Windows 10 Mobile build 15245 breaks fingerprint login on Elite x3 and IDOL 4 Pro

Insiders are reporting that with build 15245 for Windows 10 Mobile, the fingerprint readers on the HP Elite x3 and Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro are no longer functioning while the screen is off, rendering Windows Hello useless unless you power on the screen first.

As with most phones, fingerprint reader support in Windows 10 Mobile works whether the screen is on or off, allowing you to login via Windows Hello without having to power on the screen first. But in build 15245, it appears this function is broken, requiring you to power on the display before the fingerprint reader becomes active.

This is a pretty major bug, and our readers are reporting this issue is apparent on both the Elite x3 and IDOL 4 Pro, the only two Windows phones that rock a fingerprint reader on Windows 10 Mobile. Oops.

What's more, this bug isn't listed as a known issue on the Windows Blog. Perhaps that's because Microsoft has decided to stop providing a list of known issues now we're headed towards the end of Redstone 3 development, or maybe it's because Microsoft isn't testing their internal Mobile builds much anymore.

Regardless, are you hitting this bug? If so, we suggest you file feedback via the Windows Feedback app and let Microsoft know. The sooner this bug gets mended, the sooner Windows phone fingerprint readers will become useful again.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • ha well that what's happen sometime when your in the fast line
  • I was thinking the same thing
  • I was wondering how those with the Idol even noticed. Seems to me it didn't work much in the first place...
  • Life in the fast lane...guaranteed to brake your phone!  Don Henley!!!
  • Wow...fanpanzies don't have a sense of humor either!   crybabies!
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  •  Times -2!
  • I'll get more than you :)))) Even though you clearly speak the truth, fanboys continue to kiss MS @$$ and be guinea pigs for their failed mobile OS
  • mmgn,  NO WAY you get mor downvotes than me.  The little crybabies here can't handle the truth...and I speak the truth.  Even when I joke they cannot handle it...they are like little children who cannot handle people saying something to them.  They just throw tantrums all the time in their cribs(parents home).  
  • This is what happens when you have a Summer Intern maintaining Windows 10 mobile 
  • Well, give the guy some slack; he can't be the WP team, the marketing team, janitor, and Nutella's chauffeur and not mess up every now and then.
  • I know, Nadella could sack some more people. That would surely sort it all out. It's what he usually does to 'improve' things.
  • Most likely the only one left working on Windows 10 Mobile. Poor intern.
  •  Then he should stop releasing updates before Nadella figures out he still works there. 
  • Poor guy, how come he managed to stay for so long and not get fired?
  • Likely not testing builds anymore
  • The only one left in the office is Grommet. I can imagine him looking skywards (sorry, onewards...) and shaking his head right now.
  • Of course they are. That's what you/we insiders are for. 
  • Mines not broken on my Idol 4s. Edit: Ok I see now, when it's not on the lock screen it is broken, it won't open unless you're on that lock screen.
  • So Microsoft isn't testing the new Mobile builds on the only two models still for sale...? 🤔
  • Most lumias are still on sale
  • Really? Not by Microsoft.
  • They are not being produced.  There...that help make you figure it out?  being sold,  and being produced are two different things....I can still buy a motorola v60 too...that mean its still relevant and current?  or even supported?  Use your head!
  • WOOOO HOOOO more fanbaby truth downvotes...keep it up crybabies!
  • One could think not providing a list of known issues, and then this bug pops up, insiders can't judge correctly if build update is worth the risk, and stop updating to the next build. This incident could be a sign of a smart tactic to put off insiders to update and so the insiders group mobile initiative downsizes over time, causing windows 10 mobile to vanish into thin air silently due to lack of insider support. What a story that would be. (I hope not!).
  • You've just provided the actual plan :)) Of course MS is trying to get the remaining users off this failed mobile OS. They don't have the guts to come out and say it's over because...reasons.
  • Maybe that is a new security "feature" of the Feautre 2 branch?  Joke....
  • Just discovered that the camera on my 1520 no longer works. I get error code 0xA00F4250(0x80004003) when I try to take a picture.
  • Wow even though off topic, that is worse.  Sorry to hear that.
  • It is what it is. I have been putting some thought into getting an android phone anyway, this just pushes me a little closer.
  • A 3+ year old phone that isn't supported anymore? Yeah, might be time to move on
  • We're still Windows Mobile users. Moving on is not something we do.
  • Thats true. I've been here this long, I'll probaly start looking for an android phone and end up with an Elite X3 lol.
  • Who whizzed in your corn flakes? First off, there is no reason to be a jerk about it. I wasnt bashing the phone, or the software running on it. Secondly, It may be a 3+ year old phone, but, I bought a brand new 1520 literally 2 weeks before they announced that it would no longer be supported with updates. I know that moving it as far as I have with the fast ring could potentally cause unforseen issues, becasue the new software isnt designed for a 1520. I'm just saying that my camera stopped working and with the current state of W10M, that happening has pushed me slighty further into possibly switching.  
  • @Zac Bowden Pretty sure it was tried already, but even a hard reset is a no go on the FP reader working?...trying that now just in case it works.  
  • Obviously that did not work.  Gonna take look into the registry myself to see if I can get around this.  Thanks for the heads up Zac.
  • Has anyone tried WDRT to 15063, then going slow ring to fix it and hopefully get back on build before 245?
  • So bad! 😆
  • Microsoft just continues to endear itself to it's last few loyal users.
  • Evidently this does not impact all X3 device fingerprint readers. Mine still working fine with build 245 screen off or on.
    Have been on fast ring since the beginning.
  • That is interesting.  Wonder if you did something different to your setup or options somewhere... It could be difference in HW or drivers...What variant is yours?  AMS -- Americas (N. America etc) or maybe EMEA European (Germany etc)..? Or is it a Telstra Variant...?
  • HP must be wondering why they even bothered with the X3
  • Maybe but I'm glad they do bother.
  • I really don't know what was in their mind trusting Microshit...
  • Nah,  they knew this was happening,  Just decided to sucker people in and make a bit of cash.
  • Yep agreed
  • Honestly, I do not know if the remaining interns working as devs for this mobile OS even have a clue about any bugs...without a proper dedicated testing team and experienced developers you can't expect decent quality.
  • It is not that problematic for me since I am using a Lumia 950 XL and its iris-scanner also only works when the screen is on. I had a nice battery time so far, I observe it further, since it would be nice if the phone could save more energy while lying around. Of course, it could have been just a good day as there are too many variables that factor in.
  • My 640xl keeps freezing randomly when I try to open some apps, when i tap on the app's tile the animation will freeze for a few seconds then either the app open or I need to reboot... That's something I can't stand anymore even if this build was able to improve a bit the situation. I had the same problem on the stable builds, the "bug fix" in the insider channel helped less than I expected. Read this article made me think that W10M may be really at the end.
  • Insiders assumed risk
  • Insiders assumed Microsoft testing...while the real developement crew got fired....
  • I miss my windows phones.
    Currently using a galaxy s8+
    Beast of a phone but the tiles I miss daily.
  • I updated my 950 XL and I will give the retinal scan, but it never worked well enough to use, though that might be due to my Coke-bottle-thick lenses.  I was going to do my x3 in the morning but the fingerprint is so steady and become so integral I'm going to hold off unless a workaround emerges.
  • Fingerprint reader works fine on my x3 with 245. Zac is smoking crack again..
  • Can you power on the screen with the fingerprint?
  • Zac, you're still asking yourself if MS is testing internally this pathetic mobile OS or not?? Forgot Nutella fired all the dedicated testers? What do you think the insiders are for, if not free beta testers for Microsoon's failed projects?