Windows 10X out-of-box experience may be coming to Windows 10

Windows 10x Mock Prox Dark
Windows 10x Mock Prox Dark (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Windows 10X out of box experience has appeared in the latest desktop builds.
  • The video confirms that Windows 10 desktop is getting the same new OOBE experiencecsoon.

It's been some time since we've seen any concrete news about Windows 10X. But people waiting in anticipation for the new version of Windows 10 have something to check out now, a video showcasing the Windows 10X out of box experience (OOBE) on desktop has appeared online. The brief video hints that this new OOBE may soon be making its way to Windows 10 desktop.

The video was shared online by well-known coverer of Windows Albacore.

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The video is only 22 seconds long, but it shows a fresh new interface for the OOBE and some of the options that you'll see when setting up a Windows 10 or Windows 10X device in the future. This isn't the first Windows 10X feature to make its way to desktop, either. Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft began testing the new Windows 10X touch keyboard experience on desktop too.

Windows 10X was delayed until next year as Microsoft refocused on delivering the best Windows 10 desktop experience. When Windows 10X is ready, it'll launch first on low-end to mid-range Windows laptops, and not dual-screen PCs. We expect more Windows 10X features and UI to make its way to Windows 10 in the coming months too. What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Resembles a lot to surface duo first time device setup.
  • Was gonna say the same.
  • What devices (type) will this run on?
  • What devices will Windows 10 run on?
  • It's in the last paragraph. Low-end and mid-range laptops.
  • Definitely appreciate having all the privacy toggles in a single screen, doing them one by one, screen by screen on Windows 10 regular is so tedious
  • Agreed and bloody Cortana waffling at you. Where's mute!
  • Well there is actually a mute button. But yh she does ramble somewhat during setup
  • The way that video ends makes me think it's frozen and about to BSOD....
  • What we asked for was a consistent UI experience, what we get is an experience you're likely to experience hardly ever
  • Hey, device history is still in there. Maybe Microsoft will find a way to make it more useful so that Zac will stop complaining about it. :p
  • I'm hoping it'll revive my ageing SP4, which has become super slow with the last few updates.
  • "Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft began testing the new Windows 10X touch keyboard experience on desktop too." Do we have a link for that?
  • Just did a search - I think you mean the new keyboard for W10 that incorporates some of the features from the W10X. Maybe it is the same keyboard! Was hoping for other refinements to the typing experience though.
  • Still waiting for them to add live tiles to windows 10x.