Wunderlist beta now available for Windows

Wunderlist 3 beta is now available for download for Windows 8.1, which comes a few weeks after the debut of the public beta of the app on Windows Phone. For those unfamiliar with the service, Wunderlist is a popular list-making app that allows you to manage to-do lists with ease.

With the Windows and Windows Phone app confirmed by the team at 6 Wunderkinder earlier this year, it was just a matter of time to see when the latest version of the task manager utility would hit either platform. The third version of Wunderlist features an overhauled design as well as addition of new features like public lists, real-time sync and faster collaboration via shareable to-do lists.

Interested in checking out the latest redesign? Head on over to the link below to download Wunderlist 3 beta and let us know what you think. Should you encounter any bugs whilst using the app, be sure to let the folks at 6 Wunderkinder know by sending an email to beta@6wunderkinder.com.

Thanks Parth for the heads up!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • What is it?
  • Sync lists across multiple devices. You and your partner could have a groceries list for example.
  • Oh just like a room in Windows Phone.
  • +620
  • Yeah, except it's cross-platform
  • My wife and I share a grocery and a Target list in our "Family Room" of OneNote. Just check the check box to mark it for purchase. Not to mention photos and a number of notes on different topics such as remodeling and potential vacations. It works great.
    What are some use cases for Wonderlist?
  • My wife and I also share OneNote lists and notes. But it's a  'passive' share of simple information with no metadata(due dates, tags, reminders, comments, etc) and no 'push' notification of changes. Wunderlist is an 'active' way to share and prioritize to-do's etc. OneNote is just fine for grocery lists, it doesn't matter if I'm unaware that she added 'pickles' before I get to the store. Other random household tasks like prioritizng bills, housework, remembering trash day, sign kid's release form for tomorrow, dog need shots, need propane for the grill soon, etc are shared things that we constantly have to 'push' to each other.  She already knows the things I intend to get done this weekend by the things I've starred on my 'home' wunderlist and I know if her 'errands' plan has changed today by the little notification..  All without a "heads-up" text or call or remembering to remind your partner to check the new honey-dos! We both are already fully aware and have accepted the plan so we can spend our rare quality time together relaxing instead of 'getting back on the same page'. TL/DR: Less boring talk, more fun talk. 
  • Its beautiful.
  • I dnt understand what purpose is the app used for.? O.O
  • A little bit over hyped... That's all...
  • It is a bit 'hyped' because it's pretty simple.  But what it does it does really well and it's a joy to use.  No where in their hype do they make false claims, just are really proud of how well it works.  They should be, it's slick!  Real hype is when WP8 was released on how xbox music was finally going to unify personal music collection/sync, streaming, and store.  I was so excited to be able to combine what I was getting from Amazon cloud drive, Rhapsody, and Pandora from the company that brought us the impressive Zune platform. Now THAT was HYPE!  
  • A to do list. A task manager. A project manager. A list manager.
  • https://www.wunderlist.com/ read it  
  • Awww yiss.
  • Also the Windows Phone app has been getting regular updates & now has a transparent tile.
  • Why would such an app's different versions be released separately instead of updates given that it's free? For a game, I understand, but it's not the case here.
    Whatever the reason is, it's good news for the platform. Too bad it isn't a universal app though.
  • They mentioned universal app development was why the WP/W8 version was delayed compared to other platforms.  I would guess then that these beta's for phone and windows are to help them workout bugs before the official universal app release.  Come to think of it, isn't what makes an app universal is paying for it once and having it fully synced?  Shares most code but still separately configured for mobile/desktop?  By that definition, how is this not universal?
  • Wow WonderList ???? :D
  • Mmmm, tried to install this on Windows 8.1 but it simply hangs and never actually installs.
  • Installed just fine on my PC. :( But I do have problems with app installation and updates, constantly, which is pretty annoying. I was actually surprised this app was installed without issues :)
  • OneNote is great but it is not very good for lists and tasks, because it lacks reminders and fine grained control over such content. Don't get me wrong, I love OneNote and use our regularly for, well, notes, but for some "power tasking" I prefer Wunderlist. :)
  • I feel like reminders are the only missing feature in one note. I bet it gets them soon.
  • OneNote does have reminders.  Just the phone/tablet versions don't yet.  They probably will when the official touch versions of Office for Windows comes out since they are supposed to be complete alternatives for the desktop versions.
  • I've been using OneNote for years and haven't run across reminders.  Are you referring to the desktop version (not to be confused with the 'metro' errr 'modern' errr 'app' version for W8) being able to connect to desktop Outlook (not to be confused with webmail outlook which shouldn't be confused with outlook web client).  Yes Desktop OneNote does allow me to link a to-do/calendar item with Desktop Outlook and then I can set a reminder from Outlook's dialog. But that connection doesn't sync anywhere. I've been waiting for Microsoft to make that nirvana of task/calendar/onenote integration they've had on desktop since 2007.  I use it everyday and I hate that the experience is confined to ONE desktop setup.  I hope you are right that the touch apps will finally make that a universal sync but I'm not holding my breath.
  • What are some use case examples of "power tasking"?
  • Wonderlist also gives notifications, you can assign tasks to specific people and see your assigned tasks. You can make new shared list in seconds with others. Plus it just looks amazing UI wise.
  • I'm glad wunderlist is out on WP. That's normally when Microsoft updates its software once a rival comes out. So maybe oneNote will get an update for windows phone. It needs it. Notifications when files are shared would be great once edited by other users.
  • Agree
  • How is this different from ONENOTE
  • It's a ToDo list, with due dates etc and you can filter todos by category.
  • Well for tasks you can simply use the tasks feature of outlook.com with customizable reminders and everything
  • Not the same thing. With Wunderlist you can group them, you can share them, you can assign them, you can add notes, file attachments, subtasks, expire date, reminder date, have a conversation with comments, and much more :)
  • Re pampurio97,
    Thank you for the great information.
  • Grouping tasks by project or category. Recurring tasks (every week, month, 3 months, etc.). Prioritizing tasks. Setting due dates. Having all your tasks on all your devices Start screen, hopefully with a well designed Live tile. Always updated, so you "don't" need a task to remind you to refresh the tile. That would Nirvana for me. High hopes for Wunderlist. We will see.
  • Are you referring to the task manager that you have to get to by opening a calendar and then toggling the view to 'tasks'?  So much work just to get to something that makes the childishly simplistic Google Tasks seem like world-class project management software!  Only way I could even imagine using it is as a back-end sync to 3rd party software that will at minimum offer me a live-tile shortcut to it!  I get it that most people don't care about a lot of bells and whistles for their task lists, but the trade-off is usually accessibility. They didn't even integrate it with Cortana!  Why?  That would have caused people to talk about how silly it is to have to open a calendar to get to a task list because they apparently have hotmail calendar and tasks is on an 8 year update cycle and we are only on year 6! Am I missing something?  Is this actually your preferred way to record and sort out to-do stuff?  Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
  • They seem to be set on providing an as good of an experience on Win/WP as on other platforms. Kudos to 6Wunderkinder! Took them a while but it was worth it.
  • I guess I need to give it a try. Looks beautiful. Welcome Wunderlist to Windows ecosystem :)
  • Thank you!. We're glad te be here!
  • What do I search in the store? Couldn't find it.
  • Nice app... Wish such needy apps were wp native apps or apps like that with full functionality... I wonder why MS isn't concerned about quality of inbuilt apps... We r on the mercy of third party developers, many of them dnt gv a damn about winphone OS..
  • Won't install on HTC 8x :(
  • Been using this beta on my 8x for at least a week now.  I couldn't get the 8.1 update to install though.
  • They used to have an official Wunderlist app for WP7. Then they removed the app from the store and stopped developing for WP. Since then, I have stopped using Wunderlist and I won't be going back.
  • It has great ratings so far. I'll check it out.
  • We're glad to hear your feedback. It helps us to make Wunderlist for Windows Phone and Windows 8 better with every update!
  • Do these apps sync in the background? Or do we have to open then for them to sync? For instance, if I add a task with a reminder in the Windows 8 app, will I be reminded by the Windows Phone app without manually opening it before?
  • I can't speak for the W8 app, but I have it on Windows Phone (still in beta) and the live sync is amazing with the web app.  I play with it a lot just because it's so impressive.  If I have the web app open at same time as windows phone I can make a change (edit, check off, re-order etc) and watch the change happen on the other device within a few seconds, sometimes within a second!  Not having to hit refresh or anything.  The WP version isn't 100% 'live' though since sometimes it'll take a minute or so to sync when switching back to it or opening it.  But it's obvious that when the bugs are worked out the sync will be very close to real-time between everything, which is dang impressive. It's sort of sad to be totally impressed by a Windows Phone app syncing lighting quick or acceptably quick just most the time (like 8 out of 10).  When it hangs a bit I don't blame the app.  Most my 3rd party apps sync slowly and inconsistently.  This one syncs faster and more consistently than native OneNote, which is saying something because it's still in beta and OneNote has been there since 2012.
  • Overhyped shopping list on a nice background. Beyond what OneNote already does (built-in) and Evernote does (cross-platform), Wunderlist lets you add subtasks. Are they leveraging the Live Tile in Win Phone yet or have they retained the iPhone "poke-and-look" idiom?
  • I've been using the beta for several days.  Have seen like 4 updates already. Live tile just went transparent on last update but it's currently only an app shortcut.  They've confirmed that they are working on pinning individual lists.  They've replied to both beta feedbacks I've sent. IMHO Wunderlist is better for lists than ON or EN because it's more like a tight database of smaller bits of info than a loosely associated group of amorphous notes. It's nice to be able to re-order, re-group, move, check, uncheck, add comment, share, un-share, tag, set reminder (for someone else), see other's updates within a nice 'what's new' indicator etc.  It's syncing is incredibly fast.  On every device it is lightweight, fast, and simple. For individual task management it's just good, slicker but simpler than many others.  As something to share with some luddite friends/family though?  It seems to be perfect for that.
  • Only problem I have is not being able to delete subtasks ...on the phone version.
  • I'm unable to move tasks between lists from the combined views (like 'all', 'starred' etc).  Also 'checked off' tasks disappear from the phone.  No 'completed' view or way of correcting an accidental check off.  They've replied back to me on both and said that those updates are coming along with being able to pin indivual lists.
  • Shared shopping list does the same thing. Not sure if that's cross platform though.
  • Why when I search for wunderlist in the windows phone store it's not found?
  • If you have it in Windows Phone too, try looking in your app list.
  • Because it's a beta? Download Wunderlist beta for Windows 8.1
  • It sure is pretty!
  • About time. Working so far.