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Wordament updated to natively support Windows Phone 8. Also adds new languages and an Android version

Wordament is a game of many firsts. It was the first game with Xbox Live on iOS and on the web to offer achievements. It started as an internal project between two Microsoft employees, but was quickly bought by Microsoft once the potential was realized. It hasn’t seen an update on Windows Phone for quite some time, so let’s check out what’s new as of today.

The last update for Wordament came in late June. The big update there was adding the ability to login via Facebook, post scores to Facebook and Twitter, and increased language support. Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Wordament:

  • Native Windows Phone 8 version
  • New puzzle languages – Norwegian and Turkish
  • Xbox Live connection fix
  • Android version of Wordament

Yes. The Wordament you’ve been using on Windows Phone has been the Windows Phone 7 version. While it worked fine, if you were on a device like the HTC 8X you would experience letterboxing. Now Wordament has native support Windows Phone 8 devices and resolutions. Hopefully they’ll be ready for a quick update in a few weeks when we see the Lumia 1520 and the various 1080p displays.

There are also two new languages in Wordament. All our friends in Norway and Turkey can join in on the fun in the language they’re most comfortable with. There’s also now support for new puzzles in non-English languages.

And the final piece isn’t exactly Windows Phone related, but does highlight another way Wordament does something first. It appears it’s the first Xbox Live title with Achievements for Android devices. If you’ve got friends or family point them to the Google Play store (opens in new tab) to try it out. Pretty cool to see everyone get the chance to play Wordament. It’s a ridiculously fun game.

Want to get Wordament on Windows Phone? It’s free and available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Source: Wordament

Thanks for the tip Chike O!

  • Finally.
  • Nice! Just put all the WP Xbox games on Android so I can switch over.
  • Only about 100 left, since it took 2 years for one, I hope you're very young, it might take awhile.
  • All of SlayerSpecials posts are so defensive to WP. Just check them out below. Do you work for Microsoft?
  • Or SlayerSpecial is just trying to show some rational reasoning in the sea of "WP is ruined" post over one measly game on Android having achievements.....Its not like this is Halo we are talking about.
  • The only way Microsoft is going to stop shooting Windows Phone in the foot by gifting away one of its most exclusive features (mobile Xbox achievements) is if we continuously let them know that it is a terrible idea (because apparently they're too thick-headed to realize this on their own). My advice, go to Twitter and let them have it. Here are some relevant accounts to shout at: @microsoft @windowsphone @Xbox @XboxP3 (Phil Spencer) @joebelfiore @majornelson @PlayXBLA. Any others?
  • Really? Do people actually buy WP phones for the Xbox games? I mean Wordament is fun and all, but Android has (I'm told) way more games and apps than WP has at this point. If you are into games then surely you'd just have bought an Android device. I use WP because it's a far nicer operating system and I'm not a big gamer so getting Angry Birds 3D (or whatever) 6 months after Android and iOS doesn't bother me. I am amazed that someone would be on WP just for the games and I look forward to you rushing back after you see how messy Android is after being on WP.
  • It really happened.
  • I honestly don't know if I should be sad that now Android too has WP's best game(IMO), or happy that we now shall have even more compititor.
  • Better than ilo Milo?
  • On mobile, I am very much puzzle game person, that's why. PC for everything else.
  • I still think earning Xbox Live achievements on other platforms is a huge betrayal by Microsoft Games to the Windows Phone team. Now rubbing salt in the wound by adding Android.
  • I concur. This is a terrible move and needs to be stopped at once. Now let them know it on Twitter: @microsoft @windowsphone @Xbox @XboxP3 (Phil Spencer) @joebelfiore @majornelson @PlayXBLA.
  • So what, MS is a software company, so they should be getting their software on as many devices as possible. WP is a much nicer operating system than Android, I'm here for the overall usability, not the games (or the apps). As long as they keep improving WP I'm happy and I don't care what their games division does in the meantime.
  • Now I will never reach the top. :(
  • I just got  1st place (second time) so the influx hasn't happened yet. 
  • Be sad. This is a huge mistake. Microsoft is gifting away one of its most enticing exclusives (mobile Xbox games) to the competition. Meanwhile Google is fighting tooth and nail to keep its properties (YouTube) off of Windows Phone. No wonder Android is winning. It is really frustrating when Microsoft shoots themselves in the feet like this.
  • "giving away" :)
  • Yes!! Norwegian language at last
  • Saw a new post on the wpcentral live tile @ 3am and insta-knew it was Sam as the author lol
  • All night and day. 
  • Type of game that i hate for difficulties to connect to xbox live.
  • They said they fixed it. 
  • Never had any issue. 920 & 1020.
  • Which kind of game is it?
  • You make words out a grid of letters. Making words is very flexible, there are special rounds where you have to focus on specific kind, you compete against the entire pool, can have frenemies, your record is kept.
  • Addictive.
  • Massively multiplayer boggle.
  • Turkish finally.
  • And its not even Thanksgiving yet!
  • lame joke :c
  • Awesome. Can't even begin to explain how much I love this game. Think it's way better than ruzzle. I like competing against everyone and not just a head to head match up.
  • I can barely break top 500, now you're letting android users play? :\
  • You'll get better. Trust me.
  • +920
  • It takes a year to get better.
  • Yeah the more you play, the better you'll get. First thing you learn is to add an 's' to everything. Then you learn familiar words for quick points. Still learning!
  • Does that mean Android users can now earn achievements in this game on their Android devices?? If so, huh alas, WP has no pride. Just a useless OS. If achievements are being earned on other OSs then I can now switch...soo sad
  • Wasn't aware you were sticking with windows phone just for the achievements lol
  • I'm a gamer and Xbox on WP was one of my main motivator to stick to a WP. Saw it unique then...but not anymore. It's everywhere now.
  • They have one game, and it has ads.
  • iOS has had the game for a year now. No other game has achievements. It is not that games dont want to be on WP, developers dont want to piss around with Microsoft certificaiton process.
  • I also only buy WP's because of Xbox games. To me all the smartphones do the same things that I need but WP has achievements.
  • Better this than behaving like Google. And Wordament is a multiplayer game, the mire player the better.
  • +1 Xbox achievements MUST BE WP only thing! If that starts going cross platform, its moot.
  • Agreed. Microsoft Games might as well publish Halo on PlayStation then.
  • I agree. Achievements SHOULD be WP only. I've used that as an argument to all my achievement hunter friends so that they'll switch. Achievements on other OS's is an insult to the loyal WP gamers.
  • But it's just one game, and not even a  top tier title (i.e. Halo).  IOS and Android having just this one game and being able to earn achievements, in my view,is just a potential gateway for those users to switch to WP or Windows 8 RT to be able to enjoy XBox Live achievements on a variety of XBox Live games. on a mobile device.
    Besides, you don't need a WP deivce to earn XBox Live achievements, right? 
  • Wordament has one of the largest number of reviews. I consider it a top tier game for WP. Their ad revenue is very high since alot of players stay on the game for extended amounts of time.
  • Okay.  But the title 'Wordament' is not as ubiquitous as 'Halo'. 
    Wordament is a great game, free, and has been out for quite some time - it should have a lot of reviews.  Still, it's just one game, and it being available on other platforms, from my point of view, is not detrimental to Microsoft or the WP platform.
  • Disagree. Also, it's only a matter of time before Spartan Assault heads to iOS (and maybe Android) in the future. Not that I know it will happen, but that's the pattern from Microsoft.
  • Lol!  Siri knows that Halo ain't comin' to iOS :)
  • With all due respect, Paul, what is the pattern of Microsoft bring Xbox-enabled, WP-exclusive titles to other platforms apart from Wordament? No other examples come to mind.
  • Wait and see!
  • The pattern is Microsoft bringing Xbox Windows Phone games to iOS in general. They've done it numerous times, robbing WP of what few exclusive games it has. Whether Spartan Assault will have Xbox Achievements when it inevitably arrives on iOS is anybody's guess. Wordament is a testing ground for giving actual Xbox features to non-Microsoft platforms. We don't know what the test's criteria for success is. But IMO it's still harmful to Windows Phone to even dabble with such an idea.
  • Hmm, my tip got posted! Thanks guys...
  • Great game, but shame that some achievements are impossible to get by 99% of people.
  • I have to get that no. 1 position. Aghhh!
  • I got it by playing a few games in German.
  • Oooh!
  • Love Wordament. Been playing this game for so long, never gets old!
  • +1020
  • I like how when you read the description of the app, it clearly says that this update will accomodate the 1520 and 1080p screens. That is full confirmation of what is coming.
  • Oh yeah!
  • cool. I play this game daily. its even good on wp 7.x.
  • A bit late considering Ruzzle is a popular multiplatform alternative.
  • No Ruzzle in the app store here in Norway at least. So they're the ones that are late.
  • We have Ruzzle here in Sweden.
  • Hmmm, it is here today. No hits yesterday. I even searched alternative spellings just to be sure.
  • Ruzzle is garbage compared to this.
  • +1
  • I know Microsoft wants to be above the rest by never dissapointing their users indiscriminately of the devices they own, but I really hope that Xbox LIVE will stay bound to Windows Phone, I don't want to see it expanding to Android and taking away a reason for gamers to prefer Windows Phone over Android. 
  • Just got the update and won't log into xbox account. Anyone having similar trouble? 
  • The guy you want to complain to about Android earning Xbox Live achievements is Phil Spencer @XboxP3 . He's in charge of Microsoft Games.
  • So XboxLive will become available on other platforms? Thank you, Microsoft! You're making the jump to Android if you manage to destroy Nokia so much easier.
  • Android can play 1 (one) Xbox game = MS is destroying Nokia (most people, mainly in North America never ever considered Nokia before MS...).
    You're really depressing, how can you stand hangout with yourself?
  • You must be really dumb if you read that. I said that bringing Xbox Live games to Android will make the jump out of WP easier. Not that the fact that MS is destroying Nokia is a result of that. Newsflash kid: without Nokia, the vast majority of current Lumia owners around the world will not stay with WP. Because we're here for Nokia, not for WP. So giving us Xbox Live games on Android will just give fewer reasons to non-MSfanboys WP users to jump ship.
    However I should also remind you that the World doesn't give a damn about what North Americans think. Nokia is a beloved brand around the World. If Americans never considered it before Microsoft that's their problem, not ours. Nokia was the biggest phone company in the World prior to the iPhone and they didn't needed the US for that. So...there you have it.
  • While I love these types of games I simply don't think fast enough to be a contender here. :(
  • Completed all the achievements. WTH should I still play?
  • Yes...
  • Ya
  • Considering Microsoft have had their SmartGlass application available for Android for some time then it was inevitable that they would release Xbox live games at some point.
  • I've just decided to install it and play it for the first time and love it. Can't believe how addictive it is.
  • Just what the doctor recommended.
  • Like the game but its really unplayable due to the cheaters.
  • How can you cheat on Wordament? Although,... I do find it hard to believe some of the winning scores are physically possible to achieve...
  • I have been in the top ten many times. It is not impossible, but again, I have been playing every day for months.
  • You think they are cheaters because they are so much better than you. But don't worry, you will get their soon and then someone else will call you a cheater.
  • I'm unconvinced that there aren't any cheaters at all.  Occasionally, you get a player who you've barely heard of before come along and win with a score that's four or five hundred higher than the second placed player.  That's suspicious.  That said, I don't actually know how it's physically possible to cheat.
  • That would be someone like DiscoPigeon. Check out his videos on YouTube and you will see how fast that kid is (Yes! He is a kid).
  • It seems to me as if MS is supporting Android more and more each day.Its as if they want WP to fail and Android fo succeed :(
  • Skål!
  • Never encounter a word nigga
  • Really?
  • That's because Wordament is racist.
  • Like native support. Dislike Android XBL Achievements (or ios for that matter) one thing that this would be handy for is to put only ads for WP in the game so people were exposed to it, and make the game very metro like (I don't know what it's like on other platforms) so that they would get even the tiniest exposure to it.
  • Android version? NOOOO...
  • I love this game but there shouldn't be adriod version with achievements.
    Btw has anybody managed to connect with internet after update. Mine is not working.
  • Bummer to hear that. It's been working fine for me! 
  • I reinstalled it. Now its working .
  • What's not to like? Now, I got gamerscores from Windows 8, WP, Android and iOS devices.
  • What's the big deal about achievements for those who don't own any game consoles? I just like playing games with my friends no matter what platform they have. I don't care about achievements or even about Xbox.