Microsoft confirms X019 is coming to London in November

X019 London Banner
X019 London Banner (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • X019 is an event celebrating Xbox .
  • X019 will take place in London in November.
  • Ticketing info will be released at Gamescom.

Updated August 19, 2019: X019 occurs on November 14.

Phil Spencer took to the stage on a special episode of Inside Xbox to reveal that X019 is coming to London later this year in November. For the uninitiated, X019 is an event meant to celebrate everything Xbox. Games like Age of Empires IV and more should make an appearance there.

Because the announcement was so short, not a lot of details are available about the event. Last year at X018, Microsoft announced that it had acquired inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. At E3 2019, It was revealed that the company also recently acquired Double Fine Productions. With no sign of slowing down, it's possible we could be hearing about new studio purchases in November, but that's merely speculation and hope on my part.

Join us for X019, a global celebration of all things Xbox, where people can watch online for news, hands-on first looks, and surprises on the largest live Inside Xbox episode and Xbox event of the year.

Ticketing information will be revealed at Gamescom in August. Until then, stay up to date with all of the announcements coming out of E3 2019.



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