Wordament updated to natively support Windows Phone 8. Also adds new languages and an Android version

Wordament is a game of many firsts. It was the first game with Xbox Live on iOS and on the web to offer achievements. It started as an internal project between two Microsoft employees, but was quickly bought by Microsoft once the potential was realized. It hasn’t seen an update on Windows Phone for quite some time, so let’s check out what’s new as of today.

The last update for Wordament came in late June. The big update there was adding the ability to login via Facebook, post scores to Facebook and Twitter, and increased language support. Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Wordament:

  • Native Windows Phone 8 version
  • New puzzle languages – Norwegian and Turkish
  • Xbox Live connection fix
  • Android version of Wordament

Yes. The Wordament you’ve been using on Windows Phone has been the Windows Phone 7 version. While it worked fine, if you were on a device like the HTC 8X you would experience letterboxing. Now Wordament has native support Windows Phone 8 devices and resolutions. Hopefully they’ll be ready for a quick update in a few weeks when we see the Lumia 1520 and the various 1080p displays.

There are also two new languages in Wordament. All our friends in Norway and Turkey can join in on the fun in the language they’re most comfortable with. There’s also now support for new puzzles in non-English languages.

And the final piece isn’t exactly Windows Phone related, but does highlight another way Wordament does something first. It appears it’s the first Xbox Live title with Achievements for Android devices. If you’ve got friends or family point them to the Google Play store to try it out. Pretty cool to see everyone get the chance to play Wordament. It’s a ridiculously fun game.

Want to get Wordament on Windows Phone? It’s free and available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Source: Wordament

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Sam Sabri