Lastu releases sleek wooden skins for the Nokia Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 has a unique design compared to other Lumia Windows Phones, but in case you wish to add even more personalisation to your smartphone, Finnish company Lastu has released a wooden skin for the Lumia 925.

If you're not familiar with the brand Lastu, the company provides similar skins for Apple hardware, including the iPhone, Macbook and iPad, as well as Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Now the Nokia Lumia 925 has joined the family.

Not only can consumers select between Curly Birch and Kelo, Lastu offers free logo and text engraving, which makes the deal that much sweeter. Whether you're a fan of wood designs or simply want to add some spice to your Lumia 925, these skins are worth checking out.

Lastu Skins

Just how much will these skins set you back? Prices start from $25. Head on over to the Lastu website to check out the designs for your Lumia 925.

Source: Lastu

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Haha. Is it available in India? And yea, love for windows phone and developers too.
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  • Well, that's pretty cool!...too bad they down make a whole case like that!
  • Nokia Moto X. :P
  • Nothing best real wood though.
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  • Video pls! :D
  • I think Motorola's solution with the Moto Maker makes up for a more elegant solution. This is just a sticker in the end.
  • Happy to see something awesome for the 925 ha
  • This doesn't look too good. Why couldn't it be edge to edge of the poly carbonate. It looks like a bad sticker. Have to see more shots tho.
  • This is so nice. If only the Lumia 925 were available in 32GB/64GB...
  • The 925 is available with 32GB but it's a Vodafone exclusive.
  • it looks like a tacky sticker for your phone. i know it's real wood but you will look stupid trust me
  • I love this phone
  • And am gonna get one
  • Glad to finally see some 925 love on here. For the past two-weeks, I've seen a lot of covers for a lot of Nokia phones, but zero for the 925. I have an Incipio and a Terrpin, but there is just something lacking in the design when they leave the top and bottom open like they do. I really miss the cyan colored Nokia case for my old black's like the phone sat down inside it and it covered all the way up to the glass. Really would like to see this design in the near future for a 925.
  • Heck, I'd love to put some blonde wood applique on the back of my black 1020. But, I guess that would mean I could no-longer use the camera grip.