Have questions about the Windows 10 January Technical Preview? Join Microsoft in our forums!

Today, Microsoft pulled a mini surprise by announcing the early release of the Windows 10 January Technical Preview (JTP) to those enrolled in the Windows Insider Program.

Although many of you are already familiar with the Windows Insider Program, and new aspects of the Windows 10 operating system, several of you are also likely to encounter questions and problems about the release. Luckily, we have a solution.

Our Windows 10 Forums (forums.windowscentral.com/windows-10) are one of the busiest in the world with the most active communities to lend you a hand. Even better, engineers from Microsoft and the Windows group are there as well through our Microsoft verified-employees program. You can tell they are from Microsoft as they have a Microsoft logo with a check next to it.

List of Microsoft verified employees (Forum handle/Real Name)

  • Giffdev- Devin Sinha (Giffdev on twitter/reddit/xbox live, etc)
  • GabeAul - Gabriel Aul (GabeAul on twitter)
  • saulricardo - Saul Ricardo Gomez
  • johnwinkmsft - John Wink
  • Ellen Kilbourne - Ellen Kilbourne (ellenment on Twitter)
  • RazaNaqvi – Raza Naqvi
  • Jennifer Gentleman – JenMSFT
  • Kriti Pandit – KritiMSFT

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Daniel Rubino

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