Windows Phone app for Windows 8 receives small update, anything new?

The Windows Phone 8 app for Windows 8 has received a small update today. Moving the version markers from 1.1.2303 to 1.1.2410.

Unfortunately, there is no change log that we can find at the moment and this appears to maybe just be a performance and bug crushing fix. If you’ve had any issues along the lines of performance or bugs let us know if this update fixes anything.

Another unfortunate piece of news is the lack of features. The Windows Phone 8 app still pales in comparison as a syncing solution for Windows Phone 8 compared to the old day of Zune. You still can’t add Xbox Videos to your device as an example.

Are you seeing anything we’re not? Let us know below.

  • What tablet is that?
  • Probably an Acer W510. Which you can get with a free $100 amazon gift card at the moment.
  • Yep that's Dan's W510, by all accounts he's very pleased with it
  • Yes, Acer W510. I'll do a short hands on later.
  • Any chance you guys can add a forum for the Asus Vivo Tab? There's one for the RT but a separate one for the Atom x86 version would be nice. Thanks.
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  • Yes "Emily" we know.
  • the $100 amazon gc isnt free..the price is added to the tablet msrp which makes it $699.99 in the cart.
  • I love our 510, at least when I can get it away from my wife... :)
  • Jajaja i got here asking the same...
  • Please bring back Zune, or at least just re name the old software.
  • +547847904 please!
  • Agreed.  I have USB sticks for mass storage portable devices. Who cares about that. Bring back wireless sync and perhaps a touchfriendly Zune.  Music App and this Windows App frankly is the only blemish on Microsofts recent efforts (that I can think of ATM, anyhow!).  It would be nice to be able to sync my Surface with my Windows 8 computer too and use the same tool.  He're hoping something better is on the way.
  • They had a touch screen Zune. You can probably find one pretty cheap still. There's no apps for it anymore, though.
  • I think he meant make the Zune software more touchscreen friendly and then port it over to w8.  i personally like this idea, although I haven't tried the sync software on w8.
  • I was wondering the sane thing.
  • Is that white tablet a render or an actual photo??? O_o Looks gorgeous.
  • It's Dan's W510, and he should be writing a review of it some time soon...
  • Photo: Is this Acer Iconia W510?
  • Honestly I don't know why MS discontinued the Zune software, this app for W8 feels like I'm in the stone age.
  • Ditto. I spent so much time getting all my music to have the right info in Zune, just to have Win8 start over it seems.
  • The "experts" are saying because Windows Phone 8 is made to be "totally independent" of the desktop PC...they believe you should maintain your music library from the phone...yearh, try making a simple playlist on the phone...I don't buy it...
  • Criag is right, they should have at least just renamed Zune to Xbox Music for now.
    The Windows Phone 8 app is horribly to say the least and the Windows Phone desktop software (for Win 7 & older) is absolutely unusable! Everytime i go to sync using the desktop software, I get a million failed to sync messages and if I come back a week later trying to put a new album on my phone, those past files try to sync again and whatever albumb they belong to is added again! I have a couple albums with like 5 copies of each song. You cant even delete them using the software or File Explorer. You have to delete them on the phone. So shitty!!!!!
    Now, I simply don't bother with either version of the Windows Phone software and just use File Explorer
  • I saw this under "Release Notes" "Now it’s even easier to add all of your favorite music artists, photo albums, and video collections to your phone."    Seriously, that's the release notes.  Ugh.  I just want Zune software back.  This is a downgrade.
  • What release notes?
  • It is lame how much functionality this app lacks.
  • Seriously Matt Akers and his team should all be fired.  They should be axed because of Xbox Music, Xbox Video and the Windows Phone 8 App.  Especially the Windows Phone 8 app.  It is a crappy app that desperately needs a massive overall.
  • This whole music management fiasco is just another example of how Microsoft as a company is driven by bottom line short run financials rather than delivering the best services it can to its customers within the guidelines of positive financials. We also see this in the pricing of the Surface tablet, which had a nice margin built into each unit but was underspeced compared with the comparably priced iPad. Until Steve Ballmer is fired or leaves Microsoft is going to continue to deliver some elements of its software that's great, but never reach the level of execution on all levels they need to compete with Apple. It's really sad because MSFT does some things really well. Like Windows Phone and Zune.
  • @ jmiller2032 You might at least try to get the facts straight.
    1) Every tech company including Apple has the same approach to short term financials. Two iPads and the iPad Mini all in a few months says it all on that front.
    2) The pricing of Surface demonstrates the opposite of your point. Maintaining your margin when other companies are dumping products on a market at a loss, is based upon the idea that you are not looking for a quick fix/faked market share that you cannot financially sustain.
    3) The only iPad specs that genuinely exceed Surface are it's back facing camera and it's (more marketing gimmick than tech essential) Retina display. Surface otherwise matches the specs or flat out beats them (expandability, multi-tasking, etc.).
    4) As far as Apple's amazing record of quality and attention to detail, ask people how the scratch magnet iPhone 5, signal challenged iPhone 3, and Siri beta that cannot understand some pretty basic English accents has worked out. You might also ask the Australian police why they have felt the need to advise people to turn off Apple's map app? The answer is people are getting lost in the desert following its directions.
  • Hold on there. Matt Akers hasn't worked on that team for some time now. There's no reason to personally call him out.
    While the app isn't as complete as we might like, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft is aware of the problem and trying to improve things.
  • Yep there is a masive lack of quality in this promised link from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Phone.
    I wanted to move from iTunes/iPhone but really MS are so far behind Apple in the media .
    Please make it work well. Zune was good and I looked forward to this whole new MUSIC XBOX thing.
    Oh boy was i disappointed
  • Any chance the Zune Desktop runs on Windows 8 Pro? (I could try installing myself, but my Win8 machine is inconveniently elsewhere at the moment.)
  • It does.
  • Of course it does. I've been using it in place of Xbox Music since September.
  • It run on Win8, but it won't connect to WP8.  Lame, but true.
  • Exactly what I was coming here to ask. So what happens when you connect a wp8 device with Zune open? Does it just not recognize the device you just connected?
  • Indeed... Just rename the Zune client.
  • I don't understand why Microsoft would even release an app that is as broken and useless as the Metro Windows Phone app.
  • You guys who are complaining about the Metro Windows Phone app are using the desktop Windows Phone app instead, right? It's pretty good, and lets me sync my iTunes playlists directly to my phone. I love that feature.
  • I think a lot of the bitching comes from users who came from the Zune desktop client to sync and play nice with their Windows Phone 7/7.5 devices. It worked great and had a lot of features that are missing now for Windows Phone 8. It's a step backwards as opposed to forwards. 
  • A big part of it is that we don't want to use itunes to manage our windows phones.  One of the big advantages of zune/wp7 was NOT using itunes.  iTunes is horribly bloated and slow, and alot of us moved away from it for music management a long time ago and moved into MS' ecosystem.  Now they're TELLING us to use iTunes.  If you want me to use iTunes, why would I not just buy an iPhone then?
  • You don't have to use iTunes nor are you being told to use iTunes. But you're right, Microsoft has dropped the ball here. I hope they fix it soon.
  • You nailed it Genesyn!!!! iTunes is a bloated piece of crap that I refuse to put on my machine. Its why I do not own a Touch. Zune desktop was perfect for my needs in every way, and was a pleasure to deal with. MS, once again had decided that I don't deserve what I want irregardless of giving them my money. When they killed Zune, they led me to believe they had a viable replacement which was a lie considering the joke I'm dealing with now. I have come to expect my phone to handle my podcasts and be my music player and both sync with my desktop which I use for both as well. Xbox music and video fails miserably as far as I'm concerned and makes dealing with it a serious pain in MY @$$. Thanks MS... Not!
  • Well, I WANT to use iTunes but all the app does is crash and crash and crash. The only way - according to some people - that you can actually transfer playlists is by using Windows Media player which I've hated from day one. So no, thank you, and I really don't think Microsoft would want you to use iTunes. Because it doesn't work either!
  • God damn where is WiFi sync and integration with whs 2012???
  • Bizarre how many features are left out compared to the Zune/WP7 combo. WiFi sync being one I used a lot.
  • Hopefully it works now for me. Haven't been able to add anything to my phone with the app. Spent hours with support and they couldn't figure it out
  • Update didn't help. Still doesn't give me the "sync" options. The entire section never opens.
  • I noticed that the background of the Windows 8 App matches the light/dark theme of the phone being synced.  Not sure if that was there before or not.  Kind of cool, but way down on the list of things this app needs to do first.
  • Did that since release
  • I just noticed that you can review the app using the 'charms' menu.  I had to laugh when I read the torrent of abuse this app is getting on the Windows App Store!  That is until I remembered it's the only sync software I have my phone... <cry>