WPH Folders for homebrew users gets bumped for 7.8 Tile support

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about WPH Folders, the homebrew app from Windows Phone Hacker that allows you organize apps into Tile-folders on your phone. Of course homebrew here means only those with developer unlocked phones who can sideload XAP files need apply, meaning for many of you, this is out.

It’s hard to believe that Folders has been out for nearly 10 months already so it makes sense that it’s up to version 5, which is now available.

The update brings with it a lot of changes, fixes and new features making it the best solution until (and if) Microsoft gets around to doing something similar for the OS.

Version 5

  • Added SkyDrive backup and restore options
  • Fixed everything with Microsoft's new Marketplace server setup
  • UI improvements (incl. enter to search, auto region detect, folder display tweaks, etc)
  • Removed titles from the tiles, giving them a much cleaner look
  • Working 100% on WP7.8, see above screenie!
  • Bug fixes, etc

We know the community is divided on Microsoft offering something analogous to Folders in the OS: personally, we’re sold on the Folders concept although we’re totally open to alternative approaches to app organization if Microsoft has some better idea. We think with the average smartphone user having 30-40 apps installed, coming up with a way to group them by category e.g. photo editing apps, favorite games, social apps, etc. is a logical direction.

For now though, we’ll rely on WPH’s Folders app to fill that need.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker

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