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Windows Central Podcast 69: Microsoft's foldable device

We're back with another exciting episode of the Window Central Podcast. This week, Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden talk about the official launch of the Fall Creators Update and how that's going, along with Microsoft's secret prototype foldable device that may or may not be coming next year, and the unveiling of the Surface Book 2!

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No video podcast this week. We had technical difficulties getting the video up and running.

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Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • That's it! That's perfection! That's EXACTLY what we want... Goodbye Surface 3, (maybe) Lol. This guy has it, and I hope Panos, and his team, are thinking like him....
    Like I said, there will always be some type of Windows on Mobile devices, and the PC is now Ultramoble.... Perfection.
  • Exactly what YOU want Rodney....I wanted a 1020 replacement...thats what MS should have done.  They would sell more of those than this folding monstrosity.  
  • WTF are you whining about, and who TF is taking about smartphones? SMDH... Da Fuq??? Boy, you must've had another stroke earlier today
    So, MS should stop making mice, keyboards, PC's, software, services, and mobile apps, because you want a 1020 replacement?..... How do you relate these things, and any future product, or service MS makes to a smartphone?🤔.... Have you been smoking crack already today? It's only 4:17.....
    That's the most stupid comment I've ever seen online anywhere.
  • So they should do the same because you want a foldable device?   You are an idiot 
  • I know you're not calling me an idiot. That's where I draw the line. You'd better watch it. Once you start talking like that then we're beyond discussing Windows.
  • You and others vastly over-estimate the appeal of Windows 10 beyond its desktop usage.
  • Nobody is over estimating anything. Just stop. SMDH
    If Windows doesn't appeal to you why are you on WINDOWS Central?
  • thats actually really cool. I would also like for them to consider the bottom half of the device to be MODULAR. want a second screen? done. Swap it out for an eGPU performance base? done. A physical keyboard or music midi controller? done. A giant speaker? whatever you want. No one has done modular right yet. The first serious attempt i believe will be the RED hydrogen phone.
  • Those are terrific ideas. I hope someone somewhere is thinking like you. Nice!
  • This brick. I hope not
  • Why? What don't you like about this concept?..... Let me guess; it doesn't run Android?...
    Stuck in the past on Android.. Please.
  • Although foldable device, the screen here is not. The same guy made this before: but unfortunately deleted it from his behance.
  • Now you guys want to argue about an unofficial concept?... Oh, god.🙄🙄🙄
  • Well, this is exactly what Jason (and I) have been saying all along... A new type of PC. A very mobile PC. A pocketable PC. A Surface PC............. With telephony, inking, continuum, running Arm, and possibly Win32 application support. But, most importantly it's a PC whose only competition is itself,,, for now.
  • It requires more than just a killer feature for the device to gain some traction. Its success rather depends upon the way in which hardware and software is synchronised together to provide some "real" value to the customers.
  • Right. Just like every other product...... Right.
  • I want the foldable device to exist, I just really don't believe they will make it.. so far it is just a patent, and as far as I know a pretty old one..
    It would be great and I would by it in a heartbeat, I just think it is more of a fairytale right now..
  • I am losing hopes. Even if they release it to my liking there will be really high price and ton of bugs. I love my Surface booj, but boy the build quality isn't that well. After around a year of use I have so many places where the finishing coating is getting off... Bottom magnet are where you put the pen. Hinge area.. Usb ports... Bug when the keyboard stops working and you need to detach and reattach it to fix it. And the most annoying bug that almost nobody reports... So MS do not address it. Surface PEN does not act as a pointer! Which means wherever you left the pointer with touch pad it will stay there no matter where you operate with your pen. Issue with this? Pointer quite often ends up in the upper right corner.
    Guess what happens if you accidentally click on touch pad? The only place where the pointer reflects your pen movement is desktop. But anywhere else it does not. These are little things of imperfection which have heavy impact on end user... No matter how innovative stuff they bring in, it is still beta when they put it on the market. I have higher acceptance of bugs as I am sw tester. But regular customer is not willing to accept this at such price point...
  • ... and use the pen as a handset for the phone function. Just add a mic in one end and a speaker in the other :-)
  • Lol!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • That's actually not a bad idea at all, even if it was perhaps meant in jest...
  • Lol. But, it's kinda funny.
  • an 8" version of surface, WoA with 40MP camera, GPS, and support LTE ... thats all I need ... no foldable or whatever ! ..
  • I hope it comes soon, samsungs foldable phone comes next year, and for media consumers it may be very attractive, OS aside. Feels like playing chess and having choice of first move.
  • LOL Click bait. No news, lots of guessing, might as well be a UNICORN LOL.
  • I take both,  unicorn and surface fold. Ok, the unicorn i would donate to science or a poor girl, the fold i would keep for myself.
  • lots of guessing
    Nah. Brad Sams and Tom Warren are on the same page too. You'll be hearing more in the coming months if the project continues. Also, look up "click bait". Not sure you know what it actually means.
  • Another iDroid fan who mask his fear of MS making a Pocketable PC by Obvious, and pathetic, sarcasm... Worst thing is his cliché use of the played out "Unicorn" reference, then he makes himself seem even more petty with his goofy "Lol"...... Trolls are a mess.
  • And you're talking out of your a** Rodney, I use a Lumia 950 XL. But unlike you, I'm a realist, not a delusional fan boy. I clicked on the podcast because the titleing hinted there might be some official news that the device existed, as opposed to just speculation. By "official", I mean a statement from an appropriate Microsoft officer, for GENERAL release. No? Keep dreaming then. I hope that the ATC's at that airport you're working at do their job based on hard data, not SPECULATION. If Nutjobella is going to authorize a smaller Surface device with telephony, I'll believe it WHEN I SEE IT RTM. Because all we've seen from him so far is REMOVE devices from the market.
  • How am I delusional? Explain, and let's see how off you are
  • Yes.
  • Samsung will beat MS for sure to the their device will do most anything this unicorn plus ALOT more that this cannot.
  • Kyocera did it, now ZTE does it and now with Android and its apps it has way bigger advantage. Lenovo have tablets with projector, ZTE foldable screen, Apple has it's ARKit, Samsung implemented Continuum at bigger skale than MS, etc etc. Microsoft is doing nothing new, it gonna fail awfully with lack of commitment and no UWP apps :/ We are doomed :/
  • OK, after listetning to whole episode - so it's gonna be Sony Vaio P but maybe with toch screen and maybe with two screens and thats it. Worthless. If that would be in form of old Nokia Communicator and UWP apps would be alive there - than it would be something PERFECT.
  • What do you mean "we're doomed"? I mean, you're obviously not on the same page, so what's the "we" all about?...?
  • The new courier sounds neat but I am not sure it will find a place in the market. People that need such device are Samsung Note users. Not only this is not a huge market but many will argue that, in those relative small screens, it would be more productive to run Android rather than Windows.
  • Consumers may not want it, but it seems like it would work perfectly for enterprise.
  • Wow this is it! no more carrying 2 devices!.
    I use a 950XL and also an old galaxy note 3 (running android 7 cm14.1), I use the note with the S-pen exclusively with OneNote and wish it was running windows every single time! 
  • Don't get your hopes up just yet about carrying one device..... This might be able to replace your smartphone. Might...
    I tell you, my plan, if this device is anything like that concept above, is to get this, and some type of Android device. I want smart home/car apps, and MS will not have those for a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long time...
    This device might not cut down on the amount of devices I carry, but definitely would cut down on the overall footprint of the devices I carry.
  • Biggest issue with Invoke, price versus functionality. I have a 950, wireless charging pad, and various Bluetooth speakers. My 950 is paired to each speaker. I go in a room, plop my 950 on the charging pad, turn on the speakers. From there I can use all the same functionality of an Invoke, plus Groove One Drive support and non premium Spoitfy/Pandora support. Hey Cortana works great with a 950.
  • On the Surface Note (that is what I am going with), yes, I want one. As a professor you give me folding device with a decent size unfolding screen, inking, Cshell and Win32 and I am in love.
  • On the Surface Note (that is what I am going with), yes, I want one. As a professor you give me folding device with a decent size unfolding screen, inking, Cshell and Win32 and I am in love.
  • So is there a reason some of your podcast's end up on youtube and others don't? Just asking really don't know the answer. Also, I should just point out that your link to the "Listen via: Windows Central app Windows 10" takes me to the the Jay Bennett published version of the app, not the Mobile Nations published version, so you probably want to fix that. On that front, is there a reason you it doesn't work on Xbox yet? :)