Windows Central Podcast 33: Modular CShells

It's been another great week in the Microsoft community, kicking things off with a new Windows 10 build featuring more improvements on PC and Mobile, and leading straight into our exclusive report about Microsoft's upcoming modular shell for Windows 10 internally referred to as CShell. We also talk about new Surface Phone patents!

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Hi my name is Bebochek and I'm a Windows Phone junky
  • I'm just getting tired of this coming, this is coming, that is coming....thing is what do we have now?
  • You prefer a few gigs and a few more megapixels every year, hyped like like it's the latest thing? I'm getting tried of see articles come out everyday a week after the new iPhone comes out on what the next one might have. You know they're all just paid for by Apple to keep iPhones in your face. Good things take time and they're dealing with cut throats.
  • Agree and the problem has been these pre announcings seems they don't have necessary solutions to make it work at times. But we do know to the extent that what they are working on and if they could get it to work will do so across many form factors and with the main key being that of different processors so it's not as simple and in order to get some projects working will take some tech evolution and or even a complete change to the original thought process which unfortunately increases time to release.
  • I started out using Nokia, you know the soft stuff but then this chick got me hooked with a Nokia 5800. It was smart phone heaven. A few years later it got stolen and I went into withdrawal. A friend tried to help with giving me a Samsung but it never did the trick. When my girlfriend needed a new phone I got her a Lumia 800 and she just loved it! Then the Lumia 730 dual sim came out and I found my thing. Just got a Lumia 650 dual sim, still have the L730 and use both everyday. Could never think of using anything else.
  • Good on ya ! I still carry my Lumia 520 and Lumia 720, though my daily driver now is the Lumia 735 . Looking forward to buying a Lumia 650 now. 170 dollars for a new one here 😁
  • Really can't wait to see pocket pcs unveiled to the world. It's not just about foldable phones. It's about having full OS running in your pocket. We are so close. And even qualcomm are right on board. Time for Smartphones to make way for pocket pcs. It's as revolutionary as the first smartphone.
  • ​What I'm hoping Microsoft will eventually do is create a family pass for all media (Movies & TV, Groove, EBooks, Games, and Apps) and allow us to share the content with those members you designate family members (up to 6).  This would allow me to persuade some of my family members to join the Windows ecosystem especially if they add all of the services to iOS and Android.
  • I've tried getting support via Feedback Hub. Have you upvoted to the feedback?
  • Family Pass is still a biggest missing in the services at the moment which is a shame since this is also the same company who introduced it in early days. I don't know why it takes so much indefinite time to make it happen. The more it took longer, the more people locking themselves on current services they already in. Oh well, the HomeHub and family features ecosystem still a long way to go.
  • She sells CShells down by the seashore. 😄
  • I'm pretty sure MS also intention to make a pun about this. Prepare for the announcement of Microsoft Seashells...Cshell :P
  • Shelley ? She sells CShells and shishas down by the seashore !
  • Lol!☺
  • That Surface Phone idea combined with CShell.... Simply is a f*cking good idea.