Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

Microsoft may have settled on a new but simple label to describe its universal apps that will run on all Windows 10 devices. That name? "Windows Apps".

In a presentation last week at the company's WinHEC hardware conference in China, Microsoft displayed a slide which showed that "Windows apps" is the name the company is using to define any app made on the universal app platform. In other words, touch-based apps made for Windows 10 for phones all the way to the big 84-inch Surface Hub device are now simply called "Windows apps"

Windows Apps slide

Microsoft is using the label "Windows desktop applications" to describe the standard PC-only apps that have not been designed to be interacted with by a touchscreen. We're talking your standard Office apps and other "old fashioned" PC software products.

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These new definitions would also seem to be the final curtain call on the "Metro" and "Modern" labels that have been used to describe apps made for Windows 8 and 8.1. Overall, it should make it easier for both developers and consumers to identify which apps run on Windows 10 devices going forward.

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