Windows 10 Mobile build 15025 rolling out to Insiders in the Fast ring

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new Insider Preview build for Windows 10 on PCs, leaving Mobile users out in the cold. Microsoft says the reason they didn't release a build yesterday was due to a blocking bug, which now appears to have been resolved at build 15025 is now rolling out for Windows 10 Mobile Insiders in the Fast ring.

The Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile is pretty bare, meaning there aren't many new features to be excited about in this release.

What's new?

  • Microsoft Edge can now read aloud: Microsoft Edge will now read aloud* your e-books just like on PC! Just press the "read aloud" button at the top-right corner after opening one of your e-books and listen to Microsoft Edge read you the book with focus on the line and the word being read along. This feature is also extended to all non-store EPUB files opened using Microsoft Edge.
  • Microsoft Edge and emoji: Microsoft Edge will now display full-color, updated emoji by default on websites that use emoji.
  • Introducing Collections in Feedback Hub: A few months ago, we asked you what was one of your biggest pieces of feedback about the Feedback Hub. You said, "too many duplicate pieces of feedback!". We love working with you to create a better experience for everyone using the Feedback Hub, so today we are so happy to announce Collections.
  • New mono audio option in Ease of Access settings: Visually impaired users use a screen reader application to read content on their phones and information to them, and frequently use headphones or earbuds to hear their device when in meetings or having conversations with others. When doing so, they generally use only one earbud to hear what's being said from their device in one ear so the other ear is free to hear conversations and sounds around them. That can cause them to not hear sounds that may be directed to the other earbud. In order to change the sound to be mono mode and so all audio is directed to both ears, they used to need a physical earphone adapter. You can now switch your audio to mono straight from the new Audio section under Settings > Ease of Access > Other options.

For a list of fixes and known issues, check out the official Windows Blog!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Ayyyy
  • I wonder who gave me 2 downvotes, for just getting excited.
  • Evil men
  • That's just the Android trolls downvoting
  • I'll down vote on every thing.
  • Some people resent the happiness of others. I'm guessing they're part of the Addam's family
  • Haha....Adams
  • @david that was funny as sh*t
  • I just actually hit the thumbs up and it added it to the thumbs looks like a Windows Central App issue.
  • Windows central app needs some updates especially for the forums
  • I cannot find any "thumb" buttons in my WC android app. Oh! Pity me...
  • I just thumbs down you..looks like its working fine 😛 @ keith_jhonson
  • finished downloading still no notifacation on sms or email, no notifaction sound whatso ever, even the default sounds won't work, this happened when I updated to 151014 & I thought 1051025 would kix the problem but I thought wrong  
  • No sounds, no notifications, no alarm clock, and no camera....
  • What phone do u have
  • A beautiful tiny Lumia 430. But with this update everything went back to normal. Also some problems with Edge reading ebooks were solved.
    Thank you for the question.
  • Thanks . Downloading right now
  • Bug fixing, nothing big improvement as usual.
  • Looks like they killed off Apps corner a few builds ago? It sucked compared to kids corner but now what are we to do when we had the phone over to the kids? Major letdown...
  • i am holding hope for a Profiles addition to the W10M at some point. That would solve most of the issue. I agree, Kids Corner was better than Apps corner but Kids Corner still had some issues (not near as many as Apps Corner had). I too would like to see what they are going to add or bring back to replace Apps Corner but not holding my breath that anything will come to replace either of those two items (Kids Corner or Apps Corner).
  • Yeah. Listening to the customer was the point of this whole insider thing but they don't listen.
    I'm expecting live tiles to go next in their relentless pursuit to androidize W10M.
  • Remember that iOS and Android are much more popular than Windows 10 Mobile - and neither of these have kids / apps corner - so that must be the way to go! /s
  • Yup, WM killed everything unique, WP8.0 hell that was sexy!!!!
  • Android has Kids Mode (on Samsungs).
  • I think that's just normal operation isn't it? ;-)
  • FFS, error 0x80080008 when I try to Install it -_-
  • Same here on my 950XL, but doing a reset, holding power and volum up for a while, cleared the issue and it allowed the download to start.
  • Force restart .that's all
  • Now no updates are showing up.
  • Hey guys... I had the same issue... To fix it reboot phone and suddenly go to settings and check for updates...( This fix was posted in feedback hub....)
  • Switch rings and switching back works too
  • Yes, I did the same earlier and the update downloaded and installed just fine.
  • Just updated my Lumia 950 without issues and this thing is blazing fast now! No joke!
  • I'm tempted to try
  • Do try it then .. Apart from the edge issues everything else is super smooth.
  • I sm getting error 0x80070273
  • Force restart
  • I get the same error code as Jozef jurcisin.  I tried all of the steps to fix it (Reset, Force Restart, Change to Slow ring then back to Fast ring) but nothing seems to work.  I've had this problem with the last few updates and the only thing that helped was to reset my phone back to 8.0 and update again.  I guess I'm going to have to do it again :(
  • That is a lot work! I will wait and see!
  • I'm getting a different error 80080008
  • Reboot.
  • Soft reset fixed it, downloading now.
  • I faced this error in last previous build too. HardReset fixed. Now same issue again , I have done hardreset , it allowed me to download, but settings-->data usage-> BITS(uses huge amount of data). Store apps are updating since 10hrs. Still this build is downloading even on high speed network. Consumed 2-3 GB. But if I disconnect Wi-Fi, download restarts. Device:- Lumia 950 (10514)
  • I hope there are at least some bug fixes! Edit: yes, there are, see the Window Blog. RTFA Joe.. 
  • Australian keyboard finally now downloads, so that's the last thing that was not working now fixed for me. If you ever get any other issues a phone reset has always fixed things for me.
  • No major known bugs just in time for the bug bash? So tempted to jump back to the Fast ring :D
  • Me too I'm thinking about jumping in what are the big new features of this creators update I haven't seen much new for mobile
  • New sounds. Ehm, Edge 15 brings .. Ebooks? Ehm ...There is a new Apps section in Settings? Ehm ...
  • That's it? 😒
  • Unfortunately
  • Actually, this is fast ring update. This is supposed to happen often but not quite doing so. And feature addition will be like adding a few at a time. If the fast ring is really fast, we will not have this doubt. However, it seems to be not the case yet.
  • Apps section isn't new, just relocated to make it easier to find. You had to go to storage to see the app list.
  • You know what I meant
  • Yeah, I did. That was for those who didn't know. ;)
  • Night light?
  • Is night light in mobile?
  • Not yet unfortunately
  • Yeah, right
  • Seems like candidate for slow ring before features
  • We do have our expectations high on MS. But I doubt if w10m will have any new feature from here.
  • Man. I've been waiting for more than two months for the next slow ring. Even production release got more builds ☹
  • I am waiting too. Sometimes the wait makes it too tempting to jump back to the fast ring.
  • Fast ring is fast only in the name :-P
  • Just hoping that url bug in Edge is resolved. Kinda annoying that you can't edit a url once the site loads. Second hoping that VPN is fixed. Since 15014, can't use anyconnect on corp VPN... This update is 5+GB.... Rather big for Edge and other fixes....
  • It's not really 5.68 GB, it's a bug because of the UUP. Total download size was actually less than 1 GB.
  • Ahh thanks for the info
  • You're welcome. :)
  • Shouldn't we get incremental updates? Judging by the features and bug fixes, I was hoping this update is less than 100MB...
  • VPN works fine in previous build. Unless you mean it times out. Edge bug not fixed.
  • Thanks for the update Re Edge(that's bloody annoying). Re VPN, it just won't connect. I get error code 691 unless that's the code for timing out?
  • Update...just noticed that im able to edit urls once a site has loaded. So this means for me at least that my Edge issue is fixed.
  • VPN working?
  • Not for me since the previous build... I get error when I try to connect to my corp VPN.... Not even able to enter user details. Hope its fixed soon...
  • Has it fixed the L650 failure to install problem?
  • Yes
  • Anyone else have issues adding an Exchange email to WM10?  I had to completely restore mine as it kept saying it couldnt' add that work or school acount to my phone.  Pretty frustrating.
  • I ran into the same issue on my Lumia Icon and adding this account only worked when WiFi was turned off and I had lot of problems downloading / updating apps in Store. So did WDR and went back to Slow build 14965 which is working fine.  Wondering whether to upgrade to this upgrade to this and like you wondering if this issue is fixed.  
  • Hmm, I'll wait to see.  I don't want to have to go through another complete restore.  I can't not have work email on my phone.  Oh well...I'll wait and see what happens.  Glad to see it's not just me.
  • I would think this build would be hitting the slow ring soon, there's a huge list of bug fixes on this one
  • I agree, most of the long standing bugs have been listed as fixed. I am sooooooooo glad to see that because Windows 10 Mobile on my 950 XL had become rediculously unreliable with the last build.
  • Have you been able to use this build at all yet? I ended up going back to release Preview on my 950xl a couple months ago because it seemed like i was having to reset my phone every few weeks on fast ring to get it to work again. But I'm really excited to go back as soon as they get into the bug fixing stage again
  • I've been using for twenty mins, mainly just edge, and it appears to be less prone (it hasn't so far) to freezing. Often I would be typing and would have to wait for text to appear. Plus seems to be coping with busy web pages which would normally freeze up if you have five or six tabs open. Lumia 950xl
  • Downloading
  • Seems like this might be the build to try out the fast ring on my idol 4s.
    How's it been running so far? I'm not seeing much to get excited about as far as new features on Mobile smh
  • How has your idol 4s been treating you? I want one so bad and will probably switch to T-Mobile just for that phone and the WiFi calling feature. Working in a literal basement in IT gives me no reception with AT&T and I want the Idol 4s with Windows 10 anyway. I love the build quality of the 4s, especially compared to my 950 and 950XL.
  • I love it. I got it at launch and had a couple bad ones but so far so good battery life is great sometimes a little bad but I think that might be because of the OS updates. Quick charge is great I'll never buy another phone without it. Love the build quality as well. Only minor complaint I have is the camera isn't the best in low light but it's good overall and other apps like camera 360 site takes better pics than the Windows camera. It's definitely worth getting and not as high as other flagships in price (elite x3)
  • Awesome. Thanks for the honest and detailed reply.
  • What's new: Nothing of worth.
  • That's basically what I read.. Is anything important new in the creators update at all?
  • Should be some new features for continuum (pinnable apps to the task bar and movable windows)
  • We fixed an issue where pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard in Continuum wouldn’t take a screenshot of the second display. We fixed an issue where preview thumbnails weren’t appearing as expected in the task switcher when using Continuum. As someone that uses Continuue daily....these two fixes were enough for me to update immediately! I have reported and upvoted that so many times. The formerly broken print screen and task switching made Continuum look like a joke when doing demos and during daily work! I would need to capture the desktop view of an app and could not and this bug has been existing since late last year! Cant wait for the update to install!
  • Dumb question: which phone is that in the lead image? Looks snazzy.
  • HP Elite x3
  • I hope it has some blutooth improvments
  • Same. It's been disastrous for a few builds now
  • From the blog linked in the article: - We fixed an issue where the media buttons on a keyboard connected to the phone over Bluetooth would stop working after Bluetooth had been turned off and back on. - We fixed an issue with certain connected Bluetooth peripherals resulting in Groove Music not resuming playing music after ending a Skype call.
  • Still sounds like they didn't fix many of the issues - like deteriorated bluetooth sound quality upon initially connecting that goes away after time.  Or loss of bluetooth sound after Cortana reads text messages via bluetooth.
  • I guess not. We'll see. Sometimes even in their long lists of fixes, they still don't mention everything fixed, particularly for issues not experienced by a lot of people. I know I had some issues with the previous build not always "hearing" commands, even though I can see her perfectly transcribing everything I am saying, only to say that something's not working. It looks like they did fix something vaguely related to it, so hopefully my issue got fixed too, since it would probably have been the same piece of code that had another issue fixed. Anyway, things are improving. And this *is* a testing program. If you're expecting all issues to be fixed from one build to the next, then this sort of thing probably isn't for you.
  • The poor sound quality has plagued me since 15007. It comes and goes, but often the sound cuts out. Please note this in the Feedback hub. This needs to be fixed!
  • Lumia 950
    Windows Insider set to Fast Ring
    Still there is no new update for my device. It's said my device is up to date
  • Same here with Lumia 650. Tried switching to slow ring, and then to fast ring. But still showing "Your device is up to date"
  • Finally getting to know someone else with the same problem as me.
  • Okay... So i had the same issue... I did multiple restarts not knowing what the issue was and did a few hard resets then i stumbled on some posts in feedback hub... Here are a few ways to try fix it...
    1.reboot the phone and soon after it boots up try to chcek for updates... If this doesnt work
    2 . If (1) does not work reset the phone and try to download. If still it aint downloading do a reboot and try again...( If you dont wanna reset its fine. The next fast ring build will be available without that error..)
  • Same here
  • Same here mate I've tried a reset,I've tried changing region and still on update on Lumia 650
  • Set your region and language to US and try again.
  • Finally. I hope there are some fixes for bluetooth and Cortana. It has been a disaster connecting to in-car bluetooth and use Cortana normally. I had to switch my speech to US for it to somewhat functions
  • As long as it fixed my problems with texting and calls I can wait for the next update to bring exciting features
  • As the new major update coming to windows shaping along, I find myself underwhelmed. There are not a lot of new features that I personally use :( But I guess some other people will be happy with it. Here is hoping for the next update to bring major things :) Now, they need to start doing some bug fixing :)
  • They have to fix all of the problems before adding new features.  I am not sure how many new great features we'll see given we are essentially getting a stripped down PC OS.
  • Just when Windows 10 felt like it was real mobile platform: Adding a new card / paying with an existing card will not work in Microsoft Wallet. :(
  • Adding a new card / paying with an existing card will not work in Microsoft Wallet.
    That happened to me as well on Slow ring a couple of months ago. The entire Wallet app disapeared. On OS: 10.0.14965.1001 on my 950XL now and it had come back and is operational. Checking it right now and apparently I needed to remove it and add it back, working now.
  • I have the biggest issue with the wifi dropping and cannot reconnect and have for at least 4 builds.  As soon as that happens, everything fails including Cortana and other apps which can't make the switch from wi-fi to Cell data, they just break because wi-fi is connected but hung up.  My SP3, SP4, Laptops, ipad all stay connected, just not my Lumia 950.  I hope one of these builds fixes that which has been reported.
  • And I was already blaming my 930 😆
  • Slow ring builds when???
  • Exactly!
  • Yikes, 5.68 GB! Seems kind of big for a Mobile build. Is everyone else seeing it this large. I seem to remember that they changed the Update method resulting in smaller downloads.
  • W10M by itself takes around 3.5 GB so yes, that seems quite excesive.
  • Yeah, I'm wondering if it's just a bug causing it to report the DL size incorrectly. I'm gonna wait for wifi, just in case.
  • I have rolled back 5-6 builds ago. Still same bugs, crap, freezes what it seens. Fixes here and there nothing new, as usual.
  • Ditto when I no longer had my PIN screen and a QWERTY screen to log in I ditched and rolled back.
  • Not the update coming, but the features it contains are important. Is there a handy innovation? No!!! Do not Microsoft directors follow the criticism or opinions written here? If we had appreciated the opinions of the users, the windows mobile we used would be a more useful and more efficient device. The developers also applied this concept to the platform.
  • Everyone should stick to RS1 production/Release Preview for the foreseeable future. Everyone that can update from 8.1 or hack W10M RS1, should do that.
  • Huh?
  • Installed but not looking any better so far. Store still not finding any updates; calendar still not showing my outlook account diary. Not tested sms problems yet but still a lot to fix :-(
  • Store and calendar maybe aren't that intertwined with the OS.
  • I hope Cortana's availability will be extended to languages supported by Edge's reading aloud feature.
  • After 1/2 hr, and still...0% . Any guess...?
  • Just installed it without any problems om my lumia 950xl. Download and install was about 30 minutes. No freezes or strange things so far. Calender is showing items and my whatsapp beta got updated from store so i dont think store items are not updating.all live tiles and notifications are working accept for outlook mail.
  • Cortana seems fixed when using band 2. Keyboard lag not fixed. Edge rotate now working Battery drain still not fix Apps randomly crashing SD card still not decrypting from earlier version. Still sluggish, probably a bad app, shame non way of seeing. SD card to be scanned still not fixed, does it on each reboot Mail not showing all accounts, seems to be random. Reset app crashes app, so full install of App needed. Edge seems to see not allow entries into search bar from load up. Apn now fixed
    Data now showing cellular and wifi Sms not threading correctly from previous txt.
  • Have you tried a hard reset after doing a backup so you can do a restore? I did that a build or two ago when I had very bad battery life. Afer the hard reset and restore, my battery life was night and day better. I thing with all of the udpates, a hard reset every now and then may help.
  • Thanks for the hint! I thought a hard reset would only be worth it without restoration from backup. But now I know better.
  • Wow
  • I'm still wondering what happened with the 3D scanning app that accompanies Panit 3D and the 3D library.. :(
  • Battery drain is an issue at this very momebt. After downloading the new build the battery was 94%. After playing with the phone (lumia 950xl) for 30 minutes it went down to 42%. Anyone else facing this issue?
  • Yes.. Had this issues for 6 builds or so
  • Completely froze again. At least no random reboots yet
  • Seriously I don't know why you would want to be on the fast ring in mobile space right now. You get nothing new, just more unstable builds...... Production ring is the way to go.
  • Yeah my mistake to go on fastring it looked promising
  • I thought the scan for sd card got a new meter and you could reset apps now
  • It depends on what build you're on. I've been in far ring the whole time and these builds are bringing a lot of bug fixes and overall minor enhancements. Might not be as stable as production ring but it's better than the last one
  • I just wish they would fix the damn NO INTERNET problem. I have reported it a million times, and they say we made changes, but alas, still broke :(
  • Downloaded and now installing L950XL
  • Installed ok. All seems well so far.
  • Microsoft Edge has completely vanished from my phone! It's not in all apps and emails with links won't open and neither will links in Cortana. I now have a phone with no browser!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hard reset
  • Store
  • Downloading on my 950 XL and 1520
  • Can finally download additional languages again, so that's good
  • Installed without any issues, 650, US. Those worried about file size, after install, System is showing 2.54GB.
  • Thx
  • Yeah it's increasing, I don't think its removing old files correctly
  • Update on my lumia650 not showing I'm in the UK. It just says your phone is up to date
  • Change your region and language to US
  • Tried it but still no update showing
  • Exit and enter the insider fast again.
  • Tried it still no update
  • Send Dona Sarkar a tweet :)
  • I've tweeted her twice ,but no reply
  • Man, you've really tried everything =D
  • Where the VR features tho