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Be sure to read our in-depth review and overview of Windows Phone 8, and click on the links below to learn more about each of these amazing new Windows Phone 8 devices. If you have any questions, and for more Windows Phone 8 discussion, be sure to visit our Windows Phone 8 forums and the latest Windows Phone 8 Apps.

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What is the best Lumia of all time? (poll)

Lumia will always hold a special place in our hearts, but what was the best Lumia of all time? We want to find out.

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Windows 10 Mobile updates for older Windows Phones delayed until early 2016

Microsoft has sent out a statement that officially says that over-the-air updates for older Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices to Windows 10 Mobile will be released in early 2016, rather than in December as previously announced.

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This is why Microsoft keeps 'starting over' with Windows Phone

Over the weekend, an article appeared on Digital Trends entitled "Microsoft needs to stop starting over with Windows Phone". The commentary in question put forth the idea that Microsoft is rebooting Windows Phone a third time with Windows 10 in 2015 and that this is an issue. The odd reasons cited for this being a problem span from the OS being inconsistent to "driving app developers and users crazy".

The Digital Trends article is flawed in many ways, but I believe this is, once again, a perception issue that is probably not uncommon in tech media, especially ones that do not live and breathe Microsoft news. For that reason, I would like to articulate a more accurate position on the changes Microsoft has gone through in the last few years.

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Joe Belfiore announces new updates, sheds some details on lock screen app

In a series of tweets published this morning, corporate vice president and manager for Windows Phone Joe Belfiore has outlined a series of updates that will be going live on the Windows Phone platform.

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Xbox Game The Harvest returns from the wastelands to Windows Phone 8

When Windows Phone 8 reared its shiny head back in late 2012, there was much cause for celebration. Although the new OS switched kernels from the one used by Windows Phone 7, it retained the ability to run most pre-Windows Phone 8 apps and games. That said, some very important games did not run on the new OS: more than 20 mobile Xbox Games! Considering how many gamers came to Windows Phone specifically for Xbox Games, those compatibility issues among came as quite a blow.

Microsoft and some of the creators of the affected games worked to restore compatibility where they could. One year after the Windows Phone 8 launch, 12 games gained compatibility or received new compatible versions. 20 games remained incompatible however, including some important titles like Fable Coin Golf and Tentacles. Well, it’s been a long time coming but one more Xbox Game just became available again on Windows Phone 8: The Harvest from Luma Arcade.

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Deal Alert: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925 available for $289 at Newegg

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a unique Windows Phone in that the chassis design differs from the usual Lumia polycarbonate cases. Sporting an aluminium side, the Lumia 925 is a premium Windows Phone 8, which will be updated with the 8.1 (aka 'Blue') update when released. This makes it both future proof and a superb catch when a special offer is published.

Cue Newegg where consumers can pick up the Lumia 925 for just $289.

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Visualized – Windows Phone 8 versus 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 will officially be shown to the world at Build 2014 in San Francisco on April 2nd. We do have a sneak peek of the update thanks to a leak of the Windows Phone 8.1 beta SDK. There isn’t going to be a drastic overhaul to the design language started in Windows Phone 7, but Windows Phone 8.1 will bring a few aesthetic differences.

Visually compare and contrast Windows Phone 8 versus Windows Phone 8.1 after the break!

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Panasonic working with Microsoft to build new handheld devices for enterprise

Panasonic has today announced at the National Retail Federation 2014 expo that it's currently working with Microsoft to introduce enterprise-class mobile hardware using Windows Embedded 8 Handheld. This collaboration will enable the company to further expand its product portfolio with new handheld devices for businesses, rocking Microsoft's enterprise features.

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Stopping the rumor mill: Windows Phone and the future of its unique UI

This morning, the Windows Phone Central inbox was flooded with tips about one Eldar Murtazin, who has taken to Twitter to make some comments about the future of Windows Phone and its UI design. Specifically, he claims that Microsoft will have “another UI” with the Live Tile system going away, replaced instead with a UI inspired by Android.

The future design of Windows Phone is certainly of concern, especially to our readers. Microsoft has bet a lot of the design language of Modern UI, making it the corner piece in Windows 8 and the Xbox One. Could they really be re-thinking everything?

Furthermore, who is Murtazin and why should you care? We take a look at the latest rumors and show why they are baseless.

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Skype for Windows Phone gets updated yet again; introduces IM copy and paste

The Skype team has announced yet another version of the Windows Phone client, version 2.13. We recently looked at some general fixes introduced in the previous update, but today we've got some new features to look forward to. Shoot on past the break to find out what's new.

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