Workaround for vanishing keyboard in Mango?

We recently covered a growing thread over at the XDA Developers forum with Windows Phone owners reporting an issue with the on-screen keyboard disappearing (opens in new tab) from view without accidentally pressing the "back" capacitive button. We were told that Microsoft is currently looking into the problem.

Greg Fonta, a French Windows Phone developer, has investigated the root of the problem. It appears to be related to a Mango feature (as seen in the above video), Background Agents. These agents allow apps to run tasks when currently inactive and not running in the foreground. 

According to the report at WMPU, disabling Background Agents appears to rectify the issue. This can be accomplished by navigating to Settings > applications > background tasks and disabling Background Agents on a per application basis.

Does this workaround work for you? If not, which handset do you own that experiences the problem?

Source: WMPU (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Not a workaround I'd use, i kind of rely on background agents.
  • So far so good. I have an Omnia 7.
  • getting the disappearing keyboard on my Mozart intermittently. Works fine 90% of the time, then randomly vanishes. But you just have to tap the text box again and it comes back.
  • I tried this workaround. You can actually enable the background tasks again after you disable them. And it has worked so far. It's been 2 days or so since I can remember my keyboard disappearing, and that's right around the time that I tried this out!
  • can deactivate background tasks one-by-one, on a per-application basis. I have just deactivated the ability on apps I don't really need. I have not yet noticed a difference. Has anyone isolated the issue to a specific application running in the background?
  • I dropped "tasks" and so far, I haven't seen this disappearing keyboard problem return. I did this about a day ago so we'll see in a day or so if the workaround is effective.
  • Sort of figured that was the issue when my keyboard would disappear every time a WPCentral notification was about to popup!
  • Aside for The Weather Channel, all of the background agents on my phone (19) are marked that they cannot be disabled. What are we supposed to do about those?Some of these make no sense:, Poynt, rGov Congress, Timer... Why would any of these apps even need background agents, let alone agents that the operating system refuses to turn off?
  • You can turn off Poynt, and it says it's for the weather live tile.
  • No problem here (HD7)
  • This is not a workaround I would use as I want certain tasks running in the background. It defeats the purpose of having a "smartphone" if you have to dummy it down to keep the keyboard.I have this issue and it's on the HTC HD7 through T-Mobile.