Windows 10 Mobile support planned for Withings smartwatches and other products

Windows 10 Mobile will officially launch later in 2015, but some businesses are already revealing plans to support Microsoft's next mobile OS. One of them is France-based company Withings, but it may be a while before that support is actually launched.

In an interview with Trusted Reviews, Cedric Hutchings, the CEO and co-founder of Withings, stated that Windows 10 Mobile support for the company's Activité and Activité Pop smartwatches and its lineup of connected devices will be released "eventually". He stated:

"It's a question of resources, and that's an obvious answer, but sometimes people don't realise that developed on a's very easy and it's quick." He continues: "I can take the decision and say, and maybe in six months have a good app with Windows."

Hutchings added that Withings will have to offer solid support for Windows 10 Mobile after an app is released:

"The problem is you do it, then you're committed to the community. You need to have adequate competencies and resources in-house to then make it up and keep doing it," says the CEO. "You know, you're committed for life. Any features, product, development you're releasing should be on all platforms that you claim to support."

It sounds like Withings very much wants to support Windows 10 Mobile, but it also wants to make sure it can offer the same amount of support for the OS that it already has for iOS and Android.

Source: Trusted Reviews

John Callaham