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Xbox App on Android and iOS now allows you to directly share and download clips

It's no secret that sharing game clips isn't exactly easy on Xbox One. First you have to record the footage, then edit it in Upload Studio, and then post it on Xbox Live. There are websites out there that allow you to download your saved game clips to your computer, but the process is still not that user friendly. Microsoft has been working on a way to improve this, and it looks like those efforts are finally producing results.

Today, Xbox Live's Director of Programming Larry Hryb announced that the Xbox App has been updated for mobile devices. Now you can directly share your clips to various social media platforms, and even download them to your phone. Hryb said, "Thanks to Xbox fan feedback, you can now share your game captures directly to your favorite social platforms from the Xbox App for iOS and Android, and even save captures directly to your phone to customize via your camera roll."

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The ability to download game clips to your phone should give gamers much more variety when it comes to editing options. For example, there are countless excellent video manipulation apps available on iOS that allow you to add titles, effects, and other advanced features. iMovie — Apple's basic offering — is much more superior to Upload Studio on Xbox One which hasn't received a major update in years.

If you have an iOS or Android device, be sure to download the update right now. You may have to manually download it because automatic updates take some time to install.

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  • Another way is to use the Xbox DVR website. the clips probably aren't as good as being taken directly from the Xbox itself, but they are good enough if you're just trying to quickly share something.
  • We have a guide about this, but directly taking footage from the server through the app seems to be much higher quality.
  • I just wish they would let me locally stream my Xbox to my phone. Sadly I think they'll avoid developing that feature because it could undermine xCloud.
  • That's what xCloud essentially will be.
  • That’s what xCloud is. Except it works everywhere, not just on the same network. If you want that feature, download OneCast on iOS.
  • I'm really, really hoping that Microsoft are going to release an all inclusive subscription which encompasses Live, xCloud and Game Pass (or, alternatively, absorb Game Pass into xCloud) otherwise it is going to be incredibly cost prohibitive. Actually, even better if xCloud is a part of Live (and thus, no extra charge), if it's only games you own that are accessible.
  • I can do that with my HP elite X3 by using the Xbox Dev App, works great when my wife and kids are hogging the other screens in the house!
  • What is the Xbox Dev App?
  • Yep, they definitely would not allow such.
  • I am very happy with this change, it was much needed as now I don't have to mess around with OneDrive to share my screenshots or captures on a mobile device!
  • Save to OneDrive. Wait an hour for video to appear on OneDrive. Download to Phone.
  • Now if only the Xbox itself allowed u to do this everything would be alright