Here are the winning Pouch logos!

You’re all crazy talented, but only one design could win the logo redesign for Pouch. We picked 5 of our favorites a few days ago and let you all vote on which one you liked best. You’ve spoken and there’s a winner. Results below!

Community Winner: robotessa

Pouch Logo Winner from Robotessa

Congrats to robotessa on winning the vote from the community in the poll from a few days ago. Your design was rock solid.

Joshua’s Winner: siopz92

Pouch Logo Winner Josh

Big congrats to siopz92 for being the design that Joshua liked best! 

Like we said in the original post, we’d have a community vote, but Joshua would also have the ultimate say. We dig both apps and design is always subjective. Either way, both of you will be picking up a $15 gift card to the Windows Phone Store, $50 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Store and mad props. Be sure to check your private messages in the forums from a message from me with contact into.

Congrats to you two and thanks everyone for participating! 

Sam Sabri