Windows 10 SDK Preview tools released to help developers make universal apps

Windows 10
Windows 10

Microsoft has released the first version of its SDK tools for the Windows 10 Technical Preview. This first release will allow developers to create apps that fit with Microsoft's universal app platform for the operating system.

Specifically, the applications for developers that Microsoft has released today are the Visual Studio 2015 CTP6, along with the separate Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview. People who have Visual Studio 2015 CTP5 or earlier should uninstall the software before downloading and installing Visual Studio 2015 CTP6. Microsoft has also released samples of universal apps made for Windows 10 on the GitHub website.

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 will include one store to download apps made for all of the operating system's platforms, from small smartphones to tablets to PCs and even to the Xbox One when it gets its Windows 10 update.

Update: Microsoft has a new blog post which offers more information on what is contained in the Windows 10 Preview dev tools:

  • Adaptive UX: Windows 10 provides the ability to use a single UI that can adapt from small to large screens. For developers with an existing Windows 8.1 app, you can quickly try this one out by (a) removing one of your UI projects (and going from three Visual Studio projects to one!) and (b) add the improved ViewStateManager to control how your UI adapts at runtime.
  • User controls: A number of our Windows 10 UI controls will determine, at runtime, how the customer is interacting with your app and render the appropriate user experience (e.g. on a laptop with a touch-screen, an app fly-out control will provide larger touch-targets if tapped with touch, as opposed to clicked with a mouse).
  • API contracts: With Windows 10, you can directly verify if a Windows feature is available rather than inferring based on the operating system version. This empowers you to start checking, at runtime, if a Windows feature is available on the device before you call a related API. A good API contract for you to try out in your code to see this in action is HardwareButtons, which is present on phones (via the Mobile Extensions SDK), and thus available on the phone and mobile emulator but not available on the desktop. We believe that API contracts and the extension SDKs will allow you to adapt your code at runtime to deliver user experiences that feel right on the device it's being run on.
  • Visual Studio Tooling improvements: As you experiment with the new developer tools, there are a number of improvements you'll want to check out.

In addition, Microsoft's S. Somasegar has more details about what is contained in the Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 application for Windows 10 (opens in new tab).

Source: Microsoft; Via: Paul Thurrott (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • I can see clash of clans coming to windows and Widnows phones... Hope I comes.. I love it.. I play otbvia blue stacks.. I want to play it on my Lumia 730
  • The source please
  • I think it's desire
  • "Hope it comes" . That line measn that his comment is a wish and not a statement of fact.
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  • I get it aoe but more games more fun.
  • AOE is a rip-off of coc? Man, u need to shut up. -_-
  • ➕ 1320,hope so
  • So glad that are releasing this early so that these apps can be ready. There is a lot of news lately so I'm feeling some momentum building. I hope this works. They have too many devices out there for us to be ignored any longer.
  • Yep, this is good. My hopes are high for 10.
  • I hope devs jump on this - financial institutions specifically. I hope.
  • Yes! Wow I am so excited to implement these new APIs into my apps :). Thank you Microsoft, I promise I will become a better developer exclusively for your platforms :)
  • Great! :D
  • is there any new api with respect to windows 8.1?
  • No idea at the moment actually, but there is a link that is not accessible to but it states "Learn about the latest Windows features with API reference, how-to articles, videos, and more." Under the description. I am downloading it now, but once im done, ill see what I can find different.
  • I have no issue who your fav is ... but as a developer/ app seller keep in mind other platform have huge potential too for making money
  • Yeh, but there needs to be exclusiveness too. I have no desire to port my apps and I dont think the other platforms deserve my apps.
  • Good guy this Zack guy ^^
  • Thanks kabo :). Its much appreciated my friend
  • Which apps do you have in the store?
  • - all the apps under the developer name of "ZAD Apps" :)
  • I don't agree with your philosophy ... but good luck with this attitude.  Customers are customers ... Microsoft doesnt sell OS in USA only ... it sells to russia china as well. you don't have to abandon WP for other platform you can support all of em
  • I know, but I build unofficial apps and apps that WP doesn't have. Other platforms expect such high demand with the incredibly wide variety of applications. Im only 16, its just a hobby for me right now.
  • Spoken like a true son of Windows :)
  • Haha I do it for my love of Windows, for you, and I do it to be able to contribute to the world of technology.
  • Thanks for being in biased and developing for all platforms ZackTheNever! You don't have to be WP exclusive, just fair.
  • Please , let me know what app is yours in the store?
  • Sewzeppelin, my apps are in the WP store under the developer name "ZAD Apps". Search for that and you will find my apps :).
  • Thank you. are you guitar player too ?
  • Bass guitarist actually, but I enjoy playing any kind of instrument really. Music is a big part of my life though.
  • Here I am, 17, and I only play some chords right now on guitar :p
  • Good job :). You will get the hang of it my friend, I look forward to hearing some of your music ;).
  • Wish you.. Glad to see yout enthusiastic nature towards windows phone..
  • To be corrected, only Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview is released today. Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 is released one month ago.
  • Yes
  • So i can install the official facebook of windows on my windows phone?
  • Maybe
  • If facebook updated their app to use these universal features...
  • been waiting for it ... 
  • Hmm are developers dropping support just to make an app again which would be universal?
  • That would be stupid to do. Just update them
  • It isn't stupid if the app was made on Silverlight.. I'd the app was on Silverlight they have to remake it
  • They wouldn't remove the current app though.
  • Then if The app breaks, they will leave it there? For what? For users to complain that the app is broken? Why maintain an app that it's going to be remade from scratch?
  • This is a little early to jump on. Wait till after build. Almost anything written with this SDK will have to be re-written or even worse "Automatically Migrated/Upgraded" to a later sdk.  
  • Windows 10 for PC is ready?
  • And I'll run out of space again.
  • WC needs this cause you guys app has been not so good to put it mildly.
  • C'mon whatsapp you know you want to give me the ability to reply from action center
  • That was fun the way you said it! Lol hope you are right and it won't take a year to get the action center fast reply feature!
  • Glad to see this released before Build. I thought they were going to make us wait until then
  • WhatsApp and messenger should make a versatile Universal app
  • Yeh, and Kik too, but that'll never happen.
  • They just need to release the newer build for phone insiders and it will be a great Monday! :D
  • They need to release the TP for phones specifically for the 1520 : )
  • What would make my Monday is (of course alongside the release of these tools) if Toylogic releases Happy Wars for Xbox One.
  • Now lets see whats developers excuses this time! :D
  • I need a browser supporting streaming videos on WP.
  • Youtube streams just fine on WP using IE & HTML 5.
  • Excellent! And before Build!
  • Yeh, I wonder what kind of things we will think to see at /BUILD// too. Whatever it is, im excited! :D
  • I hope this works better in practice than 'responsive design' which has made 99% or so web sites using it totally unusable.
  • I hope Microsoft implements: 1) Full app data and game progress backup on OneDrive 2) Full app data and game progress syncing among devices. If I get these two, I'll be very content in having both Windows Phone and a Windows PC
  • Dear Rudy with the new SDK let us upload videos from media library at 6tag... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great but no new phone build. No new phones supported and it's been over a month
  • CTP 6 has actually been out for a couple weeks (at least) and had the universal projects in it, but now the W10 SDK is available the real fun can begin :)
  • Oh nice! Finally my group can continue our project! :)
  • The good: adaptive UI rather than focusing on pixel counts. Elimination of the idiotic "AndContinue" file picker junk in WinPRT81. The bad: looks like their UAP solution to the multiple project #if blocks are runtime if() blocks. Buzzz. Wrong answer. At least now you can have a single binary. It'll be interesting to see what other surprises there are in the WinRT10 SDK.
  • To be fair, if there are any differences to be had between platforms, it has to be either a compile time #if or a run-time if() -- And, if the goal is a single executable, run-time if() is the only solution. There really is no other way.
  • How about letting me hook the event but it never fires if the hardware isn't present? Or abstract the idea of "Back" for me rather my code doing it?  
  • Runtime checking is generally better, not like there is a significant performance hit.
  • Have any developers tried it out yet? Is there a native control for the Hamburger menu?
  • I haven't downloaded it but from watching a couple of the videos there is a "SplitView" control (IIRC) that you can set up to be hamburger-ish. And there's a new Segoe font with a hamburger glyph you can use for the button image.
  • That's great. Thanks for the info.
  • So, are WinRT apps going to forever be tied to the store?
  • I know it's being asked here and there, now and then, but... There's one architectural aspect that I would really, really like to know about - and I would be grateful to anybody having enough technical background/insider knowledge to give me a convincing explanation. What's the status of the Win32 APIs in Windows 10? I mean, forget about all the misleading OS architecture diagrams that came out around the time of Windows 8's release - is Microsoft really doing its best to gradually phase out the "obsolete" API? I know that some of its functionalities are still not backed by a Windows Runtime counterpart, but it would be great to know that - for example - while binary compatibility for old apps is being maintained, the API is instead being deprecated to favor the transition towards the new one (much better structured IMHO, and covered in parallel by multiple languages). At least, I would really hope that they are stopping to expand Win32...
  • You do know that WinRT is just an app framework on top of Win32, correct? For example, WinRT's file and directory APIs eventually use Win32's file and directory APIs (via the FileBroker), WinRT's internet APIs use Win32's WinInet and WinSock, etc. There were a slew of new Win32 APIs added in Win8 to support the WinRT framework. WinRT is not an operating system. It's a framework on top of an operating system.
  • Yeah, I know - and don't get me wrong, I think it's just fine to have Win32 somehow untangled and re-layered near the kernel (or at least, that's what I could get of the whole 'MinWin' work). And I guess it's no easy task to replicate it exhaustively with this brand new WinRT, since Win32 surely encompasses a lot of varied-scale functionality that was built in a long time. However, at the same time I would expect MS not to advertise new Win32 calls anymore in this era, and I would really like them to concentrate on a single way to do things - the concept of WinRT seems finally right in this direction, yet as I am trying to be a Windows Phone WinRT developer myself, whenever I try to look up solutions on how to do something on the internet using specifically Windows Runtime APIs I end up skipping a lot of pages / forum answers about .NET / Silverlight / Silverlight apps using .NET / etc. etc. Heck, even MS's API reference is hard to find / browse in this connection!  And very often you try to figure out and customize a sample code fragment you found that apparently does exactly what you need, only to realize at the end that it uses unsupported / non-WinRT-related calls... Have you stumbled upon the same stuff? And how do you feel in this connection?
  • I don't think us outsiders have an exact description of what MinWin actually means. I take it as an internal reworking of the Windows core (below the Win32 API) that we, as ISVs, don't need to worry about. About searching for WinRT programming tips. WinRT isn't widely used so there isn't a ton of practical information out there. Obviously, MSDN is the place for official documentation and if you go to the MSDN WinRT/WinPRT programming forums you can get answers from other WinRT ISVs and MSFT folks (Rob Caplan is especially good). Another good source are the WinRT/PRT samples on MSDN. There are a ton of samples covering most of the API in C# and C++. You can copy snippets of the samples into your project to get going then make it your own. If you're like me, there's no substitute for getting your hands dirty with actual code. Fire it up in Visual Studio, watch it crash and burn then figure out what went wrong. VS2013 is the best development tool out there, take advantage of it!
  • Thanks for the tips! Agree on VS2013! I am using Eclipse at work instead... :-( (GAAH!!)
  • misplaced reply