Windows Phone 8 training resources highlight a number of new features for sales reps

Lucy! Tidy up your corner, it's a bloody mess!

Be sure to take a deep breathe before reading this - sales representatives are going through some training before Microsoft unveils its next Windows Phone release. Fancy that, eh? Neowin has been sent a number of shots showing some resources that appear to be utilised as training material.

Highlighting and running through a number of features in Windows Phone, the material will (or so it's believed) enable sales representatives to answer questions consumers may ask when browsing the collection of Lumias or huge array of Samsung hardware (we'll stop picking at Samsung soon enough, or will we?).

We've previously looked at how terrible sales staff have been with Windows Phone with Windows Phone Central reader reports. Whether it be straight out recommending Android and iPhones over Windows Phones with a strong, bias push, or damaged demonstrations units out on display. It's not been a rosy experience for any Windows Phone veteran visiting a carrier store to witness such awful marketing from retailers and carriers.

As mentioned above, the training material published by Neowin shows a handful of features we've known since (and prior) the Windows Phone 8 SDK leak. These include the Wallet app, Kids Corner and Rooms. Kids Corner will be the number one addition for parents, which will provide extra control and safeguard management to keep the little ones from accessing the depths of 4chan.

Parents will be able to set up a profile or account to access specified apps and more, which will be achieved by swiping left on the lock screen. Lastly, we have some NFC documentation and PIN screen for added security. Rooms are also confirmed, and will allow users to set up groups of contacts that will participate in group chat, calendar, notes, lists and documents. 

Check out more shots below.

Source: Neowin

Rich Edmonds
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