Windows 10 PC build 14393.351 now rolling out to the general public

Microsoft has just released a new cumulative update for Windows 10 PC users. Labeled as cumulative update KB3197954, the release brings the build number up to 14393.351 and packs a number of improvements and fixes.

Build 14393.351 Update

Here's a look at what's fixed and improved, according to Microsoft's update tracker (opens in new tab):

  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, Start, File Explorer, action center, graphics, and the Windows kernel.
  • Addressed issue that was causing System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Console to crash in State view.
  • Addressed connectivity issue from a 32-bit application to a Remote Desktop Gateway that doesn't have HTTP tunneling enabled.
  • Addressed issue of updates not being restored when doing a system reset, even if those updates were permanently installed.
  • Addressed issue that was causing domain logon attempts to fail on a Windows 10 Pro device after upgrading from Windows 10 Home.
  • Addressed issue that was causing failed logon counts of non-admin users without network logon permissions to be counted as cumulative, resulting in devices going into BitLocker recovery more frequently.
  • Improved support for websites by updating the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list.
  • Improved support for IT administrators using Group Policy to block users updating the operating system from Windows Update.
  • Improved reliability and stability of the notification framework for enabling contextual notifications in File Explorer.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented System Center Configuration Manager from performing inventory uploads via Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) when Encrypting File System (EFS) has been disabled.
  • Addressed additional issues with USB, Wi-Fi, clustering, setup, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, licensing, PowerShell, Component Object Model (COM), Windows kernel, graphics, and Bluetooth.

This build has seen a quick move to production, as it was only just released to PC Insiders on the Slow and Release Preview rings this morning. At the moment, it looks as though the update is only hitting PC users, but we'll update if that changes.

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  • The update installation seems to get stuck at 'Upgrading Windows'. Give it a few minutes, it will resume the installation itself.
  • Got it on SP3 and SP4.  SP4 was slow to download and hung for a while before finally downloading and installing.  SP3 was smooth update.  Both came along with the Adobe Flash update.
  • On slow ring here, haven't received it
  • It doesn't show as a build update, it only shows as Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3197954).
  • On slow ring  last update is insider update 14931 on 10/10/16. Nothing else listed.
  • Is this safe with the download bug?!!! How to make sure it does not stuck at zero download?
  • The 0% download bug is only problematic on Windows Insider Fast Ring or Canary builds
  • and only on mobile also...
  • I thought it was Edge and not IE
  • IE and Edge are two separate browsers. IE is the legacy browser, Edge is the new one.
  • IE still exists.
  • that was fast. Hardly had time to test it. Release to public sounds like arush job. Fingers crossed.
  • 24 hrs on the Release ring seems plenty of time for at least a few of the many thousands of insider users to complain or data feedback on errors to come in. I don't think it's a rush job.
  • I found several bugs in 14955 that took a couple days to notice even on my daily driver. 24 is not enough.
  • build 14955 is only for Windows Insider Fast Ring
  • The larger the test group, the more reliable the outcomes will be. Testing time is an essential factor here. Testing and Research 101. I haven't received my slow ring update yet even though it has already been released to the public. It does sound like a rush job.  
  • Got this a couple hours ago on my SP3 without even having to check. Glad to see an article about it now so I know what it was lol.
  • Seems like it is stuck at 73% on my SP3
  • Better to get it via MS CATALOG :)
  • Maybe connectiong my Microsoft BT mouse won't shut down all the radios on my laptop anymore?  Never had that issue until upgrading to Windows 10.  I really hope this fixes that.
  • If it doesn't fix the problem you're having, when it happens next, run the Network Troubleshooter. Even if it can't fix the problem, diagnostic data about your issue will make it back to Microsoft for analysis. Also, you can use the Feedback Hub to report the issue and/or upvote other reports of the issue, which will also send some configuration info and diagnostics back to the appropriate development team.
  • Stuck at "Preparing to configure Windows Don't turn off your computer" for an hour
  • I have restarted my pc under this condition several times and the update continued fine.
  • 2 updates for the production build this month not bad at all
  • Install crashes on my PC
  • I am getting this update right now, all these bug fixes are wonderful. As Windows 10 needs to be polished further before getting any new features.
  • Showing 3.99TB in Windows Update Cleanup. Great Testing Microsoft.
  • Stuck at 90% -.-
  • May I hope that this release will fix the wi-fi and Bluetooth problems?
    Certainly not!
  • Installed the update but when it loads desktop some kind of issue is happening., Screen flashes blue and the shows desktop and just keeps repeating.
    Trying to open anything doesn't work - it's like desktop has a load error or something as I see the icons / taskbar load before bluescreen flash.
  • Got it ..... and no problems yet.
  • Need suggestion: I'm still using TH2 on my WORK - NOTEBOOK, is this build better than previous RS1 non insider builds??
  • TH2 is obsolete (but still supported if you really don't want to upgrade yet). RS1 is great, deployed all over my company and no complaints. But check with your IT folks to be sure they don't have any issues with company-specific software etc.
  • I'm not a professional yet ;). I asked about it because RS1 on my Lumia shows me a 'SLOW charging error( and charging of my phone at least in 5 hrs)' .
  • Hey OP. Why don't you check the facts before making statements. This build had already been out for over a week, when you decided to awaken from your hibernation and report on it. Here is a piece of advice. Just because it is new to you, does not mean that it is new to everyone.
  • Got it last night on my Surface 3 automatically. Woke up this morning to restart and update. Love that it's pretty seamless. No issues yet.
  • Got this running on my 950xl, but has now decided that everything is to be displayed in landscape, hope for a new build soon
  • I'm still waiting on my Lumia, PC and SP2 has updated last week dang!