'Windows apps' is the new and simple label for universal Windows 10 software

Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3
Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

Microsoft may have settled on a new but simple label to describe its universal apps that will run on all Windows 10 devices. That name? "Windows Apps".

In a presentation last week at the company's WinHEC hardware conference in China, Microsoft displayed a slide which showed that "Windows apps" is the name the company is using to define any app made on the universal app platform. In other words, touch-based apps made for Windows 10 for phones all the way to the big 84-inch Surface Hub device are now simply called "Windows apps"

Windows Apps slide

Microsoft is using the label "Windows desktop applications" to describe the standard PC-only apps that have not been designed to be interacted with by a touchscreen. We're talking your standard Office apps and other "old fashioned" PC software products.

These new definitions would also seem to be the final curtain call on the "Metro" and "Modern" labels that have been used to describe apps made for Windows 8 and 8.1. Overall, it should make it easier for both developers and consumers to identify which apps run on Windows 10 devices going forward.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Thurrott.com

John Callaham
  • Sounds logical :)
  • It should have been Windows Mobile and Tablet Pro Edition Universal Platform Apps.
  • Windows Mobile MSN Bing Apps would be easier to remember lol
  • get this man a job
  • Has a nice ring! :D
  • "Windows 10 Mobile 8.1 with bing Pro general distribution release 3 update 2 running denim in India seeming faster" sounds catchy don't ya think?
  • You forgot to mention what service pack it is running.
  • Whatever man.  lol.
  • I think "Partition Stitching Feature Apps" sounds more logical.
  • Modern Metro WinRT Windows 10.1 Update 2 Apps has a ring to it.
  • WiDroid apps..... That sound very universal.
    Actually, they ARE LITERALLY WiDroid apps... SMDH.
  • No no no..it is SMMFH.....please do not make that careless mistake again!
  • Never thought about that.
  • :)
  • WTFC
  • Can confirm WiDroid app.
  • *Modern Metro WinRT Windows 9.7 Update 3 Apps
  • Lol! Nice one, Rod!
  • Regarding "partition stitching"... Here you go... Enjoy...
    Microsoft Employee recounts Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview Release Day
  • Lol... That cracks me up everytime I see it..... What a crock of $hizle.
  • :)
  • Can't call that name untill they finished Stitching partitions
  • Correction: Seems logical :p
  • Sounds faster !
  • You ruin things.
  • Lol
  • Sounds literal.
  • Nah, that won't be confusing at all...
  • XD I'm making windows apps. Apps for windows ? No windows apps so for th desktop? No for Windows.
  • Not for the Desktop on Windows RT then?
  • No it's a windows application.
  • Thanks for simplifying that. :D
  • The last paragraph of the article is wrong. Metro/Modern is the design language, not what Microsoft called the apps. They were Modern apps, then Store apps, then Universal, and now Windows. The design language was called Metro, then Modern (yes, they used Modern for both at one point), and I don't think they've updated that term since.
  • They used Modern Apps like a lot.
  • No, they did say Modern apps quite a bit.... But, I never heard them say Metro apps.
  • Correct. If I remember right metro was an internal name they used but threatened to get suied by someone so they changed it to Modern apps =). But Metro had kinda already caught on. 
  • I always though Universal apps was to broad sounds like it covers all platforms.
  • Exactly. Can I download this on a DC?
  • Universal apps? So that means I can download these apps on my Wii? ;)
  • Good. Loved calling them metro apps though.
  • Agreed. Metro had such a unique and "hip" sound to it.
  • And I always thought you people hated hipsters xd
  • It's all beginning to come together. A unified front is starting to be seen as the bits are revealed.
  • Why not Windows Apps and Windows Programs?
  • Programs it's so Windows 95 lol
  • Why not Applications for Grown-Ups (AFGU) and Apps for Finger-Paintin' Moronic Kids of Today (AFFPMKOT). They have nice rings to them, don't they?
  • Or software
  • The kids don't know that term.
  • LOL, I just spit Coke all over my desk.
  • Lol
  • Because that's way too simple and way too logical. Microsoft already did an Herculean effort to adopt "Windows apps". They had to have their messed-up-name in something else. Luckily, no one will call them Windows desktop aplications. Ever. People and companies will keep just calling them Programs. Because that's what they are. Programs.
  • I agree. It should have been "Windows Apps" and "Windows Programs". But I'm old school and have been dealing with computers before the IBM PC came out.
  • "Windows Desktop Applications for PC only" There is a Desktop on my Surface 2....now I'm confused.
  • And that's why they killed WinRT.
  • No they killed it because OEMs felt threatened & retailers who compensate their employees for selling the more expensive device
  • Really you are confused? Are humans this nerfed? Unless it was sarcasm. Yea you have desktop, now go install a desktop app...can't? Then it sounds like desktop apps won't work. How has this even changed since you FIRST bought it?
  • *Microsoft is using the label "Windows desktop applications" to describe the standard PC only apps that have not been designed to be interacted with by a touchscreen. Standard Office apps* Now I'm even more confused, I have Office and OneNote on my Surface 2 and they interact with a touchscreen? Windows App and Windows Desktop Applications will both work on Desktop, unless its Windows RT Desktop. But Standard Office apps only work on PCs and not touch screens......
  • Well, windows apps are more Mobile then desktop apps, desktop apps you need a desk with keyboard and mouse in most cases Θ_Θ
  • Or Surface Pro 3, for example. Edit but I think Windows App is the right name❗ imho
  • I fear the worse. Windows store on both platforms are neglected. Every new app every new game has the app store and google play first. Now even apps are being removed from the store.
  • What big, offical apps besides two bank apps in the US have permanently disappeared due to lack of developer interest?
  • How will they distinguish them from the old ones in the store?
  • Why should they?
  • For those that are not usable on all devices. Like phone or xbox only.
  • It is still Windows. Windows App. Probably will have a "Not Available to your device" message.
  • That could help. But only if people know and not expect all apps to work on all devices. And people generally think everything works on windows.
  • Some apps only works on iPhone, but they appears on Apple Store on an iPad. They have to think something.
  • Ow I agree 100% I'm just worried about the general population.
  • Now if only there were any " windows apps"
  • isn't windows 10 just beautiful
  • I prefer the Modern Metro Universal Windows apps for Windows 10 for phone and desktop.
  • MSN Bing Modern Metro Xbox apps is better......maybe lol
  • Rofl Ms naming at it's best.
  • I like it!
  • Microsoft should just not name anything. It's always a mistake.
  • Yeah in the past especially
  • LOL Though Lumia, Surface, Office and Windows are excellent choices.
  • Except Lumia wasn't created by Microsoft, Office and Windows were created almost 30 years ago and the Surface brand is a reash of the original Microsoft Surface which was first announced in 2007, which was later rebranded to PixelSense when Microsoft decided to use the brand for the tablets.
  • Random observation: Why is the "All Apps" so high on the screen? It looks awkward not being even with the tiles header.
  • I'm seeing at the bottom lol
  • Me to haha.
  • It's because that account picture above the app list. I agree, it looks so bad. Gives the illusion that the whole row goes too high. Also I don't get why they don't cluster the account picture together with the shutdown and resize button. This looks chaotic and misplaced.
  • Simple is usually best.
  • So they've settled for once and for all? A bit of history: Metro-style apps, Modern apps, Windows Store apps and now simply Windows apps. Don't miss out the next episode, will Microsoft change its app naming again, is poor Joe suffering from hair loss, is Daniel not forgetting to feed his cats, will Zune make a comeback, wen in India? Find out next episode in your favorite show.
  • They were never officially called metro apps, that was a user made one, and the only reason microsoft changed to modern was because somehow a company won a lawsuit saying microsoft cant use the name metro.
  • Hot tip, they label the Store Beta in Windows 10 as Zune2 in the control panel under default apps by protocol...lol =P
  • I think "Windows Apps" is perfect. Looks like they used the K.I.S.S. naming system. Anything else would be Stupid.
  • Ye best define kiss... Some folks round hear won't get it... or they think it's faster... then India will want it...
  • If it's a touch screen Windows device (mobile or stationary) it will run Windows apps. Sounds simple enough for me.
  • It makes complete sense. I already used almost the same labeling explaining the universal apps idea to friends.
  • Funny how the word 'app' just have become a universal word for small-simple-touch-based-application. I guess apps=applications? :)
    If you understand that windows actually is divided into two things: The old platform (Win32) which is known from Win7 and the new Windows which are the new start screen tile interface (metro/modern), it is not so hard to understand :)
  • So what was wrong with universal?
  • Non tech savvy people don't know what it means.
  • It's the name you always see in the movies..
  • Sounds faster
  • nice naming! Windows app
  • Does this mean that we are going to start seeing desktop and modern apps side by side that could help increase some app numbers and could help users find safe software that are designed to work with their devices
  • But, it cant download setup files....
    Too lazy if my pc need to refreshed/new OS i must downloading it twice (sorry for my bad eng)
  • Desktop versus Touch Apps for Windows. Simply: Desktop Apps or Touch Apps (Windows should be implied/ optional).
  • I wish they would stop renaming shit all the time. It confuses people. Seems like they've done more renaming of things than they have created.
  • Old news
  • I missed Metro but this makes sense.
  • Just waiting to see if its not complicated to make it
    If it does then this time it might be end of Windows phone OS
    I hope developers enjoys their work this time and don't feel burden like past in windows 8.1 universal app deployment....
  • Henceforth I will hashtag all twitter updates associated with #WindowsApps so I can harass the lazy devs to no end! =P
  • What about WinJS... can we develop windiws apps using WinJS librarybyet?
  • Lools like Its already available..
  • Also, the standard win32 apps are still going to be called "applications".
  • A more realistic naming convention would be: 1. Unused Apps - for WinRT applications 2. Programs - for Win32 applications  
  • What is the different for now between software and app?
  • I'm fine with the names "Metro" and "Modern" disappearing, but I want their styles to stick around.
  • WUMMA- Windows Universal Modern Metro Applications
    Bang and the deal is done!
  • Windows 8.1 app compatible edition with Xbox one and windows phone 8.1 universal edition and compatible edition with windows 10 language
  • except they don't run on the #1 windows version: 7. So how are they windows apps? Ah MS. Renaming universal apps to this, won't change the fac they are universally ignored by everybody not on windows 8, aka most people.
  • Windows 10 is going to be a sea change. Most popular win32 apps will be re-written as Windows (aka. Modern) Apps. 10 is really the best of 7 and 8.1! They just need to agree on a common look and feel across all Icons (system settings icons look different from desktop icons which look different from file manager icons... System Settings icons look the best!) I guess they could have called them Windows Modern Apps... but that's a dated name that would sound foolish say 2018...  Days of dragging your Windows software accross every version of windows are coming to an end. I'm still using my trusted Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2008 software on Windows 7... I will be pleasantly surprised and shocked if the SQL2005Express engine and the Software run and register on Windows 10.  (I really wish they hadn't killed that software... I even have a 2009 edition as part of an old Microsoft Partners Subscription.. but it won't register/license....  I'd love to rewrite MSBAccounting as a Modern App w/ a SQL2014 backend! OK, I degress.. Accounting software on Windows is another topic.)
  • Windows apps = apps in the Windows Store Windows Desktop apps = traditional apps like PhotoShop, AutoCAD, Audacity, etc. How is this a hard concept to grasp?