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Windows Central Podcast 67: Microsoft kills Groove service

We're back with another exciting episode of the Window Central Podcast. This week, Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden talk about Microsoft killing Groove Music, bringing Edge to iOS and Android, and whether or not Surface will be around in a few years.

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Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, we do not have a video version of the podcast this week. You can tune into the audio version below.

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Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Question-- The GROOVE app isn't going away, it's the just music service subscription part, is that not Correct? I don't have the subscription so I dont think this has an impact on me.. Or are they entirely shutting down the APP?  I was under the impression it was the former instead of the latter. Windows 10 has to have native media player.
  • Former
  • Then it's fine. Groove music service is not available in India anyways. I use Saavn for Win 10 for streaming music.
  • Yes, the Groove Music app (which is nice) *isn't* being killed. And I wish sites would pay more attention when writing copy. The thing that's being axed is the "Groove Music Pass" service. Just saying...
  • Additionally, you can't buy music from it anymore so it's only good for locally stored music now.
  • No, no, you can still stream all the music you want from OneDrive... Daniel does this all the time, so do I... This is music that you own or have ripped from CD etc.
  • In the quest for modular Windows, having hardware to test how to make Windows OneCore to be energy efficient is critical for future ultramobile PC. Optimizing Windows S for Surface Laptop; W10 for Surface Pro Lte; Andromeda OS for Arm ultramobile PC with LTE - are all part of the mobility First plan for UWP apps. The more energy efficient full Windows Andromeda OS for LTE & eSIM, the more differentiating will the phone from factor Ultramobile PC In other words: Andromeda OS with telephony device - part of Msft/Qualcomm collaboration - is still on schedule & good.
  • Ultra Mobile PC = Maybe. Phone = Never. I would not pipe dream George.
  • But phones are ultramobile PCs, with telephony and LTE. Or at least they should be...
  • Agree, smartphones are ultramobile PCs and as Microsoft want do a Windows Phone the only thing left will be an Microsoft branded Android phone with the Microsoft launcher and the Microsofts apps. Andromeda may or may not be something comming but my guess is it will be closer to a Surface mini with LTE than a phone. I may be foldable with an integrated pen but it will not be phone sized. Maybe with an 7" screen when folded and a 10" when unfolded. To big to be a proper pockable more the size of an pocket book. Good enought be something to take notes on and when unfolded big enought to read documents, watch videos/movies and suft the web on confortable. Still it will never reach a market share close to what a phone can do becouse of size, prize and interface/ecosystem.
  • Best thing that could happen is Spotify streaming is added to the Groove Music interface.
  • That would be awesome. I don't like the UI of Spotify
  • If they tied Spotify into Groove I would jump straight back in.
  • Indeed
  • Guys, you can't be recommending buying Movies / TV series from the Microsoft Store. This will undoubtly be going the same way as Groove, as like you mentioned, it is not even available on different platforms.
  • I think you missed the part where Daniel said that a lot of people have XBox systems in their home. Movies/TV lives on there too so there's no reason to kill it.
  • Outlook definitely needs work. For this to work properly we also need a People app,  plus inbuilt Cortana. If they get these going it might a worthwhile device for Windows users.
  • I've already been able to install the spotifay app for xbox on my surface pro 4. So there's already a cross platform spotify app
  • Funny that Daniel says that they can't say anything about MSFT's new mobile ambitions and then at the end of the podcast Zac goes on about "inking on the go" and a form factor that can be larger and then smaller (ie foldable). If WC is getting a sneak close is MSFT to launching this new product ? My 950XL is getting long in the tooth.
  • Maybe if Microsoft was more competitive it would've of worked out. Amazon has a family plan. Groove didnt. Google has a family plan for $15 a month that let's you Share all your movies and tv shows you buy with 5 other people, unlimited Music and everyone gets YouTube Red (which is $10 by itself, it offers no ads and YouTube Originals)
  • Great podcast. It was interesting to hear thoughts about Groove and the Microsoft Launcher. 
  • They didn't even consider their international market n that Spotify doesn't work in most places like groove did fu Microsoft fu #ilovedgroove
  • Spotify is available in many more countries than Groove.
  • This was the best podcast you've done in a while. A longer episode with good discussion and explanation of a variety of subjects. I really enjoyed it.
  • Spotify is ZUNE? right? it has all the features of then and then some. oh its not.....LOL oh Microsoft you done it again!
    I was disappointed at first but after using zune oh excuse me Spotify. I was really impressed and happy.
    it has user playlist, it has ability to easily delete a track while playing, feature rich, and the fidelity is amazing. comparing
    zune oh right Spotify to groove one was a tin can and one is albert hall. Spotify has a lot of the features that zune did. this is what zune could have been in my opinion. now I can buy decent bluetooh headphones and not fee bad about It
  • Interesting to hear as ever. One thing tho - not sure i agree that it's a good thing that MS are one of first in VR/MR. After all they were in mobile BEFORE Apple. Most important is that they make it "just work" i think.