Windows 10 Insiders will see Beam streaming, Game Mode, and more this week

We expect this to be Build 15019, which was originally slated for today but got delayed at the last minute. Build 15019 will bring tons of new Xbox-oriented features to Windows 10 while delivering Beam streaming and other promised features to Xbox Insiders in the new Alpha Ring. Here's what you need to know!

Beam Streaming on Windows 10 and Xbox One

The first, and perhaps the biggest feature of this new build will be direct Beam integration with Windows 10 and Xbox One. On Windows 10, this will be accessible by pressing Windows key + G, and on Xbox One via a single tap of the Xbox button on your controller. Beam streams over Windows 10 and Xbox One will be FTL-enabled by default, meaning they'll enjoy sub-second latency between the stream and chat, creating truly interactive experiences. We'll test this out this week most likely on our own Beam channel.

Game Mode on Windows 10

As detailed in an interview between ourselves and Kevin Gammill from the Xbox platform team, the first iteration of Game Mode will make its way to Windows 10 Insiders later this week. Game Mode will bias your CPU and GPU towards any game active in the foreground, providing a more consistent experience. For more information on what Game Mode is, head over here.

What is Windows 10 Game Mode?

A new Xbox section in the Windows 10 settings menu

This week's build will add an all-new section to the Windows 10 settings menu for Xbox features. At present, many of these settings and features are accessible only via diving into the Xbox app itself. For those users who have no desire to access the full Xbox ecosystem, they now have the option of setting up Game DVR, Beam streaming, Game Mode, and more, via the regular Windows 10 settings menu.

And more?!

We suspect this new build will bring a regular line-up of other enhancements and performance fixes as usual, and we'll have more information on that when build 15019 goes live later this week.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated the build would roll out tomorrow, January 26. That release date has since been changed to a more general "later this week."

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