WP7 certified 8GB SD Cards at AT&T store

There's been much discussion surrounding the SD card slot on the Samsung Focus (we also previously covered AT&T offering compatible cards) with successfully inserting a microSD card into the slot to extend available memory bringing numerous reports of issues arising. There has been no sign of any official, supported, solution-bringing product on the horizon, until now.

It appears an AT&T store has been receiving a fresh stock of "certified" 8GB Class 4 microSDHC cards. Taking a look at the design of the packaging in the image captured above, it's clear to say Microsoft is taking a step to lead, especially with the Windows Phone logo at the top-right, and it seems SanDisk has been brought on-board to provide hardware. 

At $32 it's quite a major investment for an SD card, but it shouldn't through a tantrum when inserted into your device and we hope they'll soon be readily available for the mass of Focus owners to test. Excited or skeptical?

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Excited, but concerned that, apparently, judging from the forums people with cards installed are having issues with their phones freezing/locking up/ etc. But I'm mainly curious as to what is different about this card from a normal sandisk card? Does it differ internally in any way?
  • Will this still require a hard reset, I wonder or will we able just to pop it in and go? Also, is NoDo and/or a firmware update needed in order for it to work? Ack, so many questions, but I would really like more storage as long as it's dependable ...
  • Yes, hard reset required. No, you don't need the latest update for it to work.
  • Just called my local store. They knew the cards of which I spoke and are waiting on a shipment. Hmmm ...
  • Lol. 8GB? Doesn't every Windows Phone come standard with 8GB or higher? It would make sense for a 16gb or 32gb to exist, so customers can upgrade... but a sidegrade makes no scene to me. Especially when they aren't hot swappable, and requires the OS to be installed on it.
  • 8GB internal plus 8GB microSD = 16GB. Not sure how doubling your memory on the Focus is a "sidegrade".
  • Thanks for the response, Daniel. Balls. Now I'm gonna have to spend nigh-on 30 bucks for a memory card. Damn you Windows Phone and your recent unending string of good news!
  • Picked one of these up today. The ATT rep was actually excited to be allowed to sell a memory card "certified" for WP7. Like all other experiences, initially things look great. Though I did have to reset the phone for it to see the extra memory. I'll update if things go bad - I quite intend to fill every byte of space and actively use it like I do every day. Oh, and if it works fine and other larger capacity cards become certified, 32$ isn't too bad of a loss. As long as I don't end up with random behavior headaches. :)
  • can someone in charge not axe this spam once it appears?
  • $33.75 for a 16GB card at NewEgg that has worked wonderfully well in my Samsung Focus since November of last year. Same price and double the storage.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820139193&Tpk=20-1...
  • @zeke and you've actually filled the card and not had any strange behavior? Random shutdowns, loss of data or that sort of shenanigans?
  • Pointless. Should be 16 or 32gb. This is global warming inducing, landfill filling, precious metal wasting, unnecessary oil consuming garbage.