Windows 10 Review Roundup: What do others think about Microsoft's next OS?

Unless you haven't had an Internet connection for the past 24 hours or so, you should know that Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is now rolling out worldwide to lots of Windows 7 and 8.1 PC owners. We have posted our own massive review of the operating system, but what do other media outlets think about Microsoft's latest release?

Here's a sampling of review excepts from other major websites. Spoiler alert: Overall every review we have seen likes Windows 10, but as always there are some complaints

The Verge

"Windows 10 is hugely exciting. I rarely touch my MacBook Air anymore as I find the combination of some good hardware (like the Dell XPS 13) and Windows 10 is a joy to use. I like the direction Microsoft is taking with Windows 10, accepting feedback and ideas from its customers along the way. It feels like the best way to shape Windows into something people enjoy using, rather than something they have to use."

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"It's nice, for once, to be able to recommend a new version of Windows without any hesitation. If you've got a Windows 7 or 8 machine, there's no reason not to take advantage of Microsoft's free upgrade offer. And if, for some reason, you have a machine that's older than Windows 7, Windows 10 is good enough to justify getting a new computer."

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"So what's our verdict? Download it, definitely. Not only is it free to the vast majority of customers, it's a sizeable improvement over both of Microsoft's prior operating systems. Microsoft, to its very great credit, has assumed a corporate persona of humility and responsiveness that it's previously lacked. If there are problems—and there are—we have every confidence they'll be fixed."

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"Windows 10 will finally give the great majority of PC users, who still use Windows 7, a familiar but improved upgrade. However, by making that upgrade free, Microsoft may be dampening, not boosting, the market for new PCs, at least in the short run. I regard Windows 10 as a solid, evolutionary operating system that's likely to be a good bet for people who like Windows. But don't upgrade until more of the bugs have been worked out."

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"I like Windows 10 a lot more than I liked Windows 8 or 8.1. But I'm still not entirely sold on putting it on my main desktop PC -- a 22-inch Dell Optiplex that doesn't support touch."

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Wall Street Journal

"It's worth the upgrade from Windows 8 for these repairs alone. You should also get Windows 10 if, like me, you still use Windows 7 on your primary computer. You'll love its new search. It can do some things other operating systems can't, like identify your face instead of making you type passwords. It will talk back when you call out, 'Hey, Cortana,' to summon Microsoft's fledgling virtual assistant."

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"Windows 10 is well worth a download. It's free, and it's much better than what you're using now. And if you don't love it, Microsoft wants to know so it can make Windows 10 better for you soon."

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New York Times

"Combine the early bugs with the spottiness of Cortana and the fact that third-party app developers are still updating their Windows apps for Windows 10, and the operating system still has a little ways to go before it becomes a solid all-around upgrade. But the improvements to security, along with the familiar user interface, should be reasons to grab this upgrade sooner than later (especially if you're on Windows 7 and lacking up-to-date security tools)."

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"Windows 10 offers a number of key improvements over both Windows 7 and 8. With faster boot and wake times, Cortana's helpful cards, better snapping, and the ability to switch between touch and mouse-friendly UIs at will, the new operating system provides plenty of reasons to upgrade. As happens with any major OS update, there's a small risk of problems, particularly at launch time. Mainstream and novice users may want to wait until a week or two after launch for the dust to settle and driver problems to be resolved. Whether you plan to upgrade right away or not, we highly recommend that you switch to Windows 10 in the near future, because you will be rewarded with the best Windows experience ever."

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"What we have, at present, is a fast, functional OS that that is equally at home on a beefy gaming rig as it is on a Surface tablet. It does everything you expect it to, and bakes in all of the improvements Windows 8 brought to bear. Both Cortana and Edge have a long road ahead of them before they'll supplant Google's vicelike grip on my digital life, but the novelty of dictating emails and requests to my PC is not lost on me. And then there's the price: free, for those upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8."

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"Windows 10 is an OS with a bright future and even if it's not absolutely perfect today, it's new features make a compelling argument for you to upgrade. Microsoft has rectified most of the issues of the past and brought the desktop back to the future with Live Tiles, Cortana, Action Center, a new browser and a theme that the user can easily customize. And it's only going to get better."

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"My experiences with Windows 10 have been nothing but positive, minus a few bugs which is to be expected with all software these days. The desktop experience is everything I've been hoping for since the debut of Windows 8.1, and the tablet experience, whilst a little tricky to get used to, is a great addition for tablet users."

Check out WinBeta's full review

As you can see, there is a lot of great things being said about Microsoft's latest offering. Is it perfect? No. We don't expect it to be, but it's only going to get better from here.

  • Pretty cool to read resounding positive reviews. Nice breath of fresh air for those of us who have been defending Windows through it's years in Windows 8.
  • I think its a bomb OS ... I did not get a chance to play much but today evening my date with my PC
  • Through Windows 8?  I think you're misremembering things.  This is the first time since Windows 2000, maybe, that a Windows OS has gotten this kind of a positive feedback.  Windows XP was trashed when it came out and, really, wasn't very good until SP2.  Vista was kind of a turd because of outside factors and some major security flaws that needed addressed, breaking tons of software in the process.  Windows 7 benefited from that but, at launch, still garnered the typical "Unless you buy a new PC or are running Vista you should wait until SP1 to upgrade."  I can't remember Windows getting nearly universal agreement that you should upgrade on the release date.  It's really, really impressive.  And I am very happy Nadala is leading Microsoft going forward.  It's what they needed for a very long time.  
  • I think his comment is stating more that we no longer have to defend MS like we did all the way through the lifetime, especially the 8.x days.
  • Good job on desktop. Mobile, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, sadly.
  • Yeah the tablet mode is an absolute pile of poo! Smart files no longer exist or work like they did in Windows 8.1. Fortunately I've only upgraded the few Windows 7 PCs. I've left all the others with Windows 8.1
  • The proof is in the pudding as they would say.  If these statments and comments are as glowing a month of two from now then that will impress me.  However, this is certainly better than the negative reviews against Windows 8.  Which I must admit I love 8.1!
  • Only thing I didn't get on with Windows 8 was the new full screen start menu on my laptop. Its great on my Surface but had to install startisback. Windows 10 is just right!
  • The problem with us Windows freaks is that we never see Microsoft in their current state, we are always looking at the Microsoft 1,2,3+ years from now.... and this is what we saw during Windows 8, but the average person didnt.... And right now while people are drooling over Windows 10, we are looking at Windows Holographic, Universal applications, Windows mobile continum, and upcoming flagship hardware (lumia, surface, surface phone), Cortana + Azure, and the evolution of Windows
  • True words my friends
  • @Leon Scott True observation. We definitely see the present as a piece to a larger puzzle. :-)
  • True! We here are always looking on what's ahead and the potential of things. I'm already looking forward for Threshold 2 lol
  • +930
  • I've held off the upgrade. Windows 10 looks and feels like a turd compared to Windows 8.1. Too many missing features or features which are broken.
  • Other than DVD playback, what features are missing that are in 8.1?
  • OneDrive Placeholders are a big one, but Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition nullifies that.
  • I have heard about OneDrive Placeholders actually, but not quite sure what it is? Well, I'm sure I probably do know what it is but just don't know that it's called Placeholders.
  • The place holders let you see all your files and meta data that you have on your onedrive when you browse to your onedrive foder in explorer. The files you see there are not actually there. When you open a file from your onedrive folder it will then download the file to your computer and present you the fie. You could also manually change the state of files or foders to offline witch means it will synchronize the data with onedrive. In Windows 10 you can only have the option to synchronize a folder. If you want to see your files you have to go to the onedrive site or use an app to see what files you actually have there. I hope my exlination helped AgentSplurge
  • Yeah, that explanation was perfect thank you :)   So what would happen if you were on a tablet with very little storage? I have a Surface RT on 8.1 and only have 32gb model, so with all my apps installed (and no card inserted) there's no way I'd fit my whole OneDrive on there. So I only have a few files sync'd for offline usage, everything else is just placeholders. How would Windows 10 manage on a device like that?
  • I think the same mate!!its been hard to defend win8
  • I am with you on that one, I feel  your relief
  • LOL. Re/Code should be renamed Re/Tard. They are the biggest idiots on the web.
  • I'll stick with apple and sony
  • Good stuff all around.
  • Exactly... Totally different attitude from the media than with W8... This is awesome to see.
    Now, we just need to same reviews for mobile.
  • I doubt that will happen. No many said anything bad about the OS. The complaints are all about the apps.
  • Wow, had to do a double take and make sure I wasn't daydreaming. . .havn't seen this much positivity since the last apple launch day. . .
  • So so true :)
  • Lol! Same here man!
  • Exactly.. MS just changed their image over night.
  • Na, it's taken them a long time to make Windows 10 as good as it is! But it does seem it became 'officially' good over night.
  • The BIG difference between an Apple release and this is that Apple completely controls the hardware universe their software runs on which makes the problem of upgrading infinitely easier.  There is no problem for Apple with device drivers.  A Windows update, on the other hand, is about 10,000 times more difficult since Microsoft must take into consideration all the different hardware forms, products, devices and peripherals it should support.  Plus, Apple hasn't introduced anything radical since the iPhone - a looooooooong time ago.  Kudos to MS.
  • If Cnet...the lover of Google's services and Apple's hardware, is saying good things, you know something is going well
  • True. Cnet is biggest anti-MS tech website. I hate cnet. But thay are also praising MS. :)
  • Cnet is turning around for some months. You can see it. They cover a lot more positive articles lately.
  • The Verge giving windows the thumbs up? Wow! it must be good.
  • The Verge gave the same score to Windows 10 as to Windows 8
  • I still wouldn't put much into their review. While Tom wrote that review, it still is not as glowing as the OSX Yosemite Sam review. They consistently give anything Apple better "Ecosystem" ratings than anything Windows, and in their definition it is to mean that there is more software, more add on devices, etc. How can OSX get a higher rating when it has far, far fewer apps (and we know from iOS vs. WP that the # of apps is the only standard you can compare), and every single device is developed first and foremost for Windows (OK, there are more tacky cases for iPhones than for desktop computers, because the iPhone is so beautiful that you want to encase it in 3 inch thick rubber so that nothing damages it). You can't buy any graphics card off the shelf and put it into a Mac Pro, but you sure can in a Windows desktop. And OSX performs better than Windows? We have seen comparisons where benchmarks show that they run faster on Windows than OSX. And finally features - isn't it odd that people constantly complain about how Windows is bloated because of all the features, but then give the two OSes the same score. At least they gave the nod to Windows in the design department. But with El Captian Crunch they will need to give it a 10, because Windows can't be designed better than an Apple product, that is not allowed.  
  • This is great, of course, but in my opinion the real success will be in the store. Will it attract new apps/developers. That is the key. The more apps, the better the ecosystem. It is all about using these apps on all different devices
  • I'm agree with you! The OS is awesome but the real deal comes for the store. The coming weeks will reveal if developers from iOS and Android can give love for Windows 10. Pumps up!!!
  • Which to me is just sad and crazy, coz desktop programs do way more than touch based apps. And when you have a nice big monitor, our even a laptop screen then going to a website gives you the full experience over an app (not sure why people are excited about new Twitter app, or wanting a new Facebook app). For mobile yes, an app is good with limited screen space, but why dumb down to an iOS or Android level?
  • Yeah, I think maybe Microsoft needs to figure out a way to convince users (and convince companies and developers to convince users) that apps can be preferable to websites. There might be a case to be made that browsers are bloated resource hogs, and probably the number one vector for viruses and malware. Apps could be less resource intensive and more secure. Just a thought.
  • People prefer apps over sites because of integration with an OS. From simple push notification to contacts and calendar synchronization.
    I am working on porting my WP8.1 app to W10 desktop, so more of our website visitors could experience convenience of universal platform and, I hope, jump to W10 mobile this fall.
  • Cool, what is the name of your app? What does it do?
  • I'm in between with apps vs browser. For apps like Sky scanner and Right move the apps are amazing, much better than browser. For Facebook, Twitter, loads more I wonder why do I need an app for that when the browser is just as good/better.
  • Like Nekroido said, it's the integration of push notifications that can make a lot of apps desirable over using a browser. A banking app that can alert you when your balance drops too low is nice.  With the new W10 Universal app capabiilites of being able to scale to the screen size, it can do much like the touch Office apps and give a desktop style experience when on a desktop. Running it in a window will make you wonder if you're running an app or a desktop program.  
  • Last night I went to Best Buy to pick up a webcam (hello, Windows Hello....) and they have a LOT of space devoted to Windows machines. It was very refreshing.
  • FYI all windows kiosk and stores are offering free techsupport for people that might need help with their upgrade.
  • Lookimg forward to upgrading! Posted via Galaxy Tab 4
  • Wow... :D :D
  • It is very nice to hear nice reviews for a change and something we haven't heard in sometime. They have done something which I wouldn't of thought would be possible with making this OS feel so good and for free which was an unexpected surprise when they first announced the promotion.
  • Fix tablet mode!!!
  • whats wrong with it ? I also have surface I dinn run into issues
  • I think tablet mode works great! The transition unplugging the keyboard it's just perfect!!!
  • Tablet mode is working just fine on my Omni 10. 
  • Tablet mode sucks. For one I can no longer user flicks to navigate in IE or edge. Also try changing backgound picture in tablet more, after hitting browse it opens file explorer which is suitable to use with a mouse not with your fingers on a touchscreen.
  • Let's hope they fix it. It's absolute shite compared to Windows 8.1
  • Indeed, Windows 8.1 is the best tablet OS ever made, by far. Let's hope Microsoft improves Windows 10's tablet mode to surprass Windows 8.1. I really liked the swipe gesture sin Windows 8.1 (Charms, for sure, but especially swipe in from left to cycle through open apps).
  • On my Transformer Book Flip, it does just run fine, too. Maybe it's a hardware defect.
  • Even Mossberg was semi-positive, although he found more opportunities to talk about Mac OS than any other review I've read today, but that comes as no surprise. I would have left the following comment on his review if I'd even want to have an account on that website: "Yes Walt, Windows 8/8.1 only got about 16 percent of the overall PC marketplace, but that is still several times more than all versions of your precious Mac OS combined. And as to your problems with Cortana, perhaps they occur because she is smart enough to not like you. ​  
  • Loled so much at that intended comment.
  • Your comment was fun to read :D 
  • Hopefully positive remarks from the tech community is the first step in making developers want to bring their apps over!
  • It's great to see positive reviews. I'll wait until more bugs have been squashed before I update tho
  • This is such a nice breath of fresh air after trying to defend Windows 8/8.1. All Microsoft fans like us can now just sit back, relax, and stfu. Because yeah, people don't need us anymore to realize how amazing Windows 10 is.
  • I'm diggin W10.  Been using the Insider builds for a couple of months now, and it makes my 6 year old laptop handle like a new machine.   It's fast.  There are a few things that need to be impoved like Edge and inconsistencies in the UI, but overall a good upgrade.  I'll wait for a while before I install it on my primary laptop however.
  • Must have crossed into a parallel dimension somewhere on the motorway.... I don't think I will I want to go back lol.
  • Lol! This^
  • My 70 year old parents (not known for liking change) needed repairs to their WIndows 7 PC. While I had it we gave them one of our spare laptops running 10 insider. After 3 days they got their PC back and didn't want 7 back and asked for WIndows 10.
  • Haha awesome
  • That's really cool. And a very positive sign of the effort Microsoft has put into Windows 10.
  • Mashable has a really nice vsual "summary" of what various outlets think of Windows 10 (link: The only "thumbs down" is from Re/code, and it's not a "we dislike it", but rather "wait until the bugs are fixed, before upgrading". Other than that, the reviews seem to be universally positive. I was pretty shocked to see that just about all the "major" reviewers/tech sites seem genuinely pleased with Windows 10. Well done, Microsoft.
  • Shocker to see such positive comments.  Does the ZDNet reviewer realize that it still works well on non-touch devices?  
  • It's Mary Jo Foley's review and if I recall correctly, doesn't use touch much at all - almost exclusively desktop. So she knows. I did find that to be an odd comment since she uses desktop so much.
  • wow really? Mary said that? I'm surprised not just because its her, but because the desktop got SO MUCH love and attention for Windows 10. I mean the whole thing looks brand new lol she must of hated Windows 8.
  • Alot of problems on my nuc for now (slow perf, groove music wont start cant play music, did full reinstall same shit, lose wifi often) i will test other pcs in the house but for now the first time since xp that i am disapointed with windows
  • It'll change ;)
  • Like many I've run the Insider Preview in a VM for a while and loved it. Upgraded my main PC today and I keep getting Store and Smartglass crashes.
    Oh well, I expect little bugs this early and I'll find a fix soon.
  • The New York Times review seemed a bit wary, but recommended it overall.
  • Ever​ybody needs to read John C. Dvorak's review...he's even in love with it! ​ ​ ​ ​
  • He's a smart guy with experience.
  • Why is the NY Times still in business?  Or, should I be asking "how?"
  • ....because they're a great newspaper?
  • ...and yet make a bone-headed mistake like saying "little ways to go"?
  • Well, I'm not their editor, but between the NY Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times, they are one of the important newspapers of record, no matter one's political views.
  • If you just isolate their 'tech' section, particularly the egregiousness of how much of an Apple fanboy Farhad Manjoo is, the NYT Tech section definitetly needs a reboot.
  • Nice summary of the reviews.
  • Great reviews.  The only negatives the reviewers noted they are aware are works-in-progress, which we know will be fixed sooner, rather than later.  No need to wait a year for service pack.  Good times ahead.
  • Ah the New York Times: iDiots as they are, it's still a hard pill to swallow for them and be positive about it, it seems! It's quite telling about how terrific Windows 10 is!
  • Even Charles Arthur in The Guardian [UK] was rather mute on Windows 10, and had little of his normal anti Microsoft snarkiness. Not a glowing reveiw, but acceptance that Windows 10 is something new and positive from Microsoft.
  • A local news station just said: "Microsoft's Windows 10 os is finally here and users are saying it's better than ever". Developing... (The commercials are on currently.) Just love hearing the positivity. lol
  • I hated the Wall Street Journal review, he claims that Desktops/Laptops are dead and phone and tablets rain supreme. It's all because he checks his emails on his phones.
  • Lol
  • oops
  • Yeah, way to spin that WSJ review guys! Here are a few other quotes from it:
    The biggest problem with Windows 10 is that I have little reason to use it outside of work. At home, I rely on a smartphone, mobile apps and websites that don’t require Windows—and sometimes fit awkwardly in a Windows world. Windows 10 is a reminder that computer software alone doesn’t equal digital happiness anymore. Among the first things it will ask you to do is log in to a Microsoft account. But it feels like a ham-handed attempt to make us use Microsoft’s own less popular (and inferior) services like OneDrive and Bing. Many of these services work across devices, but—like Windows smartphones—they’re not worth switching to. The Windows 10 Photos app can sync photos with OneDrive, but it is anemic compared with Google and Apple’s Photos. The same applies to Microsoft’s music service Groove. The new Edge Web browser, whose standout feature is a note-scribbling gimmick, trails Google’s Chrome in speed or usefulness. And Cortana is not helpful enough to get me to ditch Google for Bing. (There are Android and iPhone Cortana apps coming.) Strangely, Windows 10 doesn’t even have a special relationship with Microsoft’s own Office suite, a core product for millions. Cortana can’t use Outlook to send emails, schedule meetings or pull up phone numbers. My Outlook calendar can’t show up in my Start Menu live tiles. (Office 2016, which comes out this fall, may address some of these issues.)
  • Party Pooper :P
  • I can't help myself. That guy is a douche! It's a shame anyone listens to him. And I mean any singular person.
  • Looser
  • *Loser
  • too much relying on Google's? Ah, I did see it in opposite. Lags even on 2GB of RAM and high-end CPU on Android 5.x makes me to switch back to Windows in just a few months.
  • How are OneDrive and Bing "inferior" services? This writer is lost. And didn't Edge whallop Chrome in speed tests?
  • Android is a joke. A mess beyond anything. Its so slow. So buggy and viruses galore. Also chrome and firefox are not as good as edge. I used edge and chrome last night. Edge is alot faster.
  • I jumped in for Windows about four years ago. Made my choice. Suffered through phone 7 and RT (still using both - phone for radio and podcasts). Finally, the payoff! Now update my Lumia 928!
  • The Lumia 928 is such a great phone.
  • Sounds great. I plan to reinstall my machine soon.
  • Nice to see so many sources praising Windows 10.
  • MKBHD Said he will try windows 10 on his new CPU case when he made the video of it , since as i remember he just tried XP of all the windows OS versions , that will bring ALOT of mac users to do it
    That's a famous one for sure
  • Searching In the settings app is horrible, nothing is correct at all , I hope Microsoft fixes this fast !
  • Is the ZDNet review serious? Most of the changes for Windows 10 went in to making the desktop experience better. Snap, multi-desktops, the Explorer rewrite for performance & stability (in W8) and updates (W10), etc. etc. are all welcome additions over W7.
  • Don't forget Trusted Reviews, who liked Windows 10 quite a lot and gave it an 8/10. A 9/10 for desktop users and a 7/10 for tablet users.
  • It's bloody marvellous!
  • If the Apple-dominated blogsphere has nearly unanimous praise for Windows 10... it must be such an incredibly good product that not even cynics and MS haters could resist. 
  • The Verge? Eh..
  • WSJ? what the....
  • Nothing's perfect. Especially on the 1st day launch. Just enjoy the upgrade!
  • Yeah, that's the true thing... but most of Apple-centric customers didn't want to accept that, either.
  • New York Times Pffft!
  • I applaud Microsoft for their amazing efforts to getting where it is going to. I have found a new appreciation for their efforts as I have experienced with the insiders program and watching build and ignite from the sidelines. It's good to read an overwhelmingly prove attitude from others on their achievements. It's they deserve a big pat on the back. Windows 10 at official release still has a long way to go. I think the system is r ready enough as a platform for developers, but the operating system does need some polishing, a more seamless experience between the tablet and non tablet experience, improvements in consistencies of how features behave, the look and feel of designs when you look a bit deeper past the initial look and feel. ​
  • LaptopMag said this? And CNet AND THE VERGE??  Somebody please pinch me.
  • Honestly I think windows will once again become the defacto is for so many because of its push to make customers #1 again
  • Gizmodo?
  • I downloaded on my SP3 was chubby at the beginning but after an immediately firmware update is running smooooooth!!! Love it. Im happy, very happy :)
  • If tablet mode gets improved, and the start menu becomes like metro mode in 8.1, it'll be perfect.
  • Now Please release Some updates for phone. This phone build is more than 2 weeks Old ..
  • I was watching the verge's video on windows 10 on YouTube, biased as usual, then I moved to the comments, they were really full of hatred against Microsoft, I don't understand anything
  • Show me if someone writes a negative.. I'm Ready with my gun!
  • Um, yeah.  It's only a computer OS.
  • Business Outsider gave it a horrible review, but then praised it and wrote another horrible review of Windows 10 desktop, talking about how bad Win10 phone is (no mention of desktop other than the title). Guess you just can't please some douchebags.
  • It's great. Stoked for the future of windows!
  • Stfu NYT, oh it does have apps yet. Um how bout the billions of win32 applications. They probably complained that win 8 had a bad app market, then complain with 10 that those crap apps aren't there.
  • Switched to Mac 3 years ago from Windows 7. Recently picked up a Surface 3 and didn't mind it with Windows 8.1. Installed 10 last night and it's fantastic so far. I'll give it a good workout to see how I really feel about it, but if my impressions stay the same, or I'm impressed even further the more I use it, then the Mac will be replaced in the near future by a Windows 10 desktop. I've also picked up a Lumia 640XL phone to get into the Windows mobile OS, waiting for 10 to come there to see how it all works with the Surface, and Xbox One. If that goes well then I could very well be ditching my iPhone for the next flagship Lumia (950XL, if that's what it gets called). The move to Apple was refreshing, but I can't say it was anything too exciting. Leaving won't be an issue at all, nothing will be missed. Then I'll try to coax the family over.
  • In exactly the same boat as you. Good luck getting the family out of the Apple ecosystem !
  • Probably won't happen, but as long as everyone is happy then all will be good. I'll give it a shot anyway.
  • after figuring out how to control updates i was almost ready to install it, now someone reminds me that onedrive is fucked up in w10, so maybe i will wait for it to be solved too, why they always have to fuck something up? lost dreamscenes from vista to 7, and then aero from 7 to 8.1 but now onedrive is actual functionality i use almost everyday so yea it is a deal breaker
  • They changed OneDrive to download all content in folders that specify to sync instead of how it was in 8 where it showing you placeholder of the all files until you decide to download/open. Other than that, its usable and functional.
  • So far the browsing experience sucks... Edge doens't support plugins making Lastpass not work so thus I have to fall back to "IE". Not sure what they changed in IE but sites such as Facebook ar eno longer displaying correctly, things like the side menus no longer scroll
  • Or don't use either Edge or IE.
  • Great reviews. Future finally looks good. But I'm happy with 8.1 on my desktop for now. It's fast and stable with my SSD and 16GB of ram. Never an issue. Maybe I'll get around to upgrading once all the issues are resolved or when the Mobile OS is finally released!
  • Totally awesome. Installed it on both main computers. Today's laptop and tablets turn.. Great Windows..
  • Only problem I had was with antivirus...F-Secure.. Change to Eset Nod32..
  • Upgraded my Surface Pro 2 and I'm wrecked :-( Pen is not working, Edge is shit with touch, full screen menu start is all about lost space and the system feels really beta! :-(
  • That's exactly why I'm waiting 3-6 months to upgrade my SP3
  • already posting this comment from my upgraded windows 10 <3
  • Glad the embarassing (for them) review made by engadget didn't make it in the basically a list of bugs due to driver/software not up to date yet...hard to read without interruption unless you manage to peek through your fingers since you will be facepalming every 30 words or so... :D
  • I finally managed to install Windows 10 on my system last night after a messed up 8/8.1 configuration (although couldn't manage to activate it with my key) but one thing that really gave me kind of a big and pleasant surprise is the storage sapce. I knew W10 was optimized and compressed and everything but it only racked up13GB of storage! I mean seriously? 13 GB? I was awed with Win 8.1 Pro since it took about 22GBs on my system (Win7 took somewhere between 25-28) but W10 took that awesomeness to a whole different level! Hats off to Microsoft for having made this. Now if anyone has to say Windows is not fast, slap them with W10 in the face! ;)
  • Great that Windows 10 at launch is generally positive! Despite of some quirks and issue in current state of Windows 10, glad that they didn't nitpick those things and find excuse. I hope this will be a domino effect, where positive reviews leads to more satisfied general users. But we have yet to see the effect as times goes on. Still Microsoft really have to make sure and they really have to take action with current state of Windows 10, if they didn't deliver it around soon it may turn sour.
  • You can add the pcmag review by Dvorak, who was "forced to deliver a rave review" and was left "stunned". 
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  • Error 80240020.....error message 80240020.....error message 80240020......good old's that smooth transition that I love about their systems, a total of 8 'Failed to install' messages for Win10......Oh well, should've known better really, hopefully get it by the end of August.....