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7 things we want to see in Windows 10 Redstone 3

Now that the Windows 10 Creators Update (Redstone 2) is old news, we're beginning to turn our attention to Redstone 3, Microsoft's next-next major update to Windows 10 coming in the fall of this year. We know basically nothing about it at this point, apart from the fact that it'll probably house a number of delayed features that were supposed to show up in the Creators Update, like MyPeople.

So without further ado, this is our wish list for Windows 10 Redstone 3.


This is an obvious one, but only because Microsoft announced it as a feature for the Creators Update, but had to push it back at the last minute. MyPeople was, in my opinion, the most exciting "for everyone" thing that was supposed to arrive with the Creators Update, so I'd definitely like to see it show up in Redstone 3. Perhaps it'll be able to hook into third-party services too?

Project NEON

Another super obvious one, but I'd like to start seeing more Project NEON elements being used system-wide with Redstone 3. We've seen the concept shots, NEON looks good, and I can't wait to start seeing that show up in my taskbar, Start Menu and more. Will that all arrive in Redstone 3? We can only hope, although I think Microsoft may be planning to wait for CShell before any major redesigns to system elements takes place.

CShell (Mobile)

Speaking of CShell, I'm hoping we'll see CShell show up for Mobile with Redstone 3. This will bring a familiar desktop experience to Continuum, as well as improve upon the phone experience itself by introducing more similarities between the Start experience on desktop and the Start experience on phone. It's unclear if CShell will be available to existing handsets or new ones, however. We'll have to wait and see.

Landscape mode (Mobile)

Lumia 950 XL

Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

I'd like Microsoft to finally add some kind of landscape mode to the Start Screen, as this is probably one of the most requested features from Insiders. It'll be incredibly beneficial on bigger devices like the HP Elite x3 or Lumia 950 XL, where using your phone in landscape mode makes sense. Perhaps with CShell, this is something they'll consider implementing, finally.

Better feature parity between Mobile and Desktop

The fact that Night Light isn't part of the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update really grinds my gears, but only because this is supposed to be "One Windows". It's incredibly frustrating when features show up on desktop but not on Mobile, and Night Light was one of those features that just make sense coming to Mobile. I'd like to see more feature parity between Mobile and Desktop with Redstone 3, and they can start by bringing Night Light to Mobile users.

Floating Cortana

This is a feature that was rumored to be in the works for Redstone 2, but didn't make the cut. Microsoft looked at making Cortana more contextual, for example when in an Office document, Cortana could float up on screen and offer you images, excerpts from other documents and more without you needing to open File Explorer and digging for what you need. A smarter Cortana would be an excellent edition for Redstone 3.

Smarter notifications

If you're using the same UWP device on both Mobile and Desktop, you'll get double notifications on your desktop — one from the app on your PC and another synced from that same app on your phone. It's annoying, and while it's something you can tweak via Cortana, I'd like notifications to automatically know if they should sync to avoid this, and display only on the device I'm using at that time.

What's your wish list?

What are you hoping to see show up in Windows 10 Redstone 3? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I want to see a revamp of notifications syncing. The notifications from my phone should not be grouped under my phone but should be grouped under their respective app. This will allow us to configure banners and sound settings etc. on per app rather than the entire phone. I have to disable banners for all notifications from my phone just because of this issue. Also, where is universal dismiss? It really never worked for me.
  • Maybe I'm not quite understanding what you're refering to but you can already edit notofications on the app level. In the notifications&actions section, when you scroll to the apps list and select an app it allows you to edit in there.
  • I think they are referring to the notifications which get synced to your pc via your phone. I believe those all show up under a Phone heading rather than under specific app...
  • Exactly
  • They show like that only if you don't have same app on PC. If you have an app only on mobile, you get notification as my phone. If you have same UWP app installed on both mobile and PC, than notifications shows separated. When you tap or click on that notification, on PC or mobile, it disappears on other device.
  • but that is partly the point. I don't have Skype for Business on my personal PC yet because it is on my Phone I still get the notifications on my PC. was frustrating when it first started happening, and if you click the notification it takes you the Store to install the app. Needs cleaned up!
  • For example, I have telegram installed on my phone. It's an 8.1 app for 10. So my PC, which has the 32 bit version installed, gets windows mobile notifications from telegram, but if you click on them, it takes you to the store page and declared that the app is mobile-only. It's infuriating. Readit is the pinnacle of UWP apps, being able to pick up your phone and launch the link to your PC, or answer universal notifications anywhere. It's also scalable.
  • MyPeople is a flawed idea. To start with, on pocketable devices there is no task bar.
  • Pocketable devices with Windows don't sell anyway. 400 million PC users would like to enjoy this feature though. Not to mention that it Microsoft finally implemented actionable live tiles those could be used for that purpose on Mobile. And there are different ideas from other systems, like chat heads on Android.
  • 400 million,. how can you be so sure? it sounds like it will be useful to a moniority, just like Cortan is and a floating cortana?? oh good grief. i killed Cortana as it is, it would annoy me if it popped up when i am doing something.  Tiles are another useless feature on a desktop, it was bad enough on Windows 8 anmd now MS moved them to a start menu, get rid of til,es and go back tot he old style menu./  
  • Agree, I turned off Cortana as step one. After that I removed all the tiles from the start menu. I would like them to allow me to set what browser launches with start menu searches. I use edgedeflector to circumvent edge right now. I shouldn't have to though. Let me delete edge too... And all the built in stuff I don't want, without having to PowerShell all the crap out of my system... Looking the you groove music(aka zune)
  • Wow, would be easier to just go back to XP.
  • Or 3.1 😉
  • Just because we do not like the spy crap and the cloud vision of MS?  
  • This is the problem, why should we have to use powershell to get rid of stuff we do nto need because Ms do not make it easier? The Creator update will add stuff i will never use, whihc is fine, but allow us to uninstall it, allow us to have a choice. the same with Cortana, don't just let us think it is disiabled when it is still running int he background, it need to be disbaled correctly.
    I know the MS fanboys will vote this down, but they seem to just go with what Ms does and got no mind of their own,  if people want to use cortana, or Edge or other apps then fine, i have no problem with that, but just give us that chjoice of uninstalling them. 
    The same with Cortana, if we do use it then allow us to use the search engin we want, i know people will come sout with you do not get a choice on Androlid, but that is a phone OS and even so it does annoy me that the google search bar is on the home screen of my phone and unless I use another launcher I can not get rid of it.  The difference here is that it is a phone not a computer, I know what I am getting when I buy a Android based phone and it is my choice, i could go for an IPhone, but I am not fond of them or I could go for a normal non-smart phone, it will still do the basic stuff I use a phone for. 
    Computers are different, what choice do we really have in the computer Os market? Yes we can go for Apple, i like Macs, I think they are nicenmachiens with a nice OS, but they are expeanisvive and pretty limited and also Apple got as much control over them as what Ms wants over Windows and I also got the same complaints, Siri can not be disabled, too much intergration. Linux is a great OS, choice of desktop and distros, i use Mint on a second hard drive and on my laptop  and I love it, but the software is not there, sure for basic browsing, office stuff, maybe a bit pf basic photo eiditng and video editing it is fine, but the software is not as poilished or powerfvul as Windows based software, if it was i would have dumped windows a log time ago. So we are left with Windows, but Ms is taking windows in the wrong direction, they seem to want more info off us, want us to use the cloud more and have more control over the OS, some of us do not want that and yet when we disable things that is wrong and get comments like should have stayed with XP, but if we did that then we would be moaned at for doing that.  I installed the creator edition on my machine at the moment just to have a nose, it seems faster and more resposive than other versions of 10, I always thought 10 was les repsonsive than Windows 8.1 to be honest. but it does undo some of the security stuff I have changed, like I disabled cortana well and trully and now it is back. My problem is I do not like Windows 10, i do not like the syping, I do not like the Os as a service thing that Ms is chucking at us.. In other words we will do what we want and keep updating. 
    But I need to update my computer hardware wise and MS have said that Windows 8.1 and below will not be supported on the newer processors, so I either have to stick with Windows 10 or just not bother to update the computer. Oh yes, I use start is back as the menu, no windows 10 menu then and it is cheap enough to buy.  
  • I'm tired of explaining why some apps are uninstallable for a reason. Educate yourself but hint - it's not don't to annoy you.
  • i have done searches for why some apps can not be uninstalled and come up with very little, I did get a lot of how to uninstall the apps Ms do not want you to uninstall. i do not see the point in not allowingf us to uninstall the apps we are not going top use, like Groove music, i have no interest in using this, I have spotify for music and if  i do play anything I have stored on the hard drive i will not use groove music. Onenote, again i have no interest, so again why not just allow me to get rid of it? films and Tv, I will never use, messenger what ever it does I will not use either, connect will not even work on my machine and yet I can not get rid of it. 
    something called mixed reality portal, no idea what it is and i do not it, but Ms seems to think it should stay on my computer.  Paint3d, photos, people Xbox and others I do not need them. i do not even have an Xbox. i could understand a few years back when MS made the excuse that we could not get rid of IE because it was intergrated into the Os, but they do not even have that excuse now.    
  • They could integrate it in other places.
  • The new share function kind of do the trick for phones. So, no need to have People implemented on the taskbar for Mobile.
  • It looks like a redux of the People Hub we had back with WP7, and which lost 3rd party app coordination with WP8 and W10m. I have missed it ever since.
  • Exactly.
  • I've been wanting them to reorganize how windows 10 mobile is laid out. A couple changes could help to realign mobile and pc. For example, swipe to the right could bring up the notification and action center, just like it is on pc. Float the Taskbar at the top (or bottom which I think might actually be better.), there you could have Cortana sitting ready for use, most common people and the ability to scroll for more, etc. Imagine jumping into an app and the Taskbar disappearing. Then, you are at a website you want to share, swipe from the bottom or top to pull the Taskbar up (just like you do for pc with full screen apps) and click a person, click share website via your favorite app, whoosh, keep on surfing. So slick. And much more consistent.
  • Windows capture 3D experience is the one that I recommend for the redstone 3 update.
  • Yep, we saw it demo'd let's get it in our hands for real.
  • New Lockscreen, New tab UI for edge
  • More personalization for Mobile, please. Just invent something.. XD
  • MyPeople needs Skype for Business/Office365 integration Agree 100% about Cortana.  She needs more space and customization options. Need desktop tiles – even large ones – Cortana is a perfect example of a large tile on the desktop.  So it weather.  So is email, etc.  Think of them as square widgets that open an app. Reimagine the start menu.  It’s not great Reimagine the systray.  It’s not great on touch. Want a slide-from-left and slide-from-right peek action. Meaning, when I slide in and don’t pick up my thumb, I should be able to slide back out.
  • Definitely fix the Start Menu. The ABC crap makes the menu 10 times longer. I know Word starts with a "W". Because of the ABC's I have to scroll and scroll and scroll. I have too many programs to create tiles and making desktop icons is a bad fix. I might as well go back to Win 7.
  • You can click the header of each letter (the letter itself) to bring up an alphabet list, then click "W" to jump to that section. Just like on Mobile.
  • Thank you
  • I just start typing in the start menu. WO.. and click on Word. Make Live Tiles on the Desktop optional. I have a super clean desktop - SUPER clean - and would like to see a huge Cortana tile and a few others. What's the point of a LIVE tile if it is buried in the start menu.
  • The alphabet section heading concept is to enable you hot-link to the apps with names starting with any letter or number - very fast and intuitive when you know it's there.
  • Click on a letter. Click W. Done.
  • Night light for phones. More features need to sync between mobile and pc.
  • Microsoft Arrow launcher for Android as a Windows launcher with tiles, to replace current Start screen.
  • I want this so badly
  • Me too
  • Me too...wish for the same
  • SquareHome is another launcher that is exactly as you describe. 
  • Me too
  • I'd like an Office/Document Hub on toolbar and Edge needs 'frequent' on jump list.
  • Agree with the Edge suggestion. Long overdue.
  • How about faster installation of updates. It's beyond ridiculous that a windows update takes longer to install than a clean install of Windows 10. That includes store apps which don't even show the size of the download of the apps it's updating.
  • 30mins isn't bad (from "update and restart" to "enter your pin/password"). And I have a pretty old PhenomII CPU.
  • Why do we have Cortana as an assistant and then something next to it a lot more abstract, which is serving us notifications, Action Center?
  • Great point (why the downvotes?) for desktop certainly. Cortana should notify me of everything, she's my assistant. She could use differing sound alerts or text colours or tones of voice to express the type and urgency of the notification. It would solve the tiresome repetition of dismissal on my (far too many) devices.
    Yes, I could become henpecked by her chirruping every time candycrush gets reinstalled after I’ve deleted it but I’d like to think I could adjust the level of notifications from her globally - from one device for all. (option to ex/include this/all/specific devices)
  • Lots and lots and LOTS of us don't have Cortana yet, and judging by their implantation rate we won't get it in another 50 years... So no, Cortana can't replace anything.
  • Any commitment to mobile would be a nice change from the last 18 months of garbage. Maybe we could even get a new phone for a change!
  • Swipe capability on full Windows touch keyboard. For Cortana to recognize that I'm talking to my Xbox, not my PC, and vise versa.    
  • **** I accidenty reported this thread when I meant to vote up. How do you unreport  
  • I can't understand why they can't give us the swipe functionality on the desktop version for the on screen keyboard. I don't use a keyboard with my Surface 3 and the lack of swiping makes it so slow to type stuff out with compared to the keyboards on Android. They have this functionality on mobile and even bought up SwiftKey not too long ago, so there's real excuse to not have it.
  • Xbox streaming and desktop app streaming of any app from cloud servers or an online win 10 pc.
  • 1. Cortana to all
    2. "tap to pay", decent wallet app to all
    3. Landscape mode for startscreen
    4. Night mode for tired eyes
    5. Better notification center, notes keep dropping as time goes by---> soft reset
    6. Edge improvements, still behind Chrome
    7. More consumer based future features, not only enterprise push
    8.More "remote apps", got LG app for Tv, works great
    9. Equalizer in notification center
    10. Battery livetile with percentage left, more information, great to pin from settings
  • 6. Edge improvements, still behind Chrome   Will always be dude, we only want that Edge works well, for me this is enought.
  • Im agree with 2, 9 & 10.
  • What do you mean by 1.? My region is set to Finland. In search settings, I have the option to choose Cortana language to enable "her". My phone language is set to US though (since that's what I'm used to).
    My point is, at least for me, Cortana is enabled. It's not localized but it's there with "hey Cortana" and all that
  • Of corse, Im not born yesterday. I mean my own setting language and region and all the nice features, compability. Im not looking at a basic version and I give a **** about sports in USA. You know what I mean now don't you👍
  • Lucky you. My 950XL here in Denmark can't enable Corrina unless EVERYTHING is set to US. And yes, I've been through all walkthroughs I could find, including a few hard resets. No dice.
  • On mobile: Mirrorlink support so we can use the maps app on recent cars' stereos; The ability to run overlay apps; Dual window mode.
  • Picture lock for phones
  • I want search from start as great as windows 7.
  • All i want is split screen multitasking on phones 5.5 in and higher, UPDATED facebook and messenger apps, the same word flow keyboard on pc and mobile and more reliable notifications
  • Duel boot option to andriod
  • Hey!
    -Windows defender for mobile will be great 😊
  • Ur right
  • For what? Mobile don't have viruses
  • I want to see an option for the stock apps to have an option to choose a colour for the tiles ,instead of using the transparent or system colour
  • nr1:
    I want native file preview capability for creative files. its there for .npg .jpg but nog for .gif .psd .ai .eps and so on. This should have actually be in the creators update in my opinion.  Apple had fugured out a way to support a beautiful small and fullscreen preview of these file types in the finder. They may have licenced some to make it work. Mircosoft should do the same.  nr2:
    Colomn view in windows file explorer. 
    The overal design design of windows file explorer could use an (neon) update to. 
  • Hopefully the actual Redstone 3 will have more than the 7 useless things mentioned here. When I work on the computer I work with files, not people. I need a better/easier file management and organization system, rather than a people management system.
  • I tend to agree. I miss the functionality of WM6. It was much more business or work oriented, as I see it. Would really like to see a stylus included, with handwriting recognition. Perhaps like PalmOS. Some of us have big fingers and the skinny keyboard buttons are cumbersome.  How about sync capability to the desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint?  AND, add that to the Windows Phone app for MAC.
  • How about on Xbox you can give people "nicknames" so I can say hey cortana is Max online rather than cortana guessing their gamertag.
  • I would like a feature that a program called AllSnap had on Windows 7, Magnetic Snapping.*dj0xNjp-KntTSmTKpP5VkA.gif
  • Multiple "desktops" (start screens) - like on the PC ...
  • I would like a feature that a program called AllSnap had on Windows 7, Magnetic Snapping.*dj0xNjp-KntTSmTKpP5VkA.gif   Of course, it would be optional to turn off.
  • Floating Cortana is an amazing idea :)
  • More floating apps in general would be great on a desktop setting.  I always have Hangout bubbles open in the side just like a Chromebook.  It is the best of both worlds!  The app takes next to no space, but is always up front and available for use/notifications.
  • I'd like Cortana to take over. Just becoming one with Windows. She can take care of everything and be everywhere. E.g. Action centre, translate, etc. Make sure she's everywhere, well, she can be with Bing too!
  • I want to see transpartent notification bar on windows mobile  
  • Exactly!
  • I hope they won't leave Lumia 950 & 950 XL users behind with the CShell.
  • I'm pretty sure they'll leave us behind. It's probably going to require a Snapdragon 835 or better.
  • I don't exactly see what would they achieve by making it available for literally no devices as latest snapdragon in w10m is the 820 but i am afraid you are right.
  • Interactive live
  • Game Changer!
  • Me personally I'd like the ability to load Android apps. It's my phone so give me the freedom to install them. If I install a rouge app or one with a virus then it's on me and I'd suffer the consequences.
  • I think that has more to do with Google than Microsoft, why don't you go ask them?
  • ability to pin-to-start any file or folder in File Explorer (Mobile)
  • Nice idea.
  • Id like Cortana to know I'm on holiday and stop work reminders, time to leave etc.
  • Cortana available to all markets. Even with limited functionality, it would be great to be able to use features like let's say Quiet Hours without having to set my location to another country...
  • You no longer have to. I have my language as US but my region is my home country and Cortana does Quiet Hours just fine. Wish she did the "time to work" reminder that way as well, though, that was neat.
  • Yes, but I would like to set the language to my own as well....
  • Not working on my Danish 950XL; only with EVERYTHING set to US.
  • There is not even Bing for all markets, how could Cortana work without Bing?
  • Side-by-Side (well, top and bottom) UWP apps like on Android N Float video player like on Android O Night Light Improve Bluetooth support, including finally fix the audio shutter issue on any CPU activity Android Auto support for car integration (its open source, just add it.. output Continium to start with. ​
  • I was really excited for MyPeople. I hope this lives up to the promise. I would love to not have to think about who I need to message on which platform. Night Light on Mobile would be great as well. I currently try not to be on the computer within two hours of bed, but I don't have that same rule for phone. And lastly, smarter notification sync needs to happen. When I first heard there was notification sync between Mobile and other Windows 10 devices, I assumed I would be able to clear a notification from an app on one device and it wouldn't be there when I turned on another device with the same app later. Nope, I just get notifications twice on the desktop - one from the app, one from the phone - plus on my phone. Sure it means I don't have to look at my phone for all notifications, but now there's more on each of my 4 Windows 10 devices.
  • Troubleshooting for every problem in mobile......
  • What I want to see in Win10 Redstone3: (after waitung more than 2 years now):  Placeholder icons in file explorer for OneDrive files being online only.
  • I want Microsoft to push far-field microphone and Cortana.  (Right now, when we as