Microsoft reveals indie games Nutjitsu and Worms Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One

Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program is essential to the future success of the Xbox One. Basically, it allows indie game developers to publish their games directly to the Xbox One without the need for a separate publisher. That’s what everyone in the industry thinks should be the default arrangement anyway, but Xbox-branded games for the Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 still require a separate publisher.

Much about the ID@Xbox program remains secret to the public at this point. But a recent tweet from Microsoft’s Phil Spenser has revealed two early games set to be released under the program: Worms Battlegrounds from UK developer Team 17 and Nutjitsu from Utah-based developer NinjaBee Studios. More details after the break!


From the makers of Fusion: Sentient and A World of Keflings comes this classic arcade-style maze game. Players take on the role of a ninja squirrel who must rescue his clan’s acorns from the evil kitsune samurai.

Each level contains a main filled with samurai guards that the ninja must avoid. Objectives vary but usually involve picking up as many acorns as possible. As you play through a level, more and tougher enemies start to appear, making it tougher for the ninja to go undetected. Even if he does get caught, he’ll still earn XP that contributes to his overall rank.

Nutjitsu is already available on Windows 8, where it can be played with keyboard, mouse, or touch-screen. Keyboard is much more accurate than mouse, so I expect it will play great with a controller on the Xbox One. The graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but the gameplay captures some of the magic of classic maze games like Pac-Man.

  • Nutjitsu – Windows 8 and RT – 249 MB – Free – Store Link (opens in new tab)

Worms Battlegrounds

Worms Battlegrounds logo

Team 17 previously released several Worms games for the Xbox 360, but they always had to do it through a publisher. Signing on with a publisher cuts into the profits a developer receives from their games, so in most cases studios like Team 17 will opt for self-publishing if given the opportunity.

We don’t know much about Worms Battlegrounds other than it will be coming to both Xbox One and Playstation 4 this year. The new game will likely continue the advances to graphics and physics found in the last entry, Worms Revolution. All of the Worms games share a cheeky sense of humor and are a blast in multiplayer, so we’re looking forward to Battlegrounds.

Source: Phil Spenser via Eurogamer

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  • I still play Worms. Its one of the most fun and best time wasters around. 
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  • I got worms......seriously....great game.
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  • If they're not Xbox branded games I'll have as much interest in indie games as I did on the 360. None. I don't pay hundreds of dollars for a high end console to play smartphone games. I buy it for exclusives and triple A experiences. It's why I didn't buy an IndieStation 4.
  • You should be more accepting of indie games (and downloadable games in general). There's no reason to limit yourself to just FPS games or games produced by EA, Ubisoft, and Activision. Lots more experiences, ideas, and gameplay styles out there for gamers to enjoy. That said, they will be Xbox-branded.
  • Watch out everyone, hardcore gamer over here.
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  • This is like saying "I'll never watch any non Hollywood blockbuster"... Why limit yourself with art and media? If the game is good the game is good, who cares what the budget was.
  • Sadly a lot of people are like that nowadays. If you're not playing the "right" game on the "right" console, you're not a "true gamer". People like that are the reason the market is oversaturated with lackluster, mature FPS games and why communities are so split (I'm not saying the OP is necessarily like this, but he sure has a similar mindset to such people).
  • Paul is right that the ID@Xbox program is crucial to the Xbox One's success. It also badly needs to be extended to Xbox games on Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone. Help us cajole Microsoft into doing just that by joining the #SaveXboxWP movement (details here, including Twitter accounts for Microsoft and ID@Xbox employees), one of the major goals of which is to get ID@Xbox onto Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT.
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  • Not sure what your long words and qualifications have to do with spamming the same thing in many articles, some of which aren't even to do with Xbox on WP. You're not trying to help out Indie devs cause in reality they have a much easier and cheaper time releasing away from Xbox Live. What you're doing is thinking the world revolves around what your thoughts and hopes for Windows Phone are, and people who agree with you will come looking, they won't suddenly agree to join your little army cause they see you over every article like some nigerian forum spammer. Stick to articles based on the issue (there's plenty of them) and threads of your own or others relating to the matter. I imagine many people would be happy to see a comments thread without your name and your almost robot-like responses beneath it.
  • On the same token you dont have to acknowledge or respond to it. I mostly agree with your assertion that he's preaching to the choir however most people, whether they want change or not, need motivating to act. Besides, its not like he's posting links to shady shopping websites with malware. When I see his name, I already know what the post will consist of and move on. I care about Xbox on Windows Phone (one of the things that make it unique) and so I have joined in on the effort. It's not accurate to say his evangelization isn't a little effective when you care about what its about. Personally I believe that Windows Phone will have a much better strategy with Xbox once WP8.1 rolls out.
  • Point taken. And I hope you're right.
  • "spamming the same thing in many articles, some of which aren't even to do with Xbox on WP". My posts are always original and always relevant to the issue at hand. Nothing about any of my posts are boilerplate. I challenge you to go back and find a single one that hints at being copied and pasted. I always post on relevant articles, usually as replies to people who expressed ideological agreement. This article is about the products of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program on Xbox One and, in the opening paragraph, the author of the article laments how he wishes the program would be extended to Xbox develpment on Windows Phone and Windows 8. My post agrees with the author, reiterates his point, and advertises to others who are in ideological agreement that there is a social movement they can join with the goal to extend the ID@Xbox program to Windows Phone and Windows 8. My post is directly relevant to the issue at hand. In contrast, your post is intrusive, and irrelevant--the Internet equivalent of jumping into strangers' conversation in a public arena and saying "I don't care what you're talking about so stop talking about it!". It's obnoxious and quite ironic that you would post that and then chide me for thinking the "world revoles" around me. I'm engagine in a public forum, rebuking no one. You're in a public forum acting like you own it, trying to tell other people what they can or can't do. "You're not trying to help out Indie devs cause in reality they have a much easier and cheaper time releasing away from Xbox Live". Yes, they have a much easier and cheaper time releasing non-Xbox games. That's the point: to make it easier for them to release Xbox games. Many indie developers want to do just that but can't because of Microsoft's cumbersome certification processes. Our goal is to get those processes relaxed so that indie developers have more choices. They can then either make Xbox games, which sell better than non-Xbox games, or they can keep making games as they currently are doing. Giving them options is much better than whatever it is you're trying to do for them (status quo? yay!). "they won't suddenly agree to join your little army cause they see you over every article."
    Again, I've got a PhD in social movement theory. I know what I'm doing. Mobilization attempts seek out those already in ideological agreement. Many people on the fence about participating in a movement need to be solicited multiple times. Likewise, not everyone is like you and peruses WPcentral so zealously. Many visitors are first-time visitors and this is the first time they've seen any mention of the #SaveXboxWP campaign. You're making a lot of assumptions that run counter to empirical science, but I won't go into all of them here because there is no benefit to explaining the tenets of movement recruitment and mobilization to someone who thinks it's okay to hijack a strangers' topical conversation and, like a spoiled child, demand that they stop talking about what they are entitled to talk to because they don't want to read it. If you don't want to read it, don't read it.
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  • Would love worms on wp8 :)
  • I personally believe that achievements/trophies (digital nothings) mark the fall and demise of the videogame, yet have hypocritically started to crave achievements more over the past year, i think less of a game if it doesn't have these digital medals and it hard to purchase a game that doesn't support them, leading to less profit from indie devs, which were my favourite devs save my collecting of rare/old games, that said however, a certain bird that flaps has proven that for a game to be successful and yet allow bragging rights via screenshots etc without the accolades of xbox and ps4 and although i think flappy bird was a bad and highly overrated allowed non die-hard gamers to get a feel for achievement which can mean only rises in game downloads especially if a similar game becomes as uber famous
  • Yeah, I'll admit that I first was pretty indifferent to Xbox achievements and the whole Gamerscore thing, but the more I played Xbox games on Windows the Phone, the more I appreciated the Xbox Live system: the social and cumulatively competitive aspects they brought into gaming. It was a brilliant innovation by Microsoft that forever changed gaming (and other things too).
  • ID games will be with or without achievements?
  • With, I think.
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