WMExperts Podcast Episode 96

Not a lot of Windows Phone news this week. But we make up for it by making fun of Malatesta's recent shopping transgressions.

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Phil Nickinson

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  • Unfortunately I was unable to listen to your podcast this week. I only use one ear of my headphones as I listen around the house. I was only getting half of the conversation. Can this be changed or is the planned stereo format for the future?
  • This podcast is in stereo.
  • Personally, i prefer mono podcasts. i listen to most podcasts at work on headphones and the way most stereo podcasts are created it makes the speakers feel as though they're inches away from either side of your face. It's disturbing, though i imagine if you're listening through speakers the effect wouldn't be nearly as distracting.
  • Just download it again, folks. It's been fixed.
  • You keep touting the ZUNE player software. Have you used it on a netbook? It SUCKS! It is extremely memory intensive = slow. On top of that, the podcast is WINDOWS MOBILE Experts, and ZUNE doesn't work with WM. Sorry guys WMP is a necessary evil.
  • Hi, Its bad for me that i could not able to hear that podcast. Is ii possible to broadcast it one more time?
  • Hello.
    Although I guess if your listening to the speakers, the impact would not be nearly as distracting.
  • wheres podcast 97. the live one wasnt recorded. u guys r slippen