 10 to come out, so that devs have a reason to test their apps. Migrating a mobile Android app to a Windows mobile device is much easier than migrating to the desktop, as you don't usually need huge UI changes.
  • Read the article above this one. A lot of popular games are made with Unity, and now it supports the UWP. At least, it's a little more hope :)
  • Resuming...
  • Considering that the "bridges" to accomplish that fast have not been completed yet, I wouldn't really expect to see much progress on the porting of apps from those ecosystems just yet. One needs to remember that initially Windows 10 wasn't going to come out until Oct/Nov timeframe, but was moved up to coincide with the back to school timeframe. I would expect to see more progress along those lines at the end of the year.
  • Yeah, those bridges are already active for the clients MS can convince to use them. Additionally, they're only for mobile. Not desktop. As for the general absence of decent desktop apps...
  • The bridges are for Universal apps, they also run on desktops. The desktop hasn't attracted consumer app developers for more or less a decade.
  • why would they release it if windows 10 mobile is still in preview? it doesn't make sense to release your apps for few users on preview, better work on Windwos 10 universal apps on the desktop and then do the UI work for mobile when released. it applies the same with the converters, they still need to do some work about them especially when WIndows mobile 10 runs android apps and such. so they are working on it, so releasing all that for preview users, it's not exactly the best thing to do.
  • I wish I could uninstall it on my Surface, it's so buggy that I cant even bring up the start menu. I also cant use multiple displays with different gpus either. Why didn't they just release the OS when it was ready? 
  • Which Surface and what isn't working? There is no more ready, this service is out and continues to improve...can't treat it like a static product anymore, that line of thinking no longer applies. =[
  • Google Chrome will never be ready. Android will never be ready. iOS will never be ready. All of those software services have been in a constant flux of evolution and so is Windows 10. It will never be finnished and there wil always be room for improvement.
  • Then you clearly haven't used Android.
  • Well each update will be ready before being made available. What's the difference? Adding a point one to a number somewhere in the about page makes a difference? As long as there is a way for software to identify what features are available, it will work fine.
  • every version of those o/s's you rattled off ship full of bugs that don't get fixed until the next version .... or a bunch of patches down the road.
  • No, the absurdity is the fact that his start menu is bad meaning he had a bad os to start with. A simple settings, then refresh of the OS will fix his issues. If my 9yr old laptop can run win10 without a problem, his surface can run it too. He is just being to dense to actually ts his problem.
  • He probably used the Tablet mode or set the start menu to full screen when start up.
  • They didn't have to ask. It's already being done without much complaint. This is exactly how Google Chrome works. They are constantly updating it and they are not asking you if it is ok to install the latest version. It is ready. There are always bugs in any OS release and it takes a few months to iron them out. That is where the saying to wait for the first service pack comes from. Howeer, in the past, you would continue to get fixes and security updates but wouldn't get any new features until the next OS came out after around 3 years. Now, the features will be added as they are finished. It means a constantly improving OS. The fact that 80 million are using the OS and most have no issues with it shows that it is ready. They just have to iron out the bugs that some people are experiencing and fix some of the UI quirks that people are complaining about.  
  • Update your damn drivers
  • It's ready on my desktop so why not on the Surface? I have no problems at all with it, maybe it's just you with those software problems. Just saying.
  • I agree, it should be working flawlessly, but that's the thing, nothing manmade is without flaws so this happens sometimes. Just have to go get another one then if he just bought it. Just saying.
  • then why do you not reset it? did you just upgrade and expect it to work 100% for the thousands of PC setups? it works perfect here, it works fine on multiple displays, it doesn't feel buggy at all. I have installed more sotfware than Surface can handle and guess what? everything is fine here. so "when it was ready" is a bit...silly to say ONLY because it hasn't worked fine for you. and you seem not to be good enough to clean install it or reset it or you know, go back to 8.1... which is not hard at all.
  • How mad are Linux fanatics right now? They have been trying hard to talk trash about W10 since it's release but no one cares.
  • Questions is, are preinstalled counted in? Or just installed.
  • Same thing like when people say about how many phones are sold, and they do not talk about how many are returned ... or broken ... or destroyed ...
  • Probably, but I believe Paul Thurrott got his hands on internal Microsoft data that showed that 90% of all installs were upgrades, so the point is moot.
  • They count activations not installs.  Preinstalled copies are not activated yet.
  • The official number microsoft gave as activiation. Paul confirmed this with Microsoft. This number isn't official and who knows what they are counting.
  • I myself reinstalled it like 5 times(no wonder) :P maybe that too counts.
  • These are activation numbers. So, the actual number of people using the OS and not laptops sitting on a shelf.
  • Yes.  When does an installation count?  Is it counted at conception, or when it is released into the wild into the hands of a receptive user?
  • I'm behind, waiting on to a software upgrade for my graphics card to be optimized for W10. Thank you NVIDIA...
  • For me the Intel driver keeps fucking up my display, it makes it blurry. I had to uninstall it and install the 8.1 one.. And guess what, after restarting the laptop, windows update fucking starts downloading it again!
  • then why do you not just hide the update?
    Wow, I know people find anything to complain about. but really? this dumb "my drivers got updated, Windows 10 sux" again? there was even an article on WC about how you can hide the drivers, I have had to do it... and it was nothing hard, just saying. The Windows Update is made for what? update! it's not Microsoft fault that the drivers you are installing are older than the ones that are supposed to work that are in Windows Update database, that's why you can hide them.... but let me guess  you are one of those people who can't type "hide windows 10 driver update" on Bing download the troubleshooter from Microsoft Windows 10 page and do it? 
  • What's wrong with nvidia? I have g 210 was working awesome for me on win 10.
  • Nvidia has released several driver updates since W10 launched. I've had no issue on W10 with a Geforce 650Ti or a GeForce GTX 970
  • Enterprise SKUs are what is given to MS partners, bizspark, MSDN, etc and that is likely where those installs come from.
  • Seriously Microsoft needs to stop forcing update downloads on us, some of us don't have fast internet and great bandwidth. Imagine trying to submit your year 4 assignment and Microsoft and windows update are busy hogging all of your bandwidth with stupid Intel driver updates which at the end of the day fuck up your display
  • Go to devices on your settings and turnoff download over metered network, don't forget to set your internet connection as a metered connection too.
  • Set you internet connection as a metered connection and it won't download the updates. The updates seem to happen late at night. SO, it shouldn't be much of an issue for most. How do you suggest they do the updates. People complain that they would get 100 updates ready to be installed, but that is because they haven't updated their pc in a year or more. To keep everyone secure, PCs need to be updated.  
  • "Guyz, da #Windows 10 is a #flop. It should be on eleventy billion PCs by now. I expected moar!!!" - typical commenter on this type of article.
  • Man shut up and learn how to spell first before making such a stupid comment.. "It's more" just saying.
  • Lol
  • Lol or were you just being sarcastic? I was over here lol when I wrote that to be honest.
  • He was trolling, don't take it too seriously it's just a joke... Did you notice "typical commenter on this type of article"?
  • I really don't get why people still use Windows 8.1 on laptops without a touchscreen, the Start Menu of Windows 10 is much better.
  • Nice stats.. Any stats about how many people reverted back to 8,8.1?
  • Considering Windows 8 sucks... Probably none.
  • Not if you're on a tablet...
  • I was put off off 8 initially but 8.1 is fine if you configure it to your needs - I came from XP and much prefered 8.1 after learnibg how to get to desktop and ignore all the tablet/phone style crap.  Tried 10 but reverted back. Liked how it did not have the right-side charm stuff but it booted far too slow and had other issues (see below). Maybe it will get better over time but for now I will stick with 8.1.
  • Nearing to complete the first 1/10 of the goal
  • Why did Microsoft quote the 75 million figure yet again today if it's over 80 million?
  • I would guess that these numbers are coming from several different sources and may take time to compile into a full report.  But, you'd think that they are watching that number like a hawk and should use it whevever possible to woo more users and developers. 
  • Then again, they did wait for the 75 million figure to announce it and even skipped 50 million.
  • Its slowing down I wish enterprise adopt win10 faster
  • & has crashed 50% of w7 PCs Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you have a link? I think Windows 10 is much better than Windows 7 starter, so I think there is still enough people on emerging markets which can upgrade to Windows 10 on low end devices (AMD Single Core APU + 2GB of RAM)
  • I wish I had a secure way to update my Windows 8.1 7" Vulcan Journey tablet to Windows 10, but I've read in forums that touchscreen driver is not updated and since the brand is Vulcan Electronics, there hasn't been any info on Internet if this company now supports Windows 10.
  • I wonder if them have in account or something else how many of these "81million" had uninstalling windows 10. Of 20 persons I know, 15 return to windows 7 or 8.1, Me too
  • And me. In general I liked it but far toooooo slow to boot, had LAN problems with 8.1 laptop and just could not stop the need to sign in every bloody time. For christ sake - its a home PC so just let me boot to desktop without all the crap !!!!!  Yes, I tried everything. Wont touch 10 again till I know these basic issues are dealt with.
  • You're right, also if you disable the anoying UAC you can not use Edge, groove music (anyway is a cr-app) and other microsoft apps. Forced updates without explanation of what changes or information about that update. also as you said, slow update no matter if you use a SSD as main drive for OS, (win 10 30sec. vs win 7 12sec.)
  • Go Microsoft
  • And me. In general I liked it but far toooooo slow to boot, had LAN problems with 8.1 laptop and just could not stop the need to sign in every bloody time. For christ sake - its a home PC so just let me boot to desktop without all the crap !!!!!  Yes, I tried everything. Wont touch 10 again till I know these basic issues are dealt with.
  • MS would have a higher adoption rate if they would fix the Window 8.1 bug which make it appear that it is running Windows 6.4.  My Windows 8.1 PC tries to download Windows 10 everyday but this bug prevents is loading.  I've seen several people complain about it online but MS has not released a fix.  In the meantime I'm stuck with Windows 8.1.  
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