Windows Phone games that could be the next big thing

Windows Phone Central Game Roundup: The Next Big Thing

Microsoft started adding collections to the Windows Phone Store that groups like minded apps and games. You have a photography collection, the Red Stripe Deals collection and few more.

With this week's Windows Phone Central roundup, we take a peak at the Next Big Thing collection. It's a group of games that have the potential of being big hits. They have strong ratings and it's a nice way to showcase the independent developers.

We picked four from the current collection that we think are quality additions to the Windows Phone gaming library.

Buddha Finger (trial/$1.29): Buddha Finger is a fast paced Windows Phone 8 game that will not only test your concentration but also your reflexes.

The story line behind the game has you meeting a Kung-Fu master that reveals you have a long lost twin brother who happens to be an Interpol Agent. Your brother has vanished and you have to battle your way through sixty one levels of action to find him.

To battle an opponent a series of numbers will appear on the screen representing pressure points for your opponent. You have to tap them in sequential order as fast as you can. Some levels will flash multiple number sequences before the bad guy (or gal) goes down.  Move too slow and your opponent will take you down.

Graphics, sound effects and the soundtrack to Buddha Finger have a retro feel to it and not in a bad way. The game has online leaderboards and Buddha Finger is just a fun game to pass the time with.

There is a trial version available for Buddha Finger with the full version running $1.29. You can find Buddha Finger here in the Windows Phone Store. It is only available for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Fling Theory (free): Fling Theory is a puzzle game for your Windows Phone 8 device where you're trying to fling electrons through a maze of charged particles. There are 38 levels or lessons to Fling Theory that contain multiple stages.

Along the way you use the charged atoms to reflect your electron towards it's target. You have electrical pulses that will destroy your electron as well as spikey walls that aren't too friendly either. Oh.. and while the atom's field will reflect your electron, if you fling too close the atom will consume your electron.

Fling Theory game play is simple, tap and drag the screen in the direction you want your electron flung. A trajectory guide will appear to help your targeting. Release the screen to fling your electron and hope for the best. Some stages require multiple flings but the consistent goal is to use as few flings as possible.

Graphics are nice, game play challenging, and overall Fling Theory is worth a try. Fling Theory is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone 8 device. You can disable the ads and purchase additional levels through in-app purchases.

You can find Fling Theory here in the Windows Phone Store.

Hexalines (trial/$.99): Hexalines is a challenging strategy puzzle game for your Windows Phone device.

You have hexagonal playing pieces that have pipe segments on them. The goal is to place your game pieces (or rotate existing pieces) in a manner to fill more pipes with red liquid than your opponents who are trying to fill their pipes with green and blue liquids.

You can make offensive moves to build your pipe network or defensive moves by rotating your opponents pieces to disrupt their liquid flow. If you're good you can take over your opponents pieces by rotating and connecting their pipes with yours.

Games can be played against the computer or in "pass/play" fashion with friends. While Hexalines is an easy game to pick up (tutorial is a must) it can be rather challenging to find success.

There is a free trial version available for Hexalines with the full version running $.99. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find Hexalines here in the Windows Phone Store.

Epic Battle Dude (free): We've already taken a look at Epic Battle Dude but it's such a nice game it deserved mention here. The Windows Phone 8 game has you playing the role of a king whose kingdom has been invaded by monsters who have kidnapped your queen.

Epic Battle Dude has fifty levels of game play, fantastic graphic, humorous sound effects and challenging game play. You have role playing game elements with upgradeable weapons and character abilities to allow you to keep pace with the game play difficulty as you slash your way through the levels.

Epic Battle Dude quickly became one our favorite games and it's a fun way to pass the time. Epic Battle Dude is a free game for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

There's about thirty games currently in the Next Big Thing collection over at the Windows Phone Store.  We've look at a few of these games (Death Worm, Squids, Drag Racing) and each have the potential of being big hits.  While these four stood out to us, you may have found a hidden gem we've left out.  If so, let us know in the comments which game you think will be the next big thing.

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