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WP7 certified 8GB SD Cards at AT&T store

There's been much discussion surrounding the SD card slot on the Samsung Focus (we also previously covered AT&T offering compatible cards) with successfully inserting a microSD card into the slot to extend available memory bringing numerous reports of issues arising. There has been no sign of any official, supported, solution-bringing product on the horizon, until now.

It appears an AT&T store has been receiving a fresh stock of "certified" 8GB Class 4 microSDHC cards. Taking a look at the design of the packaging in the image captured above, it's clear to say Microsoft is taking a step to lead, especially with the Windows Phone logo at the top-right, and it seems SanDisk has been brought on-board to provide hardware. 

At $32 it's quite a major investment for an SD card, but it shouldn't through a tantrum when inserted into your device and we hope they'll soon be readily available for the mass of Focus owners to test. Excited or skeptical?

Source: Engadget (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Excited, but concerned that, apparently, judging from the forums people with cards installed are having issues with their phones freezing/locking up/ etc. But I'm mainly curious as to what is different about this card from a normal sandisk card? Does it differ internally in any way?
  • Will this still require a hard reset, I wonder or will we able just to pop it in and go? Also, is NoDo and/or a firmware update needed in order for it to work? Ack, so many questions, but I would really like more storage as long as it's dependable ...
  • Yes, hard reset required. No, you don't need the latest update for it to work.
  • Just called my local store. They knew the cards of which I spoke and are waiting on a shipment. Hmmm ...
  • Lol. 8GB? Doesn't every Windows Phone come standard with 8GB or higher? It would make sense for a 16gb or 32gb to exist, so customers can upgrade... but a sidegrade makes no scene to me. Especially when they aren't hot swappable, and requires the OS to be installed on it.
  • 8GB internal plus 8GB microSD = 16GB. Not sure how doubling your memory on the Focus is a "sidegrade".
  • Thanks for the response, Daniel. Balls. Now I'm gonna have to spend nigh-on 30 bucks for a memory card. Damn you Windows Phone and your recent unending string of good news!
  • Picked one of these up today. The ATT rep was actually excited to be allowed to sell a memory card "certified" for WP7. Like all other experiences, initially things look great. Though I did have to reset the phone for it to see the extra memory. I'll update if things go bad - I quite intend to fill every byte of space and actively use it like I do every day. Oh, and if it works fine and other larger capacity cards become certified, 32$ isn't too bad of a loss. As long as I don't end up with random behavior headaches. :)
  • can someone in charge not axe this spam once it appears?
  • $33.75 for a 16GB card at NewEgg that has worked wonderfully well in my Samsung Focus since November of last year. Same price and double the storage.
  • @zeke and you've actually filled the card and not had any strange behavior? Random shutdowns, loss of data or that sort of shenanigans?
  • Pointless. Should be 16 or 32gb. This is global warming inducing, landfill filling, precious metal wasting, unnecessary oil consuming garbage.