Windows 8.1 10.1-inch tablet with detachable keyboard to be sold for $179 at Walmart

Microsoft has just announced that a PC maker called E FUN will be selling a Windows 8.1 10.1-inch tablet with a detachable keyboard for just $179. The tablet will go on sale at Walmart stores starting in mid-November and pre-orders will be taken starting on October 23 at It will also go on sale in December at Sam's Club.

The E FUN Nextbook tablet will have a 1280x800 display and will contain an Intel Atom quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.83 GHz. Inside there's 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of onboard storage with a MicroSD card slot, an HDMI port and a microUSB port. It also has a 2 MP rear camera and a 0.3 front facing camera. In addition to Windows 8.1, the tablet will offer users a 1 year free subscription to Office 365 Personal which includes 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

This news follows word that HP will launch a $99 seven inch Windows 8.1 tablet in November. Micro Center is also offering their own seven inch Windows 8.1 WinBook tablet for $99.99 in its stores. Will you buy this new $179 tablet with an included keyboard?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • 1GB RAM? Wow, I wouldn't want to use any version of Windows on that. No matter the price.
  • Who knows? They might begin to make upgradeable tablets
  • I put W8.1 on my mum's netbook with similar specs, and it runs just fine. All the optimisation has made it faster too.
  • My Dad and my wife both have Toshiba Encore tablets and 1 GB is fine, even with light Office use.
  • You guys are right of course. In the end it depends on what you're actually doing with a device. That being said, it,wouldn't be sufficient for what I need my devices to be capable off. And I'm not talking about gaming here.
  • Well then obviously this machine isn't meant for you. It sounds more to me like it's designed for someone that needs a cheap machine that can do some light web browsing and maybe some simple school work. 
  • My thoughts exactly! Looks like a nice Christmas gift for my 14-yr old to do school work on.
  • Multi p0rn streams huh? I get ya. You need 4Gig for that. Er... so someone I know who watches that stuff told me  <cough>  
  • Bruh Vista was 7 years ago
  • Came here to say this. (Well, maybe a Windows Phone. But not Windows 8.1 or WinRT.)
  • Honestly... If I can open up internet explorer without the tablet skyrocketing up to 157deg, it may be a more practical purchase than my Surface Pro 3. I want to love my SP3 so much but they wanna act like the massive overheating complaints don't exist.
  • Do you have the i7? I heard only that one had the overheating problems
  • Nah it's definitely not just the i7 version. Mine is the 256GB/8GB/i5 SP3.
  • I have the same version.  The fan rarely comes on.  Maybe you have some software running in the background that is working the system.  Third party anti-virus scanner perhaps.
  • Only antiv I have is Defender.... and its anti-malware executable loves to be one resource-hungry process. And that's about the only thing I haven't disabled from startup. On occasion, the thought that my unit is defective pops up, but I've seen people on their third or fourth SP3 that are having the same problems. Now where it gets weird is that it's pretty much JUST Internet Explorer. I can browse WPCentral for 20 minutes and without a doubt, the fan will be kicked on to it's highest level and the upper right hand corner will be scalding hot... but it stays completely cool during PhotoShop. Make some sense of that!
  • Very poorly coded Javascript.  Especially in the ads.  
  • I find the fan only ever blasts when the dreaded "Host Process for Windows Tasks" starts going. Everytime my Surface gets hot: That is /always/ the culprit. Best I can find, that's the process used for maintenance (and other small system tasks). Obviously can't kill it directly, so I always have to restart so the thing dies and it goes back to normal (until Host Process for Windows Tasks suddenly skyrockets to using 40% of the CPU constantly, again).
  • Core M is the way to go, heat and battery issues are too much trouble for a tablet imo.
  • Sounds like my Dell XPS 12 convertible which has an i7 also, open a few IE Windows and the fan goes nuts, yet you run HyperV and a VM no fan noise, incredibly annoying. I was looking to upgrade to the SP3 but if the same fan noise exists I'll have to reconsider.
  • My old xp pc runs fine on 1GB
  • 1GB is totally fine for email, web, media, office, and metro games. If you buy a super-cheap tablet with expectations of doing more than that, then the problem is not with the tablet. That said, I'd expect this thing to have a pretty horrible display at this price point. But either way it's good to see more Windows devices showing up at this price point. Given the choice between this or a low-end Android tablet, I think it would be a no-brainer for most people. Besides, if you're one of those stubborn holdouts finally upgrading from XP, this thing is probably more powerful than your 10 year old PC anyway. :p
  • Sweet. Affordable tablets, next Window 10. Microsoft's day in the sun has finally come. Holiday season will finally see Windows tablets go mainstream. Hope Android L and Material Design (I must say Material Design looks really nice)don't disrupt what MS is trying to do with its unifying efforts with Windows 10 across form factors.
  • I thought the same thing, but Windows 8.1 handles 1GB with aplomb.
  • the mom tablet/laptop.
  • Affordable tablets!!! Win win!
  • E Fun sounds like a kids tablet
  • If they make them for more than a few months, I'd work a couple dozern of these into next year's budget for my office.
  • Don't expect any warranty or tech support.
  • I could get my mom this for Christmas
  • Sounds like a Surface RT that will run full windows. Good for travel backup
  • That is a steal, especially with included keyboard. I like it!
  • Resuming...
  • Finally a bunch of affordable tablets I like having the options I will be checking some out in the next few months
  • Funny that a keyboard I want to buy costs that much.. :D
    This low budget devices that obviously get more and more will turn into a headache for Android. :)
    and gives a boost to the Windows Store.
  • Sooooooo cheap!
  • Microsoft has got to stop letting OEM's make bottom of the barrel spec devices. Today people want the best bag for the buck and they want value. There is no reason for a device with less than 2GB of ram. This is how Windows gets devalued in the market place because devices spec'd like this always have performance issues. Windows deserves better than this because of its capabilities. It is not Android or IOS, these are less capable OS's and we as Windows users do more with our Windows devices. Microsoft needs to do a better job at explaining how productive you can be with a device with low specs like this......
  • Totally agree!
  • Exactly! Bump the minimum specs to provide better performance and longevity, and most importantly, a good Microsoft experience.
    Even a small increase in memory makes a big difference in meeting and exceeding peoples expectations.
    A happy customer makes for a repeat customer and referring customer.
  • I disagree on RAM, but only if it has a fast SSD drive for swapping!
  • They did that, and started bleeding market share.  the win8.1 and win10 strategy is to make Windows small enough to run smoothly on just about anything, regain market share, get people into the store, and let the apps dictate what the minimum acceptable specs will be.  Windows and a web browser will run on anything... but if you want to play solitare then you will need a real machine with a GPU.
  • Why do "people" think they speak for "people"?  I know some "people" who just want to browse the web, update social media, read some books and play a little music/video.  I think this device will suit those "people" just fine.  It's down in the Kindle Fire range with a bit more to offer. 
  • 1 gig of Ram on an X86 version of Windows 8 is going to not be a great user experience.
    2 gig is the bare minimum IMHO Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • IMHO it depends on what you are doing on whether you need more than 1GB of RAM. Reading a book doesn't need that.  Surfing the web doesn't need that. Playing music and video don't need that.  Using basic Office doesn't need that.  Will I load up Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Llightroom or Sony Vegas Pro video editing? No way.  BUT...I could load my screewriting software "Final Draft" that only requires a Windows environment with a minimum of 512MB.  That would be awesome for me to get writing done on the move. 
  • So John programmer that writes their Android app that is optimized for all those cheap 512-1 gig of RAM tablets/phones is going to port their app to a smaller market and rewrite the whole thing to take advantage of the extra RAM? Life isn't a specs race. It's a usability/ease of use race. If Microsoft can find a way to seamlessly port Android apps to Windows, are you thinking they would pass up that chance because their (MS) is superior to Android?
  • If they want better specs they could possibly buy one of the other 398558 Windows devices that have better specs. Yeah?
  • Any tablet having windows will be waste of money of it design under ₹20k/-
    As below to it, they have to cut the hardware in order to make it cheap. Which will be a kind of compromise with the performance and device as well..
  • Will look strong at it.  Battery life might be the determining factor.
  • I will buy it, at least its a IPS screen,
  • You had me until WalMart....
  • As opposed to who?? Narrow minded comments like this drive me crazy.
  • Why is that so narrow minded? I don't shop at WalMart at all because they treat their employees, quite literally, like slaves. So does GameStop and I don't give them my business either.
  • That's exactly my point. You apparently just agree with the internet and money hungry unions without doing any research yourself. I don't feel like a slave to them at all and have had several promotions in past few years. You get out what you put in.
  • You're assuming my knowledge isn't first hand. Any company that fires employees for being legitimately sick too many times, or pays you in gift cards, is not a good company. In fact paying in gift cards is pretty much akin to slavery. "here you go, work here and you can buy products from us and only us." I'm not even quite sure how that's legal. Especially when some of them have a surcharge on the card.
  • I've done plenty of research and have even studied and written about WalMart.  My mom also did business with them years ago and it was such a horrible experience that it wasn't worth the volume.  Don't make assumptions about the source of ones opinion just because it differs from yours.
  • BAM!  Direct evidence vs. What the media spoonfeeds me evidence.
  • Slaves got paid?
  • Yeah, slaves got paid. They worked, and in return they got free room and board. Currency isn't the only way to receive payment. This caused the slaves to be stuck where they were as they became a commodty insted of an employee. No possible way to pay for better things, to move yourself up. Kind of like when you are paid in scrip. It's nothing but a way for the company to make back some of the money they paid you, which is generally very low as it is.
  • I'm with you. I've never set foot in a WalMart.  I'm sure it will be available in other stores.
  • I don't support Walmart at all. I mean I shop there and all... who wouldn't.
  • ha, think its funny "how they treat their employees"...well, walmart isn't perfect, but the people are not really forced to say there...I hate going to walmart because 'most', not all, are clueless about what they do and they don't seem to care about customer support. So to be honest, you get what you pay I prefer shopping at Target, sometimes, but I won't say I wouldn't step foot in a walmart
  • Touch screen?
  • Has to have one to be a tablet.  Detachable screen serves no purpose without.
  • Yes, tablet.
  • Yes has touch screen. Was just reading full specs.
  • WTF????   Does this thing run Windows 8.1 with Bing ?   This price barely covers the OS license, being > 9"
  • Well if the OS would cost too much, it's a safe assumption that it does run the bing version. You can just change that if you prefer something else though.
  • OEMs don't pay full retail price for Windows licenses. 
  • The market for this device is clearly the casual content consumer, not the good enthusiast folk who frequent this site.
  • Amazing.  Even if it's not great it will still do a lot for the money.
  • We want more OEM's, now your prayers are answered. 
  • I might get one just to take on vacation with me.
  • I would use it as the ultimate replacement for the old xp desktop wich I got stuck.
  • One year free subscription of office 360 is garbage, if they want to give something give a free copy of Office, you know how it feels when the subscription dies and you have to fetch your credit card.
  • You think they are going to give away a permanent office license with a $179 hybrid device?  I'm surprised they can even profit on the hardware at that price.
  • $99 for a year subscription for Office 365 for 5 devices. I have 4 PCs and a server. Serves me well.
  • I love Office 365.
  • Wow complaining about free Office 365 and 1 TB of cloud storage included with a $99 tablet? Not sure what the problem is.
  • Love this new windows really heading in the right direction and as for 1gb of ram I'd use rapid boost. The next move Microsoft need to do with windows 8.1 is enable storage sense..Job done.
  • Nice
  • Yes
  • That is the windows phone camera app in the video ... :O
  • With these cheap tablets comming out with keyboard included its really unbelievable that Microsoft has the guts to sell its surface tablets with out a keyboard... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Well these devices aren't even in the same ballpark hardware wise.  MS could bundle the keyboard, but then they would have to charge even more and it would complicate the buying process.  "Sorry, we only have the black keyboard bundle in stock right now" would probably be all too common.
  • Sounds like a sound replacement for my mother in laws 10 year old laptop running xp
  • I would as a present to my mother-in-law for email and light surfing because it would be perfect for that. But I wouldn't buy it from Wallyworld if it came with a free 830.
  • Sounds like "Netbooks" are here to stay in one form or another for the foreseeable future. Not a terrible price for what you are getting. Inexpensive companion pc for when I travel. I could see it.
  • I'm getting this for my son, you can't lose with that price.
  • Wow!  Amazing price/content.  A great Mom machine. I'm a happy Surface 1 / RT user (last holiday $179 refurb blowout).  Even though RT gets slammed by everyone online, it offers me everything I could expect out of it (i.e. web browsing, email, facebook, etc. - and OFFICE!).  I was hoping for a similarly inexpensive Surface 2 RT this year (to gain speed/battery/screen improvements).  
  • It's hard to imagine getting a decent tablet for that little, hope its not so cheap it turns people away from Windows tablets
  • I'll wait for the $300 version with 4GB Ram and 64Gb storage.. Hopefully someone steps up to the plate and makes one.  
  • On Aliexpress, exactly the same with keyboard, 10.1inch, 32GB, but then with 2GB-RAM. For $250
  • I guess WalMart means it's not coming to Europe?
  • You don't want walmart in Europe. They price out all the local competition and those stores close.  Then the prices that got you to walmart rise higher than from local stores. By the time you realize what happened, walmart is the only store to get anything from. With them being the only game in town, suppliers are force to sell to them at lower cost so they are forced to build products of cheaper quality.  So I don't buy from them especially electronics. They look the same but the model numbers are always different.
  • UK has Asda. Which is walmart
  • Looks like a great "extra" machine for my kids to use for homework. Not sure how the Office Personal will work, but I've got the licenses for another install or two.
  • It does sound like a good replacement for my Chromebook though. I keep thinking I will use it. Then when I do, it goes back into the drawer.
  • You WalMart haters sound like low-information obummer voters. Mission accomplished.
  • Wow. Android and chrome books have a budget device war on their hands.
  • So is this the 1530?! I kid, but my phone specs are better, but I did pay twice that price. Keep em coming MS!
  • hm, for $20 more, you can pick up this winbook minus the keyboard/cover, but  you get an extra gb of ram.  I'd go for more ram, personally and parlay the keyboard cover for a case.
  • How lucky you people live in The US. It's a steal!
  • NOT touch screen, so it's a cheap netbook with no hard drive.  terrible.  
  • Looks ok , bit weird it gets 1 year free office 365 , as normal rt tablets get the full rt version , shame the surface pro does not come with a full version or at least a 1 year free office 365 ,as my free trial is over soon and don't want to buy it as I do not use office that much.
  • If you don't use Office that much why are you so concerned about which devices include what Office?
  • I Don't see any reason to get this Tablet cum PC... Why MS still waiting to relase Poprer Tablet OS Not Like RT.. When we switch to desktop, it's a completly deviation from world.... Blow up windows Phone version and add some features of multi tasking features that's even better than current RT
  • I wouldn't mind. The size of the tablet is decent and with a keyboard. Maybe the specs aren't the most impressive, but if you except anything else for that price, you will be disappointed. Hopefully we will see it in Europe soon.
  • Better off buying a known brand. Like HP or Acer.. Who are e fun?
  • As of 10/25 this is not listed on the Walmart site.
  • Got it for my daughter for Christmas
  • this actually has 2gb ram and 1.33ghz atom ....I run alot on it. edit my videos and pictures. Plus, multi task browsing while typing my papers. and got mine at best buy for $161.00