Windows 11 WidgetsSource: Windows Central

What you need to know

  • More evidence has emerged that indicates Windows 11 will soon support third-party widgets.
  • Previous leaks and reports already claimed that third-party widgets were on the way to Microsoft's OS.
  • Now, a screenshot of alleged code from the Widget manifest that mentions downloading Widgets through the Microsoft Store has been shared online.

Microsoft appears to be making preparations to support third-party widgets on Windows 11. A screenshot of alleged code from the Widget manifest that mentions downloading new widgets through the Microsoft Store was recently shared by Twitter user FireCube.

"Widget manifest update shows more evidence of being able to download third party widgets and updates from the Microsoft Store," stated the tweet.

Windows 11 Widget CodeSource: FireCube via Twitter

We've known that support for third-party widgets was on the way to Windows 11 for quite some time. Our senior editor Zac Bowden discussed the feature in his piece covering what to expect from Surface and Windows in 2022.

"Microsoft is also expected to expand the Widgets panel with new features and support for third-party widgets," said Bowden in December 2021. "I'm told some developers have already been briefed on how third-party widgets will work."

Assuming plans have not changed, users will be able to download widgets through the Microsoft Store. Unpackaged apps from outside of the store should be able to have widgets as well.

The newly spotted code aligns with previous reports as well as separate leaks from earlier this year.

Windows 11 Widgets FullscreenSource: Microsoft

While Microsoft did not show any third-party widgets during its recent Windows 11 event, the company did provide a glimpse of a fullscreen Widgets Panel. That expanded panel was initially announced in June 2021 but has not shipped at this point, even in preview form. Microsoft also showed the ability to sign into the Widgets Panel with both work and personal accounts.

It's clear that Microsoft has plans for widgets on Windows 11. The company will potentially share more details at Build 2022, which will run from May 24-26.