Microsoft's Build 2015 conference wrapped up yesterday. As usual, there is a massive amount of news that came out of the three-day developer event.

To wrap things up and put it all into perspective, Windows Weekly on did its annual Build wrap-up show, with a packed audience and guest lineup to break it all down. Guests included Peter Bright, Carl Franklin, Dmitry Lyalin, and myself, making it a fascinating watch (or listen).

I suppose if you want to skip over some of the earlier expert commentary, you could just head to the 47-minute part where I pop on for my segment (I return later at the 1h:45m mark). However, I do encourage you to watch the whole thing as you gain a deeper understanding of some of the topics at Build.

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If you do not want to watch the YouTube video above, just fire up your favorite podcast app and download Windows Weekly.

As always, thanks to Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley, and Leo Laporte for having me on. It is always fun to drop in on the TWiT Brick House for these things and meet the fans too!

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