Windows Insiders get small update to Windows 10 build 17134.5

Windows Insider program settings
Windows Insider program settings (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft formally announced today that the April 2018 Update will begin rolling out to the public on April 30. But ahead of its release, Windows Insiders are getting another small update of their own.

Insiders on the Fast, Slow, and Release Preview rings that are currently on build 17134.1 will now be able to download KB4135051, which ticks the build number up to 17134.5.

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There's now word on exactly what's new in 17134.5, but it likely includes some smaller changes to get things ready for the public rollout on April 30.

If you're an Insider, you should be able to grab 17134.5 now via Windows Update. And as we wait for the public release to begin, be sure to check out our full, in-depth review of the April 2018 Update for more.

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  • whatever this update does, it doesn't remove the insider control of feedback frequency
  • Well that's an easy fix
    Setting /updates/windows insider program stop builds or can move to the release ring
  • That's because Insiders are SUPPOSED to provide feedback, it's one of the reasons for being an Insider in the first place. I'm also pretty sure it's in the agreement you accept when you enter into the Insider program.
  • I am not enrolled currently, therefore I should have to option to never send feedback. this build and all the other "RTMs" have been this way. I guess its back to 1709 for me.
  • Off you go then. In fact, perhaps you should move back to DOS or even an abacus. Then, without internet access, we wouldn't be subjected to your comments.
  • hey thanks so much for you generous comment. I didn't realize your fragile inner being was being challenged, but hey the truth (of which I spoke) should never get in the way of your agenda... now carry on with your sad yet amusing existence
  • Are you upset for getting flamed? You can't recover from that one bud. Scurry away.
  • You do - just turn off notifications for the Feedback Hub in Settings under System/Notification & Actions/Get notifications from these senders. Its default state is On (and may default back to On after updating versions if you previously turned it Off, but I'm not 100% sure of that). You always have options to control the behavior of Windows, but unfortunately many of them are buried deep in system or control panel settings and can be difficult to find. Give it a try to see if it solves your issue. Good luck!
  • OEM partition still has a drive letter...
  • I see this on one of my machines as well. One of the previous builds was supposed to fix it and it did on two other machines. Thankfully it is only a machine I use around the house and won't be difficult to reset and make operational again.
  • Two machines I upgraded had Drive F assigned to the recovery partition. Mine didn't but maybe that's because I already had a Drive F.
  • Can't you guys use disk management to remove the drive letter?
  • Mine has this problem, but I can't even seem to get this new update so I can't even test. Leaving and returning to insider doesn't help either.