Windows Weekly Episode 411: Back from Build now available for podcasting, streaming

Microsoft's Build 2015 conference wrapped up yesterday. As usual, there is a massive amount of news that came out of the three-day developer event.

To wrap things up and put it all into perspective, Windows Weekly on did its annual Build wrap-up show, with a packed audience and guest lineup to break it all down. Guests included Peter Bright, Carl Franklin, Dmitry Lyalin, and myself, making it a fascinating watch (or listen).

I suppose if you want to skip over some of the earlier expert commentary, you could just head to the 47-minute part where I pop on for my segment (I return later at the 1h:45m mark). However, I do encourage you to watch the whole thing as you gain a deeper understanding of some of the topics at Build.

If you do not want to watch the YouTube video above, just fire up your favorite podcast app and download Windows Weekly.

As always, thanks to Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley, and Leo Laporte for having me on. It is always fun to drop in on the TWiT Brick House for these things and meet the fans too!

Read all of our Build 2015 coverage right here.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Just watched most of it on the TWiT app for Roku. Good stuff!
  • That app is so good, right? I use it too, although I kind of freak at seeing myself in HD :P TWiT is on board for Windows 10, as you learned from the video, so an Xbox One app is on the way later this year (when MS opens the doors).
  • Dan you look good don't worry.
  • It is in HD. Using Roku on my HDTV.
  • Ooh look at your biceps Dan ;)
  • Apart from the booze - do they talk about anything interesting? I mean, any deails we haven't alredy known about Windows 10 for phones, any info on the upcoming devices? Sorry, I can't bare watching this for 2h 20min
  • No, we spend 2 hours talking about everything you know. In fact, we were going to call it 'Windows Weekly 411: Everything Gizzmo already knows'
  • shame you didn't - it would save me making the comment in the first place.
  • It's not about the knowing. The jokes the humor the personalities. It brings you closer to the authors. They are real people awesome people. I use to wonder why watch? It's simple.
  • Lucky for you that you didn't waste your time. You spared yourself of an inebriated Leo turning to completely bashing Windows Phone. I guess that was his payback for $750 wasted on his will new watch.
  • Personally I like to watch these things because you'll get a more personal pov on the subjects. Am article is always more limited than an interview.
  • If you aren't interested in watching this excellent Windows-Weekly episode, why would you make a stupid post informing us that you cant bare to watch it? I mean seriously dude.
  • The real question is: Can THEY bear to talk about it for 2 hrs and 20mins?
  • wowowow Seattle Sounders jersey! I hope it's original and not a fake one! I like more the green one though. I hope my team has Microsoft or Xbox on jersey, since my team signed a partnership with Microsoft like happened to Real Madrid (but RM is RM)   Anyway! I am sure Windows Weekly is good with Rubino, but I don't think I want to hear Leo Laporte or Paul Thurrott... not the kind of people I like to hear to be honest. I just wanted to talk about how soccer fan Rubino is ^_____________^ (although soccer is for weak babies, with dumb rules and just crappy sport)
  • I have a few, all bought at the Microsoft campus store ;) I even have the real team jersey, which is like a stupid $120 (versus the licensed commercial shirts, seen above). Also, I'm not a soccer fan, more of an Xbox one. Only sport I watch is MMA and UFC ;) Paul is one of my favorite people to hang out with. Funny as hell and I enjoy his epic sarcasm (it's a New England thing). It also may not come across in video, but he's one of the nicest, most sincere people I know. Leo can be divisive, but his knowledge of tech is impressive. Plus he runs an amazing group there at TWiT.
  • Whereas 'American Footballer' have to dress up in all that sissy protective head and body gear.   European Rugby is the real mans sport.
  • Can I comment before watching it?! Just kidding. :)
    Good job Rubino. You look good. Did you do something with your hair?! ;)
  • lol, Mark and I laugh how there is always a Dan's hair comment. And thanks, glad you liked the show!
  • You should be proud of your tech knowledge and your hair. :D
  • The video should've been called "Welcome to Daniel Rubino's gun show" instead
  • lol, no comment
  • Wow! Leo is such a deuchebag.. He's really pissed off towards the end, because of the android apps port to WP! Even arrogant towards ALL of the commentators and audience of the show! Ridiculous, really!
  • I typically like Leo. I have been watching him since the early/mid 90s. Though at times he gets on my nerves too.
  • Leos turned into an Apple stooge..his 2015 MacBook is TEN TIMES FASTER than a 4 year old Quad-Core PC just sent me over the edge on him.
  • Too much booze for Leo?
  • I like him and he raises some solid points.
  • Agreed, he really was a bit of a Jerk this episode. He gets very snarky when anyone dares to say anything bad about his precious Google/Apple. He was clearly getting bored and childish towards the end, and I thought he was particularly rude to Peter Bright and the first guest. The guests were all great though, particularly Daniel (and his awesome shirt).
  • Leo used to be a good Windows guy, even calling the name iPad stupid. Over the years he has really jumped on the Apple bandwagon. It seems that his opinions have shifted and all of the anxiety builds up and comes out in the end.
  • Hes Apple fanbois in IRC he admitted  he hates windows
  • Rubino is making everyone look like old stooges
  • I want Danny to be on every week. (with Paul and Mary of course)
  • Sorry, I really just have to say it. Leo's so pissed, that he even, DURING THE SHOW, decides to forget the show, and starts to make fun of Paul Thurrott, live, with that "How-old" sequence.. Just look at Paul's face! No class, really!
  • Yeah, but also pissed off because + nobody liking his watch + the (not needed) Android crap remark. Leo should have handled that in a more classy way, although he corrected himself a bit at the end of the show. Otherwise a great show. Especially because Daniel joined the show. Without Daniel joining the show, despite MjF's great contribution, I'm not watching any other episode.
  • That's a shame. The show in general is quite good. When either host isn't there and they have a guest on in their place it's just never the same. I couldn't imagine Paul not doing Windows Weekly without Mary Jo and vice versa.
  • Leo needs to lay off the booze on the air. He got himself in trouble on the new year's eve event also.
    Anyway, I don't expect him to get behind every product of every show, but you can't be a basher like that. Next time guys, save the scotch for AFTER the show!
  • You know what would be even better? If this was an article about a new Windows Central podcast... Just saying...
  • Well if folks weren't so anti-Google Hangouts making a podcast would be pretty easy. Too much of a PITA every week to see people complain about it. It's something we're trying to get going. But we don't know how yet.
  • I don't know if you're familiar with LinusTechTips, but they use Xsplit and Twitch to do their weekly podcasts, then export that to YouTube. Of course, the ideal solution would be if some of these people grew up and stopped complaining about Hangouts.
  • Oh my... You're smoldering hot, DR!!! Now give me that XBOX jersey. :p
  • GGG I just lost all my respect from Leo Laporte... I can't believe he actually bought an apple watch. On a second note I really hope Microsoft really fixes the field of view issue with Hololens, that could be a deathblow to the device.   
  • Leo is an ios and android fan and talks them up on his other shows.
  • Leo runs a tech channel. Of course he'd get an Apple Watch. He presents a bunch of Apple shows ya know.
  • Get this, on This Week in Google, he talks about... Android! Can you believe the nerve of that guy!?
  • Ikr!
  • Ok my bad.. I didn't know that. At least he could have gotten then 350 $ one not a 700 $ :)
  • Dude earns his money. Not about to suggest how he should spend it :)
  • It's not hard to get up to $700. BTW the $350 is the small one, and I don't think that would have looked good on Leo. His minimum would be the $400 sport. Once you go Steel, bigger size, and anything but elastomer band, $700 is about what you are looking at.
  • Inordinant amount of Apple shows including The (Apple)Tech Guy twice
  • Why wouldn't he get an Apple Watch. Even Paul is getting an Apple Watch. Different reasons to be sure, but they both kind of need to have one to be able to say stuff about it. (That is of course different than 90% of the folks saying stuff about it on the web.)
  • I like these windowsweekly episodes and remember Leo from the old screen savers show. But I'd rather hear more from Mary Jo in these discussions. Poor MJ always interrupted by Paul who's always gotta get his opinion in, right or wrong!
  • ikr? Kept getting on my nerves every time she's interrupted!
  • Daniel did anyone from this group find out about future RT updates or lack of carrier updates (Denim) from MS at Build??
  • Windows weekly = Drunk, old and pessimistic nerds thrown together
  • I would say: Realistic grownups.
  • This was a panel of the best and most knowledgeable writers who focus on Microsoft news, and it was great seeing them get together like this. Your opinion is crap.  
  • thats the sad part, that ther eis no other better than them. need someone better, younger and sober to fill that space. We tend to evealute people based on our knowledge or ignorance (in your case)  
  • I agree, but I would rather have watched them broadcasting alcohol-free and in their usual professional Windows Weekly tradition.
  • I woke up early on saturday morning in australia to watch live due wanting to hear a variety of thoughts regarding major microsoft announcements of the week. I think the show would've been much better if the alcohol was left till the end of the show or after the show.
  • I know from experience drunk podcasting is a recipe for mayhem. Tried to do one with the other Mobile Nations guys last year after a press conference/Avicii concert in Berlin. Messy!
  • From last year's build special WW and this year's WW, main difference I noticed is Sam sabri missing. He is a great guy. Anyway everyone has to move on.
  • It was clearly evident Leo was already hammered before the show even began :P (he had trouble operating his laptop lol).
  • I can't stand that Dr Pizza guy... his mannerisms remind me of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons! Gah!! The rest of the show was great and it'd be great if Daniel was a regular as he provides a valuable third perspective to the show - or Richard, he's been great on the few podcasts I've heard him on too! I did like listening to the Devs, you get to the real nitty gritty...
  • Hah, thanks. However, I will say Peter Bright is super knowledgeable in these areas and he often makes a lot of good points. I also enjoy hanging out with him at these events, as he had a great sense of humor.
  • Well that's good to know Daniel, I'll try and shake that preconception I have! I probably have to blame Comic Book Guy, not Peter for that! ;)
  • You really should. Peter Bright may not conform to your particular brand of person, and I only know him through his writing, but by god does that man know his shit! Every time he opens his mouth I learn something new about Microsoft, or programming or something else that's equally as interesting.
  • I used to like Leo on Screensavers way back when, but now he just seems negative on everything. It's pretty annoying. Paul is super cynical and even Leo made him look optimistic. Don't know what his problem was, but it was annoying. Peter, Mary and Daniel were great as always.
  • +1 the wish for Daniel to come on board more often. Someone who isn't enterprise focussed, but consumer focussed, BUT isn't a negative nancy. That's the big one. Thanks Daniel.
  • Paul isn't so much negative as he is realistic. I can see how his pragmatism may come across as somewhat cynical but I appreciate his honest criticism and agree with you that a little optimism is needed to balance the show out. I do think Mary Jo is probably the more optimistic of the two but I couldn't imagine the show with a third person. Paul, Leo and MJ all really have great chemistry together and it's one of the reasons why the show works so well. (I still love you, Rubino!) :)
  • Well simply Daniel replacing Leo would be a much better WW Show.
  • Nah, MJ would never get a word in with all the XBox talk.
  • Haha, she barely gets a word in now. I like Daniel and Paul, but they really like to talk. A lot. Which isn't a bad thing of course, it's just opinions that are divisive make for a more interesting watch. As much as Leo can be obnoxious, I appreciate his perspective and am glad that Windows Weekly isn't a circle jerk of pro-Microsoft bias. :)
  • which is what I want :) I like MJ, but her topics are boring.
  • I don't think the Enterprise is boring, just difficult to understand. There are a lot of complex systems involved in Enterprise-grade computing which a lot of us regular folk fail to digest. Admittedly, it is hard to keep up when MJ discusses the Enterprise, but I certainly wouldn't suggest the same when she talks about computers or operating systems outside of the enterprise. I think hers is a much needed perspective and, like I've said, appreciate that they discuss about a variety of topics - including the enterprise. :)
  • I'm sorry but if that isn't negative then nothing is. I appreciate the knowledge these guys have but it's painfull to watch as they (excepty for Mary) seem to be almost sorry to have to talk about Microsoft. Seriously with statements like "Cortana sucks" and the ridiculous pro android statements that completely miss the point, it's even hard to believe that this is a Microsoft show. There is nothing wrong with being critical but in this show only the guests seemed to be putting forward the point of view of a Windows phone user and Microsoft user in general. Leo seemed especially clueless about the advantages of the Microsoft ecosystem.With this much negativity on a show that is supposed to support the Microsoft community, who needs enemies?  I almost turned off the show when he kept asking "but why would anyone choose a windows phone over android". There are so many answers it's ridiculous for him to be so clueless : Because it will be the most complete ecosystem across all devices, from phone to tablet to console to pc. Not to mention providing a unique mix of stability and speed usually only found on IOS while being considerably more open and allowing basic things like file management, bluetooth file transfer, etc. Because of the live tiles, that provide a unique blend of usefull information in an asteticaly pleasing format and allowing a much more personal homescreen. Daniel did a great job but even him seemed a bit intimidated by the hosts to the point where he was not able to completely represent the wp user point of view.
  • i was like "oohhh, who's that hot guy on the left?!". and when i zoomed in, i realized it's dan. oh? okay. haha! lookin good, sir. hvent seen any pics of you here in a long time.
  • I already said it on a previous post. But to make it clear. Bringing all these tech people together was a great idea and I even liked Peter Bright! Thnx for being so great!
    And I get the great aspects of Leo but this episode simply showed in detail why he should put his great skills at replacing him self with somebody else that can ask the right questions and drive this show forward. Just watched the Mary Jo interview with Box and its even more clear that WW is holding her back. And if people remember any of my comments from before, I been sceptical about Mary Jo, now I'm not any more. People just need the right environment and love the job, asking the right questions. Being sceptical is not enough.
  • Daniel you look hot! Really cool hair style and are you working out? You seem more muscly now ;)
  • lol, thanks. Been exercising/lifting for years, but doing a spring cut right now to lose some winter weight.
  • makes you look more younger here, like mid 20s.
  • if Leo.drinker == lightweight {      Leo.noWhiskey; } else if Leo.isAngryDrunk == true{      Leo.soberUp; } else{      printf("The show was great!"); }
  • Anyone who watched/listened, did MaryJo say she heard that the Office apps for WP Insider would come out next week or in the next weeks? This wouldn't require a build, as these are apps and could just appear in the store, only available to Insider builds.  The comment was near the end I think. 
  • I'm pretty sure she mentioned something was potentially coming next week, but I can't remember if it was Office or the Phone OS.
  • Haven't finished listening yet but I have to admit, they should hold the alcohol until AFTER the show.  The cross-talk and interruptions is/was/are cringeworthy.  It seems that most of their shows that involve drinking should be avoided.