Although there is a lot of Windows 10 for PC news these days with the big release last week, many are wondering when Windows 10 Mobile finally gets a new update. Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has taken to Twitter to give a quick update and it is good news and bad news.

Evidently, those on the Insider program are going to get a big jump from the current 10166 version to build 10240+, surpassing the desktop. However, before that happens, the team needs to fix a 'blocking bug' that is holding things up.

Blocking bugs means that something is severe enough to hold up the push to Insiders who are already used to risky build on the Fast Track.

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So how long? Luckily the wait should not be more than a few days. Even better are the prospects of getting a release newer than 10240. Aul notes on Twitter:

"It will be a few more days. We're moving to a new branch for Mobile and that takes a bit of prep. Newer than 10240."

Although Insiders have to wait until (hopefully) later in the week, the good news is that this release should be a massive increase in speed, stability, and feature completion. Needless to say, our phones are ready.

Source: Gabriel Aul 1, 2