Wunderlist receives substantial update with folder support

There's no longer an excuse to get mixed up between lists for work and lists for home and personal stuff. Separate said content into folders and you're good to go. It's easy to create folders too, just drag-and-drop lists onto one another. As well as implementing the above new functionality, the Wunderlist team has also launched a brand new design for the iPhone, Mac and Android. Unfortunately, there's no love for Windows Phone.

The platform will – however – be receiving the same quick add feature that's currently rolling out to iOS. Once the app gets updated on the store, let us know how you get on with the new folders functionality. The new folders feature is also coming to Windows too!

Download Wunderlist for Windows (opens in new tab) (free)

Download Wunderlist for Windows Phone (free)

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Brilliant! I just started using it and was going to ditch it for OneNote but this update will do me a lot good...
  • I have both and use them for different needs.
  • Same here. I use OneNote for school and work notes. I only used Wunderlist for itemized check lists, mainly groceries / packing lists.
  • You can do the checklist on OneNote right?
  • Yes, but I prefer the way Wundrlist handles lists.
  • Great
  • Gr8!!
  • Grate!
  • Glate!
  • Just tried it. It's working good.
  • Now... If only I could get recurring tasks... :P
  • It has that.
  • They've been available since the start, that's what that "Repeat" option is there for.
  • Holy crap! Never noticed it before and it was right in my face! I can't believe this FFS! -.-
  • That phone never looks old.
  • Off topic, check this funny video about new MacBook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHZ8ek-6ccc
  • I just watched it...... LOL
  • Just tried it. It's working good.
  • Live tile please. Until then it stays unused
  • Has a live tile on Windows 8.1. Like it makes a difference though, by the time you wait for it to flip to the next items you could have just clicked on it and viewed yourself.
  • It has live tiles. Pin yous lists to the Start Screen (WP8.1)
  • We always complain about apps leaving us so when a developer like this is fully supporting WP we should get behind them. Download it, use it , review it so that developers will be motivated & continue to support WP. Thanks Wunderlist
  • When I try to resume wunderlist, it crashes and I have to reopen the app. Anyone with this issue ? Lumia 820
  • same for me on lumia 925/wp8.1.1
  • i jsut realized that I can try to reinstall the app, so I did that and now it works fine!
  • Great! Favorite lists app. And prefectly cross-platform
  • The link takes me to the beta version which is version yet the regular non beta version is actually version Looked at both versions but can't find any difference between them, so does anyone know if there's actually anything different between the two versions at all?
  • What is this app for?
  • Wonderful lists
  • Re: James Rufer,
    May I ask, is that all it does? No sophisticated management of multi level projects and tasks?
  • It doesn't need a UI update, it already looked best on Windows. Amazing universal app.
  • Lockscreen, please!
  • Things article doesn't mention whether it's for the beta version or not but the link is for the beta. Is this update only for the beta because I don't see an update for the non-beta version?
  • 'Wunder'ing the same thing
  • The best looking to do list app with live tiles is Effectual. The design is beautiful and it has Windows app as well. Also simplest and coolest is Listropy which has has great live tiles.
  • Aww is this my Ativ S Neo? :)
  • Don't use it. I use 2Day and its much better.
  • What makes it better?
  • Wunderbar!
  • It's good, but it doesn't automatically update the Live Tile list all that quickly. Seems to take 30-60 minutes before it realizes Items have been completed etc. It's even worse if it's a shared list on another Phone, so far in testing it doesn't seem to have updated the other Phones Live Tile at all. Anyone know of another App that would do this? I love the idea of a shared dynamically updating Tile between two phones, but this doesn't quite seem to have nailed it...yet.