Windows Central for Windows 10 update rolling out with scrolling fix, new features

Last Friday, we released an early preview of our brand-new Windows Central app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. At the time, we gave a little warning that this was still a preview as we had not tested it on a large scale. Since then, we have delivered a few updates, and another one is going in the next few hours.

Version 1.1.11 (up from 1.1.10) should be live very soon today and with it comes many fixes for some annoying issues.

First up is a fix for the no-scrolling bug. On mobile devices, there was an issue where scrolling on the right-side of the display would not work in some cases. Luckily, that super odd bug should now be squashed along with some general crashing issues when in comments.

There is also now a toggle for the Live Tile to turn it on and off as many had requested that option too.

The other big feature is a font-size slider. For now, you there is no preview, and you will need to restart the app to enable the new setting. Both of those limitations will be addressed in a later build, but we wanted to get that option out as soon as possible for those who need it.

Below is the cumulative changelog from the last updates over the last two days including the one that is coming out shortly:

Windows Central App cumulative changelog

New Features

  • Improved Article reading
  • Transparent static tile
  • Moved "Top" button to bottom right corner
  • Larger headers for News Page
  • Added publish date to article list view
  • Set splash screen background color to Magenta

New App Settings

  • Added support for font sizes (requires app restart)
  • Link to 'More notification' settings (site control)
  • About page with version and link to UserVoice
  • Comment signature support
  • Live Tile toggle
  • Use system font (Segoe UI) in Article View (requires app restart)


  • Fixed article scrolling issue
  • Fixed several crashing issues
  • Fixed comments causing crashes


Some users have been complaining of no notifications. For those people, we ask you check the following:

  1. Log into the app with your Mobile Nations Passport account
  2. Go into Windows Central App > Settings and make sure you see the above Notification options
  3. Choose All for 'Notifications for Articles' and desired ones for comments/forums/articles
  4. You can also go to and your site notifications are properly configured

Many people, including ourselves, are having instant article notifications (they push through within 10 seconds of publishing), so we're asking you to make sure those steps are taken.

But wait, there's more!

We still have many more tweaks that we are doing to the app including changes coming to the article layout and other smaller design decisions.

There are many more features we will be adding that many of you have requested e.g. editing and deletion of comments, layout options for the Live Tile, and loading indicators (my pet peeve).

We knew that no matter how long we waited the app would never be complete-enough for some, but we ask you to be patient as we add to and refine the app over the coming weeks and months.

Second update later today

Possibly later today another update will come out that will clean up the article view a bit. We'll also be adding more categories to the article view (main page) to match our website e.g. Phone, Surface, and Band so that you can read articles just on those topics (you can already see one for Xbox).

So don't be surprised if you see two updates today!

Remember, take advantage of our Windows Central UserVoice page for feedback and thanks for all the positive vibes. We're a small team working diligently on this project, and it will only get better!

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Daniel Rubino

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